Blowin’ mah boss


Blowin’ mah bossit was 10 o’clock when I was late again for work. I kept in mind that my annoying boss wouldn’t let it pass without getting on my nerves. I was 23 years old working in a biotech company.Me: “Sorry, Mr. Grant! I was late because of traffic and ….”Boss: “This not the 1st time I hear such excuses! It’s come to my attention that you are not measuring up! Did you get the memo about the pay cut? 20%”Me: “But…”Boss: “No buts! This is your 3rd time this week. There are many people waiting for your job!”The boss said that, turned his back and left. “Asshole” I muttered. I really hated it there but I had no other choice because of the shortage of the vacant jobs. I really needed every dime to pay the rent of my small flat. Things were much easier before I broke up with my ex girlfriend. We used to share a small flat, have casual sex and save more money. After she was gone I had to pay all the rent by myself. I didn’t want to go back to parents and live with them. They are such a pain in the ass. They are so old school. I was their only c***d; however, they suppress me a lot when I was a k**.It was a usual habit when I had overtime to access gay porn sites and view loads of tempting big cocks. It all started when I was trying to find some solutions to enlarge my dick few more inches. Mine is 5 inches long and my ex girlfriend wasn’t much happy with it later. I knew later that she cheated on me with a black dude who used to work as a plumber. Anyway, I saw different kinds of cocks that I hadn’t seen before and for the first time I felt something kütahya escort unusual about them. I got horny and kinky every time I was watching those big meaty rods. I was confused about my sexual orientation but I really didn’t care about it.My boss, Mr. Grant, told me what to do and he left. Everyone was left and I was alone. “Time to get kinky” I smiled and soon I took off my pants unbuttoned my shirt and logged on my favorite porn sites. I was enjoying pics of big muscled men with big cocks, thick and/or long, black or white. I really wanted to taste them. Later I came on some porn site where big studs force young males to please their big packages. I have found over accessing many gay porn webpages is that often the big cock fantasy has to do with domination. I started to fantasize about me being dominated by a man with a cock so big. I was jacking off to a porn movie of a young gay man being dominated and fucked hard by a stud with 9 inches cock. I really wanted to replace that young dude and receive that wonderful anal pleasure. Anyway, I was shocked by a deep manly voice that woke me up from my wet dreams.”Great job! You’re really working hard!”. It was my boss and he was standing behind at my office’s door. I was shocked and really didn’t know what to do as I was totally naked. I switched off the monitor and I put my hands over my crotch. “Er… Sorry, boss! I finished my work early and I was…um…” I was stuttering and really didn’t know what to say. “Let’s see what you were watching” I was asking istanbul escort him not to do but he ignored me and switched my computer’s screen on. He found that young male receiving a full load of cum on his face and inside his mouth. “What is that? Using the net service here should be restricted for the company business purposes. You know that?!””I’m sorry, Mr. Grant! This won’t happen again!” I said.”Unfortunately, your apology is not enough! I should do something about this. Your flops are becoming too many” he replied.”I’m really sorry, sir! Please!”There was a small pause and then he grabbed his crotch. “You like big cocks, don’t you? Here take mine in your hand! Let it out” I saw his cock was growing in his pantsI was hesitating at first “but, boss…” and soon my boss interrupted me “it’s either you suck this dick or you have to kiss your job goodbye!…. Don’t worry! I’m asking you this time only and I will forget all about it later” I had no other choice but to reply his naughty request and get him off my back. I then reached around and pulled his zipper and loosen his pants and pull out a huge cock. My eyes opened real wide as I couldn’t believe how big his penis was. He looked at me and said “I think you gonna like this 9 inches cock!” then he pushed me onto my chair and told me to sit down and lick his cock head, which I did.It was very nice and I started to lick and swallow it. I then start to pump it. I got to taste his pre-cum. I really liked to suck such a big cock. Giving my boss blowjob was hatay escort something made me hot and horny so both of us were enjoying it. As I ran my tongue down his shaft to his balls, I felt a hand come around to my dick and start to play with it. The pleasure was simply amazing. I then started licking up and down his shaft, kissing and licking all over his cock and balls. I went back up to the head and went down trying to engulf his entire cock, I choked. I continued sucking his cock and he put his hand on my head and started shoving his cock in my mouth. He was groaning like a gorilla, “what a great cocksucker!”. Standing over me and grabbing my hair, he was face fucking me bad, gagging me constantly, I could feel my spit dripping off my chin all over my chest. I was sucking his dick with my lips, my tongue was working hard and at last I got what I wanted. After 10 minutes of this hot blowjob, it was all he could take. He started cumming, hot, slimy cum shooting into the back of my throat while I was fondling his balls. He quickly pulled his cock out of my mouth and then I felt a warm stuff splash on my left cheek, chin, and then and finally his last pump-full of it shot into my left eye. He was moaning louder with each pump of his six pumps of cumshots. “Mmmmm.” I purred as I took him back into my mouth and milked the last few drops of cum from his deflating cock, I looked up at him opening my mouth and showing him his cum before swallowing it.”Yummy!” I cooed.”You’re one hell of a cocksucker, Alex.” he complimented as I cleaned the remaining cum from his cock before kissing it and putting it back into his pants.He smiled at me and said “Come on! Put your clothes on! I’ll give you a ride home!”.Soon, there was a big grin on my face. I was hoping to get him into my house and have more of his cock. I was falling for my boss’s huge cock.

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