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Classmate turned FBI just joined this forum as a way of passing time away. Had a ball of a time reading some stories n FRs and again some of the tips which I find familiar. been cheonging the scene for some time now. Felt that its now time to contribute to this forum. Today, I’m going to share with u guys a true story. Something that I experienced a while back. EnjoyThis story began about a decade ago when I just got accepted into one of the local junior colleges in the west area. Just to give a rough idea about me first. During my sec sch days, I was a very active person both in CCAs(ECAs back then) as well as with the ladies. Not to boast or offend anyone. I came from a mixed ethnic background. So naturally, i was tri-lingual and my features helped in the ladies department. However, after flunking my prelims when i was in sec 4, i told myself to clean my act and work on my grades. Fortunately, it wasnt too late as i did well for my O levels and got in to a JC. Okay now for the real story… Sit back n enjoyUpon reaching the school, I kept a low profile and start mingling n made new frens. Like what all of us will do in first day of sch. I was assigned to my class and get orientated with my classes/timetable. We were all assembled at the school hall and immediately my eyes started roving around. i guess old habits die hard lols. I was actually quite disappointed. Not many eye candies in a JC. loads of geeks with skirts like pants. haix… I sat in line with my new classmates and started to get acquainted.It was not a big class. About 20 people in my class. I had only 5 guys in my class and the rest were girls . I scouted around. And thats when i saw Alicia for the first time.Alicia saw my eyes gazing at her and looked away shyly. I thought to myself ‘wah good, act shy. She will be my conquest’. So being a friendly classmate, I moved up and sat next to her. I started to introduce myself to her in Mandarin. She was taken aback and replied, ‘ u chinese or malay?’ Like i said before, I’m mixed ethnically. I had a tanned complexion due to my CCA days in sec sch so ppl often assumed that I’m Malay until i surprised them with the Mandarin.So I told Alicia. ‘I’m mixed and I’m Herman btw. nice to meet u’.She started to introduce herself and I could see that there was a kind of attraction there. We TCSS for a while just to know more abt each other. As I was talking to her, I kept gazing at her eyes like a lost puppy. Alicia has very mesmerizing eyes. And she kept saying why are you staring at my eyes. Being the player that I was, I denied staring at her. I said ‘ I wasnt staring at u lah, i was looking at the girl behind u’. Alicia looked disappointed and replied ‘wah, player sei someone’. I laughed and said ‘ no la, its not that i dont want to look at you, i scared u cannot tahan my gaze and fall in love with me’. She gave me a slap on my shoulder and said ‘u wish. I’m not that weak’. From that moment on, I know i had Alicia’s attention bcos girls want attention from guys and if she’s not the centre of your attention, it drives them crazy! I just had to play my cards right. There’s one thing i learnt when i was in sec sch. U gotta play the ‘string’ game with a girl. U gotta give her enuff to get hooked n then take it from there. Nothing more nothing less. We sat down throughout assembly chatting more n giggling away. I swear ppl were looking at us as if we knew each other for a long time. We were wearing diff school uniforms so ppl knew we werent from same school previously.Alicia comes from an all-girls school. I realised from my side view that she has a good figure. B cup at least. but she was wearing a larger uniform which did not flaunt her curves in any way. I thought to myself, ‘nvm, its what underneath türkçe bahis the uniform that matters’. i did not want to scare her off by commenting on her uniform. So i talked about other stuff. Found out that she likes to play basketball and dancing. i was like wow!! talk about a mash up of sports n arts. i’ve always taken a fancy to athletic active girls so i really wanted to see how this go.At last, assembly was done and since its first week, its orientation week. So, first week no classes. Yay!! I exchanged numbers with Alicia and told her i will see her tomorrow. She smiled at me and said ‘see ya Herman’. I went home and started formulating plans to get this girl to stay for the long runI hope I’m not boring u guys. I didnt want to miss out any details. so, back to the story. Orientation passed by quickly and I was up to my usual antics getting to know as many girls as I could which I will share later. For now, the focus is on Alicia. I didnt want to look that close to Alicia cos later I will get labelled as a couple and that will hurt my chances of banging other girls. So, I just brushed off her attention yet doing simple gestures that made Alicia felt special like buying her a drink, talking to her each day etc.Alicia didnt see me doing this for other girls so naturally she thought i was only smitten with her n the other girls are just friends. How foolish n naive she isMonths passed in school with nothing really happening with Alicia. I wanted to keep her for a long run so I’m taking my time.Besides, she’s in my class. At this time, we grew closer and became like best buddies.We knew each other well so we would talk about anything with each other. Classes are in full swing and homework and assignments started to pile up. Alicia was really struggling with homework cos she’s a typical mugger. Someone that needs to read and memorise before she gets the concept. We were in Arts stream so we took Maths, Economics and Geography. She could do very well in Geography as its a dry subject with not many conceptual based learning. However, she was really flunking her Economics. She always complained to me ‘how come ur Econs so good, somemore u like macam never study like that, still get better grades than meI told her different people diff study methods. A subject like Economics, u will never do well if u dont grasp the concepts. I told her, ‘ Don’t worry la, ur my best fren. I confirm help u in that.’ She looked relieved and thanked me. I told her ‘are u free this Sat? I can help u and u can ask me any questions.Come over to my place and we will do the revision.’ U would think that being a girl, she would have reservations coming to my place and would suggest a public place like a library. However, she readily agreed. Instantly, dirty thoughts came on my mind and I was picturing her naked doing some naughty stuff with her. Got a reaction down south but remained cool and simply put my bag over my groin pretending to search my bag for notes. I didnt want Alicia to see my boner as she might change her mind about coming.So Saturday came. My parents were out of town and I was alone in my house. At 10:00 am, Alicia called and said, ‘hey, i reached alr. want me to get anything? Drinks or wad?’ i said, ‘no need, my hse got drinks.’ So about 5 mins later, my doorbell rang. I was in my singlet n shorts and went out to answered the door. Alicia was standing at the door. She looked great. She was wearing a red drifit top and blue fbt shorts and she had her hair down. (She usually ties her hair in school). I could see the outline of her bra from the shirt she was wearing. I thought,’wah not sports bra. good.’ Normally, girls with heavy chest like her would wear a sports bra in school so doesnt look that exposed. poker oyna Perhaps I might get lucky today. Sensing that my rod was getting hard, I invited her into the living room and poured her a glass of water. She sat down at my dining table, taking out her stuff n looked enthusiastic for revision.She knew my parents were on overseas assignment cos I mentioned it to her in school. After she gets settled down and comfortable, I sat next to her and asked her,’so what can i help u?’ She began peppering me with Econs questions and told me to explain certain concepts that she didnt understand. So we revised for quite some time. Before I knew it, it was 2 pm. I could see her productivity in learning is decreasing so i told her, ‘lets take a break, u need to let ur mind relax for a while.’ I could see her stretching her neck and moving her head from side to side and massaging her neck. I asked her, ‘what’s the matter? Tired?’ yeah she nodded and started slouching on the chair. Here comes my opportunity. I asked her casually, ‘u want me to give u a massage? It will help u relax. I was told I’m good with my hands’ She laughed at my offer and replied, ‘u sure annot? Or u just waiting to get ur hands on me?’ I leaned in towards her and whispered cheekily, ‘ Babe, if i was waiting to get my hands all over u, I wont even ask’ She thought to herself for a moment and agreed that I am right. Den she said, ‘ok lor, just massage ha. no hanky panky or i leave.’ Yes. I was assuring her that I’m a gentlemen and that she could stop me any time if she feels uncomfortable.So I shifted my chair and placed it directly behind her chair and sat behind her. i told her to close her eyes n relax. I grinned to myself and thought,’ i’m gonna make u beg for it.’ So I started the massage. Believe me this is not my first massage to a girl so I know my stuff. I started slowly giving her the impression that I was purely doing this to help her. I pressed her shoulders lightly and move to her neck slowly running my fingers down her neck. I could sense her relaxing n putting her guard down. She even complimented me saying that I really know my stuff. i just smiled and continued working her neck and shoulders.I then moved my fingers to her side of the head near her temple and lightly massaged that area. Simultaneously, I ran my fingers down the outline of her face down to her chin and occasionally tug her ears. I could hear soft moans telling me that she’s enjoying it.She was really lost in the massage and totally relaxed. Hearing her soft moans gave me an instant erection but I continued as per normal. After a while, I decided its time to move on to the next level.I started to tease her. As i was massaging her neck, I slowly moved my hands lower towards her chest. Alicia is pretty busty so i had enough room to put my hands into her shirt and i could see her bra. Black bra. I told myself nice. I started to focus my massage there and she didnt stop me for a sec. She was too engrossed n enjoying it to care. I could see her fidgeting around and starting to get aroused. Needless to say, my rod was already hard and its starting to hurt in the shorts. I told myself, ‘what the heck, go for it’. So i took a gamble. I started to be more daring see whether she would stop me annot which I know 90% she wont As i was massaging her chest area, i started to kiss lightly on her neck and nibbling away to her ear. She gave moans of approval. I ran my fingers on her thigh slowly stopping just before her pussy. At this stage, Alicia was starting to get really aroused so i slipped my hand under her shirt and cupped her breasts and using my thumb to play with her nipple over her bra. Still no rejection. i began playing with both her nipples. At this bets10 moment, I look at Alicia in her face. She was really horny and had that CFM look. I started kissing her slowly while still playing with her nipples.Our tongues were deeply locked in each other and Alicia was kissing me back so passionately and she turned to face me. We continued frenching for a while and i started to slip my fingers into her fbt shorts. She was freaking wet.Her panties were damp n moist. I started to play with her pussy. Although her panties were in e way, i knew she was liking it. Alicia was now more proactive. She began caressing my body n went to stroke my cock. At this juncture, we had total abandonment and just were making out like long lost lovers.I pulled up her shirt over her head and there it was. Her breasts were staring in front of my eyes. I unhooked her bra. Her twin peaks were now in my face and nipples erected. I immediately sucked her nipples and she was now moaning loudly. my cock was throbbing and i really wanted to fuck her so bad. I began to pull her to my couch and removed all my clothes. I was now stark naked in front of her. All this while, I was hoping Alicia will not come to her senses and put a stop to all this. Fortunately, she dropped her shorts n panties to the floor.I lay on the couch and gestured her to be on top of me. We were kissing passionately again and my cock is now rubbing her clit as she moves up n down. She stroked my cock and licked my nipples. I was really aroused by this.She made a move downwards and soon my throbbing cock was in front of her face waiting to receive her mouth. She duly obliged. However, she was sadly not very good at it. Her inexperience showed. But i give her marks for trying. i told her to turn so now we were in a 69 position. she continued to suck me as i play with her pussy. She was super sensitive and she moaned continuously as i ate her pussy.Her body quivers a few times so i knew she came a few times. Her mouth was fully wrapped with my cock in it and sucked faster as she was abt to come again.Next, come the lucky moment for me which could turn out badly in the future but didnt. Heng ah. I really wanted to fuck her and I guessed she was too horny to stop me but i started to pull her towards me and started to rub my cock on her clit up n down. I entered her missionary style and slowly pumped. She was tight as hell. And I could see her getting concerned. So i lean over and said, ‘dont worry, I will be gentle. U will enjoy it babe.’ So i took my time making sure her pussy is acclimatised to my cock. Once I see that she was enjoying n moaning feverishly, I started pumpin faster alternating btw slow n fast thrusts. She was clenching my body so hard and her face wen I fucked her is still deep etched in my mind till today. i turned her over. She was bent down holding the couch and I entered her doggie style. Once in a while, I grabbed her breasts from behind and gave a little squeeze. I slapped her ass till it was red as I kept pumping. I felt I was about to shoot and pulled out and asked her to finish me off with a BJ. I came all over in her mouth and i could tell she was gagging on my cum in her mouth. Once I’m done, she quickly ran to the sink and vomitted out my cum. I said to her, ‘does it taste that bad?’ She said,’ i havent swallowed cum before. not used to it.’ She cleaned up and began to cuddle me on the couch. She said,’U ah, I said massage only right. How come go to sex? U made me so horny lor so bad.’ Then I said, ‘ ya lor, u wear so sexy like that then u keep moaning i where can tahan. I guy u know.’She laughed and hugged me tightly. She started to get dressed and told me that she needs to go off, meeting her frens for dinner.She thanked me for my help on Econs and also for the massage winking cheekily away I got up and got dressed. I gave her a long deep kiss before she bade me goodbye. She said, ‘ I see u in sch on Monday.’ I led her out and waved her off.

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