brother’s new apartment


brother’s new apartmentWe’d just returned from helping Jason, my brother, move into his newapartment. Mother was telling every one that would listen to her howwonderful Jason was, and how close he and his little brother were. Shekept telling people it was because that Jason had a hand in caring for hislittle brother. Jason had even been the one to suggest Mark for my name.Damn, I hated it when she talked about us like we were still c***dren. Iwas almost twenty-one and Jason was twenty-four and I was his lover. WhatMother didn’t realize was our closeness all started when mother went towork and they started paying Jason to look after me. That’s when he waseighteen and a walking hormone. He always took me to wonderful places,like swimming at the lake, and even those porno movies we had on the southside of town. The thing I like best doing was going with him to the gym towork out. He was teaching me now how to lift weights saying he was goingto make a man out of me. I loved my brother, really he was my champion. Thebest part of the workout was it gave me a chance to look at his muscularbody when he was weight lifting with his hard muscles glistening when hisbody was covered with sweat. I did most of the exercises like him but notas many because I wanted to be just like him.The best part in the gym was when we showered together, his body alwaysthrilled me. He would rub his crotch and tell me when I grew up I was goingto be a great looking stud. One afternoon we were alone in the housemessing around and wrestling. I loved to wrestle with Jason because Iwould be able to get on top of him and I could even feel his cock betweenhis legs. That was when he and I began groping each other. After that hebegan playing a game he called gotcha. That’s when I wasn’t you aren’tlooking he would sneak up and grab my balls and giggle saying gotcha. Itwas just a game between the two of us. Now I’d heard the stories of thek**s at school talking about queers and how they did funny things to eachother but I knew Jason and I weren’t queer. My brother was a real man hewas my champion. He would never do anything wrong. In a few years I wasold enough and didn’t need him to look after me but we remained close.Sometimes we’d wrestled and horsed around like when we were little k**s.Jason had been driving me around town all morning looking for shoes for mefor gym. I fixed lunch for the two of us and Jason said he was going totake a nap. I’d been looking for a chance to get even for his last gotchaattack on me when he’d slipped up on me and damn near ripped off my balls.I was hell bent on getting even for that attack.Listing at his door I heard him in his shower. Slipping into his room andhiding behind his big chair I listened for when I could spring my attack.Hearing him sitting on the bed and then laying down I waited until Ithought he was almost asleep. Leaping out from behind the chair I grabbedfor his nuts and fell onto him. What I grabbed was my big surprise. He’dbeen beating off and I was lying there on top of his naked body with myhands around his cock. Startled he called me a little cocksucker andjumping up began to wrestle me pulling off my jeans. We struggled and hestripped the rest of my clothes off. We continued to wrestle naked,rolling around the bed and finally falling on the floor. We both lay therenude and then he took my hands and put them around his cock telling me tobeat him off. kağıthane escort Taking his cock with out any question I began to bet himoff. Then he asked if I would suck him off. I told him I’d try if hewanted me to. Lying there in his bedroom he fumbled with his hard cockshowing me how to put my mouth around his cock and take head. Laughing hetold me it was something married couples do all the time and it wasn’treally a bad thing. That’s how I first started blowing him.At first it was hard for me to take him in my mouth at first because Igagged a lot. Sometimes just thinking of having a dick in my mouth made mekind of funny but when he shot his load in my mouth it was exciting. Iloved the thrill of when he cried out in pleasure and telling me he lovedme. After that each time I took him it got even easier and in no time Ilearned to take his cock right down to his balls. The better I got atsucking him off the more pleasure he seems to get. As the summer passed itwas now real easy to take him and I loved the way he tasted when he wouldhut his cum in my mouth. Well to make a long story short I became mybrother’s personal cocksucker. I’d developed this addiction to sucking mybrother off and he had developed a sex addiction to me. It was like we hadbeen made for each other. All through my senior year in High School Jasonand I would always be able to find the time and a place and I would fall onmy knees and do him. Sometimes he would slip into to my bedroom late atnight to get his tool serviced, sometimes I would slip into the bathroom todo him. We always found a place to have sex. I was now obsessed with thetaste of his body. When he would shoot his load I loved the slick feelinghis cum gave my tongue–the way his cock slid down my throat the secondtime he fucked my face. I now admitted I was gay and I was in love with mybrother. I wanted to be his sex slave.This all came to an end when Jason decided to get his own apartment. Thenthe only time I could have him is when he came to our house for dinner or Iwould spend the night at his apartment. I hungered for him and when we didget together after a week’s absence from each other I would suck him like asex-crazed a****l. We would strip on the way to his bedroom and I woulddevour his cock, licking and sucking his balls and crotch and even rimminghis asshole. He loved it and grabbing my head would me to the very base ofhis tool. I sucked on him like my life depended on draining his last dropof cum. I had willing his become sex slave. We had talked about when Igraduated from High School I would move in with him to live. Finally thatday arrived and not only that I’d gotten a job working at the same officewere he worked. I wasn’t really at big a deal, Jason was an accountant andI was just the office boy. I was happy because I was around my brother.The main reason it was so great is we had a reason now to live together.Mark, the office manager, had hired me when he found out I was Jason’sbrother. It seems Jason had been on good terms with Mark and he’d hired memore as a favor to him than anything. The two of them usually made it ahabit of stopping regularly every Friday night after work for a littlehappy hour. It was on one of those Fridays I joined them on their Fridaynight stop but I sat there like a dunce as they talked about girls andstuff. I just did’t fit in but I bakırköy escort had the good sense to let them alone andtalk. I never went with them again, it was their night their talk and Ihad mine later, I had Jason.After dinner one night Jason sat on the couch holding my head and pumpingit up and down on his shaft and finally pushing me down to take his load.Relaxing he told me he had a surprise for me. He was going to teach me totake him another way. He said that all good cocksuckers could take it upthe ass and he wanted my ass. Rising he lead me to our bedroom and westripped. I was excited about learning a new way to please him. Sittingon the bed naked I watched as he began opening a sack and taking out someKY. He had me roll over and when he finished lubricating his cock and thenhe then reached over to me and began to lubricate my ass. Taking largeamounts on his fingers he would thrust them deep inside me and wiggle themaround causing me to giggle. I was beginning to think I was going to likethis. Then telling me to lay on the bed he slipped a small bottle under mynose telling me to breathe deeply. As soon as I’d inhaled I began to getthis dizzy hot feeling. Suddenly it seemed like my cock began to getharder and when he began to enter my ass with his cock I cried out atfirst. Shoving the poppers under my nose again I began really to want himto fuck me. Then I started pushing back on his cock trying to get as muchof up my ass as I could.Another whiff of poppers and I was consumed with desire for him to fuck me.From that point we were off. I spent the better part of the weekend withhim fucking me, and me sucking him off. We had sex the whole weekend andby the time he had finished with me he’d stretched my ass to the point weneeded little lubricant. He called me his little love slave. I knew thenthat I had surrendered my body to him and would do anything he asked of me.It was about Wednesday, the middle of the week when Jason had Mark ourmanager over to our apartment for a drink. Now Mark was a great guy mostof the time and at work he treaded me nice. As for looks he looked likesomething that stepped out of a jungle, stout, with curly black hair and hehad a deep barrel chest. Judging from the size of his basket he must behung like an a****l. For all his good looks he had this exporting fault.Coming from a rich family he loved to brag about everything he had to thepoint people hated to be around him. He was going at it real thick andheavy in his obnoxious way this evening when Jason, who had been drinkingand feeling quite cocky began bragging that he had something Mark wouldnever have. Then blurting out he said he had his very own sex slave. Withthat Mark started laughing at him and called Jason a liar and a stupidfucking ass for telling such a dumb story. Jason said he was nothing but adumb sum of a bitch.Mark then getting mad bet him a hundred bucks to prove it. Getting up formore beer Jason told Mark to show him the money or shut up. Mark with amock wounded look took out his wallet laying a hundred-dollar bill on thecoffee table saying, “show me”. The bet was on. Jason called me from thekitchen and told me to come to him. I did and then standing there hecommanded me to kneel. Then undoing his jeans he let them slide to hisknees and pushed down his skivvies letting his hard cock spring forward.Then stroking şişli escort it to the point where it was beginning to glisten and getjuicy with pre-cum he told me to blow him. I was afraid to do it in frontof Mark and tried to get up. In an instant he slapped me and began toflail me with his cock. Then opening my mouth let him slide his cock intome. Grabbing my head then he began to fuck my face. In a show ofsatisfaction he said watch and he sack it into my throat all the way up tohis nuts. Then telling Mark to drop his pants he could get his nuts offtwo. In a second Mark was standing there with the biggest cock I’d everseen. Waiting his turn as soon as I’d taken Jason Mark stepped up pushinghis meat into my mouth. Now hotter than hell he began fucking, pushing,and making me take it all even when I gagged. He just kept pushing untilfinally he rammed his tool in as far as he could drive it down my throat.With a dirty laugh Mark said, “eat it all you little fagot” and began tofilling me with his juice. “Great facefuck k**” was all he said to me ashe paid Jason the hundred dollars. Then Jason piped up if you think hismouth is great you should fuck his ass. Now Jason had started something.Instead of going on there Friday night With that kind of invitation it wasjust the next Happy Hour they started coming to the apartment for there, Asthey called it, evening of delight. Jason never asked if I minded andreally I loved it. Mark was so damn big and hairy but he had this wonderfulcock. When he would get his rocks off it was all I could do to take thatload of his. Then Mark wanted to screw me but Jason said he had to have acondom before he was going to dick me but I would suck him off again. Itwas that next night after work that that Jason and Mark brought Louis,Marks friend over. When they entered the apartment they called out for mecalling me their little sex toy. As soon as they were in the living roomand had closed the door Mark commanded me to strip. They had told Louiswhat to expect so they all peeled right there in the middle of the room.Standing naked around me with their rods at attention told me to startblowing them one at a time.It became a game with them-they blindfolded me and I had to learn toidentify them by the taste and shape of there meat. It was really easy,Louis had a little cock, but it was fat and uncut. He had a bitter tastewhen he came but it was good in a funny way. Then Mark, he was really thebest, he was huge, his cock had a big head. When he got his load off healways pulled me deep on his shaft until my lips touched his balls and itwas all I could do to swallow that big load of his. Jason was still myfavorite cock, he just felt comfortable and I loved his taste. It was Markthen that pulled out a big bag of condoms saying he wanted to fuck me.Mark then told me to get on my knees saying that he wanted my ass now.Mark was the first to go and when he’d gloved up he started shoving his rodinto my mouth telling me to slick it up first because he was going aroundto my ass next. Jason told him to wait and ran to the bedroom saying hehad some KY. Tossing it to Mark he greased up and began to enter me.Trying to get away from the pain of his cock I began crawling away andthat’s when Jason stepped in front of me and began to jam his cock into mymouth. Then they started fucking me from both ends. It was turning out tobe the most exciting night of my life. My first gangbang and I was themain attraction.After that night my boys became regulars. Every Friday night and sometimeson Wednesday they would pick up pizza and come over for there sessions.Jason had given me everything I could ever want, and my men always broughtme lovely presents. As Jason told me, they all felt like they owned menow.

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