Cap’n Angie


Cap’n AngieI just want to say, before we get properly into this story, that I had an absolute blast writing this!I don’t think I’ve ever had as much joy in writing a story, than I did with this one.That said, I do so hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it :)Although if you hate it, or worse yet, hate me for having written it, well, you can just go on ahead and pucker those lips of yours up and kiss my arse! :PEnjoy!————————————————————————————————————————————————————–Cap’n AngieYar!Who wants to hear a tale? Gather round, and I shall tell ye.’Tis a fine tale, indeed, about a brave pirate captain that was unlike any that you land lubbers had ever seen before!I’ll start our tale along the high seas.There, stood at the wheel of the ship, was the most feared and celebrated pirate captain this side of the Caribbean.But there was something different about this captain.You see, the captain was no man.Nay.She was a woman!Although not the first woman to ever set sail on the high seas as captain,Captain Angie was indeed the best!She sailed the good ship “Daniella”, which was manned by a crew of 30.She always wore her signature outfit. Tight red and black striped leather trousers, with a white frilly blouse shirt and red leather waistcoat, with the buttons undone at the breasts, which barely contained her heaving chesty cannonballs!With black leather knee-high buckled boots on her feet, and a big black captain’s hat with her vigil emblazoned front and centre of it.Now, you’re probably be thinking to ye’self that wearing the same leather-based outfit every day in the blazing heat would make her smell about as refined as mature Stilton cheese, But ye be wrong, ya scallywag! How dare you even suggest that?!The good captain always kept a clean ship, along with a clean crew and a clean body.Every evening, when the North Star shines brightest, she makes the entire crew bathe naked with her in the communal Jacuzzi below deck….Aye, so, the good ship Daniella is indeed the only vessel to have a below deck Jacuzzi that can fit over 30 men and women in it, what of it?Not only that, but she always makes sure everybody’s clothes get cleaned by the single on board washer-woman, who, with a little bit of voodoo magic and a Whirlpool washing machine, removes all traces of sweat and bloodstains in every outfit!Angie was feeling very smug, having just conquered her 213th ship. The bowels of her ship heaved with freshly plundered gold.She was watching over the men and women of her crew, as they sorted through the gold, repairing the sails, and going about general other conduct as is befitting of a crew on-board a ship that has just fought a good battle.Although she noticed a few of her crew bounding around in a little excited crowd.”Yar! What goes it there, men?”She cried out as she released the wooden wheel, and strutted over to them.”Aye, cap’n, just dealing with the last of that plundered crew.”One of her men declared.”Let me see.”She barged a parting into the small crowd.There, on the floor, scared and shaking, was a young woman in a tattered and ripped frock, bound up in rope.”Why is she not floating in the sea with the debris of the rest of that forsaken crew?”Captain Angie asked.”Thought we’d keep her ’round, cap’n. She can serve the men well!”The rough-voiced pirate smirked as the other men around them cheered.With a sudden swipe of her cutlass, Cap’n Angie swatted the side of his cheek, cutting it.”Another remark like that, and you’ll feel the pointy end of my cutlass!”She sneered. She then swung the cutlass again, this time cutting the ropes around the scared woman’s wrists.”I will have no woman’s good character besmirched by such filthy behaviour!””P-p-please show mercy!”The shaking young maid reached her hands out, grabbing the good captain’s legs as she knelt up onto her knees.Angie stopped her from coming any closer by holding the pointy end of her cutlass against her exposed chest.”Mercy? You’re lucky I don’t make you walk the plank!”She narrowed her eyes at her.”P-please!”The poor woman begged.Angie lowered her sword.”Bow… Bow your head!”She barked.The pretty young lady looked up, confused, and frightened.Angie raised her sword above her head, and the woman immediately bowed her head down, her arms and legs shaking with fear.The captain then laid the sword down flat onto her shoulders.The scared woman gulped, awaiting an attack.”Do you pledge loyalty to me?”Captain Angie asked.The woman didn’t respond. She was too scared, too confused.”I won’t ask again. Do you pledge loyalty to me?””Y-yes!”She eagerly submitted.”Swear it.””I swear my loyalty to you!””Good.”Angie smiled, and sheathed her cutlass.The woman anxiously raised her head to look up at her.The good captain bent her knees slightly, resting one hand on her thigh while the other held the young woman’s head up with a finger and thumb on her chin.”You shall be my personal servant. I expect you to follow my orders, and to complete dutifully any canlı bahis chore that I give you.”She told her before instructing her to stand up onto her feet.”Y-yes ma’am.”The lady replied, stood before the captain, her head bowed again.”And don’t call me ‘ma’am’,”The fearsome captain told her, as she adjusted her hat,”Call me Cap’n Angie!”Later that evening, Captain Angie was sat beside her hat, on her big dodo-feather stuffed queen-sized bed, in her private quarters.The young woman (the scared one from earlier. Keep up ya barnacle plucker!) was sweeping the floor with a broom, still in her tattered frock.”‘Tis a great day for you to have joined our crew, wench!”The captain cheered.”Aye, Cap’n Angie.”The maid sighed.”Aye, indeed. With all that gold we plundered from your previous crew, we are due for a celebration!”The captain stood up, and began to put on a ceremonial red-coloured long coat.The maid just carried on sweeping the floor.”I forgot to ask, what be your name, wench?””Victoria, cap’n.””Ah, what a coincidence! My first name is Cap’n!”Angie grinned from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat.”Um, no, I was referring to you-“Victoria paused as Angie just grinned inanely at her,”Never mind.””You know what, Vickie – mind if I call you Vickie? – I got a good feeling about you.”Angie nodded with approval as she put her hat on.”Thank you, cap’n.””Come, you’re a valued member of my crew now, put that broom down and join the celebration!”Angie put an arm around her shoulders and began to lead her out of the cabin.She suddenly paused, and looked around,”Wait, where is my little Polly?”She began to make kissing sounds.Victoria was taken aback by the sight of an orange and black coloured cat walking towards them both. What was truly bemusing to see was that the kitty was wearing a tailor-made green Macaw parrot costume.”Can’t forget my pwecious liddle-iddle-widdle Polly kitty now, can I? Noooo…”Angie spoke to the cat in baby noises as she picked her up and placed her onto her shoulders.”Come along!”She then put an arm back around Victoria and led her outside.”Men! And women! Hear your captain!”She declared aloud with arms outstretched.”Aye, captain!”All of the crew stopped what they were doing and cheered at her.’Polly’ mieowed and jumped down off of Angie’s shoulder, leaving a couple scratches behind her as she did.Angie just ignored this slight, and carried on her speech to the crew regardless.”Ye bunch of mangy dogs! Ye rotten scoundrels of discernible taste and questionable fashion sense!”The captain began to loudly berate them.”Ye whiny pack of chip-stealing sickly seagulls! Ye bunch of penny-pinching flag-furling fart-sniffers!”She continued.”You know what you are?!”She then asked, her bellowing question met by silenced awe.”…Only the best freakin’ crew ever!!”She then cheered, which was immediately followed by rapturous cheers and applause and wild whoops from her crew.”All you great guys and lovely ladies really outdid yourselves on that last raid! I mean, wow… Just wow… This lucky captain really couldn’t ask for a better crew. God knows I keep asking! Haha haha haaa!”She laughed, as did the crew.”How much gold did we plunder?”The on-board accountant, who is, let’s be honest, the crew’s geeky swot and looks just as nerdy, held up a scrolled sheet with tons of tally-marks scratched onto it,”Ahem… My captain,”He began as he adjusted his eye-glasses on his ferret-like face,”We plundered precisely; 648,923 pieces of 8, 175,930 of silver, 93,721 doubloons, 194-“He stopped as the captain held her hand up in the air.”In other words: A whole bloody island’s worth of treasure, YARR!!!”She cheered, along with her crew.”Right, you miserable sacks of tadpole ploppings! The treasure shall be split equally, but remember, one chest-full of it shall be kept behind, where we shall bury it on some godforsaken desert island because… Well, for silly pirate reasons, I’m sure. But enough about the booty!”She then grabbed the waist of Victoria and pulled her against her,”You know what to do, grab yourselves some booty of your own – like I have here! -“She playfully squeezed Victoria’s buttcheek,”And let’s party like it’s 1699!!” “YAAARRR!!!The whole crew cheered as they all grabbed a jug of rum and began pairing off, men with women, women with men, women with women and men with men, and they all began having a right raunchy time of it on board the ship.There was music, and shanties, and plenty of jug-swaying and jigging as the whole crew, Captain Angie and Victoria included, got drunk and danced long into the wee hours under a cloudless starry sky.”Sing! Sing to me, laddies!”Angie stood up to say, barely keeping her feet steady thanks to the drink and the waves hitting the bow of the ship.”What’ll be, cap’n?”One of the men asked.”My favourite. You – hic – know the one I mean!”She surly chuckled.All of the crew stopped what they were doing, some of the men even stopped while they was still balls-deep inside some of the women, and a couple of women stopped while still sitting on the faces of other men/women, and they bahis siteleri all looked towards the captain, as she began to sing in her pleasant, almost heavenly soft vocal tones.”d Now we are ready to sail for the horn, d””d Weigh, hey, roll and go! d”All of the crew on board joined in, and they all began singing along in acapella unison, which, in all humble honesty, earned them that runner-up title on Pirates’ Got Talent.”d Our boots and our clothes, boys, are all in the pawn,To be rollicking randy dandy-oh!Heave a pawl, O heave away,Weigh, hey, roll and go!The anchor’s on board, and the cable’s all stored,To be rollicking randy dandy-oh!Soon we’ll be warping her out through the locks,Weigh, hey, roll and go!Where the pretty young girls all come down in their frocks,To be rollicking randy dandy-oh! d””WAAYY!!”Captain Angie cheered as she pulled Victoria into her and drunkenly smooched her lips.Victoria’s eyes widened in shock, but then closed for a brief moment of the kiss, and then looked back at Angie as she continued singing along.”d Heave a pawl, O heave away,Weigh, hey, roll and go!The anchor’s on board, and the cable’s all stored,To be rollicking randy dandy-oh!Come press the bars, bullies, heave her away,Weigh, hey, roll and go!Soon we’ll be rolling her down through the bay,To be rollicking randy dandy-oh!Heave a pawl, O heave away,Weigh, hey, roll and go!The anchor’s on board, and the cable’s all stored,To be rollicking randy dandy-oh! d””Yarr!! Beautiful! Just beautiful!”The drunk yet cheerful captain applauded.She then looked at Victoria.”Come with me!”She grinned and began to lead her back to her quarters.”Carry on, lads and lasses!”She called out behind her.The crew, almost dutifully, carried on with their raucous, wild and lust-driven behaviour.Except for one lonely voice in the dark who started singing another song…”d I thought I heard the old man say, Leave her, Johnny, leave her… d”His voice faded in the distance as Captain Angie closed the door behind her as she led Victoria towards her bed.Before she reached the bed, Angie had wrapped her arms around her and held the back of her body to hers, and she began to kiss her neck.”Please, captain, be gentle, it’s my first time…”Victoria suddenly whispered.”Oh?”Angie stopped,she turned her around so they both faced each other.”First time in general or…?””First time with a woman.”She answered.”Ah, right…”Angie’s eyes looked down to the side, then back up into her eyes with a big smile,”Well why didn’t you say so, sooner? Vickie m’dear!”She grinned and then let her go as she fell drunkenly onto the bed.’Polly’ sprang off the bed with a loud yelping meow! As the captain had accidentally sat on her tail.Victoria nervously took her tattered and torn frock off, so she was now naked.Her skin a dark bronze colour from enduring so much sun-exposure on her travels.”Please, Vickie, I won’t pressure you.”The captain soothed her worries.”Do you want to spend the night with me? I won’t make you stay if you don’t want to.”Victoria eyed the captain, and then the room, anxiously.”It’s your choice.”She smiled at her as she kicked off her buckled boots, and began taking off her outfit.To her pleasant surprised, Victoria simply stood there watching.The sexy captain bit her lower lip as she threw her hat to the floor, and her long dark flowing wavy hair fell over her shoulders.She then swiftly discarded her waistcoat, and undid the remaining buttons of her blouse, and threw that to the side too.The whole time, Victoria stood, naked, and watching as Angie lifted her bum up and pulled her leather pants down her thighs.Young ‘Vickie’ was surprised to see a complete absence of bloomers or any kind of underwear for that matter under her pants.She was simply naked underneath.As the leather pants reached her knees, Victoria cautiously stepped closer to the bed, and helped pull the pants off her legs, letting them drop to the floor beneath her.Without a word said, Angie just looked at her with inviting eyes and an opened arm.Victoria carefully crept onto the bed, and crawled to the side of the captain, where she rolled onto her back and slipped into the loving embrace of her captain, and turned to the side, wrapping her arms around her body.They both simply cuddled each other, Angie with one arm around Victoria, and Victoria cuddling her like a pillow, interlocking their legs together.”Have you really never laid with another woman before?”Angie quietly asked her.She just shook her head to answer.”How about with men?””A couple…”She answered.”Oh? Anyone special?””Not really, cap’n. Except for one that I had fell in love with.””What happened between you both?””I broke up with him.””Ah. Wasn’t the sex exciting enough?”Angie enquired with a wry giggle.”Apparently not. He slept with the local harlot behind my back, and my sister too.””Wow, what a prick!”Angie gasped.”It’s OK. He’s dead now, anyway.””Oh. I’m sorry, I guess, to hear that. How did he die?”Angie replied, with uncertainty in her words.”I’m not. And well, that ship I was on that you and your crew plundered bahis şirketleri earlier in the morn’, well, that was his ship…”Angie sat up and turned on her side to face Victoria.She suddenly broke out into a grin, and both ladies shared a chuckle.”I was only on board because I had sneaked on. I promised him I was going to cut off his balls and feed them to him.”Victoria revealed through her chuckles.”Wow, you’re dark! …I could always get my men to turn this ship around and go back fishing for his corpse, if you still want to do that?”Angie then giggled.”Nah, it’s OK. The sharks have probably eaten them already, by now.”Victoria giggled back.”Oh well, I doubt his balls were much of a meal anyway…””Barely enough to count as an hors d’oeuvres!”Victoria joked back and they both continued laughing.”May I ask, cap’n?””Yeah?””Your name is Angie, yet your ship is called the ‘Daniella?'””Aye, ’tis named after a fair maiden I met in Saint Martin of such profound beauty that, really, only her name could have graced a ship made of almost equal beauty. Indeed, her beauty and magnificence radiates from her skin like starlight, being in the presence of her glow is like a mere mortal staring at a sun that doesn’t so much blind you as makes you fall to your knees holding your arms aloft as you weep, for you realise that looking at her, you are staring into the very soul of creation…”She grinned profoundly in reply,”That, and she was also the most greatest fuck I’ve ever had!””Wow, OK.”Victoria chuckled.”‘Tis her bust that is on the front of the ship. you know.”Angie informed her.”Funny place to keep her bust…”Victoria giggled.”It’s alright I doubt she’d mind. She’s already got an absolute cracking pair of busts on herself so…!”Angie began to slide her fingers along Victoria’s inner thighs, whose grin slowly faded and formed into a nervous anxious taut expression.”If you’re nervous. It might be easier if we start with something you’re more comfortable with? Something you’ve already had experience with before?Angie calmly asked,”A guy…?””What kind of guy?”Victoria enquired, more than open to the idea.”Oh, he’s a special guy. He’s actually my cabin boy. I picked him especially for his special talents…”Angie just winked.”Oh? …I must say, I am intrigued.”She giggled coquettishly.With that, the naked captain got up, and went outside.Victoria could hear her calling out a name.A few moments passed by, when she returned with a young lad beside her.Now, he was already in a state of undress, with his trousers barely being held up over his waist.He wasn’t the most striking of men to look at, in fact he barely looked above 20, and unlike most of the men in the crew, he didn’t have stud-like features on his face such as a square jaw. In fact he had quite a plain face really. His short blond hair only emphasising the plainness of his features. And he only had a slight bit of muscle definition to his body.Victoria looked at Angie, obviously puzzled as to why, out of all the men in her crew, did she pick him as her personal cabin boy.”I know what you’re thinking, Vickie, but before you judge him harshly, well… Show her, Smith.”Angie grinned.Smith sheepishly glanced at Angie, and then looked to Victoria, and let loose the waistband of his trousers, which fell to his ankles.Victoria gasped at the sight before her eyes.”Quite the specimen, eh?”Angie chuckled.”I’ll say!”Victoria grinned excitedly.”That’s not the only reason he’s my cabin boy. He actually loves, and I mean LOVES, giving pleasure to women. If he had it his way, it would only ever be his tongue that gets ridden hard by women!”Angie continue to boast proudly with chuckles.”Wow, what a guy!”Victoria swooned and giggled.”In fact…”Angie paused and inspected his face,”What’s all that around your chops?”She then leaned her nose close to his chin and sniffed.Her eyes widened at him.”Whose juice is that?!”She then naughtily flicked the tip of her tongue against his skin and then gasped.”Is that Mary-Anne’s?!”Smith only chuckled reply.”You sly dog, you!”Angie chuckled,”You had your eye on her for a while, haven’t you? Hmm… Why don’t you go get her, bring her in here too. Go on, before her fanny gets cold!””Aye, aye, captain!”He cheered as he jogged out of the cabin.He soon returned with a gorgeous looking red-headed young lady, who was barely keeping the dress of her green frock from falling down.”Now this is what I call a celebration!”Angie cheered as all 4 of them pounced upon the bed and began making out with each other.To even attempt to describe what happened next in that cabin, would do it a complete disservice.But as your loyal narrator, I deem it at least my duty to inform you salty horndogs that every possible position that 3 women and one man can achieve together was tried out, including a few new positions that you’ve yet to think of for yourself! :PIt ended up with every body being one big sweaty salty cummy mess of hedonistic sexual bliss!Indeed, the waves of the high seas have never encountered such thunderous tempestuous rollicking than it did that starry night!And the poor voodoo wishy-washing priestess certainly had her work cut out ridding all the stains made on the sheets!With that thought, I bid ye, fair tidings, ye bunch of horny scallywags! 😛

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