Carly’s WMAF Fantasy Pt. 07


Glad you guys have liked these. I struggled with this one, trying to find the right tone and concept for things with Carly’s sister. I rewrote it four times but I like how it came out in the end. Hopefully everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


The week passed by with some difficulty. Carly and I traded flirty text messages and talked when we were able. Both of us were very busy with work and neither of us wanted to pressure the other to give up on that. My consultancy was going through a big merger and my status as junior partner put me in a weird place politically within the combined company. Carly, on the other hand, had a massive game release that required her to work crazy hours managing all the bugs you’d expect with any major release. So our schedules were all over the place that first week back. I try not to spend too much time on Facebook but I was curious what each of the girls would do so I started the ball rolling by simply switching my relationship status from Single to “It’s Complicated”. What resulted was a hilarious and intricate dance of modern day social etiquette that anyone familiar with alternative lifestyles knows all too well.

Carly was the first one to follow suit, changing hers simply to “In a relationship” but not flagging who it was with. That didn’t surprise me, I knew she needed time to deal with her parents and lay the groundwork. Nevertheless, she got a TON of responses from people (including her sister, I noted) asking about the guy. She played coy and didn’t respond with much, other than the general positives like, “He’s amazing,” and, “I couldn’t be happier,” coupled with the more reassuring, “He’s got a steady job and he’s not a deadbeat, Mom!”

At that point, a couple of our friends posted on my page with things like, “Is it Carly?” I didn’t want to respond too hastily and reveal too much so I checked to make sure we didn’t have any important overlapping friends (like her sister or my little brothers) but thankfully we didn’t. For the most part, there was no cross-referencing but I was really getting worried and wondered if one of my friends would post something stupid on one of Carly’s posts that her family would see.

It was late Tuesday night when things went crazy as Kyrsten came to Carly’s rescue. Kyrsten changed hers and specifically listed me… then she flagged us as, “In an open relationship”. A setting which, frankly, I didn’t even realize was a thing. And at that point, our circle of friends exploded. I got four texts in about 120 seconds.

Jenn: What??? I’m confused… Are you still with Carly too? Is that the “open” part?? Please be good, Jay.

Roland: ????

Kyrsten: I was trying to help, Master… I hope I didn’t make a mistake.

Carly: Well… I guess I’m out of the woods. Enjoy your night explaining things. Lol.

Messenger on facebook blew up even worse. The instant I showed online, I had seven or eight messages from people. Apparently my Mom got a call. Remember kids, your parents made a lot of casual acquaintances with other parents while you were in high school. ESPECIALLY if you played sports. You’re not keeping secrets from them.

Mom: Open relationship?!!?!???

Me: Uhhh… look… it’s complicated, Mom. It’s uhhhmmm…

Mom: You and I are NOT having this discussion on Facebook. Call me when you get your head screwed on straight!

Well… that went well. I decided to do broader damage control.

Me to Kyrsten: It’s fine. Just trying to do some expectations management now. My Mom will be the big fire to put out.

Kyrsten: What about your dad?

Me: Are you kidding, I’m an adult now. He’s going to high five me then pull me aside and tell me to handle things on my own with my Mom. He’ll be Switzerland for awhile.

Kyrsten: Lucky you. My parents are divorced and I barely speak to them. They’re not even friends on Facebook. I doubt I’ll even get a phone call.

Me: I’m not sure which situation is better.

Kyrsten: Yours 🙁

Me: ????

Me: Gotta go put out fires.

Kyrsten: Nite, stud

Me to Carly: Yeah… this is fun. My Mom is pissed, Jenn sounds like she might be getting on a plane to knife me and Kyrsten WAS flipping out but I think she’s okay now.

Carly: Good. You’re good for her… You’re good for everyone.

Me: 🙂

Me: I’ll text you later. Gonna make sure Jenn doesn’t murder me in my sleep.

Carly: I’ll be teasing my clit all night thinking about you, Master.

Me: Teasing Bitch… ??

Me to Jenn: Carly and I are still together. Absolutely. I would say Carly is my girlfriend.

Jenn: And Kyrsten?

Me: Kyrsten is really special and we’re trying to figure out what that is. It might be girlfriend too…

Jenn: Everyone always said nice things about you in school. In fact, even on your page people are saying nice (confused… but nice) things now. I hope you’re not just using her as cheap fun.

Me: She’s not that cheap (nono… delete, delete… rethink)

Me: I told her that I want to explore the relationship gaziantep escort more and would leave it up to her but she also knows how I feel about Carly and she’s okay with that.

Jenn: I hope so buddy. Kyrsten’s got some issues if you haven’t noticed.

Me: I have. Any advice?

Jenn: Treat her right. Show her that a relationship can be stable and worthwhile.

Me: Thanks. I’m really trying.

Jenn: I believe you.

Me: While we’re at it… I hope things are going well with Roland. He’s a keeper Jenn.

Jenn: ?? I know

Me to Roland: Thanks for the moral support buddy!

Roland: You good?

Me: Oh yeah… my Mom is thrilled and YOUR new girlfriend sounds like she wants to scratch my eyes out.

Roland: Nahh… she’s fine… Jenn I mean… can’t help you with your Mom. Be grateful it ain’t mine!

Me: Hah… yeah. Enjoy your night!

Roland: I will… Jenn just walked in… oh… yeah… she’s not upset… gotta go man… good nite for me too!

Me: Lol… dick

After all that, I did some exercises to calm myself before calling my mom. Nothing helps clear the mind quite like some pushups and pullups that push you nearly to exhaustion.

“What the hell, Jay? An OPEN relationship? What the hell does that mean? Does it mean what I think it means?”

“Mom… let me explain, then ask all the questions you want.”

“Okay… but you better talk quick.”

“Before I start, I want you to know that I’m happy and so are the girls,”

“GIRLS?!?” my Mom exploded.

“Mom… let me finish. Would you rather they were guys?” I asked jokingly. Anyone with parents born in the 60s will understand that question’s impact.

“Go on…”

“Do you remember Carly? She was the tall Asian girl that was almost Valedictorian. She and I… well.. We hooked up when I was down there this weekend.”

“You were in town this weekend and didn’t come to see us?”

“Mom… Big picture…” I said unbelievably having to refocus my mother onto her “open relationship” hysterics. “I was visiting friends on a whirlwind trip. There wasn’t any time. Anyway, Carly and I hooked up but then so did Kyrsten and I?”

“Honey, you’ve got to choose one. Don’t be a cheating bastard like your uncle!”

“I’m not, Mom. I chose both. And both girls know and both girls are okay with that.”

“That’s ridiculous. One of them is lying. Or they both are. No girl would be okay with that!”

My Mom was classic second wave feminist. I knew that there was ZERO chance she’d understand the real dynamic in these relationships. But maybe she’d understand it from a more modern approach. “Mom, they’re both grown women. They both know what they’re doing. Neither wants to be tied down to a man right now.”

“Tied down perhaps”, I thought to myself before continuing, “They want what they want and I’m really enjoying spending time with both of them. I don’t know what will happen but they’re the ones in control.” That last was simultaneously the most truthful and least truthful statement I’d made in a long time.

My Mom sighed. “Look honey. I don’t pretend to understand things with you and your friends. You’re leading a different life than I led. Please be careful. Your heart and your bed are important to protect… and important to respect in others.”

“I know, Mom. You raised a good kid and I might surprise you but I will try to never disappoint you.”

“I know, honey. Get some sleep. Are you going to be able to see these girls soon. Kyrsten lives in Orlando still… where does Carlene live?”

“Carly,” I gently corrected her, “lives in Boston. I’m seeing her this weekend. She’s introducing me to her sister who lives here.”

“Meeting the family already? It must be serious,” she said, joking to lighten the mood.

“I think it might be, Mom… I really do.”My response caught her off-guard and she was silent for a moment.

“Be careful, honey,” she said softly. “I love you. Good night.”

“Love you too, Mom. Good night.”

I got into bed and saw an email from Carly. I opened it and there was an audio file attached. It was about ten minutes of her edging desperately. I had my pants off and was lying in bed quickly, stroking my shaft as I listened to her pathetic display. She was whispering, probably trying to keep her roommates from hearing how pitiful she’d become.

“Master, please. I need to be fucked. I need you to use my holes. You’re the only man for me. No other man will ever have me if you wish it, Master. There’s only one white cock in the world for this dumb Asian bimbo. I promise you can do whatever you want to me. Break me. Train me. Use me. Torment me. I’ll edge every night and leave myself empty, stupid and desperate if you want, Master. Just tell me how to please you.”

There was a short pause where I heard movement and some soft grunting, when her voice started back, she was whispering even softer, the phone must have been pressed right up to her mouth. “My sister is going to escort gaziantep love your thick white cock in her tight concubine holes. I’ll teach her how to please you. I know you’ll enjoy her young, wet cunt and you can violate her ass as much as you want. I’ll help you. I’ll make sure she knows what she’s good for, Master. And then she can be your little cumslut when I’m not there. Master? Will you… uhh… ” she gave a long groan before continuing, “Will you make me eat your cum out of her, Master? Don’t let me deny you anything you want, Master. If you make me, I’ll eat her pussy or make her eat mine. I’ll lick her ass. I’ll make out with her. I’ll do anything, Master. And if I say, no, I want you to slap me and force me, Master. I’m giving you permission. It’s on this recording. I will NEVER deny my white owner, Jay, anything. Ever. I promise. He may use my body however he wants. For whatever he wants. I trust him.”

My cock was super hard as I stroked it in my fist. I could picture Carly kneeling in front of me, holding her sister’s head on my cock. Talking to her. Telling her what she was to be for me. A concubine was the perfect word. A plaything. A set of holes for me to use at my convenience when Carly wasn’t around. I stroked myself three more times and suddenly came, shooting everywhere. The sleep that night was blissful.

By the end of the week, Carly and I were both ready for the weekend. The nice thing about living in big cities is that the flights are super cheap. For $90, you can take an hour flight and be with your loved ones in just over two hours (traffic and security permitting). That gets even easier if you are an eager to please slut who doesn’t need to pack clothes because she’s going to spend most of the weekend on her knees and naked.

I emailed her Friday morning with a short list of things to bring. Nothing that would require her to carry more than a large purse or maybe a backpack. I didn’t want to have to waste any of the precious time we had together. Her plane landed at 6:30 and we were breathlessly making out by 6:45.

“I’ve missed you so much, babe,” I told her as I held her against the wall, heedless of the stares we were getting. Carly had dressed in a pair of short shorts, a tank top and a pair of wedge heels. Around her neck was a silk choker that was the icing on an already delicious looking cake.

“I can tell, Master,” she murmured into my mouth between kisses as she ground her hips into me. “I’m beyond desperate, Master. I don’t know how I lasted without your glorious cock. I need it. I need it so bad.”

Another passerby came a little closer this time and heard the tail end. They probably thought she was some strung out junkie looking for a fix. We didn’t care.

“You’ll get it all weekend, slut. I’m going to use all your holes until you can’t take anymore.”

“I’ll never hit that point, Master. I’ll never NOT be able to take your cock.”

“Good girl,” I said as we untangled ourselves and clasped hands. “What do you want for dinner?”

“Your cum,” she said with a big grin.

“Seriously,” I said, smiling back.

“I really don’t care. Something quick so I can be filled up the right way as soon as humanly possible.”

“It can’t be quick, slut,” I told her. Her brow furrowed, puzzled.

“Why not, Sir?” she said as people buzzed around us.

“It won’t give me enough time.”

“Time for what?”

“Time to get to know your sister,” I told her matter of factly. “You’re going to invite her to dinner.”

“You’re going to start seducing her tonight?”

“No you dumb, silly slut. YOU’RE going to start seducing her tonight.”

“Oh my God, Jay… Sir… Master… ” she babbled before pulling close to me. “I swear I’ve never gushed so hard. I love that you’re just taking what you want from me… in every way imaginable.”

“I’m glad. Because, Carly, from now on, I own you. I have you on recording promising to give me anything and everything,” I told her, doing my best to sound intimidating and threatening.

She simply looked me straight in the eyes and said, “I know, Master. That’s exactly what I wanted. I wanted to throw my hat over the wall and commit to you. Commit to us. I meant what I said. I trust you. I know that you would let me back out if I really wanted to. That you won’t abuse it. But it’s also really important to me that you understand, I intend to deny you nothing. Teach me to be perfect for you. And I will be, Master.”

I grabbed her and kissed her again as people hurried by us in the hallways, shooting us annoyed looks. “Good girl. How long do you think it will take before I’m violating your little sister?”

“If she’s like me? Maybe by the end of the weekend.”

“No. You’ll have her riding me and giving herself to me by tomorrow night or you’ll spend the next month edging without cock or orgasm.”

“Master? A month?”

“That’s what I want. Are you complaining, slut?”

“No, Master. I would never complain. I just thought I might have misheard gaziantep escort bayan you.” She smiled sweetly.

“Words are hard for dumb little fuck bunnies,” I told her with my most condescending voice. She giggled at me.

“I’ll do everything I can to get my sister impaled on your cock, Master. EVERYTHING,” she said emphasizing the last.

“No drugs. No forcing,” I told her.

She looked at me before giving me a big grin, “I know, Master. And it’s the fact that you’d say that that reinforces my decision to trust you. I will do anything that you ask me to do. I also know you won’t ask me to do dangerous or immoral things.”

“Outside of a little lesbian incest,” I whispered with a grin.

“Lesbian incest isn’t immoral for well bred Asian whores. It’s just practicing for our strong, white Masters,” she said letting just a hint of an accent into her intonation.

“Mmm… I like the way you think… When I’m not fucking you and turning off that little brain.”

We grinned at each other. The flirting and dirty talk just felt so natural to me and I could tell she felt the same. She picked up her phone and dialed her sister, “Sherry? Hey. It’s me. Yeah… I’m in the City. Can we take you to dinner? What? Who’s ‘we’? Uhhh… Yes… Yes… Yes, you can meet Mr. It’s Complicated… Yes… No… Okay… Yeah, we’ll meet you at Ippudo? Uhh… 7:30 or 8? Then we can go back to his condo and hang out… No… No it’s not far… NO, he’s not rich. East 68th… I’m sure you would… We’ll see you in a few. Oh… wear something nice… don’t dress like a total slut… Fuck off… bye” she finished and hung up the phone.

“What was that last bit?” I asked, confused.

“You want to see her dress slutty don’t you?”

“Well yeah, but you said… “

“You don’t have sisters. Especially little sisters. I just guaranteed that she’ll be the sluttiest girl there.”

“Well… second sluttiest, maybe,” I said and I grabbed her ass. She squealed and leaned into me. We finally got out to the cars and grabbed an Uber. Getting over to Manhattan at this time of night was a painful experience. Worth it, but painful. Carly and I made out like teenagers in the car. Her pants were just loose enough that I could slide a finger up the leg and finger her wet cunt without taking them off. Which was good because in the mood I was in, they would have come off right there in the car. New York drivers are way more jaded than Orlando ones though so this one didn’t even say anything. I’m sure he enjoyed the view but he knew better than to chance his tip on interrupting us.

We got there just before 8 and headed in. I tipped the driver who chuckled and said, “I shoulda tipped you” before driving off for his next stop. Carly and I laughed at the guy and his almost certain case of blue balls. That’s when I caught sight of Carly’s little sister. Don’t get me wrong, Carly is hot as fuck and might just be the most beautiful girl I’ve ever scene. But Sherry was sex on wheels. She was short and stacked but unlike Kyrsten, who had that sort of athletic cheerleader build, Sherry was almost an obscene hourglass. And she knew it. She was wearing a short jean skirt and a cutoff shirt that showed off both her very large for her frame boobs and her super thin waist. This girl looked like she must train in the Dita Von Teese school of corsetry. She shook her hips as she walked over to us and gave Carly a big hug.

“Ohhh… I see why ‘it’s complicated’ sis. Does Dad know?”

“She really gets to the heart of things doesn’t she, Carly?” I asked from behind my girlfriend. The hug I just witnessed already giving me ideas.

“Yeah… she’s kind of a bitch that way… No, Dad doesn’t know… and we’re NOT telling him yet, okay?”

“You secwet’sa safe with me sistor,” she said in a mocking asian accent. The change to the sing song rhythm surprised me.

“Don’t be like that. Dad’s gonna kill me isn’t he?”

“No… he’s mellowed. Probably just maim you a little,” her sister joked. I was really starting to worry about their father. “Oh… and hey… what’s with telling me not to dress slutty when you’re dressed like a Fobby Ho.”

“Am not,” Carly said reflexively, then looked at me. I was just enjoying the sisterly banter between the two. “Fine… maybe a little. Jay likes it when I dress a little… slutty.”

“Oh and you couldn’t handle the competition? You know I can out slut you anytime old lady!”

“No… Jay likes eye candy and I knew you’d do the opposite of whatever I told you. I’m not worried.”

“Oh c’mon sis. You know all the white boys want this young asian pussy,” she said. This girl was brash and blunt and I liked her a lot. I shot Carly a glance over Sherry’s head. Carly just shrugged a little as if to say, “she’s weird… what can I say.”

As we walked inside, I leaned into Carly and whispered, “What’s Fobby?”

She whispered back. And as an aside, let me just mention how erotic it is to hear a woman you’re fucking whisper in a sultry voice into your ear. Her voice hissed softly into my ear, “F-O-B… Fresh Off the Boat, Master. Very insulting.”

“Oh,” I said intelligently.

We sat down for dinner which was quite enjoyable. The restaurant was great and the Hibachi show was cheesy but well done. As we waited for our deserts, we got around to trading stories. Sherry seemed hellbent on trying to shock me about Carly’s past.

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