Brenda’s Dirty Mess


Brenda hated the holidays. She was expected to cook for her husband’s entire family. She hated it more than anything. I guess if she liked her husband the task would be more enjoyable. He had a big family and they all liked to gather at Brenda and Kevin’s house.

They had been married for ten years. It’s not that her husband didn’t care for her anymore. It’s just that their love was stale. They had sex but not as often as she’d like. Kevin traveled a lot and was always busy with his work. They didn’t have any children so they had to work hard with trying to connect when they were together.

Brenda spent her alone time getting off with various sex toys she had bought online. She fucked herself several times a day. She liked having regular orgasms. Brenda worked from home, but more often would talk to strangers online.

She had cyber sex with many of the men and women she met online. She couldn’t believe how the words made her cum. Sometimes she’d spend hours having dirty conversations and fucking her pussy with her toys. She liked role-playing and found it excited her very much.

A few times, her online friends wanted to watch her masturbate. She was a little shy and skittish with doing that. However, one of the younger men she spoke to convinced her to do it. He told her to wear dark shades to conceal her identity.

She thought about it and decided to do it. Her husband was out of town. She primped herself before she was going to meet on an offsite camming website. Even though her eyes would be covered, she made sure her make-up and hair looked amazing.

She went into her drawer and took out a pair of thigh-high stockings and a nice pair of lace panties. She put a garter on and attached her stockings to the garter. She wore a demi-cup bra. Her panties and bra were black. She looked sexy and she knew it.

She put on a satin robe and went down to her computer. She logged onto the camming website and her friend was already waiting for her there.

“Hey, gorgeous! Let me see what a hot woman you are.”

Brenda was excited and stood in front of the camera. Her friend also wore sunglasses. He had an amazing body. He was already naked and stroking his dick. His dick was exactly like he had described. It was long and very thick.

Brenda stood in front of the camera and smiled at the young man. Her friend was in his early twenties. He had short brown hair and what appeared to be a nice face. He was nicely built with muscles and had abs of steel.

“Take off your robe! Show me that great body I know you have.”

Brenda untied her robe and took it off. She stood in bra, panties, garter and stockings. She looked hot and her friend continued stroking his cock.

“Fuck! I don’t know why your husband doesn’t want you. If you were mine, I’d fuck you every day. Show me those beautiful breasts. When you take them out, play with those sexy boobies.”

Brenda unhooked her bra and released her double-D beauties. They were quite round and very firm. Brenda squeezed bursa escort them together while she danced around the room. She was incredibly turned on watching her friend stroking his very large cock.

She liked him telling her what to do. Her pussy was already moist in her panties. She was so hot for her friend.

“Fuck, baby, your tits are even more amazing than you described. Imagine my hands are all over them. Fucking hell, if you were mine, I’d hold those melons in my hands and squeeze your nipples hard. I bet a minx like you would cum in those very sexy panties. Play with your nipples!”

Brenda was squeezing her breasts together. She shook them into the camera so her friend could get a close look. She played with her nipples which grew at her touch. Her friend was pulling harder on his cock. She could see pre-cum on the tip of his cock. She was beyond horny. She wished her friend was in the room and they were really going to fuck.

“Slip your hand into your panties. I want you to play with your pussy. Make that pussy nice and wet for me. Imagine my hands are in your panties and I’m rubbing your hot clit. Do it now! Show me how you touch yourself.”

Brenda did as she was told and slipped her hand into her panties. She stroked her pussy with her fingers. She swayed back and forth as she played with her pussy. Her friend was jacking off hard while he watched Brenda tease her cunt.

“Take your panties off! Sit on your barstool and fuck your pussy. Show me how you orgasm!”

Brenda took off her panties. She had her vibrator next to her computer. She put the tip of her vibrator into her mouth. She had the barstool near her basement door so she could lean her back up against the door.

Brenda opened her legs and slowly inserted the vibrator into her wet pussy. She pushed it in and out of her vagina. Her pussy juices were running down her legs and that’s when her friend blew his load onto his hand.

“Fuck that pussy! Cum for me! Cum for me, baby!

Brenda was jamming the vibrator in and out of her pussy. She let out a scream and had an orgasm that shook her body. She had to relax while she came all over her floor. Brenda was one of the hot babes who could squirt. Her pussy juices sprayed onto her kitchen floor.

“Fuck! That was so fucking hot. I wish you were here, baby. I’d fuck you so fucking hard. You’re so hot! Your husband is a fool. Why he isn’t banging you? I’d fuck you every day.”

Brenda was shivering after her explosive orgasm. She was also very embarrassed when her father-in-law was standing with his mouth opened wide, holding the folding chairs she asked him to bring over. He was standing on her deck at the sliding glass door. He now had opened the door and had come in. Brenda was sweating and had just had several orgasms.

Brenda closed her computer and stood there looking at her father-in-law. She was completely naked with her thigh-highs and pumps on. Her pussy juices were in a puddle on malatya escort the floor. Her nipples were hard, and she looked completely embarrassed.

Her father-in-law didn’t say anything. His bulge in his pants did all the talking for him. His daughter-in-law had turned him on.

“Mr. Canton, I’m very embarrassed. Please don’t tell Kevin what you just saw.”

“I think he’d be very disappointed knowing his wife masturbates for strangers. Was this the first time or do you do this sort of thing all the time?”

Brenda grabbed her robe and started to put it on.

“Leave it off! I’m liking this. I want to see you try and get out of this.”

“Mr. Canton. I feel like a fool. I’m so embarrassed that you saw that.”

“I’m not embarrassed. I’m so fucking horny and want you to suck my dick. Do you see how turned on I am? I just saw my daughter-in-law masturbate for a stranger. It was like a porno I watched the other day. You’re hot, my dear. Be a good girl! Take my cock out of my pants and put it into that sweet mouth of yours.”

Brenda felt like she was in a nightmare. She did as she was told to do. She knelt in front of him and unzipped his pants. She pulled his pants and his boxers down to his feet. His dick sprang up to attention. She couldn’t believe that she was staring at her father-in-law’s cock. She knew that she and he would be having sex. There was no way out of this. He had her right where he wanted her. She was so fucking horny and needed to have a real man. After having cybersex, she was already ready for it. She just never thought it would be with Kevin’s father. It was a very embarrassing moment for her.

“Suck it! Look how hard you made me!”

Brenda opened her mouth wide and began accepting his dick into her throat. He had a thick cock that was about seven inches long. She made the usual popping noises while she sucked his dick. She held his hairy balls in her hand while giving him head. Mr. Canton moaned while Brenda gave him head.

Mr. Canton held Brenda’s hair up and fucked her mouth hard. She was gagging from his cock. He didn’t last long and came down her throat. Brenda nearly gagged with all his cum. She was shocked that an older man could produce so much cum. She never drank so much. It made Mr. Canton smile that she had tasted his hot cum. His wife never gave him head. It was like winning the lottery.

“Swallow every drop. Show me how you drank my cum. Kiss me so I can taste my goo on your mouth.”

Brenda was completely embarrassed. She just made her father-in-law cum. She stood up and he pulled her into his arms. Brenda pressed her lips against his while they shared a passionate French kiss.

Mr. Canton’s hands were all over Brenda’s body. He really wanted to lick her pussy. He wanted to taste her hot juices.

“Sit up on your counter. I want to taste your pussy. I want you to squirt your love juices all over my face. Come over here!”

Brenda was horrified that she and her father-in-law çanakkale escort were being intimate. She sat up on the counter. He pulled the bar seat over and pushed Brenda’s thighs apart. He kissed and licked her thighs. He blew air over her pussy lips and licked every inch of her wet pussy. Brenda might have been horrified but she was playing with her breasts while he licked her pussy. She was enjoying the oral sex and was hot for her father-in-law. She wanted to please him in every way.

Brenda was very turned on and her juices trickled down her legs.

“Oh God! I’m going to squirt. Oh Jesus! Fucking hell!”

Brenda squirted everywhere. Her juices sprayed everywhere. Mr. Canton slurped her love juices. His cock was hard again. He wanted to fuck his son’s wife. He’d already crossed the line.

“Bend over! I want to fuck you. Fucking hell, look how hard I am. I’m having the most sex ever. My wife never lets me lick her pussy. She says it’s all dried up. I loved tasting you, my dear.”

Brenda walked over to the couch. She put her head down and her ass up. Mr. Canton pushed his cock into her wet pussy and fucked his daughter-in-law in the living room where they entertained. He slapped her buttocks and jammed his pole into her pussy. She moaned and groaned and came for him several times while he rode her.

He really took advantage of the situation. He knew her dirty little secret that now turned into a very dirty mess. She now crossed the line and cheated on her husband. His son would never understand this. It was probably best to take this one to the grave. Mr. Canton drilled his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. She screamed and came all over the place.

‘I better go home. I’ll need to take my blood pressure medicine. What a workout that was. Probably best not to tell Kevin anything about you masturbating with strangers or having sex with his dad.”

“I just hope you won’t look at me disappointed.”

“Honey, you gave me pleasure. I’d never be disappointed. My wife can never know about this. She’d be very upset that you had sex with me. It wouldn’t be good. Kevin would divorce you and you’d never get anything from him. Keep quiet and hopefully, it will just go away.”

“I hope so. You’re not going to say anything about my computer date?”

“No, dear. I’ll keep the whole day quiet. It goes to the grave with me. Just promise me you and Kevin will straighten things out. It’s not good to have affairs. The guilt will drive you crazy.”

Brenda was still naked while her father-in-law got dressed. She finally put her robe on after he left. She decided she’d never go back online. She’d have to do something else.

Brenda decided to go to church and pray for what she did. She felt like she committed a sin. It was a sexy sin but indeed a sin. She tried to connect with her husband better. She tried to spice up her sex life and in the end, her marriage was better for it.

The holidays were now different. Mr. Canton always looked at Brenda with a smirk. She felt dirty every time they spent time together. He knew she was a dirty whore and that made her very uncomfortable. Every time they were together, Brenda would cum in her panties. She remembered that day and how naughty it was. She liked masturbating for a stranger and having her father-in-law use her like a dirty whore.

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