You were finally moving away from home! Hallelujah!

Goodbye small town thinking and boring familiarity. You were off to the big city, you were off to college, you were out on your own for the first time ever. It was time for higher learning and expanding horizons. You simply could not wait. This last year back home had been claustrophobic. You had decided to wait a year after graduating in order to wait for your girlfriend Samantha, who was a year behind you in school. The plan was that the pair of you would head off together to share your new lives side by side. Your parents had tried to encourage you to move on without her, but you were young and in love and ignored their advice.

Waiting ended up being a huge mistake. Not only had you given up a good soccer scholarship by waiting but Sam, despite your best efforts to help her, had ended up flunking out of her graduating year. She was going back to try again but you simply could not wait for her any longer. You had to get out. Friendly as it was your tight knit community was suffocating you. Besides, working at your uncle’s car and truck wash was hardly what you wanted to be doing with your life right now. You had places to be, things to see, subjects to learn. You had to find the real you out in the wide world, away from the comfort and shackles of home. You had actually left a few days earlier than planned. You knew you had a room waiting for you and you just couldn’t wait any longer!

Now here you were on the highway. The sun was shining and a good song was playing on the radio. The rushing wind from your open window blowing in your face. You drum the beat of the song on the steering wheel as you push the pedal down just a touch more. Everything was almost perfect, almost how you imagined it would be. You look beside you at the empty seat where Sam was supposed to be sitting. She was supposed to be with you, in your dreams of this moment she was always there as you faced this new challenge together. It would have been a wonderful shared moment. Sure the pair of you would fight and bicker from time to time, but she was yours and you were hers. It had been that way all through high school. You already missed those sky blue eyes and long flowing wheat blonde hair. Those big tits and round fleshy ass. Shaking your head you remind yourself it would only be a year. You just had to make it through a year by yourself. You were going it alone, you didn’t know a soul in this new city. That didn’t bother you, but it would have been so much nicer with Sam there.

After a long day’s drive you finally see your new city in the distance. There it was, there was your life for at least the next four years. Sure you’d come home for holidays and such, but this was where you’d spend the vast majority of your time. A huge grin spreads across your face as you push the old truck just a bit faster.

You’d only actually been here twice before. Once was years ago during a trip with your family and the other just a few months back when you came to tour the campus and get a look around. You didn’t know much about the city but you knew how to get to your new school at the very least. You follow the exact route you had taken last time. Like last time you grimace as you get caught up in big city traffic. This was going to take some getting used to. It honestly felt like it would have been faster to get out and walk!

After what feels like an eternity you finally get to your college. You look at the old stone buildings, the lush green spaces, the walking paths, the well dressed people carrying books and engaging in passionate debate as they walked. Yep, you’d finally made it. After a bit of driving around campus lost and overwhelmed, your head spinning this way and that like a tourist, you finally find your dorm and your parking spot. It is mostly empty as fall classes hadn’t started yet but it was hard not to notice yours was the only truck in the lot. God, could you look more like a small town red neck right now?

Getting out you grab your backpack and duffel bag and lift them from out of the open back. You see the three story early 1900’s era brick building which would be your new home. The old gray Gothic stone building just screamed academia. There were other newer dorms, one that was even co-ed, but this was the most conveniently located. With Samantha not being around you definitely decided to pass up on the co-ed dorm, it was going to be hard enough with all these college hotties around without the constant temptation being right where you lived as well. Plus you kind of liked the old fashioned feel to this old place. Above the heavy wooden double doors set into the stonework was the name “Chapel Hall”. Indeed, a small chapel sat next to the dorm hall.

As you approach a pair of guys about your age were just walking out. You give them a friendly nod and a smile but they ignore you, allowing the door to swing closed behind them despite the fact it would have only taken a second to hold it open for you. They almost bump into you as they make their way past. Big city life you remind Kartal escort bayan yourself, things were different here.

Heading in you are greeted with the dry dusty musty smell of the venerable hall. You quickly find the Hall manager. She is an enormous woman wearing an outrageous polka dotted purple and white moo moo. She had to be tipping the scales at over 350 pounds. She gives you a hard look as she finds your key and a bit of paperwork. Giving you the evil eye she says. “No drugs, no smoking, no parties, no girls overnight, quiet after 11 pm.”

You nod. “Yep, I got it. You won’t get any trouble out of me Ma’am.”

She smiles, surprised at your manners. “Ma’am?” She hands you your key and pats your cheek. “I think you’ll get along here just fine my dear. Your room is on the third floor.”

You flash her a friendly smile and you were on your way. No elevators in this old place so you head for the stairs at the end of the building. You power your way up the stairs, taking them three at a time despite the weight of the pack and duffel bag. You hit the top of floor hardly out of breath. You are greeted by a common room meant for residents of this floor only. It had a television, basic but comfortable looking furniture and a few tables and chairs. Light filtered in from windows along both sides of the area. It was currently empty. The whole place had an almost disturbing silence to it. You knew in a few short days the place would be a beehive of activity. Walking over the creaky hardwood floor of the common area you head toward the hallway and the rooms.

You quickly find the right door, Room 313. You unlock the door and slowly open it with a low creeeeaaak. It was quiet and appeared uninhabited at the moment, though you could tell your roommate had already moved in. The left side of the room already had some stuff unpacked, a laptop, some clothes, etc. Looks like you had the right side. The room was split in two mirrored halves. Straight in front of you two basic desks sat side by side facing out a pair of windows. The leaves and branches of an mighty oak tree swayed slowly to the breeze outside, the orange light of sunset lit the tree’s leaves with a warm glow. To the left and right of the room were matching single beds with drawers underneath. Shelves and cupboards lined the walls above the bed and a large three foot tall dresser sat at the foot end of each bed. To the left was a door that must have been the attached bathroom.

You take a deep breath in and let it slowly escape your lips. Here you were. Your very own space. Away from your parents, away from your town, away from everyone. Shared though it may be, it still felt like it was yours on in some important way. This all felt so monumental. You felt so…free.

Just then the bathroom door swings open and someone who you assume must be your new roommate walks out. He had on an over sized thick blue bathrobe which was currently hanging open. The smooth creamy pale soft looking skin of his middle chest and stomach peaking through. A big white towel was currently over his head as he dries his hair with both hands, he hadn’t seen you yet.

You weren’t trying to look but you couldn’t help but notice the rather impressive bulge filling his tight black and white briefs.

You clear your throat to announce your arrival. “Ahem.”

“AAAHHH!” He screams in a high pitched shriek as he jumps back. The towel drops down around his thin shoulders and he instinctively grabs the edges of his robe and pulls it tight around his svelte frame.

“Whoa!” You exclaim, yourself becoming startled by him being startled. “Whoa there!”

He stares up at you with huge soulful chestnut brown eyes as he catches his suddenly rapid breath. You’d scared the hell out of him. A rosy blush had spread across his cheeks and the top of his nose. He looks straight at you only a moment before he breaks eye contact, looking off to the side. He had just past chin length tussled thick slightly wavy black hair, heavy black eyebrows tapering toward the ends, naturally long lashes both top and bottom, a round button nose, and full plump lips. His features were fair and smooth, his wide friendly face possibly indicating a trace of Hispanic blood. Being a fellow freshman, the only thing you really knew about him, you guessed he was likely right around your age but he looked young. He was a small man, just over five and half feet tall and slender. His slim neck, forearms, and calves coming out from the robe betraying the fact that he wasn’t an active guy like you were.

As the pair of you stand momentarily in awkward silence he flicks his head forward, causing thick strands of hair to fall forward around his face. Concealing it behind a broken curtain of black wavy hair. The motion seemed almost unconscious, a nervous tick perhaps. Tilting his chin down he peeks up at you again through his wet hair.

He seems at a loss as to what to do with himself for a moment. First he nervously ties the fabric rope belt around his waist. His hands then scramble around Escort Kartal before grabbing the inner edges of the towel draped over his neck, holding the towel like an old fashioned professor might do to his lapels of a suit vest. He clasped it in a tight grip. It was almost as if he was trying to cover his already covered torso with the towel, talk about body conscious! You had really thrown this poor guy for a loop with your unexpected arrival.

You laugh. “Chill out dude. It’s just us here. I’ve seen it all before.” He cocks his head gives you a funny expression and you hasten to add. “I play sports. Soccer and swimming. I’ve been in more change rooms and seen more dongs than I care to remember.” You turn and throw your backpack onto your new bed and set the duffel bag on the dresser. “We’re roomies now. We better get comfortable with each other.”

His dark untamed mop top was heavy and still too wet, but he kept the towel clutched tight to his body protectively. In a whisper soft voice he replies. “Sorry, um, you just startled me. I wasn’t expecting you yet. I, uh, I’m kind of shy.”

“Sure.” You smile and turn back to him. You hold out your hand. “I’m Jonathan by the way. Most people call me Jon.”

He carefully holds both sides of his towel to his body with his left hand as he uncertainly reaches out with his right. You clasp hands and shake hands, his palm was baby soft to the touch. Obviously not a guy who worked with his hands, not surprising given you were in college. He flinches a bit at your overly enthusiastic firm grip, his slender hand squeezing uncomfortably in yours. This guy was fragile. You loosen your grip and continue the friendly shake.

He nods and returns a bashful smile. “Hello Jonathan. My name is Charlie.”


The pair of you shake hands for about ten seconds too long. You finally let his small hand go and try to pull yours away.

You see another blush light his face through the curtain of hair as he lets your hand go. “Oh…sorry.” He says as he pulls his own hand back. “Uh…I, uh…I’m just going to get dressed.” He points towards some clothes piled on his bed. “I’m…uh…going to get dressed…in the bathroom. I’ll get dressed in the bathroom.” You can see him flinch as he knew how stupid that must have sounded.

You give him a long sideways look. “Yeah…sure, whatever dude.”

He nods then rushes to grab the clothes. Taking them all up in a big ball then rushing back into the bathroom and slamming the door behind him. Man he was awkward, he didn’t seem comfortable in his own skin. But you had taken him off guard and if he was indeed shy he probably didn’t feel comfortable in the presence of a stranger. You were sure the awkwardness would pass soon enough.

You turn and zip open your duffel bag. Taking the laptop from the top you walk over and set it on your desk. Leaning forward you peer out through the leaves and branches at the green space just beyond. The area sat in the courtyard between three different dorm halls. Currently there was only one couple out there. The girl was sitting up and the guy was laid out, his head resting on her thigh. He looked up at her as she looked down at him as they spoke. They were obviously smitten. You smiled as your thoughts returned to Samantha.

Returning you start to unpack, mostly putting clothes away in various drawers. You really didn’t have that much with you. Just clothes, computer, phone, everyday necessities, and some school supplies. In twenty minutes you had completely unpacked. You sit on your bed, it was firm, the bedding clean and soft. You look toward the bathroom door. Charlie was still in there. After all day on the road you seriously had to take a leak.

You speak up, confident your voice would reach him. “Hey Charlie, you going to be long? I really gotta go man. I’ve been driving all day and…”

You hear his voice on the other side of the door. “Sorry! Be right out!” The door opens almost instantly. Had he just been standing on the other side of the door? His floppy tussled hair was all around his head, that curtain of hair still covered his face. It looked like that was the look he was going for. He was wearing relaxed fit faded blue jeans and wore at least four layers over his upper body. Undershirt, t shirt, vest, and loose flannel over shirt. He wore a wooden pendant on a leather string around his neck. He had a bit of a 90’s grunge look to him.

As the pair of you look at each other he flinches and shifts uncomfortably. He blurts out in his soft voice. “Uh…I have to wear compression shirts and vests. I’ve got a medical thing. In case you see them around and were wondering.”

What the fuck? Why even say that? Dear lord if this guy could be any more ill at ease you just weren’t sure how. Was this his first contact with humans? What a weirdo.

You just smile, you were okay with weirdos.

“Sure Charlie, whatever. None of my business my man.” You make your way to the washroom in something of a hurry. The pair of you shuffle clumsily back and forth Kartal Rus Escort a few times as you try to get around him and he tries to get out of the way. Finally you just grab him by the shoulders and move him to one side. At 6′ 2″ you were at least a half foot taller than him and much more built, moving him was no problem at all. It was a bit rude…but nature called!

You rush in, leaving the door open behind you, and merciful relief comes to your over full bladder. “Ahhh.” You sigh in relief as the yellow stream fell into the bowl. Calling over your shoulder you say. “I guess both of us couldn’t wait to get here. I was surprised to see you here.”

“Uh, yeah.” You hear from the other room. You could barely hear his soft voice.

“You from the city here?”

“Uhh…no.” He doesn’t offer any more. You could already sense that keeping a conversation up with this guy was going to be tough.

You zip up and wash your hands before strolling back out. Charlie was sitting on his bed, his hands gripping the edge and his legs hanging over the side. He slouched forward. Grabbing your desk chair you spin it around and sit on it backwards, your lean muscled forearms resting along the back. “Not from the city huh? Me neither. I’m from a little town out of state. It’s a flea speck, there’s no way you’ve heard of it.”

Charlie gives you a pained smile as he forces himself to engage. “Oh. That’s cool. I…I’m from Canada.”

“Oh wow! Really?” You say. “I’ve been up there a few times. Soccer tournaments. Toronto & Montreal. Nice country.”

He looks at you a moment, you could barely see his face through the hair. That hair in your face would have driven you crazy.

Silence fills the room.

He finally says. “Never been there, I’m from out West.” And with that he just leaves it hang in silence once more. Where out West? Nothing. He didn’t want to share, that was fair enough you supposed.

You were about to move the conversation along when he sputters, conscious that you were waiting for him to say something. “B-b-but I’ve got some family down here somewhere.” He laughs at something only he knew. “Long lost family. It’s a big mystery. My Grandma said she has a sister…they were separated. She was taken up North. The sister stayed down here, was just a baby, probably doesn’t even know.”

“Oh, uh, that’s interesting.” You grin. What an odd mix of silence and over sharing Charlie was. “So…you’re kinda American then. A few generations removed.”

Charlie lets out a thin nervous laugh.

You chat a few more minutes. Telling him about the drive and how frustrating you found the city traffic. Try as you might you couldn’t hide your bubbling enthusiasm about everything. He sat and patiently listened, hardly moving as you spoke. During a break in your chatter you pause to give him a chance to chime in.

Again the tension ratchets up as the silence fills the small space once more. Charlie just sat there waiting. He was obviously not a people person. Ah well, you didn’t mind carrying the conversation. Besides, he was only your roommate. He didn’t have to be your friend.

You stand up and stretch. “God, I’m starving. Have you eaten yet?”

He looks up at you like a startled rabbit. “Uh…uh no actually, but uh…”

You slap him on his slender shoulder. “Good! Come on. My treat. I could go for some pizza. Sound good?”

“Uhhh…” He says uncertainly.

Just then a knock comes to the door.


You and Charlie look at each other, it was obvious neither of you knew who it might be. You were already standing so you walk across the room and open the door.

Standing at the door was an older gentleman. He had gray-black balding hair, glasses, gray slacks and a cozy looking blue and gray checkered button up sweater over a white collared shirt. His skin was a chocolate brown. He was as tall as you were and had a deep barrel chest with a middle aged gut to match. You suspected he may have played some football in his youth.

He looks at you obviously surprised, you were not who he was expecting. “Oh! You’re…uh…Jonathan, Jonathan Spencer. Correct?”

You nod and smile as you reach forward and shake his hand. “That’s right.” He takes your hand in his and you share a firm handshake.

“I hear you’re one hell of a defensive midfielder. Going to try out for the team?” He asks. You wonder how he knew this about you.

You nod. “I was thinking about it.”

He grins. “Good. I’m sorry to bother you but is Mr Fox in by chance?”

You pause. “Mr Fox? You mean Charlie?”

He nods. You show him in. Charlie was still sat on his bed, he hadn’t moved. Having another person in the room doing little to ease his obvious tension.

The man crosses the room in three long strides and forces his hand into Charlie’s for an enthusiastic hand shake. “Charlie, I am the Resident Dean for Chapel Hall. I am here for guidance or help for any of my boys here. You can call me Professor Williams or Doctor Williams.” He was smiling ear to ear, your presence seemingly forgotten. Letting go of Charlie he steps back, Charlie just squirms uncomfortably. “On behalf of the University I wanted to come personally say hello and thank you for choosing our fine institution. I believe you’ll find we can help you get on the right path.”

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