CaughtWell I suppose it was always going to happen. When you drive around the countryside of South Wales, park your van, open the side door and have sex. At some point somebody will catch you.It happened to us about 3 weeks ago. It was a typical Welsh Sunday in December – raining and blowing a gale. We decided to go for a drive thinking nobody else would be out in this kind of weather.We headed for a spot on a local mountain that we use quite often. It is only 3 miles fom home and so it would not be a long drive.When we arrived at our destination we were suprised that there were a number of other vehicles parked up. We drove past the parking area and down a dirt track that lead to a farm. We parked up but realised that if we opened the side door the wind would blow the rain straight into the van. We fethiye escort turned to prevent this happening. The downside was that instead of being parked against a hedge we would now be facing an open field when we jumped into the back of the van and opened the side door. still, in this weather nobody would be about to catch us.We jumped into the back of the van. Mrs V took off her long coat. She was totally naked apart from black seamed stockings and a pair of “fuck me” stilleto shoes. Mr V removed his clothes and opened the van door.He got down between the legs of Mrs V and started lapping at her sweet pussy. Mrs V was very excited and her juices flowed all over Mr V’s face and chin. Suddenly Mrs V let out a shout. There’s a man in the field with a dog. We had discussed what to do if this situation escort fethiye arose. We had decided to simply close the van door in the hope the person went away. As Mr V reached for the door Mrs V grabbed his hand and stopped him. If he’s prepared to stand in a field in this weather he is entitled to watch Mrs V said. Mr V’s cock stiffened even more at the thought of the stranger watching.Mrs V turned to face the stranger front on. The breeze cooled her tits and her nipples were rock hard. She sat in the back of the van with her legs wide open. Her gorgeous pussy was on full view. She beckoned the stranger closer. He walked up to the wire boundary fence of the field and stood no more than 2 yards from Mrs V.Mrs V started to finger her soaking wet pussy and ass. She was moaning with ecstacy. The fethiye escort bayan stranger got his cock out and started to wank vigorously. Mrs V told Mr V to kneel beside her and to start wanking. She wanted him to empty his balls all over her tits.She reached for her favourite dildo and pushed it deep into her pussy. The stranger was staring and wanking. Not a word was said. Mrs V was soaking and she turned her head to suck on Mr V’s cock.Suddenly the stranger shouted that he was going to cum and a jet of hot spunk shot from his cock and hung from the wire fence that separated the van from the field. This triggered a chain raection. Mr V shot his spunk all over Mrs V’s tits and Mrs V came to an intense orgasm that went on for ages.We pulled the van door shut and cleaned ourselves up. When we re-opened the door the stranger had gone.It was an amazing incident that resulted in the best orgasms we have ever had.We hope to be caught again but this time by a sexy woman. Who knows Mrs V may even ask you to take part and lick her pussy.

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