Brighton Nude Beach story


Brighton Nude Beach storyFour years ago my wife (my girlfriend back then) and I moved down to Brighton and had a wonderful flat just off the seafront, only 100 yards from the beach. When the summer came around it was great to go and sit on the beach and relax in the sun with a good book, magazine or just our thoughts. My girlfriend was then a petite size 14 (UK) with lovely 36D tits and curvy hips that blend into a lovely pert bottom. She has long red hair that she often wears in bunches and the prettiest little face with perfect sexy green eyes. I’m Mr. Average in most departments with cropped blonde hair and muscular shoulders.We knew of the nude beach in Brighton because many people talked about it before we came down and the people I worked with often mentioned it. One summers day in 1998 we walked down to the cinema at Brighton Marina which, from our flat, passes right past the nude beach. As we got closer we saw the green signs put up by the local council informing the boundaries, the back (closest to the path) of which was extenuated by a six foot high pebble mound. This mound was about five metres from the path. Because of this pebble mound the people whom we could see were of two types. Firstly there were the exhibitionists who were right on the edges of the boundaries or walking along the top of the mound for all to see; secondly were the voyeurs (the fully clothed people) who sat amongst them watching the nude people wonder by. Dee and I were both somewhat surprised to see that most of the voyeurs were either Asian men or teenagers of 18 or so; we even noticed a few woman voyeurs. Once we had passed by we talked about what we had seen whilst questioning each others desire to go nude on the beach. Whilst we both agreed that it would be nice to sun ourselves naked amongst other naked people we were, at the same time, a little apprehensive about the idea. Neither of us had really partaken in public nudity before, although Dee had let me take pictures of her sitting on park benches whilst not wearing any underwear. We had often gone out with the digital camera and she had flashed for me but I didn’t post them online or show them to others, they were for my personal appreciation only. As the conversation progressed we reminded each other of a time when, on just such an occasion, I had been taking pictures of her holding her skirt up around her waist and flashing her pussy to me. As I took the pictures Dee noticed a man watching from his bedroom window across the street. Despite the onlooker she continued to flash and even pulled open her top to reveal her tits to him. This particular event had made us both horny as hell and we had shagged all night on the scenario and fact of being caught yet not stopping. We only stopped our conversation as we entered the foyer of the cinema.Having seen our film, eaten our popcorn and drunk our diet coke we left for the journey home which we normally made on the bus. However, we both decided it would be nice to take the mini railway (The Volks Railroad) that runs along Brighton seafront. It starts just outside the Marina near the nude beach and takes you a mile and a half to the pier. It also gave us another opportunity to take a walk past the nude beach as it was only 3:30 and most likely still be busy. The sun was still shining hot in the sky as we made our way back towards the beach and the platform for the railway. As we got there we saw an ice-cream van and decided to get a couple of 99 flakes to cool us down which also gave us a good excuse to lean on the railings that looked out over the beach, sea and slightly to our right the nude beach. From our vantage point we could see that the beach was still very busy, particularly the nude beach which was only marginally quieter now than when we passed it at lunch time. As we ate our ice-cream we noticed that the 50 or so metres to the side of the nude beach (leading to where the beach finished and the Marina walls began) was also s**ttered with nude bathers. As we finished our ice-cream and were about to go for the train we bumped into a friend of Dee’s who was on her way to the beach. I was introduced to Annabelle, a stunning woman in her early twenties with straight mousy blonde hair that sat on her shoulders, slender figure and long shapely legs. Annabelle told us she got away from work early, was going to work on her tan and wondered if we wanted to join her.Dee told her that we had been to the cinema and as such hadn’t anything to wear on the beach or a towel to lie on. Annabelle then said that we may not want to go as she had forgotten to mention that she sunbathed nude for that all over tan she said her boyfriend loved. However, if we wanted to go with her she had a second towel that we could use to sit on. Dee looked at my reaction and put the emphasis on me as she said, ‘Well, it really depends on what Tony wants to do!’ Followed by two sets of apprehensive eyes burning into me as they awaited my decision. My mind was awash but the idea of seeing Annabelle naked clinched it and I said, ‘OK, what the heck!’Dee looked as if she wanted to go but didn’t want to be the one to say it, Annabelle on the other hand appeared blasé about it all and hardly seemed canlı bahis to notice our hesitation and apprehension. As we walked the 100 yards or so to the beach my mind was doing cart wheels at the idea of hundreds of men seeing my Dee naked as well as getting to ogle all those naked women. It was then that the worry of getting a hard-on hit me and as we slowly neared the boundary, our footsteps slowed by the pebbles as they shifted under us. What would people say or think? However, we were now there and I became more preoccupied with what I was seeing in front of us. There were all types of people there, most of whom were naked, with many types of bodies. Although most fitted the good looking category there were a few old people there and the odd single bloke who looked a bit of a pervert (not that I knew of course). I was happy to see that my equipment was average size as we passed several men, a few of whom looked like they would be more interested in me than Dee or Annabelle. Annabelle selected a spot right in the middle of the beach close to a group of what appeared to be university students. I was amazed as we all began to strip in amongst these people, many of whom openly watched us remove each and every item. Annabelle however had obviously come prepared as she lifted her summer dress over her head to reveal her nakedness and obvious lack of tan lines. Annabelle had kept her pubic hair trimmed and tidy as it was way to perfect for mother nature, not that I was complaining about the view I was getting. I was now down to my socks and briefs and Dee was just releasing her gorgeous tits to the world together with their very apparent tan lines. I was not wanting to be seen in just socks as that is so ugly so I removed my socks first almost falling over on the unstable pebbles.By now Dee was naked and her perfect white bottom and red bush were in view for all admirers whom wished to look at her. As I looked up a second or two before dropping my briefs I noticed both girls staring right at my crotch which made me stop for a moment. This was like a red rag to a bull! Both girls giggled at me and Annabelle said, ‘Come on big boy, lets see what you’ve got Tony!’ This made it worse and I felt like my dick had shrivelled up but knew I had to do it so I hooked my thumbs into the waistband and tugged them down to my ankles in one movement to a silent round of applause from the girls.It felt like everyone in the world was looking at me for a moment but as I looked around not that many people seemed to interested in how I looked or how big my dick was. Fortunately my hard-on fears were yet to materialise and I couldn’t feel any stirrings as I began to accustomise myself to being on the nude beach. Once I had sat down Annabelle passed us her sun-oil and suggested we use it so as not to burn, particularly on our newly revealed areas. It was at this point that a sexual feel hit the air as I watched Annabelle and Dee massage their tits with sun-oil and smother it into their pubic areas. I think my tongue must have been hanging out as Dee nudged me with a smile on her face as she noticed my eyes taking in their nakedness whilst rubbing oil into themselves. Now I could feel a stirring in my loins so I looked away to save myself only to see another good looking woman, one of the students bent right over in front of me giving me a perfect view of her pink and hairy pussy mound. Although I thought I should look away I felt compelled to watch more intently as this young woman whom I’d never met showed my her pussy. As she arranged and then re-arranged her towel in an effort to get it how she wanted it my view got better and I felt my cock twitch.This time I thought I would save the impending erection from happening by turning onto my front and looking up the beach instead. As I turned over and settled on the slightly uncomfortable stones I was confronted by another sexy sight. (I know people say that you never see blokes with hard cocks in nudist camps or on nude beaches but I felt that I was in a helpless position as I watched these naked women. I hoped it was just because I was new to this). There were two couples sat behind us and one of the women was sat with her knees bent and the soles of her feet touching as she read a book. I had another good pussy view because the incline of the beach put them slightly above us and I knew that I wouldn’t appear to be looking straight at her pussy because of my position below them. What kept my prick going hard was that this woman of 30 or 35 was in good shape with small perky tits and, best of all, completely shaved pussy. The position she was sat in looked comfortable but made her pussy open up slightly to show her hooded clit sticking out as if it was pointing at me. After a minute like this I had a full on erection that was sitting uncomfortably beneath me. My only saving grace was that I could put my constant fidgeting and repositioning down to the pebbles, not that Dee was fooled, I’m sure she knew I was lying on a big fat hard-on! As I lay there in the sun I began to relax and drifted into a daze as I closed my eyes and rested my brain. It kept coming into my mind how nice it felt to be naked in the sun and it gave bahis siteleri me a healthy feeling all over that relaxed me enough to be able to turn onto my back as my hard-on had subsided. As I reapplied tanning oil to my groin (I was going to make sure 110% that my dick didn’t burn) I could see Annabelle watching intensely as her eyes peered from under her sunglasses. I felt quite proud as this sexy woman eyed me up.I sat up and scouted the beach to see what was happening. The group of students in front of us had all gone down to the water and were messing about in the shallows which meant that I got to see five sets of naked student girls tits bobbing about. One of them was quite a ‘big’ girl probably a size 16 (UK) or more but she carried it well without looking ‘fat’. Her tits must have been at least 38 DD’s and they were flying all over the place as she was chased by the lads who would try to trip her over. I noticed one of them would make sure he got a good handful of ass or tit each time he caught her before tripping her into the surf. I giggled to myself as I watched the little game they were playing when I noticed the skinny girls weren’t getting as much attention from the men as this bigger girl. To our left were a couple of gay blokes whom seemed to be sat in such a way as if they were displaying their dicks for presentation. To our right were two more men but I suspected they weren’t gay as both were openly gawking at Dee and Annabelle. Even when they saw that I was aware of their voyeurism they simply smiled a ‘hello’ type smile before going back to gawking, only moving their gaze if other naked females walked by.I was at first surprised at how many people seemed to be exhibitionists in their mannerisms. Although we were mostly all naked, many people spent the whole time wondering amongst us as if wanting to be seen. I was however soon on their wavelength, the idea of flaunting myself kept zipping into my brain as an idea then disappearing as I fought to dismiss the thought. By now the sun was having its effect and I knew that I would burn if I was out here much longer. An hour in 80 degree heat is plenty enough for me normally but more so on this occasion with newly exposed areas primed for burning. I told the girls I needed to cool off so I got up and made my way down to the sea over the uneven pebbles. ‘Come on Dee lets go too!’ Annabelle said. However, Dee isn’t much of a fan of water and is quite a nervous swimmer so declined the offer saying that she would guard our things. She also told Annabelle that if she wanted to go and swim with me it was OK with her.Annabelle was far better prepared as she had beach shoes that made it easier for her to get down to the sea, whereas I had to hobble down gingerly trying not to look too stupid as I grimaced in pain on the pebbles but once in the water it became easier. As the cold water hit my groin, taking my breath away, I realised that I had not noticed people as I went down the beach being more interested in my painful feet. Annabelle was waiting for me and we noticed how even out 20 metres or so it was still only waist height. Annabelle asked how I was getting on with having my dick swinging free for all to see. She giggled as she said it and I’m sure I blushed as she splashed me with the salty water saying ‘This will cool you down!’ I instinctively splashed her back and in her efforts to dodge the flying water she stumbled and fell face first into the water. As her head popped up from the sea she looked a bit confused and I laughed at her saying that it served her right for splashing me. This provoked her into a revenge attack and she came charging towards me, her tits swaying, almost as if in slow motion with the sea slowing her down. This increased my giggles that hadn’t really subsided from her fall and as such I made no effort to avoid her as she got within a couple of feet of me. Once in range she jumped at me in an effort to get me into the water but I was too strong and she ended up just clinging to me and shaking herself in an effort to topple us over.Having her tits pressed into my side and her legs wrapped around my body was a thrilling sensation to say the least and I hardly knew were to put my hands as I tried to get her off. As I pushed against her waist she finally let go sliding head first into the water in front of me into a hand-stand type position. As her hands hit the sea floor and her legs went skyward she let her legs fall open just as I looked down to get the most glorious view of her folds and neatly trimmed bush. A second or two later and she fell to the left, her head reappearing a moment later. ‘You fucking shit Tony. I’m going to get you over if it’s the last thing I do!’ Annabelle yelled at me with a smile on her face. She came at me again but this time came about and jumped onto my back wrapping her legs around my waist. Unfortunately for her though she couldn’t get a good grip and I heard her splash back down into the water. Moments after that I felt a hand on my thigh followed by a hand squeezing on my balls as Annabelle laughingly said, ‘I’ll let go when you go over!’ I had no option but to collapse forward into the cold surf, Annabelle thankfully letting bahis şirketleri go as I did so. I was instantly cooled down enough as the water was colder than I had expected it would be. I was also aware of the effect the cold was having on my balls that were surrendering back into my body to keep warm and making my genitals feel particularly small. Annabelle too also appeared to feel the chill of the water as her nipples had turned into bullets, they looked hard enough to hang a coat from! As we walked up the beach I was very conscious of people watching me struggle up the gradient in my bare feet with my now somewhat shrivelled dick swinging violently with every step. By the time I had made it to the girls my feet were sore and I could think of nothing better than to slip my trainers on for comfort. Having dried off I was about to sit back down but Dee said that she thought she was beginning to burn and as such it might be an idea to make a move. A cool breeze had also kicked up and it was just the right time to call it a day. It felt odd as I dressed again, my balls felt all confined in my underwear having been free to roam for nearly 2 hours. It was however nice to get my socks and shoes back on as the pebbles had taken their effect on my feet. I watched Annabelle pull her dress back over her head and realised just how short it was considering she had on no underwear. As she bent over to pick up her bits and pieces I kept getting the odd flash of arse or pussy which was stirring my cock up. Dee too I noticed had not put her underwear back on and just stuffed them in her bag as she checked to see that we hadn’t left anything behind.Walking back across a beach full of naked people felt less strange now having been there myself, I felt a part of something like an exclusive members club or secret society. I no longer was worried about getting caught looking at the other naked bathers and gave that tell-tale sneer given to all those who were still clothed, just there to ogle. Once off the beach it felt nice on my feet as if I had been wearing lead boots and just taken them off. Feeling lazy we made our way over to the Volks mini railway and paid our money for the mile or so journey back to the Pier. Once in the station we climbed into the first little open carriage and sat on the bench seats as the only passengers in our carriage with the girls sat either side of me. I noticed that Annabelle had put her feet up on the handrail in front of us and let her legs hang open to leave her pussy on view. When Dee noticed my attention drawn to Annabelle’s pussy I think she got jealous as she adopted the same position and lifted her skirt a little to give me a view of her gaping pussy. As the train left the station I realised this might be a set-up as both girls moved their hands to their crotches and opened their folds to give me an un-obscured view of their hot, wet, pink pussies. Of course I had a massive hard on wedged inside my jeans which Dee noticed and began to let free with her other hand. We were halfway there already as Dee began to give me a vigorous hand job with the sole intention making me come quickly. Annabelle was looking right at my dick as Dee’s hand moved up and down in a blur on my cock that was getting close to release. I also noticed that Annabelle had two slender fingers buried to the knuckle in her sopping hole as she tickled her clit with her thumb. The station with four or five people waiting was now just 100 metres away as I began to feel my come rising up from my loins. Dee sensed my impending explosion and aimed my cock-head at Annabelle just in time for me to shoot two huge strings of come down her leg followed by a good amount more that dribbled over Dee’s hand.We had no time to clean ourselves up as we slowly pulled into the station and Dee squeezed my semi hard and come soaked dick back into my pants as the girls put their legs down, Annabelle cursing in a whisper how close she had been to coming. I felt sorry for her having to stop despite being so close to orgasm, especially having had a great one myself and leaving my spunk running down her legs. She left it there as we exited the train to an odd look and a smile from the female driver. I then noticed a rear view mirror positioned to her left that looked to have been pointed right at my groin. Had she been watching? I noticed that she had slowed down about half way through the journey but had thought nothing of it at the time I was more interested in the two woman flashing me their pussies.I could see the frustration in Annabelle’s eyes as we said our goodbyes and the girls promised that we would meet up again at the beach or even go over to their house and sunbathe in the garden with her boyfriend. As she walked off I noticed my spunk glistening in the early evening sun and it thrilled me to know that she wasn’t going to wipe it off, maybe not even when she got her bus home. Dee and I zoomed home and were all over each other as soon as we got in the door. I pulled my trousers and briefs down to my ankles and Dee lifted her skirt around her waist as we fell to the lounge floor. Dee’s pussy was soaked and I slipped all the way in with one stroke making her gasp out loud. Having come not long before I was able to poke her for over an hour giving her three huge orgasms before I too had another release. We collapsed into each others arms and agreed that this naturism thing made us horny as hell!

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