Business Trip Ch. 02: The Professor


The next day I heard some stirring as Dorris was putting the last of her things together to get out. I looked up as she kissed me softly on the lips. She told me that she had to get back to her husband, her school teaching job, and her life. I was sorry to see her go, but I was also happy to have my room for the rest of the week. I told her bye and we exchanged information. I told her that I would look her up the next time I was in Des Moines Iowa.

I looked at the clock and saw it was 8:30am. I was late for my first session of my training and was almost going to miss the complimentary breakfast in the lobby.

At that point I threw something on and walked downstairs. I saw what looked like wall to wall Celeste Wisdom, the sci-fi tv show woman from the sixties show. There were fat Celestes, there were skinny ones, there were old ones, there were black ones, there were white ones. All of them trying to be a sexy siren from a bygone era. I grabbed a donut and an apple from the bar and then accidental bumped into a young one. “Oh I’m sorry” I said as what appeared to be a twenty year old with glasses smiled.

“Oh you’re fine.” She said as she looked over at her friend and giggled. The other one looked at me as if she wanted to say something.

I ignored her and walked over to get me some juice when an older woman walked up and sternly said, “Don’t even think about it.”

I asked, “Don’t even think about what?”

“I saw how you looked at that girl, I know how the fifty year old comic book adolescent mind thinks.” The older woman said.

“Well, I haven’t read a comic book since I was in my teens and I am not fifty, so what are you talking about?”

“Then why are you here?” She scoffed.

“I am late for a business meeting and you are now making me more late.” I then asked her “what are you doing here?”

“I’m a professor of contemporary art at the university and our class is on a field trip.” trabzon escort She said.

“OK, so you are a professor, that means your students are at least, what 19?”


“Then why are you worried what I am thinking about doing to adults?”

She sneered.

Then a coworker walked up and said, “Gerald, you aren’t even dressed. We are both late for our business training. I will give you about fifteen minutes and then I will leave you if you aren’t ready.

“OK man, I’ll meet you in a few out front.” I said to my coworker.

He walked away.

I then looked at the professor.

She said, “OK, you are not a comic book nerd but I know I saw how you were looking. I got my eye on you, she said.

I then said, “You know everyone here is dressed in provocative space costumes. I wonder how one of those would look on you. You have a pretty face and even though you are wearing clothes that hide your body, you look like you really aught to show some of that.”

“And what difference does it make to you?” She said shortly.

I then slowly looked at her body and moved to her eyes and said, “I don’t like students, I like teachers.”

She awkwardly swallowed hard.

I continued, “It is good your eyes are on me, because my eyes are on you as well.”

Her knees almost seemed to buckle.

I then said, “I have to go to my meeting so we are going to have to pick this up later.”

I left as she stood there.

I threw on some clothing and left for the meeting. It was an eventful day. Basically I stuck my head in a few meetings. My coworker took me back to the hotel that evening.

In the room about 8:00pm, I decided to go down to the bar and get a drink or something. I sat that the bar when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw that it the professor. This time she was wearing that short Celeste Wisdom escort trabzon uniform.

She said, “I have to apologize for earlier today.”

I smiled and said, “Looking at you in that is apology enough.”

“I didn’t wear this for you.” She said.

“Who cares who you wore it for, I get the benefit.”

She blushed.

“Well I have to go.” I said.

She looked disappointed.”

“1832” I said.

She looked confused. “What is 1832?”

“That’s my room number.” I walked away and went back to my room.

It was about two hours and I decided to look at this space show that everyone was talking about. There was Celeste Wisdom. She was always trying to seduce an alien or something. She wore skimpy suits that showed her legs and breasts. I was just about to have to relieve myself when I heard the knock at the door.

It was the professor. I opened the door and she walked in.

“I uh…I’ve never done anything like this.”

“Like what?” I joked.

She walked over to me and kissed me full on the lips. The kiss was passionate and my manhood was growing quickly in my pants.

She then stopped and said, “I have never been with a black guy, so be gentle.”

I smiled at the interesting contrast between Dorris who wanted it hard and the professor here who wanted it gentle. I said, “You can have it any way you want to have it.”

I eased in and continued our kiss. I had to admit to myself that the space costume she had on was a bit alluring.

She asked, “Where is the bedroom?”

I smiled and took her hand and led her to the room. She then dropped her costume to reveal that she didn’t have on any undergarments at all.

Her body wasn’t bad for a fifty year old. Her awkward smile was very cute. I then kissed her lightly on her lips and began to kiss different parts of her body. She moaned. I got to her thigh and trabzon escort bayan her breath quickened. I then began to kiss her at the place that made her a woman.

My tongue darted in and out as I used my mouth as a sex organ. She squirmed as she laid there on her back. She began to climax right there. I continued through it kissing and licking and sucking. She held my head to her pushing first gently and then she sat quietly for a moment lying there. She said, “I want you in me.”

I was very ready to obliged at that point. I took my swelling manhood and slowly put it in her. It was your basic missionary style. She was much more wet than women of her age usually get. I slowly entered her.

She braced herself as I entered.

I then came out and in, out and in. Slowly while kissing her and caressing her with my hands. Her full breasts were in my hands and our tongues collided sensuously.

“Uh…oh…uh…” She said as the rhythmic thrusts continued to coax her to another sexual mountain top.

I could tell she was making progress towards that second orgasm when all of a sudden it hit and she shook. Slowly at first, but then violently. I smiled as I continued to enter her. She looked deep in my eyes and her embrace tightened before it loosed. She laid there as the perspiration had overtaken us both.

I said, “That was sweet, now you are about to get the sour.” She still laid there on her back when I picked her up a little higher and entered her ass. She squealed at first and then she yelled, “It is too big.”

I slowly worked my way in and then I slowly began pumping her backside.

She then said, “Yes…yes…”

I quickened the thrusts and it appeared she was really into it. She was really tight which seemed to indicate that she hadn’t had that kind of sex before. I continued to enter her and she screamed. I could feel another orgasm overtaking her. At that point she was exhausted. I was ready to have my ending as well. I pulled out and then let loose my stream.

I then laid there beside her. I said, “I don’t know your name professor.”

She said, “Nancy, Dr. Nancy Sanders.”

I said, “Glad to make your acquaintance.”

She said, “As am I…”

We then fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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