Choco Taco


Choco TacoJoseph Pierce pushed the last row of carts into behind the cart bay garage door and wiped a hand across his forehead to brush aside the sweat. Just as he rounded the corner of the building he saw the most beautiful pair of legs he had ever seen. Following them up he saw that they belonged to an amazing ass, an ass defiantly worth fucking. The girl was wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans and a low cut short sleeved t-shirt exposing a nice view of her cleavage. He could imagine watching them swing back and forth as he slammed his cock into her ass. As he thought this his bulge; which he had had since he got to work, was getting bigger. The girl’s friend caught him looking and told her.Turning around she looked at Joseph and approached him. Looking around Joseph saw that there was no one around and figured she was coming over to him. He was a good looking man. Five foot six inches tall, brown wavy hair, hazel eyes and a nice eight inch uncircumcised cock; with two inches in girth. He would gladly stuff that into any hole any girl wanted.”Were you looking at my ass?” She asked as her friend went into the store. Her eyes moved up and down his body and stopped momentarily on the growing bulge then back up to his face.”Yes I was. And I must say you have a fine ass.” His alarm on his phone went off and he tore off his vest and tossed it aside. “Looks like its lunch time.” He thought to himself how he would love to have a piece of her. Shove his face between those chocolate thighs of her and devour her sweet pink pussy, then roll her over, spread her ass and pound that ass so hard she’d have trouble walking. “You going to do anything about it?”Smiling she waked up to him and said as he hand rested on his chest, “That depends on where you’re going for lunch”Joseph ran to the back, swiped his badge and came back to the front. The girl was there waiting for him and they walked out to her car. She canlı bahis had told her friend she was running somewhere and would be back in an hour. They drove to a closed down department store and parked the car. He was in the passenger seat. Turning the car off she turned to him and leaned in, placed her lips to his and he wrapped a hand around her head and they kissed. As they kissed she slid a hand down to his crotch and started to undo his pants. Once they were undone she pulled on them until they were down to his ankle. She broke the kiss, reached under the seat and pulled it all the way back.Swinging her body so she was sitting on his lap she started to grind into his crotch. He was hardening more and more. He placed his lips to her neck and began to kiss and lick her delicious chocolate neck and slipped a hand under her shirt to unclasp her bra. With her bra free he slipped a hand around and found her nipples already erect. She reached behind her and pulled her shirt off exposing her beautiful and large tits to him. He took the right nipple into his mouth and began to swirl his tongue around the hardening nipple, flicked it with his tongue and bit hard on it. She moaned and reached into his boxers and started to stroke his cock.She then leaned back pulled her shoes off, undid her pants and slid them down as well as her thong. Before she re-straddled him she pulled his boxers down. His already stiff cock sprang out and flung back and forth like a spring. She slid to the ground and started to suck his cock taking it down to the balls and out again. He held her head there until she gagged and then let her come up for air. She then climbed on top of him, reached down, grabbed his cock and placed it at the entrance to her brown puckered opening.He thrust into her gently, sending the head of his cock into her tight ass. Inch by inch he slid his cock into her until it was all the way down, She started bahis siteleri to raise and fall onto his cock. Reaching down he started to finger her pussy and rub her clit. She moaned loudly and was getting so wet. So wet in fact every time her pussy touched his stomach more and more pussy juices oozed out and slid down his stomach to his cock. As they were getting closer and closer to cumming they moved fast and faster. He thrust harder and deeper and she slammed herself down harder and faster. Her moans were becoming screams and her tits were bouncing dangerously fast.Then he shot his cum into her ass. His hot sticky seed went deep into her intestines filling her stomach. On and on his cum shot until finally he stopped. She slid off of him started to suck his cock again. He asked her to stop, and swung over to the driver’s side. She sat in the passenger’s seat and he got on the floor, spread her legs. Her wet pussy flared open and he saw the juices dribbling out. Slipping his hands under her thighs and resting his hands on the top of her ass he began to eat her pussy.Furiously his tongue darted over her clit. He slurped and slurped on her lips and juices and flicked her clit back and forth. She was grinding her pussy to his face and holding him into her. She smelled so fucking good and tasted even better. Joseph Pierce was good at many things, but when it came to women he was amazing. And there was one thing he prided himself in of all things. He could make any woman ejaculate. That’s right, he could make them all squirt or gush. As he continued his onslaught she was screaming loud and the car was shaking back and forth.Pulling one hand out from behind her he slipped into two fingers, bent them towards him and started to finger her. As he did this he continue flicking her clit with his tongue. Soon he felt her lips tighten against his fingers and then it happened. First it was a scream of bahis şirketleri ecstasy followed immediately by a shaking of her body and then she sprayed his face with her clear sweet and sticky juices. He drank it all up, and continued eating her out.”Oh God, fuck me….Just fucking fuck me!” She screamed.Not wanting to disappoint her, he crawled up onto her, slid his cock into her soaking and dripping pussy and began to fuck her hard. She reached up and locked lips with him as he slammed his cock deeper and deeper into her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and held him into her. She began to shake again as he knew she was cumming yet again and then he felt his balls tingle, tighten and then he shoot his load deep inside her. She cum shortly after that, another gush, the juices and his cum oozing out of her pussy and onto the seat. When they both were done he slid off her, moved to the driver’s seat and looked at her.Their bodies were covered in sweat and her pussy was still leaking both of their cum. She started to laugh and began to rub her pussy. She slid three fingers into her pussy and started to finger herself. Joseph could not believe how much energy this woman had. She was pounding her own pussy hard. Joseph just sat and watched and her finger herself. She then closed her eyes, tilted her head back and screamed as shot a blast of cum from her pussy that sprayed against the windshield. Pulling her fingers out she licked them clean then started to get dressed. Taking the cue Joseph also got dressed. They drove to a McDonalds where he went in and got some paper towels for her and they cleaned the windshield off and tried to clean the seat as best as they could. She drove him back to work and her friend got into her car and they drove away.When she left he was still fucking horny. But, there was nothing he could do about it. He walked back to the clock and clocked back in. He was so glad he wasn’t closing tonight. Originally he was supposed to, but he traded shifts with one of the other guys. He was going to be out of here at eight thirty and then it was home where he would watch some porn and jack off.

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