Chip Wendy Dan Nancy Carl – Story 04


We last left this story with Chip and Dani headed off to Chip’s bed.

After Chip and Dani!%*#ed and they were laying there with Chip spooning Dani. “Hey, Dani, you can’t spend the night. Wendy will freak.”

“Yeah, I know. I gave her permission to #@¡! you. She didn’t seem to reciprocate and say I could be fuc%ed by you.”

“Well, go home and show her your non-penis. She’ll be excited for you.” Chip said. “Do we need to do anything else to it?”

“Can you make it smaller?”

“Ummm, no. But next week we need to change out your breast attachments. I can see you’ve had some growth. Are you filling a C cup?”

“Can we put the butterfly and spring and everything back on and see if it does more?”

“Ok, sure, let’s do that. Go clean up.”

Chip walked back into the lab and found the solutions that he’d used to fill the devise weeks ago. They were still potent. He cleaned everything with alcohol, re-applied the glue, fanning it to dry quickly. He cut several coils off the spring to make it shorter to match Dani’s new length.

When Dani walked back in, he was nude except for the breast attachments. He looked like any slender runway model.

“Dani, you’re going to be beautiful as a woman.”

Dani said “Wendy has an appointment at her salon tomorrow. After then, I’m out to everyone.”

“Dani, jump on the table and lay back.”

Dani laid back and spread his legs. Chip leaned over and once again, took Dani’s penis in his mouth. It was warm and had a sweet drip of precum. He sucked it like a lollipop.

“I’m sorry, I find this irresistible.” Chip said as he stood up and placed the attachments on Dani’s penis.

Dani laughed.


Dani went home and Wendy was sitting up waiting for him.

“How’s it going sweetie?” asked Dani.

“I’m fine. Were you at Chip’s?”

“Yes, we checked on the attachment to my penis. It’s working. You’re going to be satisfied. I know I am. He was ready to pull all of it off and I said, lather it up and put it back on. One more week. Besides, next week we get our breast augmentation patches pulled and redone.”

“How’s your boobies?”

“I’ve never been more satisfied with how I look naked than I do now.”

“Well, tomorrow, we go and see Janet. She’ll finish off that mop of hair and get those eyebrows under control.” Wendy stopped and looked at Dani

“You’re going to look very pretty. I don’t think it’s a matter of just passing anymore. I think you’ll end up beating men off with a stick.”

They both laughed at the pun.

“Will you be ok? Would you be jealous?” Dani looked at Wendy with a worried frown. “I mean, I want our marriage to last. I want what we have now to last. I realize I’ll turning things upside down in all sorts of ways. And opening it up to you and Chip. I want you to be satisfied. With everything.”

Wendy stood up, walked over to Dani and kissed him. They went into a long embrace until Wendy pulled back and said “Boobs! I’m really feeling your boobs.”

Dani replied “yours too.”

Wendy pulled on Dani’s blouse. “Let me see.”

Danny pulled back and said “Ok” and he peeled off his clothes down to just the attachments that Chip had replaced an hour ago.

“Wendy, your turn! Let’s see those boobs.”

Wendy smiled and stripped off her sweatshirt and sweatpants. She had nothing on but the attachments on her breasts.

Her breasts were big. Bigger than Dani remembered. The attachments were tight and stretched out on her bottom of her breasts. They looked to be peeling off from the stress of trying to hold on. She had to be a DD, or bigger. They were huge on her small frame and it really was a sight to see. And that sweet shaved pussy peeking out below.

Dani stepped toward her and she put her arms around him. They kissed, and kissed again çekmeköy escort and each pressed their new boobs into each other.

“Let’s go to bed. See what we can do to each other.” said Wendy.

Dani held back, thinking not an hour ago he’d had an orgasm with Chip’s giant penis in him. “Aww, I don’t know what I can do?”

“You’ve got a tongue, right? This is lesbian sex time. I don’t own a strap on, but if your tongue does the right job, I’m willing to buy one.”

Dani thought back with a smile about Nancy’s working his ass over the other weekend. “Sounds like a plan, sounds like a great plan.”


They mashed themselves together kissing over and over until Wendy pushed Dani down, first to her breasts where he sucked on one then the other over and over, squeezing each. Wendy was squeezing Dani’s breasts and was excited to find the size and firmness.

“These are great” and she leaned in to suck on Dani’s nipples.

“Wow! Stop! Those are too sensitive!” Dani said.

“Well, here’s something you should suck on for me.” And she pulled herself up and lowered her pussy onto his face.

And one orgasm later, she lowered herself back down and said “We’re going to need to buy a strap on, maybe two, one for me to do you and one for you to do me. Tomorrow, we’ve got errands all over the place. Back to the sex toy place. But first, time for some sleep.” And they snuggled together in a nude embrace.


The next morning, Wendy softly kissed Dani on the forehead and said “wake up sunshine. We’ve got stuff to do. And I’ve got to dress you right this morning if you’re going to the salon.”

She started out pushing him into the shower. She stood there looking at the naked figure before her.

When the shower was done and Dani’s now shoulder length curly blond locks were blown dry, only then, did Wendy threw a pair of bikini briefs, a new bra, girl jeans and a light pink blouse at the nude Dani. She added a small necklace and when she looked at Dani’s ears, she realized that one more thing would need to happen today. Dani’s ears needed piercing. She added a multi color pair of socks with small hearts and finally pointed to his flats that they’d bought when they shopped with Nancy.

Wendy got showered and dressed in the time that Dani figured out how to get into his bra and panties. She matched him in color scheme, but wore heels to come closer to his height.

When they walked to the door, she stopped Dani and said “Wait! Makeup! Oh my god! Completely forgot. This is going to be your responsibility you know. Your face, your makeup.” and with that she painted his lips with lipstick. “Eyeliner will wait, Janet’s cosmetology person will want a clean slate.”


A day at the salon was what both of these ladies needed. Janet greeted Wendy at the reception and just fawned over Dani. “I can do a lot with that mop” and she ran her fingers through her hair. “Do we want any color or is this ragged blond ok?”

Wendy said “It’s a full day, why not give her some highlights. And let’s figure in a mani-pedi, and eyebrows, and some cosmetics training.”

“Of course! And for you?”

“All of the same.”

“Great, since you don’t need the foils, I’ll start with Dani and while she’s under the dryer, we’ll do you. Come this way young lady. Would anyone want any wine?”

Dani protested “It’s 9 am!”

“Oh, then a mimosa for you!”

Janet then proceeded to wrap, shampoo, condition, wrap the tips with foil, wait for what seemed ages, pull the foil off and then cut, brush out, blow out; all while asking about this mysterious transformation and such… But at the end, Dani’s haircut looked wonderful with a perky bounce just under shoulder length with ringlets on ringlets of curls. And to Dani, it smelled wonderful.

The cevizli escort next step was the waxer lady who told Dani, not to worry. I’ve seen everything and it only hurts for a second. She did Dani’s eyebrows, legs and butt area, but there wasn’t much more needing doing.

Finally when Dani came out of that room, Wendy was just finishing up her haircut and the two ladies paraded into the nail salon part of the salon.

Wendy said “Dani, pick a color.”

There was a wall of colors and Dani was immediately overwhelmed. “Wendy, please pick for me?”

She chose a deep red, for both of them.

The experience was wonderful to Dani who was looking all over at the other customers, the salon workers and the general decor of this dreamy place. Dani’s smile was huge.

They were ready to leave when Wendy realized that Dani had not visited the cosmetologist. “Dani, wait, we need to go back.”

Back in they marched and a small girl that looked like she couldn’t have been 17 sat Dani down and skillfully did eyeliner, fake eyelashes, some blush and lipstick to complement Dani’s nails. She set out a collection of products for Dani. There were several eyeliners, a larger container of foundation, and a tin of blush with a brush. “I’d recommend visiting Walgreen’s for more eyelashes or even better, set up a longer appointment and we’ll do an eyelash weave.”

“Great, another errand for today” said Wendy.

Wendy stood back and took Dani in, from head to toe. “Dani, you look fantastic. Now I am jealous. Of your feminine good looks. You’ve shined up really well!”

Dani blushed in a sweet feminine way. “Shush you, let’s go grab lunch.”


The next stop was lunch at the outskirts of the mall where the two girls grabbed a cubicle towards the back. Wendy sitting so that she could watch the crowd. Dani had received so much attention on the way in, she wanted to hide a bit.

A tall handsome man approached with menus. “Hello ladies, I’m David. I’ll be your waiter. May I start you with a drink or?”

Wendy said “Do you do mimosa?” thinking about the mimosa that Dani had had at the salon. She liked to take advantage of his inability to handle alcohol. “Dani would like one. I will have a lemonade. Someone needs to drive today.”

David looked at Dani and couldn’t take his eyes away as he answered Wendy. “I will have those right away. And take a moment with the menus.”

Dani looked up and was surprised to find herself looking into his eyes. She felt a bit bewildered at the feeling. She was so confused, she actually gave the waiter a wink.

“I saw that Dani.”

Dani stammered back “I don’t know where that came from!?”

“I knew this would happen. You’re going to fall for some man and leave me. You don’t even know what you’re getting into, but all the sudden you’re flirting with waiters and making them stare at you. What if he asked you out, or for a blow job? Are you ready for that. Remember what Nancy and I said? If a man asks for a blow job you’ve gotta do it.”

Dani looked down “I don’t know how to give a blow job.”

“Always time to learn Dani.”

David came back with the drinks and took their lunch orders. Basically two salads. He looked over Dani again and turned to leave when Wendy called him back.

“David, wait a moment. Are you married or do you have a girlfriend? Or even a boyfriend?”

“Neither, I just moved to town from Rhode Island.”

“You’re interested in my friend Dani aren’t you?”

David looked at Dani “you are gorgeous!”

“Dani has never given a blow job. She needs to learn. Are you interested?”

Dani glared at Wendy, then looked at David and then back to glaring at Wendy “What?! A blow job. Wait! I’m I’m I…” as her voice trailed off.

“David, Dani understands that erenköy escort if you ask, she has to give you a blow job. Would you like to ask her?”

David looked at Dani “I would love to take you out and have a blow job if you feel up to it.”

“David, Dani, better to get the blow job out of the way before you go out.”

Dani gave Wendy a cold eyed look and then rose up and softly said “David, can I meet you at the men’s room? Will you get in trouble for being out of commission for a few moments?”

“Let me check my other table and tell the other waitress to watch them. I’ll be there in a moment.”

Dani kept her cold eyed look on Wendy and sauntered off down the isle. “I’ll be right back.”


Dani noted the bathroom was small and the door locked. But she still stood outside until David came up behind her and pushed her inside.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked.

“Yes” and Dani was already pulling David’s zipper down and reaching inside the man’s pants. It wasn’t difficult to find. David was as hard as they come. Not huge, but perfect for a young lady’s start. She dipped down to her knees and took the entire thing in with an almost professional manner. She was surprised how natural it felt to have this hot length of a man’s penis in her mouth. Her hands wrapped around and held David by the butt while she worked David in and out of her mouth. She was controlling the entire event and David was merely there as a penis. It wasn’t long before he gasped and stammered.

“I’m cumming!”

“I’ve got you” said Dani. And she proceeded to get a mouthful of cum. After sucking for a few more moments, she stood up and said with her mouth quite full “I’ve got to show this to my friend.” And she backed out of the bathroom and went up the isle to Wendy. Once there, she slid in on Wendy’s side of the table, reached over and gave her a giant cum filled kiss. Pushing as much cum as she could into Wendy’s mouth. She then popped up and jumped over to her seat where her salad and mimosa were waiting.

“Yes?” Dani said across the table at Wendy who was gagging on the cum and laughing at the same time.

Both woman ended up with cum on their faces and dripping on their blouses.

“First, thing, let’s go fix our makeup. Your lipstick is all over the place.”

“So is David’s cum.”

As the ladies made their way up the isle, this time to the ladies room, David was coming out of the men’s room. Both women reached up and kissed his cheek. “Thanks David” they said in sulky unison.

Amazingly, their check disappeared before it ever made it to their table.


The SexToy store, where this all started, was having a sale on all sorts of things. The ladies made their way back to the harnesses and dildo options. Dani felt strange walking around picking up random penis dildos. He’d never do this as a man. Now each toy was mentally compared to David, whose taste was still in his throat, and to Chip, who’s penis had found Dani’s butt a few times now. Dani knew that Chip’s penis size fitted him fine, but was apprehensive about the sizes of these dildos.

Wendy picked up the harnesses and found two that would work. “Dani, are you still a 30 inch waist?”

“Actually, I’m a 28 inch waist now. Lost some weight.”

“You do know cum is fattening?” Wendy said with a cocked head.

“You got as much of that as I did” Dani smiled back.

“You’re ok? Right? He didn’t hurt you?”

“No, I’m fine. I don’t think he wants a date thought. I must be too much of a slut.”

Wendy laughed. “Ok, then these will do.”

“What do you want with these” Dani said pointing out the various penis options in front of him.

“I want it fat, not deep” and she picked up one. “Like this one. You might want it thinner. The anus isn’t as forgiving as a vag” and she picked up one for Dani.

“We need to get Chip to build one.” Dani said and then looked down and said “From his penis. With the vyskin feel.”

Wendy looked at Dani and said “Yes. That’s a great idea. Now let’s get outta here.”

more to come

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