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Business meetingsAnother fantasy story, written some time ago. Not sure if it’s ever been on an adult site, but it’s been on my laptop for ages. Entirely my own work‘I’m sorry, sir,’ the desk clerk looked up from her monitor, ‘there are no more single rooms available for your conference. The only rooms left for your group now are twins.’‘You should have got here earlier, buddy,’ laughed my boss, as he picked up his key card and made for the bank of elevators.’‘Looks like we’re roomies for the week, Pete.’‘Yeah. I hope you don’t snore, Tom.’‘My wife hasn’t told me if I do.’‘Mine either. Here’s hoping.’We grabbed our bags and key cards and set off for our room. We were in San Diego for a week-long marketing seminar which promised to be as boring as it sounded. We’d started early to drive down from Pasadena and were beat – the bosses had flown down in the chairman’s jet, of course.The conference was due to start with an afternoon/evening session in a couple of hours, so I planned to grab a nap, a shower and a coffee; but having to share a room meant all sorts of disturbances and negotiating shower times. I wasn’t happy. Tom and I had worked together for a couple of years; he’s an ok kind of a guy and I have nothing against him. I’d happily spend an evening in the hotel bar with him, but sharing a room with him – with anybody – well, the thought of it really got me pissed.The room wasn’t too bad, two queen-size beds and a sitting area with a sofa and a couple of chairs…if you’ve stayed in a hotel anywhere in America, you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about! As I say, not too bad. We sorted the closet and scheduled the bathroom and generally got ourselves organised. We even managed to get a nap before we went down to the conference room, ready to face the death of a thousand Powerpoints……after dinner I got cornered by a regional marketing manager from the north east, and by the time I got back to the room Tom had changed into jeans and T-shirt and was shaking the TV remote and swearing.‘’Sup?’‘The TV channels are all shit and the movies are chargeable to room service. I wouldn’t mind, but the wifi is locked down so I can’t watch Netflix on my laptop,’ he gestured to the open laptop on the coffee table. ‘It’s either going to be a long boring week, or I’m going to get drunk every night!’‘Well you just got lucky; I downloaded a few movies on my laptop. I figured I’d be stuck alone in my room in the evenings, so I brought something to watch.’‘Great, what have you got?’‘A few oldies like Die Hard and Lethal Weapon, and a couple of new things I, er, acquired from torrent sites.’‘I’ve got a bottle of Jack in my bag, set up your computer over there,’ he gestured to the sofa with his chin, ‘and I’ll grab a couple of glasses.’‘Make ‘em small ones, we need clear heads tomorrow.’‘Sure, just a relaxer, I’m beat anyway. Watch John McClane try to get home for Christmas then hit the hay.’…After we’d watched Die Hard, I got up to go to the bathroom while Tom started scrolling through the movies on my laptop, ‘Some good stuff there, Pete, we shouldn’t get bored…hey what’s that?’ He pointed at a folder in the middle of the list of movie files, ‘Special?’He tapped the track pad and my guilty secret was exposed – a list of porno movies I’d also loaded for late night entertainment. I laughed, a little embarrassed, ‘I won’t be able to use those now that I’m sharing a room!’‘Hey there’s some good stuff here,’ he was clicking on the files and opening them in Quicktime, working his way down the list. ‘Good quality…and hot!’ he said as couple of beautiful girls filled the screen, eating each other’s pussy.When I came out of the bathroom, he was still watching the porn. ‘What happened to an early night?’‘Let’s watch this; it makes a change to be able to watch porn without listening out for my wife.’I sat back down next to him, and, began to get involved in the action; I could feel myself getting aroused by the antics on my laptop screen. I pulled my T-shirt to cover the swelling in my shorts, although burdur escort Tom wouldn’t have noticed as he was focussed on the movie. My dick was getting harder – which was why I brought the porn, I’d planned on enjoying unrestricted masturbation whilst away from my wife, so I’d brought a good selection of my favourites – but with my colleague sitting next to me, I was beginning to get uncomfortable.‘I, er, I guess I need to go to back into the bathroom. The movie’s kind of got me a little, um…’‘Ha! Yeah, I get it. No need to go the bathroom, do what you have to do. We’re both grown up – and married!’ he grinned. ‘Fuck it,’ he half stood and unhitched his jeans, ‘I’ll join you.’Sliding his jeans off his feet, he followed with his shorts and sat there with his erect cock standing out from his lap, his right hand wrapped round it. I hitched my thumbs into my shorts and slid them off, too, my own cock springing up as it was freed.As I stroked myself, I couldn’t help but glance over at Tom. His cock was longer than mine; fatter, too. He was stroking it slowly as he watched the girls writhing on the massage table. The unaccustomed company while jerking off was, surprisingly, quite stimulating, and I realised I was concentrating more on Tom’s cock than on the laptop. The eye was glistening as precum pooled and I was mesmerised.Before long he started grunting and then came copiously into a wad of Kleenex he was holding. Watching him spurt released my own orgasm, and I, too, came, also catching my cum in a Kleenex.He sighed heavily, ‘hey, that was good…if a little weird!’ He looked at me, and we both laughed, two grown men clutching their sticky softening cocks.I stood first, ‘definitely time for bed now, I’m speaking straight after breakfast.’‘Yeah, thanks for bringing that Pete, you saved the evening.’…Next morning, we were too busy with getting ready for the seminar to think about the night before, and I didn’t see much of Tom for the rest of the day as we were in different groups. In fact, it wasn’t until after dinner we met up again in the room. Neither of us was a heavy drinker, so an evening in the bar wasn’t tempting, to say nothing of trying to focus on work with a hangover. Tom’s bottle of bourbon was enough, a couple of nips to take off the edge was more than enough.‘What’s tonight’s special feature?’ he asked, as he was hanging his suit in the closet.‘The main movie? Or are you talking about the optional gentlemen’s entertainment?’‘I don’t think I could stay wake for a whole movie, it’s been a long day. I could use something to unwind before I go to sleep, though. What else was there in your ‘special’ folder?’‘Here,’ I logged into my laptop, ‘Have a look for something while I get changed.’ I felt a thrill as I knew we would be jerking off together again.‘There’s some variety in here…you’ve even got gay porn…’‘Oh…yeah…I…er…sometimes…’‘’S’ok. I get it, I like to watch gay porn too, doesn’t make you gay, or even bi. Although I sometimes think I might be.’‘Gay?’‘No! Ha! No, I wonder if I’m bi, because I do like watching it.’‘Yeah. I dunno. I mean, I dunno what it means.’ The next words came out in a rush, ‘I enjoyed watching you last night…’‘Hm. I kind of figured you did. I thought you were watching me more than the action. It’s what made me cum so quickly…’By now, he was watching a movie with two guys sat on a sofa, jerking off together, then they starting jerking each other, ‘Look at that,’ he said, pulling down his shorts and stroking his semi erect cock, ‘could you do that?’‘I, I, do you want to try?’‘Sure, how can it hurt?’I sat down next him and took hold of his cock, it felt very weird holding something that was both so familiar and so very strange, especially as it was bigger than mine. I slowly started to stroke it.‘What the hell’s happening?’ he murmured, as he lay back on the couch, as he allowed me to wank his dick with one hand as I cupped his balls with the other, ‘That feels fucking amazing, Pete, don’t stop.’I slowly çanakkale escort stroked his hot, hard dick. It felt enormous compared to my own; the sensation of holding it was intoxicating.I slid my hand up and down his cock, the head was swollen and purple, he was cut, like me, and the skin was tight under my fingers, the veins standing out. He was carefully shaved, his balls were very smooth and there was only a little light stubble on his lower belly. His cock was suddenly the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I thought I was 100% straight, but tonight I felt gayer than Mardi Gras.Precum oozed from his cock eye, and, without thinking, I bent down and licked it off with the tip of my tongue.‘Jeeze…’ he hissed, ‘…keep going…’I bent over again and starting licking the head, enjoying the saltiness, until I opened my mouth and took as much of him in as I could manage without gagging – Deep Throat wasn’t in my repertoire!I bobbed my head as I continued to stroke with my hand, Tom’s hand on the back of my neck. He gave me very little warning as he tensed and his cock spurted my mouth full of hot, pungent cum.I grabbed a Kleenex and spat it out.There was a minute or two of – it seemed to me – stunned silence, as we both tried to work out what had just happened.‘Thanks, Pete.’ He grabbed his shorts and went into the bathroom.I closed the laptop lid, confused, and climbed into my bed before he emerged. I was very embarrassed about what had just happened, and I buried myself under the bedclothes as I waited for him to get into bed, turn out his light and go to sleep.I’d have to try to get a change of room tomorrow morning…no way could I spend a week with him now. This was a whole different game to jerking off to a porno.…I was conscious that someone was standing over me; it took a few seconds to work out where I was, then who was standing there, then what had happened the night before…Tom was in his bathrobe, holding out a cup.‘Coffee?’‘I…er…yeah, thanks.’I sat up in my bed, registering the time – breakfast was over an hour away – desperately trying to think of something to say.‘Sorry.’ Said Tom.‘?’‘Last night, I was a tad shaken by what happened, by the time I worked it out, you were in bed. I wanted to talk about it. Reciprocate…I don’t know. I figured I upset you…’‘I thought you were mad at me for going too far. I guess we were both a bit embarrassed. A bit? Ha! I was fucking massively embarrassed! I er…’ I looked at him, ‘Goes without saying we won’t mention this to anyone, huh? Maybe figure out a way to change rooms?’‘I enjoyed it. A lot. I just wish I’d given you something back for the amazing blow job you gave me. I was tired, I didn’t think; I guess I was fucking selfish. Sorry again.’He sat in the edge of my bed, ‘maybe I can reciprocate now?’ He put his hand on the comforter, above my groin, and started rubbing. I already had a morning hard on, which he was making harder. I put the coffee on the bedside table and lay back as he pulled down the comforter and slid his hand into my shorts, encircling my dick.And then, don’t ask why, I did something insane, I reached up and grabbed his shoulders, pulling him down to the bed. As he was grasping my cock, I was running my hands all over his body. His hard, male body. I pushed down his shorts, pulled up his T-shirt, I was grabbing him all over. And he wasn’t resisting me. He continued to hold my cock, while his other had was grabbing my ass, my, leg, my arm, my shoulder.Inevitably, our faces came together and I sought his mouth with mine. He didn’t resist, his mouth opened and his tongue met mine, our jaws, our scratchy faces, smashed together as we made out like a pair of teenagers. When he broke away it was to go down to my groin where he started to suck on my cock and balls. We were both now naked and writhing about on my bed. We positioned ourselves into a sixty-nine and began to work in earnest.I guess we both knew for sure now, we were definitely bi!…Like I said before, we didn’t çankırı escort spend much time together during the day, it was a big seminar, and we working in different teams, so the only times we got to talk were in the evening after dinner. It was just sex, we loved our wives and k**s…all that miserable stuff we were saying to convince ourselves we weren’t about to ruin our lives by dumping our families and driving up to San Francisco and opening a dog grooming parlour in The Castro.We jerked and blew each other quite a lot, we were getting a lot more sex than our wives permitted us. We would watch a porno – gay or straight – start jacking ourselves and then take it from there. We slept in one bed – there was plenty of room – but took care to make the other look properly used, and we got through a whole heap of Kleenex!By the end of the week, the only thing we’d avoided was anal penetration – there had been a bit of fingering during blow jobs, but I guess we were both shy of going all the way. But as I was sucking Tom’s balls, he cleared his throat then:‘Pete? You wanna fuck me in the ass?’‘You sure?’‘Yeah. Why not try it? It’s supposed to be great on my prostate, and good for you too – nothing tighter than a virgin man-cunt,’ he lisped and we both burst out laughing.‘I guess, I’d like to give it a try.’‘Ok, let me go and give myself a good clean up in the john, you find something to lube with – after shave balm should do it,’ he pointed to the shelf by the mirror.Tom brought out a towel that he put on his bed and lay down with his knees up. I passed him the bottle of balm and he poured it onto his asshole, rubbing it in.‘Here,’ he passed it to me, ‘Lube your dick.’I slathered the balm all over my dick and knelt in front of him, my cock hovering over his.‘Go for it, Pete!’I put my index finger against his anus and pushed it in until I was all the way in. I eased it out and then pushed in two fingers. Tom lay there, wincing occasionally, and I poured out more balm until I could slide two fingers in and out easily as his sphincter relaxed.‘Ready?’ I asked him, looking in his eyes. He nodded slightly and smiled. I put the head of my dick where my fingers had been and pushed. I was rock hard with excitement, otherwise I don’t think I would have got anywhere, he was so tight, but then I felt the muscles relax and I was past the sphincter. I was fucking his ass!Not wanting to come out too far and allow the muscles to tighten up again, I moved slightly backwards and forwards, until we were both used to it, and then I pushed in further. Tom was looking more relaxed, and was beginning to enjoy it, I could tell. I kept on pushing and eventually I was in as far as I could get.‘How does it feel?’ I asked him.‘Very strange, but good, keep moving, but slowly. You’re hitting my prostate sometimes and that feels incredible.’His dick was still hard – I’ve seen gay porn where the ‘bottom’ doesn’t get hard, but not Tom. Taking my weight on one arm and my knees, I started massaging his dick in time to my movements.We kept this up for some time until he suggested we try doggy; so he twisted round and put his head down on the bed. I pushed and found myself going in even deeper. I was still wanking his crank and I was beginning to move faster myself, as I could feel his tight ass sucking at my hard dick.Tom came first, spattering down on to the towel under us; for some reason, I pulled out before I came, spraying my seed onto his naked back and buttocks, before we both collapsed down on the bed, entwined in each others’ arms.‘Worried you were going to get me pregnant?’I laughed, ‘I guess I was thinking about AIDS or something…’‘Whoah, don’t get heavy. I’ve only had sex with my wife for the last fifteen years, and she hasn’t been playing around. Is there something you’re not telling me?’‘No, you’re right, we’re good. All those campaigns hit the mark, obviously!’‘It’s been a good week, Pete. We’ve learned a lot about each other.’‘More about ourselves!’‘You’re right there. My brother-in-law has a cabin, he said if I ever wanted to go up there when he’s not using it, I was welcome. You ever wanted to go on a weekend hunting trip?’‘I’m not interested in hunting. But we could go hiking…or bird watching…or photography…’‘I’m sure we can come up with something to put our wives off.’‘I can’t wait.’

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