Chantilly Lace Pt. 03: The Spanking


I’ve been walking around in a state of constant arousal.

Brandon has been business as usual since our encounter in his office over a week ago. I find myself constantly daydreaming about taking his cock into my mouth.

I’ve had to sneak into the ladies room more than once to take care of a certain throbbing between my legs. I’m afraid my coworkers may start to get suspicious.

I can see Brandon’s office from mine. It’s casual Friday and he’s traded in his normal coat and tie for a navy blue sweater that stretches enticingly over his broad shoulders. He’s sitting at his desk, bent over a manila file. His brow is furrowed, an expression that immediately has me squirming in my seat.

I quickly get up to close my door. I take one last look at Brandon before I close my blinds and head back to my desk.

I reach under my dress and pull down my panties, stepping out of them and pushing them under my desk.

I sit down in the leather office chair and prop one high heel on the desk in front of me.

I run my finger up my slit. It’s slippery, bordering on sloppy. I pause over my clit and rub softly with my middle finger. I feel my muscles tighten in anticipation, and suddenly the door to my office opens.

I jump and attempt to cover myself as Brandon walks through the door. That smile, the sly one, spread across his lips.

“Please, don’t stop on my account,” he says as he closes my office door and casually leans back against it.

Feeling bold, I prop my heel back on my desk and slide my fingers into my dripping wet pussy. I feel like Ataşehir Ukraynalı Escort I’m burning under his watchful gaze, my skin tingling down to my toes.

I feel my pussy getting tighter and tighter. I rub my clit harder, my belly tightens. I place my other leg on the desks so he has a clear view.

“Cum for me,” he demands and I cannot hold it back any longer, my pussy pulsing around my fingers.

Still feeling bold, I stick my still soaking fingers into my mouth to taste myself, then crook my index finger. Beckoning him to me.

I stand to greet him running my hands over the hard muscles of his chest, then drag them down his taut stomach to his belt buckle. I expertly unhook his belt as I lower myself to my knees.

His cock is large, and I hope my small mouth will fit around it. I start at the base, right near his balls, and run my tongue along his hard length.

I wrap my mouth around his cock and move towards his belly. He grabs my hair and pushes my head so that his cock is pressing against the back of my throat.

I try to pull back, but his grip is relentless; his cock filling my mouth. I try not to gag, my throat is burning, but I open up to let him further in.

Finally, he releases his grip a bit and pulls my head back. I suck in the air I so desperately needed, and reach up to grab the base of his cock, now wet with my saliva. I swirl my tongue around the head while I pump with my hand.

He grabs my head again and holds me perfectly still and he rams his cock into my mouth. I can feel the Ataşehir Üniversiteli Escort tip banging the back of my throat over and over and over again.

When he finally stops I cough, saliva running down my face.

The relief is only temporary. He pulls my hair back and continues his assault on my throat again. He pulls back so that only the tip of his cock is in my mouth. I hear him growl just before his cum coats my tongue.

I swirl the sticky liquid around my mouth and relish the taste before my gaze meets his, and swallow.

“Get up!”

I love how demanding he is. There’s nothing I want more than to please him, so I do exactly what he says.

“Get undressed for me,” he says.

“Here? What if someone walks in?”

“I did not ask a question, Miss Thorne. Get. Undressed. Now”

I pull the hem of my dress over my head and reach back to unhook my bra. I feel nervous standing in front of him in only my heels. I can only pray that he likes what he sees and isn’t too disappointed.

“I’ve been dreaming about bending you over this desk and marking that pretty ass with red my hand prints. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, Sir,” I say sounding entirely too eager.

He puts one arm around my hip and the other at my back and pushes forcefully.

My head is pressed firmly against the desk and my nipples harden against the cold surface.

Not even a second passes before I feel the first blow. The pain causes me to yelp, but his hand is firmly over my mouth now, muffling my screams.

Fuck, Ataşehir Vip Escort this isn’t like the slaps I’ve had before. This spanking hurts.

The first slap is followed by another, then another. I can barely process what is happening to me before he assaults my ass with another burning slap.

My body is shivering and I am breaking a sweat trying to process the pain.

I should move away. I should tell him to stop, but I don’t. I want so badly to please him. I want to show him I can take this because I know he wants me to.

Just when I’m sure I cannot stand the pain any longer, he stops.

My knuckles are white from gripping the front of my desk, and tears are rolling down my face.

He turns me around and pulls me into an intense embrace.

“Are you okay my good girl?”

“yes, yes, I’m more than okay,” I cry “Thank You.”

He gives me a sweet kiss on the forehead before walking through my office door, closing it behind him.

I suddenly realize I’m standing in my office completely naked, so I scurry to put on my underwear and dress. I bend down under the desk to retrieve my panties, but they’re gone, this habit of his is going to get expensive.

Once I feel I look presentable, I step out of my office, past the bullpen, and into the ladies room.

To my horror, the woman looking back in the mirror has two black rivers of mascara running down her face and her wild hair has obviously been pulled recently.

I’m mortified. There no way the entire office doesn’t know what we just did considering my appearance.

I do my best to make myself look presentable, but when I exit the restroom I’m met with many strange stares.

I know that every person in the bullpen knows I just had Brandon’s cock in my mouth.

I bet they don’t know I’m going to have a hard time sitting down though. The thought makes me smile.

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