Castaway Thy Fear


The hooting of owls on tree branches overhead broke through the silence of the eerie forest, albeit for the inadvertent snap of twigs the young couple encountered as they strode.

It’d been over an hour since they’d set themselves free from the ruins of their crashed yacht on the shore of this unusual island. The older man, Mikael, held the mildly salvaged map within his grasp, attempting to maneuver through the hurdle of oak trees that seemed to lead to a clearing soon.

What was strange was the fact that they hadn’t encountered any feral beast nor reptilian creature since they’d ventured in. Sierra, his savvy mistress, held unto his forearm for dear life, whipping her head back and forth as she surveyed their surroundings, alert by the vague sound of anything other than the movement of their feet.

She’d never signed up for an impromptu hike through a deserted island with no internet service or call signal. Mikael invited her and some other employees on his yacht to cruise over the coast of some exquisite islands only to be met by a startling storm that turned their vacation to an unprecedented tragedy.

She and Mikael were the only ones to emerge from the flames alive with trifling injuries and fractures. Now they needed to find a place to sleep for the night, hoping to get help from his company’s support service by morning.

They finally emerged from the tree line onto a clearing, a grove of lilies spread across the space. It seemed like they’d reached the middle of the forest.

“We’ll camp out here for the night,” Mikael muttered, shrugging off his mildly burnt backpack that contained a few necessities like spare blankets, a fraction of a sandwich, and a few bottles of water.

“Out here?” Sierra spoke up, wrapping her arms around her midsection, running her hands over her chilly arms, “What if we get attacked by an animal or something while we’re asleep?”

“Who said anything about sleeping?” Mikael smirked, looking over his shoulder at the beautiful woman before him, he turns to her when she cocks head to the side, feigning ignorance, “We could spend our time keeping watch of our surroundings while we keep ourselves awake”

“You’re really crazy if you think I’m going to have istanbul escort sex out in the open like this,” she snaps, taking a step away from him when he moves closer, “We should focus on contacting someone about our crash”

“We agreed to preserve our battery life till morning, and I intend to do just that. It’s hopeless to continue effortlessly when we can wait till daybreak-“

“What difference would it make?” she questions, flaying her hands in exasperation as Mikael scoffs, turning his attention back to setting their makeshift bed.

“I don’t know what you expect me to say, We are in the same situation, Do you think I enjoy spending my night out in the woods on the bare ground? Hell no, but I want to make it as manageable as possible,” he retorts, flapping the base blanket and placing it over the lily stems.

Sierra let out a sigh, raking her hands through her disheveled curls. She wraps her hands around his waist from behind, resting her head on his taut back. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be insensitive. I’m just on edge”

He spins in her grasps, enveloping her in a hug as he pecks the top of her head. “I know me too. I just want to get our minds off it even for a moment”

“Me too,” she whispers, tilting her head back as Mikael leans in for a kiss. His breath is warm against hers, their tongues intertwine as their kiss deepens. His hand makes its way to her nape, whilst the other slowly unbuttons her seared blouse.

She does the same for him, struggling to unfasten his slacks, breaking from their kiss to pull them off him. Her hands her up now as he takes off her blouse, fraught with slipping her jeans off.

They fumbled to the floor, landing unscathed on the blanket placed on the floor. Sierra took the initiative, straddling Mikael as she took his last clothing off revealing his glistened torso. She runs her hands over his tense abs to his brawny arms. The moonlight shines above them, reflecting his deep blue eyes as she leans in to peck his lips.

“You’re so beautiful, Si,” he says, admiring her as well. His hands trail over her thighs, caressing the smoothness of her taupe skin as they made their way to the cups avcılar escort of her breasts still fastened in her bra. “Let’s take this off eh?”

He unhooks it, tossing it aside with the rest of their discarded clothes as his hands latched onto the curves of her breasts. He fondles them slowly, pulling at her erect nipples as she tips back in response, a moan escaping her lips. This prompts him to sit up, bringing his face up close to hers, a hand on her back bringing them even closer whilst the other settles over her bulging ass which he valiantly squeezes.

“Fuck” she breathes, her lips meeting his once more as he turns the tide so he lays on top of her, their bare chests colliding as his weight bares down in her slightly. A lone hand traces its way to her slightly soaked underwear. Eagerly. he pries her panties off, ripping them in the process as he slips his fingers over her wet folds gradually, savoring her muffled moans against is lips.

He flicks his fingers over her clit, lubricating his fingers as he prods two into her damp slit, working his way down as he trails kisses from her lips to her chin to her neck, between her breasts, and over her tummy before making its way right between her thighs. He props her thigh up with his other hand, kissing them as his lips finally latched onto her wet pussy.

Sierra writhes beneath him, overwhelmed by pleasure as she feels the buildup of her desire. His tongue and fingers move skillfully, stimulating her to the brink of her orgasm. She clutches the folds of the blanket as her back arches off the floor, a series of obscenely sensual sounds riling from her as she reaches her climax quicker than she anticipated.

Mikael tastes her juices as slips his fingers out of her, allowing his tongue to dominantly flatten over her folds, slurping scrupulously on her outpour. “That was a nice meal,” he mutters, wiping the excesses off his lips with the back of his hands.

“Fuck” Is all she can muster as she takes quick breaths, a chuckle is accompanied after as she props herself up on her elbows. “That was definitely better than the last time”

“Yeah” he leans in, cupping her cheeks in both hands as their lips meet, giving her a taste şirinevler escort of her arousal. She spreads her legs wider, wrapping her legs around his waist as he hunches over her, reluctant to break their kiss once again.

He reaches for his enthused length, running a hand over his already hard dick as he traces it over the wetness of her pussy, positioning it right in between the slit of her folds. “I’m going in” he announces, slowly slipping into her mildly enclosed walls.

He lets out a sensuous groan as prods himself forward, taking it slow to allow her to adjust to the size of himself within her. She sighs, reclining her head back as he quickens his pace, thrusting harder with each stroke.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you?” he grunts, placing his hands beside her head as his waist moves, rocking himself deep into her core as he did, prompting a succession of moans and whines from both of them.

Sierra intertwines her fingers around his nape, bringing him closer so their bodies tightly mesh together. She nuzzles the crook of his neck, eyes shut tightly as the sensation of her incoming climax takes over her mind.

Mikael intensifies the pace of his thrusts, beads of sweat layer all over his body even with the cool breeze that swirls around them. He pries her hands from around his neck, pinning them above her head as his other hand grasps her chin, placing a brief kiss on her lips.

“Hey,” he calls, getting her attention, “look at me, Si.”

She tries to pry her eyes slowly open, biting down on her bottom lip as his deep blue eyes stare into her dark hazel ones.

Mikael plunges himself forward abruptly, his muscles tense up as he spews himself into her enclosing walls that clench around his dick as she reaches her peak as well. The quiet surroundings of the clearing are all but forgotten as their moans erupt from within the core of their intimate exertion, echoing through the desolate island.

He rolls over to lay beside her as they try to catch their breaths, exhaustion taking over them. “Come here,” he mutters, pulling her closer to him as he reaches for a blanket from his backpack, placing it over their bare bodies. She leans into him, snuggling close to him as he wraps his arms protectively around her petite frame.

They lay together silently as their bodies gradually give in to their fatigue, the troubles they faced earlier momentarily not prioritized as they allow themselves to rest. The thought of resting within each other’s grasp, allowing a sense of peace to take over.

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