Brianna Surrenders Ch. 3


It did not take long for Brianna find out what was in store for her. She watched as Sharon sucked Stephens cock to its full length. Stephen pulled his cock from Sharon’s mouth and ordered her onto her knees. He reached over and put his hand behind Brianna’s neck and pulled her face into Sharon’s upturned ass. “Suck and lick it,” was all he said and Brianna obeyed. She started to lick and suck on Sharon’s ass. Pushing her tongue deep into the tangy opening. Stephen kept his hand on her neck, forcing her mouth and tongue deeper into Sharon’s ass.

He pulled Brianna’s mouth away from Sharon’s ass and moved behind Sharon. He told Brianna to guide his cock to where she had just been licking. She did, wishing it was her ass about to be fucked. Stephen told Brianna to get behind him and suck his ass, as he fucked Sharon’s. She did so without hesitation. Stephen fucked Sharon hard in the ass and with each outward pull, shoved his ass onto Brianna’s willing tongue. Stephen loved the feel of Brianna’s tongue on his ass and pounded Sharon’s faster and harder.

Stephen groaned and started to unload his cum in Sharon’s ass, shooting what he had left in his depleted balls. He pulled his cock from Sharon’s ass and turned so Brianna could suck it clean. He simply looked at her then at his cock. Brianna understood his wishes, and she leaned forward, opening her mouth and took his dirty cock into her mouth. She sucked his cock deep into her mouth and sucked him clean. When he said enough, Stephen, looked at Sharon’s ass, seeping his cum, and then at Brianna. She hesitated slightly and he grabbed her neck and moved her face to Sharon’s ass. She began to lick and suck Sharon’s ass clean. Sticking her tongue deep into her ass, she licked and sucked until her ass was free of Stephen’s cum and everything else.

Stephen was standing beside the bed watching Brianna lick Sharon’s ass clean. When she was finished, she looked up at Stephen and he was smiling. She was happy and he told them both to rest. Sharon turned over and Brianna lay down next to her. Sharon moved her hand to Brianna’s breast and played with her nipples until the both fell asleep. Stephen watched until they were asleep and then took a shower. He put on a pair of boxers and sat in the large easy chair in the bedroom and nodded off himself.

A few hours later Stephen woke up and looked over at his two possessions. They Anadolu Yakası escort were still sleeping, Brianna had her head on Sharon’s breasts and her hand was resting on Sharon’s shaved pussy. He smiled, he was content, and they were about to go out and make both of their submissions to him, complete.

Sharon’s husband was out of town for the next two weeks, so he knew he had them all to himself. He stood from the chair and walked over to the bed and woke his two sleeping beauties. He told them to take a shower and get them selves cleaned up for the evening. They both smiled and walked to the shower. He watched as they walked away and loved the look of their asses as the swayed. Stephen turned put on a tape and sat to wait for them to finish.

Sharon turned on the shower and got in, Brianna was right behind her. Brianna took a washcloth and lathered it up with soap. She began to wash Sharon’s back. Sharon turned and allowed Brianna to wash her breasts. Sharon’s nipples grew hard as Brianna rubbed the washcloth over them. Brianna sank to her knees and washed Sharon’s legs and feet, then moved to her pussy. Standing as she moved her hand between Sharon’s legs. Brianna kissed Sharon, moving her tongue past her lips, as her hand moved back and forth across Sharon’s sensitive pussy and clit. Sharon moaned into Brianna’s mouth, as Brianna continued to move her hand back and forth over her clit. Suddenly they heard Stephen’s voice from the bedroom, “Just shower, we will have time to play later.” Brianna was ashamed and stopped. Sharon got out of the shower, grabbed a towel and moved to the bedroom. Brianna washed herself, being careful not to linger on her pussy or breasts to long. She turned off the shower and grabbing a towel moved into the bedroom.

Upon entering the bedroom, she saw Sharon licking Stephen’s cock. It was still soft, but Sharon was lovingly licking and sucking on it, as if it was a pacifier. When Stephen say her enter, he simply looked at her and smiled. “That is enough for now,” he said as he pushed Sharon’s mouth from his cock. “Time to get dressed.” Brianna knew she did not have any clothes, but that Sharon and her were the same size. Stephen sat in the lounge chair as Sharon moved to the closet and started to remove some dresses and tops. Brianna watched as Sharon looked at a short skirt and then tossed it to Brianna. Next Anadolu Yakası escort bayan Sharon pulled a small top, smiled and tossed it to Brianna as well. Brianna asked for a bra and panties and Stephen said, “No that is all you are wearing out tonight.” Brianna pulled the top over her head. It barely covered her breasts and when she pulled on and zippered the skirt, she found it shorter than she thought. Her stomach was bare; the top came just below her breasts and the skirt just below her ass. She though I look like a whore. She smiled and walked over to Stephen. Standing next to him, she placed her hand on his shoulder and watched as Sharon got dressed. Sharon’s outfit was almost identical to her, except her breasts were bigger and the bottom of her breasts showed under the top.

Stephen stood and said, “you both look lovely. I am sure you will turn quite a few heads tonight.” He pulled on a pair of slacks and a button down collar shirt. When he was finished dressing, he opened his arms and his two women moved into him. They looked at themselves in the mirror and they smiled. Stephen moved his hands down their backs and cupped both of their naked asses with his large hands. The two women smiled and wiggled their asses on his hand. He stopped and said, ” it is time to go.” He walked to the door and opened it, allowing his two possessions to exit.

He called a cab while Sharon and Brianna were showering. It arrived as they walked out of Sharon’s house. The driver opened the rear door and watched as Brianna sat down and moved across the seat. He was stunned she was not wearing any panties, but enjoyed the view of her shaved pussy as she moved across the back seat. Stephen smiled and entered next, moving next to Brianna and placing his hand between her leg, smiling at the cab driver. Sharon sat down next and opened her legs as she moved next to Stephen, the driver saw her naked shaved pussy for a moment, before Stephen moved his hand to cover it and slide a finger between her lips. The driver stood looking at the two women with one man’s hands fingering both of their pussies. Stephen cleared his throat, and the driver shut the door and climbed into the driver’s seat. Stephen said, “The Paradise Club.” The driver understood now, smiled and placed the cab in drive.

The ride was not long, but bumpy. When they turned onto the cobble stone escort bayan street, every bump of the tires on the uneven stones, sent a spasm through both Sharon and Brianna. Just before the cab arrived at the club, they both came all over Stephen’s fingers. The driver saw them both close their eyes and the expression move over their faces, that told him they were having an orgasm. Lucky bastard he thought to him self and he got out and opened the door. Brianna exited first, opening her legs as she got out, so the driver could see her wet open shaved pussy lips. Stephen next, then Sharon, who opened her legs as well, letting the driver she her wet soaked pussy. Stephen paid the driver and then said, “if you are lucky enough to be here when we leave, I will let them take care of you.” The driver knew he would be, if he had to sit there all night long.

The threesome walked to the door of the club. Stephen showed some sort of card and the door open and they entered the club. Once inside they moved to a table just off the stage, but to the side of the dance floor. Brianna looked around and saw several other men with two women and a couple of women with two men. Stephen pulled out the chairs of his two women and helped them sit, then sat between them. On the table were two small boxes. Stephen took on and opened it. Inside was a lovely red diamond studded collar. He removed the collar and placed it around Brianna’s neck. “You are mine and mine alone,” he said as he closed the collar. He opened the other box and removed as red collar. Brianna noticed it was plain and she thought to herself, yes I am yours and yours alone. Stephen placed the collar around Sharon’s neck and said, “when he is gone, you are mine.” Sharon knew she was his second and felt content with it. Just as he finished putting the collar on Sharon, a waitress came to the table. Brianna looked at her; she wore stocking, a garter belt and nothing else. Her pussy was shaved and on her nipples were two clamps attached with a chair that ran between her nipple clamps.

The waitress asked, “what is your pleasure Sir?” Stephen ordered drinks and as the waitress turned to walk away, Stephen said, “in this place, you do not talk, ask questions, or do anything without my telling you to. Is that understood?” He looked first at Sharon, who nodded her head and then to Brianna, who nodded her head as Stephen looked deep into her eyes. Stephen smiled and sat back in the chair and waited for the show to start. He knew this was going to be a very special evening, the first of many for Brianna and him.

Keep your feedback coming and I will write more. I am glad you are enjoying these stories as much as I enjoy writing them. Dr Who.

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