BLACK MEN’S CUMCherri was recently convinced by a certain black guy to be the stripper for a black group holding a “Divorce Party” for one of the guys. After agreeing to do it she readied herself on the night of the party and off we drove to the home of the guy who had contacted us. We knew where he lived since we had visited him a couple nights before to check him out and the location of the party. (Actually Cherri sucked his cock that evening to get better acquainted with him in advance and he rewarded her with a huge overflowing mouth full of thick sticky cum).Upon arrival we saw a number of cars parked in the drive and out front and as we approached the front door we could hear music and noise from within. Ringing the door bell our large black friend appeared smiling and waved us inside announcing loudly “the white stripper is here” as the other black guys all turned and looked Cherri over from head to toe making remarks to each other and eating her up with their looks of desire. In all there were eleven guys there and before the evening was over six more would arrive.Introducing Cherri and her “old man” to the guys each black man took Cherri’s small hand in his and either gently shook hands or kissed her hand. Immediately big black hands were patting her ass, cupping her big DD’s and caressing her crotch through her clothes. “Easy guys” Cherri said as she asked where she could change clothes to begin her strip act.I handed a couple CD’s of her favorite dancing music to our host and he started up one in anticipation of her return to the room. A couple minutes later Cherri stepped back into the room dressed in her Jeannie In The Bottle outfit and began dancing to that same tune. As the guys all settled down watching her in the middle of the living room each was smiling big and making remarks about her. Within a couple minutes she was naked except for a pink veil over her face as the Jeannie song ended and all the guys cheered and clapped. As the next song began Cherri began going from man to man rubbing her naked boobs on their faces and straddling them as they sat back cupping her naked ass cheeks.With each passing minute they became more bold and were now inserting their fingers into her pussy and caressing and probing her anus. Getting off the lap of a big black guy as the second song ended and walking to the center of the room Cherri ask “OK Guys who is this party being held for?” and as a big smiling black guy stood up and slowly walked out to her she dropped to her knees before him and unzipped his pants. Standing at least 6’4″ tall Cherri looked like a small little girl in front of him as she pulled his pants loose and let them drop to his ankles. As she tugged his boxer shorts down a big semi erect brown cock sprung free and dangled and swayed before her face. Taking it in both hands she announced that she would make him glad he was now divorced and proceeded to suck the big purple cock head and several inches of thick brown cock into her open stretched mouth.As the cock was slowly withdrawn by Cherri it was shiny and bright where her saliva had coated it and a thin stream of pre cum was sticking to her mouth from the cock head as she gazed at it several inches back. As she sucked up the pre cum and moved it back to her mouth it had grown by a large degree and was now some 9-10 inches long and as big around as a large dill pickle.Throwing his head back and moaning a little the big black guy stood motionless as Cherri attacked his cock with her mouth sucking in several inches with long sucking noises and slurping sounds as she cupped and massaged his big balls in her hands. She would withdraw back to the tip, lick the cock head a few times, then slowly rotate her head as she worked forward on the huge cock trying to deep throat as much as she could. “I heard you were a great cock sucker” he exclaimed as he twitched and began to buck after a few minutes of her expert cock sucking.”DAMMMM” he said as he shot her mouth full of cum as she tried desperately to swallow it all without success. Cum was running out the corners of her mouth now and dripping off her chin as she continued to swallow. Before he had emptied his balls completely a half dozen of the other guys had stood up and circled Cherri stepping out of their pants and clothes. Within a minute a group of big black and very naked men surrounded my little kneeling Cherri and were offering her cocks to suck on as she tried to give attention to them all by sucking on one then another then another while stroking others with her hands. There bayan escort istanbul were cocks hanging over he shoulders from behind and cocks being rubbed over her cheeks and forehead from the sides as well. “Hey brothers” the host said, give this girl a chance at us all.” “You guys begin to circle and rotate her as she sucks each of us for one song at a time “.Cherri began sucking for all she was worth and by the time all of the songs had played on two CD’s she had sucked all the cocks to completion and had cum dripping off her face, dripping off her boobs and had a tummy full of it as well. During the circle suck one black guy had managed to pull her onto his cock from behind and her pussy was being well fucked as she sucked the others. One arm was around her nude waist and the other was cupping a boob as she was rotating her ass and pussy into his mid section as she fucked him as he sat still smiling. As each guy was sucked to climax he would grunt or moan and shoot his load into or on Cherri then step back and sit down to rest. After a while only one stood waiting his turn to be sucked, a young tall black guy about 21 years old. Holding Cherri’s face between his big hands he gently face fucked her as he shot his cum. Cherri choked as he forced several inches of long black cock down her throat and she continued to swallow the spurts of thick hot cum he was shooting. When the spurts of cum finally slowed down and he relaxed his hands she continued to suck and jack off his cock getting every last drop she could as he fell back into a chair smiling and exhausted.Saying she needed to clean up she asked where she could shower and was led away by the guy hosting the party. As the black guys got themselves beers or drinks they remained nude and were talking and laughing to themselves completely ignoring me as if I didn’t exist. They had what they came for…. a naked white girl and what did it matter if her old man was sitting there watching them use her. They could have thrown me out and locked the door and everyone including me knew it!!After a while noises were coming from a room further back in the house and as the black guys began to smile to one another and wandering off in the direction of the noise (obviously Cherri was screaming while being fucked) I followed the last of the group into a big family room. Sure enough there on a mattress on the floor a group of naked back men were gang banging little Cherri as she went from one orgasm to another totally unaware of anything except the black cocks impaling her holes. As she rode one big black cock cow girl style another had crouched down and was working a big cock head into her ass as another was face fucking her mouth and holding her head in his hands.UMMMMPFFFFF she cried out in a muffled sound as the big brown cock was now inches deep into her near virgin ass hole. Squirting some lubricant down onto his cock he shoved even deeper and started a slow steady rhythm of ass fucking her as the guy underneath was slamming upward into her bare pussy. Rubbers? Hell no…. none in sight!!!! Bare black cocks and white little Cherri’s holes was all there was to see. “Here white boy…. take some pictures for us to show the brothers” one said to me as he handed me a poloroid camera and a couple boxes of film.Working around the group taking pictures I did my best to get some great shots for them. Three guys were now in front of Cherri as she went from cock to cock sucking. A second guy had entered her ass after the first had shot a load into it and the guy underneath had globs of cum running off his cock base and onto his own balls and it was obvious he had just shot a big load into Cherri’s bare pussy. Rolling her off the guy she was riding after a second load was shot into her ass the guys gathered around her and began a serious gang bang. She was held down onto her back by two black guys as two others held her legs outstretched into the air opening her pussy fully for penetration as they applied lubricant to her pussy.The two holding her torso down were massaging her boobs and pinching her nipples as they took turns forcing their cocks into her mouth while another black stud would then get between her open stretched legs and shove his black cock into her open pussy. As the guy fucking her shot his load he would withdraw and change places with one holding her legs and take his turn fucking her.As I watched it was a stready stream of rotation as her bare feet were bobbing in the air was about all I could see at times as she was completely istanbul escort bayan surrounded by black nude men. Others would sit on the side or stand and watch waiting their turn at her. Often they would look over to me and snicker or grin and go back to their fun with my wife. All eleven guys present and six others that came in after the event started all took a turn on her in what was the most intense gang bang Cherri ever experienced. She was lying in a big puddle of cum by the time it was over and great globs of cum was slowly running out of her. As I took more poloroids they were snatched from me and reviewed with smiles and laughter by those seeing them then posted on a bulletin board in the room for all to see.Cherri had been having orgasm after orgasm and had lost track of where she was or how many had been doing her. After the last of three newly arrived black guys finished with her everyone stepped back to sit or stand around drinking and talking as I helped Cherri to her feet and stagger off to the shower to clean up……………Before leaving later that night Cherri sucked another three guys to completion and was fucked by a couple others before being fucked by a huge older black guy that arrived late in the evening. It was obvious it had been planned to have this guy show later in the party and put on a show for everyone. The guy was well spoken and obviously a professional man. He stood every bit of a whopping 6”7″ and probably weighed 240 lbs and was all muscle and brawn. He had shoulder length well groomed graying hair, chocolate brown colored skin, huge hands and feet and was most handsome. He came in and immediately disrobed exposing a huge soft brown cock at least 9″ completely limp. After walking up to Cherri he placed his huge hands on her bare shoulders he gently forced her to kneel before him as he told her to suck his huge cock.As she looked up into his eyes from her kneeling position at the huge naked black man towering over her, she shivered from an orgasm as she opened her mouth and began sucking in his cock head which was quickly growing and soon too big to get into her mouth completely. As she licked and sucked and stroked his cock to full erection her eyes became larger and larger in excitement and fear. As she worked up his cock to full erection it became evident Cherri had found the largest cock of her life and it was going to possess her whether she wanted it or not!With his big brown cock standing straight out a full 12″ or more, and as thick as a beer can, he bent over and picked her up and gently lifted her over his shoulder and quiety walked her to the mattress on the floor. Cherri laid back like a rag doll limp and scared as well as excited as the big man slowly opened up her legs and kneeled between them, then slowly mounted her and inserted his cock head into her dripping wet pussy without saying a word to her. She was simply a white pussy to fuck and use for his satisfaction and to show off for his friends.His cock was very thick and as his huge light purple cock head pushed forward into her pussy it stretched it open farther than anyone had all evening. His cock was huge and straight with a slight upward curve as I said as big around as a Pepsi can and at least a foot long. Working it in deeper with each slow but firm stroke Cherri was going wild from one orgasm after another and crying out……….. ohmyyyyyygod!!! ….. He is sooooo big!!! ……… deeper!!!……. harderrrr!!” ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgoddd…… fuckkkkkkkkkk meeeeee as the other guys began to laugh and jeer at the scene before them.”There you go white girl” the big guy finally said after about ten minutes of slow deep fucking with about half his cock inserted, when in one slow forward stroke he shoved the remainder of his cock all the way in and into the entrance of her womb as Cherri’s eyes popped wide open and her mouth flew open in silence. As he held it still allowing her to relax Cherri whimpered out loudly “ITS SOOOOO BIGGGGGG I DONT KNOW IF I CAN TAKE IT”……. “you already have… so relax and get ready for the fuck of your life” was his only remark.With it now worked all the way into Cherri his huge brown balls rested against her ass as he held perfect still pinning her to the mattress. There was no way she or I could stop what was about to begin now! After impaling her that way for a full three minutes without warning he withdrew in one long slow stroke leaving just the head inserted and held still again. Cherri thinking it was over pleaded as she locked her istanbul escort arms under his and around his back, “NOOOOO don’t quit”” “please dont quit!!” … she exclaimed. “Don’t worry white girl I’m not quitting you and I are just getting started” he announced as he slowly drove back into her pussy going balls deep in one smooth slow stroke.OHHHHGODDDDDDDDDDDD!!! Cherri exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around his neck and began deep french kissing this big older black man as he began a slow deep fucking of her. With each stroke her pussy became slowly accustomed to and stretched by the huge cock driving in an out of her. The older gentleman knew what he was doing and kept up the steady rhythm pulling his cock out to where just the huge head remained in her then going back in balls deep in long regular slow strokes. The sight was amazing even for the loud bunch of black guys watching and as all fell silent we could hear the slow steady swoosh, swoosh, slap, swoosh, swoosh, slap, swoosh, swoosh, slap sound of his cock withdrawing, thrusting back in Cherri’s wet pussy then the sound of his balls smacking Cherri’s ass cheeks with a slap as he went in balls deep with each stroke.His cock was now wet and shiny from the orgasms Cherri was having every few seconds and she was oblivious to anything except the monster cock fucking her. Slowly he increased his pace over the next thirty minutes until he was fucking her like a young man at a faster harder pace and all we could now hear was a loud SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP as his balls slapped against her ass cheeks with hard full strokes.. After a full 45 minutes or more of constant fucking it was evident he was preparing to reward my wife with his cum.”YESSSSSSSSSSS give it to meeeeeeee!!!” Cherri cried loudly. “I feel that cock swelling up……….. you are going to cum in me aren’t you?” she said loudly as the guys watching began to chant and laugh. “Honey I have NEVERRR been fucked like this before… It feels SOOO GOOD……. I have never feel anything this wonderful before!!…… you are OK with it right? ” she cried out to me. “Yes baby I weakly replied” with my heart beating clear up into my throat and my face hot and flushed…. after all there was nothing I could do at that point even if I wanted it stopped! “Fuck her Jessy!!…. fuck her man!!!… give that white girl the fuck of her life….. show the white boy how a brother can fuck his woman”… “she aint ever going to want a white cock again!!” they jeered and cheered.Then in an act that shocked even me the big black guy exclaimed looking me right in the eye. “Man if your woman is fertile I will knock her up with the load I am about to give her….. then he gritted his teeth and raised up off Cherri with his chest and looked her directly in the eyes and grunted like a big bull dog as he pumped the first big huge spurt of his cum into my beautiful white wife growling “there you go woman take this load of black seed!!”.YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Cherri screamed as she felt the hot load of baby seed explode deep in her as she climaxed wildly. Spurt after huge spurt continued as Cherri was flooded deep into her womb with thick hot potent semen from the big black man until he slowed down indicating she had just about milked him dry. Rolling her head sideways and looking me directly in the eyes she winked and said “thank you baby for allowing me to have this kind of life”, then moved back to her lover’s face and deep kissed his mouth as he pumped the last of his cum deeper than any man had ever cum in her before.A couple of the black guys wanted to fuck Cherri more but she was completely worn out after the big guy withdrew, she shook her head and said “no more tonight guys”…… His cum was flowing out her pussy in a river, more cum she told me that she had ever encountered at one time from anyone.Taking her home and after she enjoying a long bath, I spread her legs as she laid back on our bed and licked her very red and very used pussy………. as I licked and kissed her pussy there still was present the pungent sweet musky smell and taste of her black lover’s cum. So much black seed had been squirted and pumped into her that night that even after a long bath and douching of her pussy it continued to seep out for the next 24 hours. As I licked her sore little pussy two hours later, a tiny stream of cum was beginning to dribble from it as she shook violently from the orgasm I was giving her. Obviously even after a bath and a douche some of the many ounces of cum pumped deep into her that night still remained and was dribbling onto the sheet below for me to enjoy seeing. There is something wildly erotic about observing black men fucking your white wife, but the ultimate for a white voyeur husband is to see black men’s cum oozing from the pussy of your wife!!!!

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