Camping Trip Ch. 03

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The alarm on my phone quietly buzzed and I craned my neck to the side, rolling over and turning it off. I slowly sat up as my eyes adjusted from waking, and turned onto my knees, unzipping my tent and peering outside. The sun was just barely beginning to rise.

“Perfect,” I said softly to myself looking at the other tents. “No one is awake yet.”

I knew it was only a matter of time before Ashley and John snuck off into the woods to fuck each other again, and I wanted to get there earlier than yesterday to watch the whole thing this time.

I waited patiently for probably 15 minutes, peeking out of a small opening in my otherwise zipped up tent, when finally I heard some stirring from Ashley’s tent. I perked up at the sound and watched more intently.

Only a moment had passed before Ashley unzipped her tent and came climbing out, looking around to make sure no one else was watching, then stood up tall, stretching her arms up over her head. Her short white t-shirt rose up to her midsection, exposing the small, sexy pouch under her navel as it receded into her pajama pants.

Ashley tip toed around the circle where our campfire had once been roaring, now just a small pile of cold, lifeless ash, over to the John’s tent across from hers. She paused for a moment, then passed by and tapped on the next tent over. James’ tent.

What the heck was going on? Did she pass by John’s tent on purpose, or was she confused and thought she was at the right one? I nearly called out to her, to let her know her mistake, but caught myself, and continued to watch in silence.

Sure enough, James unzipped his tent and climbed silently out.

“Come on!” Ashley whispered as she grabbed James’s hand, and the two of them started off down the same trail Ashley and John had the morning before. I couldn’t believe it, was she really going to fuck James now instead of John? I waited a few seconds from them to get ahead, and just as I was about to head out, Tim began to unzip his own tent.

“Drats!” I said under my breath. There was no way I’d be able to sneak off to watch Ashley and James fuck without Tim being suspicious of where I was going so early in the morning.

Tim stepped out of his tent and, just like I had the morning before, quietly began down the trail to follow James and Ashley.

Stunned that Tim was now following Ashley and James, I waited another couple of moments, and then took off, now following cautiously behind Tim.

I watched as Tim stealthily crept behind James and Ashley until they went off trail, down a hill to the same clearing Ashley had taken John to. I watched as Tim got close and snuck around a tree, peering around it into the clearing, and I stopped not far from Tim, behind a small boulder a little further up the hill where I still had a good view of Ashley and James, but could now keep an eye on Tim as well.

“Ashley, this is crazy!” James said as Ashley pulled him towards her, pressing her body into his.

“It sure is!” Ashley said, her hand reaching down, rubbing it up and down a visible bulge in James’ pajama pants.

James tilted his head back, enjoying the feeling of Ashley’s hand rubbing over him. James was quick to take off his shirt, tossing it carelessly to the grass beside him, exposing his strong chest and tight abs. James then grasped Ashley’s hips, pressing her body into his even harder. Ashley stopped rubbing James to grab her own shirt, lifting it over her head releasing her large, tear-drop breasts. James grabbed hold of them with both his hands, caressing them in circular motions as Ashley slid her hand down James’ pants and started jerking him off.

“This is so hot!” I thought to myself. “Even more exciting than yesterday!”

I suddenly remembered Tim was watching as well, and my eyes darted back over to him. Tim was staring intently, his hand rubbing his cock from outside his pajama pants in small circles. I was so turned on by all of this, I reached my hand over my pants as well, swirling my middle finger around my pussy as a swell of warmth rushed between my legs.

“Oh Ashley!” James said softly. “Ashley this feels so good, don’t stop!” He demanded, Ashley’s hand rocking back and forth under his pants faster now.

Ashley then lifted her hand out, pressed her lips tightly onto his, and pulled his pajamas down to the ground in a single motion. James’ cock sprang to life, standing straight out in front of him. It must’ve been about seven inches. Not quite as long as John’s but definitely a little bit thicker. It looked magnificent, I could hardly contain myself! I glanced to Tim again, rubbing his cock over his pants with more vigor than before.

Ashley got on her knees, looking at James’ cock in awe, grasping it at the base with one hand. Ashley motioned her head forward, her mouth hanging open, teasingly close to the head of his penis. Ashley then swirled her tongue around it, and slipped it into her mouth, engulfing nearly the entire thing!

“Hhhhhmmmmmmm,” Ashley mersin escort moaned, audibly satisfied by James’ cock as she slid her mouth forwards and back, her breasts clapping softly against her body as she kept her lips tightly pursed as she sucked hard on James’ erect penis.

“Oh God, Ashley!” James said louder this time. “Ashley, you’re too good at this! I’m going to cum soon!”

Ashley froze in place, then quickly pulled her head back, releasing James’ cock from her suctioning mouth with a loud pop!

“Not till I get this cock inside me you aren’t!” Ashley said commandingly, standing up and carelessly throwing her own pants to the floor, and stepped out of them.

Ashley pulled James over to a small boulder about waist high, and turned around, bending over and resting her arms on the rock, James standing behind her staring wide-eyed at Ashley’s round, bouncy ass as she presented her pussy to him.

“Come on already!” Ashley panted. “I’m so horny right now you HAVE to fuck me, James!”

James grasped her ass with both hands, squeezing and massaging it as he spread her legs a little further apart.

Ashley was wiggling her hips side to side, visually begging James to fuck her.

“Come on already, James!” Ashley moaned, “Fuck me already I can’t wait any longer!”

James slid his hand softly over Ashley’s pussy, visibly wet even from where I was standing, teasing her some more. Ashley, frustrated by this, reached around her, grabbing James’ hand and rubbing it hard along her pussy.

“Come on, James!” Ashley moaned louder this time. “Don’t make me beg!”

James released Ashley’s pussy and grabbed his cock and started rubbing the head of his long, hard penis around Ashley’s pussy.

“Hhhhmmmmmm, yeah baby, just like that!” Ashley called out, her hips writhing in small circles back and forth as if already fucking James.

“Come on!” I called out in my head. I was practically begging for him to fuck Ashley, too!

I looked back to Tim again, remembering he was there. Tim started to lower his pants to his knees, his erection nearly poking out of his boxers. Holy shit! Was I going to get to see Tim naked too??

Tim lowered his boxers down to his knees, his amazing cock bobbing up and down. Tim grasped it with his hand and motioned it forward and back, slowly jerking off. I was mesmerized at what was happening. I looked back to James and Ashley.

James was still teasing his cock near Ashley’s vagina, the tip just barely entering before he’d pull it out again.

“Oh, God!” Ashley moaned. “Oh James, fuck me already!”

The head of James’ cock barely entered Ashley’s pussy again, only this time Ashley didn’t let up. Ashley pressed back this time, her ass slamming into James’ body, his cock fully taken by Ashley’s wet vagina.

There was no more teasing this time. Ashley forcefully rocked her body back and forth as James tightly grasped Ashley’s ass, pulling and pushing her into him.

“Oh fuck, Ashley,” James called out as he thrust his cock in and out. “Ashley your pussy’s so tight it feels amazing!”

I looked to Tim again as he stroked his cock faster and faster. I desperately wanted to go over and fuck him, but restrained myself. Still, I needed to relieve the tension building up inside me, so I slipped my hand into my pants. My fingers caressed my soft, wet pussy, swirling and vibrating them in an orchestrated dance. I grasped my hard, perky breast with my other hand, squeezing tightly as I watched Tim jerking off and Ashley getting fucked from behind by James. My pussy needed to be filled. My middle and ring fingers slipped easily into my vagina, and I began to thrust them in and out.

“Oh God,” I moaned softly. “Oh James. Tim. Fuck me, oh yes!”

Ashley’s breasts swung under her more and more violently as James fucked her harder and harder.

“Oh yes, James! Oh Yes! Fuck me hard, James,” Ashley called out, no longer worrying about how loud they were being. “Fuck me with that long, hard cock. Oh yes, yes!”

My fingers thrust in and out of my pussy in rhythm with James and Ashley. I looked to Tim again, and realized we were all in sync with each other, Tim’s hand stroking his cock with the same vigor as Ashley and James as well. I was ready to cum any second, but tried to hold on as long as I could.

“James, oh god I’m about to cum. Fuck me hard James, keep fucking me,” Ashley chanted. “I’m cumming James. Cum inside me, baby, oh yes! Cum in me, baby! Cum in me!”

“Oh God I’m cumming,” I whispered quietly, looking to James and Ashley, then to Tim.

“Tim, James, oh yes fuck me I’m cumming too! I’m cumming!”

James gave Ashley one more hard thrust and held his cock deep inside her, his cock pulsating, and then released his cock from inside her, cum dripping out a moment later, and Ashley and James collapsed into the grass.

I looked to Tim again, jerking off harder and harder, faster and kocaeli escort faster, and then, just seconds after James and Ashley finished, a flow of sperm erupted from Tim’s amazing cock, followed by a few more ejaculations, allowing his cum to fall into the grass beneath him. My jaw hung open at the sight as my orgasm slowed, and I slipped my fingers out of my vagina, falling onto my little bubble butt and lean against the small boulder to catch my breath.

I sat for only a moment, knowing that at any second Tim would be getting up to head back to the campsite as not to get caught by Ashley and James. I peeked over to Ashley and James, who were still lying in the grass, and then over to Tim. Tim still had his boxers and pajama pants around his knees, and as much as I wanted to admire his cock a little longer, I knew this was my chance to get away without being seen. I waited until Tim started to pull his boxers back up, and made a quick dash back up the hill towards the trail. I nimbly avoided stepping on twigs or dead leaves – anything that would make noise and draw attention to me, and was back to the trail in no time. I ran back to the campsite only about an eighth of a mile away, and leapt back into my tent.

I zipped my tent back up all the way, and then opened just a crack so I could peek out. Only a minute later did Tim come hustling back to the camp, jumping into his tent as well, followed a few minutes after that by Ashley and James, going into their own tents. Exhausted from the excitement from the day before and from barely sleeping the last two nights, I lied back down in my tent and closed my eyes, falling asleep.

I awoke a few more hours later to laughter outside my tent. Sitting up, I realized how hot it had gotten inside my tent, sweat dripping down my cheek. I unzipped it to find everyone now up and sitting around the campfire.

“Hey, Laura,” Alex said, his broad lumberjack shoulders hovering over the campfire with a skillet in his hand. “Cooking up some eggs and bacon again, do you want some?”

I sleepily rubbed my eyes and nodded. “Yeah, I’d love some, Alex. Thanks. I’ll be out in a second let me just get changed real quick.”

I threw on a pair of jean cut-off shorts and a tank-top with my boots, assuming we’d go for another hike today, and stepped out, ready to eat, glad to be out of my sauna of a tent.

Alex handed me a plate and I took a seat on a log next to Tim. I glanced up to him and he looked back to me, smiling. We held each other’s eyes for a moment, then I raised my eyebrows at him a few times, and turned to my plate and began eating as I heard Tim chuckle lightly.

“Geez, guys,” I said as a wind drafted the warmth of the fire towards me. “It’s really hot today, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” James agreed. “It’s only, what, 10:30 in the morning? If we didn’t need to cook breakfast I’d have never started the fire. It’s too hot outside as it is.”

A few of us pulled our seats back farther from the fire, and shortly after Tim and John grabbed a few buckets of water from the nearby stream and poured it out as I ate in relative silence, finishing my eggs quickly, not realizing how hungry I was until I was done.

It was another hour of sitting around without much talking. It seemed there was a little bit of awkward tension between everyone from what happened down at the lake the last two nights. I still hadn’t had the chance to talk to Ashley yet about what happened when Tim and I went off behind the rocks, and I was sure Ashley wanted to hear about me and Tim as well.

“Hey guys?” I asked, breaking another bout of silence. “Anyone up for a hike? I know it’s hot but, well, there’s not a whole lot else to do right now.” I was hoping everyone would agree, thinking it would help get everyone talking and joking around again on this hot and humid day.

“Yeah, for sure!” Tim quickly agreed.

“I’m in too!” Ashley said, nearly jumping out of her seat. “Let’s do something already I’m so bored right now!”

James, John and Alex stood up too, ready for the day. I was glad to see everyone getting back into the spirit of the trip. All it took was a little suggestion to get everyone excited.

“Great!” I said. “Tim, any ideas where to go this time?”

“Hmmmm,” Tim hummed as he thought. “Oh, yeah! Let’s go down to the River Rocks!”

“Oh my god, I almost forgot about that place. Yeah let’s go!” I told him. River Rocks was one of my favorite places to go when Tim and I were younger, and I nearly forgot about it!

“Damn, Laura, this place must be pretty cool seeing how excited you are,” Alex said. “So, what’s this place about?”

“It’s about a three mile hike from here,” Tim started. “It’s mostly a narrow trail that goes down into the valley and ends at a shallow, maybe knee-high river bed full of smooth, red skipping stones. Laura and I used to spend hours there skipping stones and relaxing in the river.”

“Yeah,” I sighed softly. samsun escort “Those were the best days, relaxing down there in the sun. It’s a perfect trip on a hot day like today,” I said smiling. I looked over to Tim, who looked back with a huge grin on his face.

“Sounds great!” Ashley said. “Just let me grab my hiking shoes!”

“Remember to pack lots of water too, guys!” John reminded everyone as we all went to our tents to get ready.

I was ready to go in no time, as all I needed to get was my backpack, which was already packed with water. It only took a few minutes for everyone else to gather their things and meet back at the center of our campsite.

“Lead the way, Tim!” Alex announced, and with that we were off on another adventure for the day.

The first half mile of the hike seemed like forever. It was through a flat, open area with no trees around for shade, and sweat glistened over everyone’s faces. I could feel my shirt already accumulating sweat as the sun beat down a heavy haze over us, but knew it’d be worth it once we got to the river bed.

After that it got better though. We finally made it to some tree cover and being in the shade made everything better. We got to some tricky parts of the trail and the boys would take turns helping everyone else down a steep edge or over a large boulder. I would always take these opportunities to touch or grab onto Tim in some way, even though most of the time I didn’t actually need help getting down the trail.

Eventually we made a few more left and right turns and climbed down some boulders along the path and the trail opened up to a wide river bed. The water flowed gently by as it bubbled over rocks and tree branches. The sun glimmered across the silky ripples and reflected back a deep red-brown layer of smooth, slippery rocks underneath.

“Guys, this is awesome!” Alex called out, running ahead of everyone else to a small sandy clearing along the edge of the river. There he ripped off his hiking shoes and socks, ran into the water, and not more than three steps in slipped and face planted right into the water, his huge upper body slamming into the water making it all the more awkward. A second passed as Alex got up and everyone was quiet, waiting to see if Alex was hurt.

He rose up from the water with a huge smirk on his face, and we all erupted with laughter.

“Way to go Alex!” Ashley yelled out.

“How’d those rocks taste big guy?” James added.

“Water feels great, thanks for asking!” Alex called back, a slightly embarrassed look across his bearded face.

The rest of us quickly made our way to the small sandy area and took off our shoes and socks and set our backpacks down.

“Careful,” Alex told John and Ashley as they stepped into the water. “These rocks are super smooth. I think they’re coated with algae or something, too. Step lightly,” he warned.

Ashley and John tiptoed in. Even as careful as they were, Ashley’s foot slipped right out under her, falling right into John. John’s reflexes were amazing, catching her before her ass planted hard into the rocks, and lifting her up with ease, and I realized John must be much stronger than he looks, as he was the thinnest of all the boys, but also the tallest.

“My hero,” Ashley said in a jokingly feminine voice as John lifted her back onto her feet.

“Why, anything for you, Darlin'” John replied in his best, fairly accurate Clint Eastwood voice.

John and Ashley laughed, Ashley standing on her toes, reaching her head up to John and kissing his cheek.

Tim, James and I followed suit. I was particularly careful about where I stepped, making sure each foot was safely planted in the rock bed before placing my weight on it to take my next step forward. I could tell Tim was doing the same, just as experienced as I was with the river. James on the other hand, was not as nimble as Tim and I.

James was too quick to bear weight on his foot and fell right into Tim, who in turn fell into me, knocking both of us down, as neither of us was as fast with our reactions as John was.

Tim and I, having landed on our sides, sat up quickly, our clothes drenched in water. We looked to James, whose head popped up out of the water while still lying on his stomach.

We stared at each other for a moment, then James replied in his best girly voice, “Tim, Laura, my heroes.”

Tim and I started to crack up.

“Anything for you, Darlin’,” I said back in a horribly bad impression of a country southern man’s voice, and everyone was laughing.

After we all calmed down and got up out of the water, we carefully made it back to the sandy shore and took off our shirts to dry in the sun, leaving the boys shirtless and Ashley and I with our bikini tops and cut-off jean shorts. We went back into the water, quickly mastering the slippery bottom this time, and stood out in the middle of the river. The water was a little more than knee-high, and the cool running river water felt great in the hot sun.

Soon we were all searching for the perfectly smooth, flat rock under the water and skimming it across the river. We were out there for probably an hour, each of us taking turns watching the others try to break the record for most skips. Alex was leading with 11 skips. My record so far was only 6.

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