Brunch on the Deck


Standing in the shower, warm water flowing down over my shoulders, forming a waterfall over my erect nipples, running down over my belly and slipping down my thighs, I lather the soap in my hands and massage my body, reluctant to remove the aroma of our morning heated fuck session.

I hear in the back ground a rattle, and know you are fossicking in the kitchen, making us something to eat and drink.

I step from the shower, and lightly dry myself, slipping into my cream satin robe. The wetness of my skin making the robe almost see through, I tie it up leaving a seductive gap exposing my heavy cleavage.

Sliding open the patio door, I see you sitting in the sun, your head leaning back, enjoying the warmth of the late morning.

On the table is sitting 2 tall glasses of freshly squeeze juice and some toast.

I walk up behind you and touch your lightly on the shouters, running them down your chest letting my breasts rest on your back, kissing your neck seductively. “MMMM Trey baby, thank you for this morning, it was amazing, as you are” I let my hand brush over your silk boxers, your cock still erect.

“~Kir@~ baby” you whisper “I could fuck you all day every day, but right now I am very hungry”

I lean in and kiss you again, on the ear this time and move to walk around you and sit down, your large strong hand reaches out as I brush over your knee and you pull me into you, my thighs straddling one leg, still standing I know immediately it isn’t the toast you are hungry for. “Oh fuck yes Trey”, I part my satin robe exposing my damp thighs, you lean in, kissing my belly softly, your tongue circling my naval, my breathing getting heavy. You take a deep breath and murmur “Fuck ~Kir@~, your cunt smells sooooo good”

I gaze down into your beautiful face and the pleasure you are gaining from looking at my smooth wet cunt.

Your fingers working down to my cunt, as I move in even urfa escort closer, sliding one leg over your shoulder, opening up my freshly cleaned, recently fucked pussy for you do as you wish.

Resting my hands on your shoulders for balance, you drive 2 fingers deep into my wetness, I gasp, “OH Fuck Trey, harder deeper” you nuzzle your face into my now open sex and begin to nibble on my clit, moans escaping your lips as your tongue works my wet slit.

Involuntarily my hips grind hard into your face, my fingers massaging your head as I roll my head back, licking my lips, moaning louder now.

I gasp as you pull your fingers from my cunt, and you peel back my lips so wide, and drive your tongue deep into my hot hole, dragging your thick tongue over my hole across my clit and pinching it with your teeth, by now my juices are flowing down your chin, and your cock throbbing so hard in front of you as it has escaped from your boxers.

I see your eyes looking up at my face as my body is overwhelmed by your touch, my eyes partly closed, taking in every sense you are stirring in my body. You stop to take a breath, reaching up with one hand and tugging on my large erect nipple, “Fuck ~Kir@~, your cunt is awesome and you tits, damn girl, your so fucking hot”.

Hearing those words, drives me insane, as your drive your fingers deep into my cunt again and circle my clit with the firm tip of your tongue….”OH fuck Trey, fuck yesssss, harder, finger fuck me deeper, so close baby, fuck yessssssssssssssssssss” my whole body begins to convulse on you, my cunt pulsing around your fingers ad your tongue fucks my throbbing clit harder working me through a massive climax, then my body stiffens up as I allow the sensation totally engulf me.

Gasping “Oh fuck Trey, you know my every button to touch, you know how to make me cum so hard, I’ve never had a lover like you”. escort urfa My body begins relax a little, my heart still pounding, I slide my leg off your shoulder and straddle your legs, my cum seeping from me, your face covered in my sweet juices, I lean down to lick the juices off your face, our tongues colliding your hands grabbing hungrily at my breasts, as I lover myself over your pelvis, your cock so hungry to be deep inside my cunt again.

I reach down and grab your thick hard black cock and begin stroking it long and deep, your face now buried in my breasts, moaning deeply now,” Trey baby, I have to suck your cock, I am hungry too, and the toast is cold”

“Fuck yes ~Kir@~, I need your soft lips around my cock baby, the way you make love to it with your tongue and throat, feed from me baby, feed from me”

I step back and kneel down in front of you, between your thighs, gazing up into your lustful eyes, I kiss gently down your belly as I take your thickly veined black cock into my hand, flicking my tongue over the head, dragging my flattened tongue down the length of it and over your balls, the whole time my eyes are watching the pleasure overtaking your face.

My hand works long firms strokes up and down your cock I gently take one of your heavy balls into my mouth and massage it lovingly with my tongue, my lust and love for you is so powerful as I make love to each of your balls, your veins straining in your cock, your moans getting louder and deeper.

Working my tongue up your cock, dragging it firmly over your protruding veins I part my full wet lips and slip my tongue into the eye of your cock, you gasp, as I wrap my lips around the thick mushroom head of your cock and slide by lips down your thickness inch by inch, “Oh Fuck ~Kir@~. Fuck yes, your mouth is just as hot as your cunt”, your fingers running through my hair the tips of your fingers urfa escort bayan massaging my head and pressing my gently onto your cock.

My fingers working your balls as I work my mouth up and down your cock, which seems to be growing even thicker, each downward suck takes me closer to your balls with my lips, my thumb working your pulsing cum vein, your heavy balls growling, even after having fucked me not more than an hour ago, I know you have another tasty beautiful load for me soon.

As your cock presses hard against the back of my throat I gag slightly then take a swallow, allowing your cock to work deep into my throat, forming a tight sleeve around your hardness, your hips start writhing now, your fingers pulling gently at my hair as your body trembles, my eyes rolling back in my head as I begin to fuck your cock harder and deeper with my mouth and hand, my mind so excited at the thought of your hot cum that is going to be spewing down my throat so soon. Oh god you precum tastes awesome baby, cant wait to taste what comes next and I suck you deeper and harder…..”OH Fuck ~Kir@~..fuck yes…I am gonna cum” hearing you say that sends me wild as my thumb works your cum vein more, all of a sudden you scream, your legs trembling, your cum vein pulsing what feels like pints of cum up your cock, Oh shit, so much cum ,long hard spurts splashing against my throat, fuck so much, trying to swallow, taking as much as I can without drowning, 2,3,4,5 fuck I cant take it all.

I have to pull my mouth away and continue to stroke you as your cum spews over my face, over my breasts, through my hair, I begin to lap at your cock, licking it, cleaning every drop of cum from it, I look up at your heaving chest and your orgasm subside, cum still seeping slowly now, as I lap up every drop, “Oh Fuck Baby” you moan “Yes ~Kir@~, fuck you give them most awesome head baby”

Your heart pounding still my eyes gazing up at you, you lean forward and kiss my forehead softly, I am massaging your cum into my breasts, licking droplets from my lips, then you run your fingers through my cum soaked hair, brushing it of my face as our lips collide lovingly…”MM MM Trey baby, that’s the best I have eaten all day, and its only early yet”

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