Bungalow #4


Bungalow #4     Yeah, I hate to admit it, I’m a per, have been since about puberty.  but, it ain’t my fault, I’m just a product of a depraved upbringing.  As much as I can remember it all started one night when I went out behind the bungalow’s behind my daddies old Honky Tonk.  People call ’em After Hour Joints nowadays, but back then they was  places where Black folk an’ White folk could sort’a mingle without anyone raising a fuss.  Back then such things was frowned upon, at times could be quite dangerous.  On payday weekends the place would be jump’n like Kansas City on a fourth of July  Daddy wasn’t no pimp, but he got a cut from the ladies who show’d up and took “friends” back for some “alone time’.  Man, did I see some stuff, and when I had some slack time I would watch the goings on with great interest.       My descent into depravity came on a midweek night, I saw a customer cross the tracks and head straightaways to Bungalow #4, I didn’t have to be told it was someone “special”, only the special people got into that bungalow.  When I looked in I saw who it was, Deputy Benson.  Mister Law and Order himself.  He hummed a tune as he took off his uniform, placing his shirt over the back of the chair.  There was a knock at the door and as he turned his hand went to his gun, still on his hip.  Bessie entered, big smile, head slightly tilted, Benson looked her over and asked, “Where’s Annie?.  Bessie without losing her smile, said she’s at home, her husband returned this afternoon.  I was asked to give you this, she said handing him the envelope she carried between her breasts.  Benson lost his glare, Annie was his favorite piece of trim, but a couple hundred in cash soothes a lot of aggravation.  “And said Bessie sidling up to Benson, ‘Honey I can do more for you than that skinny little thang.’  Benson finished checking his money, Bessie leaned in and kissed him on the neck.  Even I could tell he was affected.  Bessie was good, real good, she worked Benson’s shirt over his head then latched onto one of his nipples.  Even he was surprised when he reached for his trousers and she had them open and headed for the floor.  His dick peeked thru his boxers and Bessie wrapped her canlı bahis fingers around it and began stroking him.  She pushed him back and he collapsed onto the bed.  In one quick move she grabbed his trousers, folded them and placed them neatly over the chair behind her.  She immediately dropped to her knees between Benson’s thighs and dropped expertly onto his penis.  His head went back, I heard an “oh” escape him as she went always to the base and held him in her mouth.  She bobbed, slowly backing off bit, by bit.  She held him briefly, just the head of his dick between her lips and plunged again to his base.  Benson’s head came back and a long low moan seeped out of him.  Bessie, suddenly stood to her feet, she whipped her dress and skirt over her head.  From the bed Benson was looking at her as if she had sucked the life outta him.  His Phallus was rocking back and forth like a tree in a wind storm.  He sat up, “Fuck’. he yelled as Bessie’s dress and slip hit the floor in a heap, he turned lengthwise on the bed, and Bessie stepped up onto the bed and dropped expertly onto him.  “No, no, no, baby, she said, you don’t get to come that quickly, not on Bessie’s watch, no sir.”  She dropped her head to his neck, and to see the smile you had to know that he was lost in a world of Lust.  Bessie worked her hips in slow easy circles, Benson grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back.  Even Bessie was surprised when he laid a full kiss on her, she accepted and returned it.  Slowly, he turned her over, onto her back and mounted her.  He latched onto her left breast and sucked, he continued to work himself deep inside her pussy.  I don’t believe it was an act when she started to shutter and shake.  There was a self satisfied smile on his face when she opened her eyes, reached up placing both hands on the side of his face and smiled in return.  Benson slowly increased his strokes, C’mon baby, that’s it, Bessie said, oh yeah, c’mon”.  They were rock’n the bungalow, the bed tap, tap, tapping against the wall.  Benson let out a loud hiss as he released his load deep into Bessie’s love nest.  Benson collapsed atop of her, Bessie slowly turned him onto his back.  “Well, Bessie bahis siteleri said, well I declare, and she laughed that was…that was something.  No wonder Annie wants to keep you for herself.  Benson smiled while rubbing his chest, Annie who?”       Bessie half turned from Benson, and reached for her clothes on the floor.  Benson got out of bed and put on his shoes and trousers, then suddenly headed out the bungalow door.  I actually didn’t see him leave, I was to busy cleaning the mess I’d made in my shorts.  The first indication I had shit was going south there was a “crack” like some branch breaking.  I turned my head to look and got a solid smack along the side of my head,.  The smack was bad enough but I got heavily slammed into the side of the bungalow. I was grabbed by the neck, slammed again into the wall and was being pushed around the side then literally thrown into the bungalow.  Bessie stood frozen watching as I was thrown the room.  She was about to step into her clothes when Benson stepped back into the room.  “What the, she started but Benson cut her off. ‘Did you know about this?’, he said angrily.  Bessie looked from me to him, about what? she said the fear in her voice totally evident.  Benson reached for his gun, pulled it from the holster and cocked it.       The shit was real now, “Wait, I said from my spot on the floor, I was just watching, I wouldn’t tell nobody.  I was only half scared of Benson, if he decided to shoot us, my troubles would be over, but if my dad found out, I’d be beaten literally to within an inch of my life for putting his business in jeopardy. Please, I said, don’t tell my dad..(I don’t remember if I cried or not)    From somewhere Benson got this look on his face, he walked over and shut the door to the bungalow, then turned to us.  He smiled, but it wasn’t a happy smile, it was tinged with an inner meanness.  Wanted to watch did you he said, sitting into the chair in the corner.  Neither Bessie or I moved, both watching him.  Benson gathered up his shirt  and pulled a pack of cigarettes from the pocket.  Taking his time he never took his eyes off of us.  Do what I say, and I’ll forget all about it okay he said with a smile.  bahis şirketleri Of course we agreed, Benson smiled and sat back.       ‘Bessie baby, he said cheerily, you get back on that bed will ya, and spread those legs of yours.  Bessie moving slowly did as he instructed.  ‘Kick them shorts off, he said to me, and crawl up there between those legs o’ hers. ‘  Oh man, I thought to myself, is he going to make me fuck Bessie?  I have to admit my dick was getting harder than Chinese math, as I approached her, she was looking me in the eye, ‘Wait, stop, what do you think you’re doing, said Benson, uh, get your face down there between those legs, and clean that mess up.  Clean that cunt up’.  I backed off enough and I remember it was Bessie who grabbed my head and forcibly guided me in.  She hadn’t cleaned up after her stint with Benson, it was sloppy ‘Lick it, she said, lick it all, damnmit .  and I did, from her clit, down to her asshole, she guided me every inch of the way.  At one point she had the back of my head in one hand and she was on her knees, ass in the air, go on, she said, stick your tongue in there, C’mon do it.”  Somehow she backed me around and while she was on her back she had me face down in her crouch when she came, this time in torrents, she screamedthru clenched teeth, squirting so much I though she was pissing.  When she stopped, she lay panting trying to catch her breath.  Bessie lay panting, looking at me between her legs, We had, or I did, forgotten Deputy Benson sitting in the corner, his revolver over his crossed legs.  He was watching us his cigarette out,  not saying nothing.        Bessie he said after a minute, get out,  she sat up, and started to say something, Bitch, he said angrily, I said, get the fuck out.  She got hurriedly out of bed, gathered her dress, threw it over her arm, stepped into her sandals and ran out of the door.  I started to get up, he stopped me.  ‘Where you think you’re going, he asked, I hesitated.  He slowly stood up, so you like to watch do you? he asked dropping his pants to the floor’  Like to know what’s going on do you, well I think I’m going to show you.’  I didn’t move, I watched him get naked, he crawled onto the bed, and lay with his back against the headboard.  Slowly, while smiling he reached up and took my head into his hands and guided me onto his turgid member.  I only did what I had seen, but it seemed to be enough.   

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