caught at the wrong time

caught at the wrong timeI always hang out at my friends house when He and His family went on vacation . They asked Me to stop by an fed the parrots because the older sister forgets . So I went over an fed then and went up to His older sisters room an started snooping around . I saw a box of pictures of Her in a bikini an She was quite hot . Long brown hair and big boobs. I went over to her clothes hamper an found a fresh worn pair a panties. I sat on Her bed and pulled out my cock and started to jerk off an look at the pictures an sniff Her musky smelling panties. When all of a sudden the door opened and she was there with her boyfriend . She said” look We just caught a pantie sniffer . I was scared shitless as I quickly jumped up trying to pull my pants up as She ” stop right there Ill call Your parents. They came in an closed and locked the door . She güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri said take off Your all your clothes now ! I did as I was told . As I stood I front of them . She sat in a chair and He sat on the bed , So you like sniffing my panties huh ? You His hard cock hon , She said to Joe Her boyfriend , He said lets teach Him a lesion as both took off their clothes in front of Me and told Me to jerk off for them . I slide my hand up and down my hard cock for them . She ordered Me to knell in front of Joe , as I did he slid in front of Me His hard cock in front of my face. Suck His cock , I said I cant , She yelled do it now I said ! He started slapping my face with His hard cock as his pre cum wiped across my lips , ” Open You mouth and suck it like a piece of candy ” , I opened my mouth as His cock slid into mobilbahis güvenilir mi my open mouth as I started sucking on it . It tasted salty and musky as I slurped my mouth up an down on His shaft . She knelt down beside Me telling me to run my tongue under the crown as She grabbed the back of my head saying “faster bitch , suck it that it “. As I did She said raise Your ass up high , I want to see Your asshole . I did as I was told as saliva ran down His hard cock onto His balls She then wetted Her finger with Her mouth an slowly stuck it up my asshole . I moaned an stopped sucking as She did it . Keep sucking that cock till I tell You to stop !I put His cock back in my mouth as I continued to suck on it . He said about Im going to cum , She held my head on His hard cock as He blasted my mouth full of hot spunk youwin , so much that it spilled out he corners of my mouth .” Swallow it all “, she said . as I tasted His hot salty seed as I drank all of it . Now I want You to eat Me , as She grabbed Me an pushed Me on my back . She turned around facing my cock as She sat on my face , grinding it on my face. “Eat Me bitch”, as I my face was full of Her pussy as She slowly jerked my cock . Then She said eat My ass too as I tongued both holes tasting Her juices as they were tangy and wet . She then told Me to stop as She sat on My cock as Her warm tight pussy engulf My cock an rode me hard . I want You to cum in Me , after 3 mins. I did . She then sat back on My face an said ” eat Your cum out of my pussy ! As I licked an sucked on Her pussy My cum began to drip t into my open mouth. That’s it , like that ? bet You do . She said Your going to our love slave anything We ask . She made Me eat Her pussy again and suck His cock again and then fucked Me up My ass as I ate out my cum again from that juicy pussy of Hers. They then let Me go home after that , but We do get together each weekend for more sex .

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