Cleaning Masters’ Ass


As a dancer, one thing I know is: always be ready to go with the flow. While you can always control your own two feet, you never can tell what your partner might do. So I always try to be ready to expect anything. And there’s a lesson for life in that: sometimes, you just gotta roll with it. The story is about that.

Every Monday night, I like to dance at a local club that I like. Most of my gentlemanly friends there are older than me and I appreciate the respect and kindness that they treat me with when I dance with them. There has been an ongoing sexual attraction with one of these men, in particular. He’s probably 10 years older than me and I get the impression from his demeanor and innuendos that he is a submissive lover. His name is Lane.

Last Monday’s dancing was a lot of fun. I wore a little knee high dress, as usual, and a pair of black heels for some extra height. Having naturally large breasts, I always showed a little cleavage for the boys and it was obvious that they appreciated it. When I walked in and saw Lane, I couldn’t help but get a little flushed. He was wearing a blue, casual business suit with an open shirt and no tie. He was tall and slim. He had a huge, wide smile that complimented the salt and peppery color of his conservative haircut. As professional and stern as he appeared, he had a presence about him that was wildly attractive. After our usual small talk and flirtations we headed off to the dance floor: The two-step.

As we danced the night away, the sexual chemistry between us began to gel. I got from him, that unmistakeable feeling that every DOM gets when she knows that someone wants to worship her. As I felt his breath create a cooling sensation on the sweat between my tits, my pussy started to shiver and feel moist between my legs. When I looked into his eyes, I could see the longing in him to be taken by some young woman like me. As a DOM, I know that look. It usually comes from older men who hold positions of authority elsewhere in their lives. Deep down, everyone wants to be controlled on some level. Sex is one of the few ways one can live that out in private. And I have mastered it.

By the time the dancing ended, I was a sweaty mess. My bra and panties were stuck to me and my feet were killing me. I just wanted to go home and go to bed. Before I left, Lane asked me if I wanted to go out for lunch the next day. Having the day off, I agreed. And so we parted ways after we made plans and exchanged numbers. By the time I got home, I was so tired that I didn’t even bother to shower. I just went straight to bed.

The next morning, the phone rang very early. As an on-call nurse, I instantly knew it was work. Oh crap…I thought. There goes lunch. And, sure enough, it was work calling. I jumped out of bed and hurried to get out the door. I didn’t have time to even take a shower. While I was pulling on my white stockings, I couldn’t help but notice the smell of pussy. It was dense and hot. I’m sure the wetness from dancing with Lane the night before only added to it. As the sweaty odor filled my nostrils, I couldn’t help but reach down and part my thick lips and dip a finger inside of myself. Raising my finger to my nose, I smelled it. Fuck, no time…I have to get to work.

Once I got there, I texted Lane to let him know that I wouldn’t be able to make it for lunch but that I could meet him after work, if that worked for him. He agreed to that and said that he would pick me up after my shift. I spent most of the 10 hour shift fantasizing about him and what I might do to him. The quick fingering I had given myself, earlier that day, had me in full istanbul escort blown sex mode. I couldn’t wait to get out of there! By the time my shift ended, I was soaking through my panties and stockings and I felt like I had run a marathon. I was nearly exhausted from the energy that I had put into fantasizing all day.

Lane picked me up right after work and we headed back to my place. We had both eaten earlier and were both pretty tired so we decided to just chill at the house for a bit and have a glass of wine. After we got inside I told Lane to make himself comfortable while I went to get the wine and some glasses. While I was taking the glasses down from the cupboard, I caught the scent of my ripe pussy again and started to wonder if maybe Lane would notice if I sat next to him. I was still in my uniform and decided that I would leave it on.

When I got back to the living room, Lane was on the couch and I sat down next to him after pouring the wine. As we picked up our glasses, I slid closer to him and crossed my legs. We continued to make small talk as we enjoyed our wine and shamelessly flirted with each other. I tried to imagine as much about me dominating him as I could in order to make my pussy wet. And it was working. I felt the heat rising in my wet hole and the moisture trickling out of it. When I could no longer take it, I uncrossed my legs, slowly. As I did so, I laid down my glass and looked into Lane’s eyes.

The smell of hot, wet, sweaty pussy filled the immediate area. It was incredibly strong and impossible to ignore. When Lane caught the scent, his demeanor instantly changed. He exhaled deeply and squirmed in his seat. This realization, combined with my gaze, brought him to the realization that something was about to happen. Something really, really good.

“Do you smell that?” I said, quietly, not blinking from my gaze. Lane stammered as I looked deeper into him.

“Uh…yes…I…do…Amy,” he blurted.

“Tonight…I am not Amy,” I said. “Tonight you will call me Master. Do you understand? Now take off your clothes.”

Lane nodded and slowly stood and stripped. He was shaking with disbelief, anticipation and giddy delight. When he sat back down, I could see his cock twitching against his leg. It was a nice size. Perfect for what I had in mind.

I stood up and positioned myself so that my ass was right in front of his face, where he sat. I pushed my ass back toward his face and reached around to grab the back of his head. “Do you want to get a little closer?” I said, teasingly.

“Yes Master,” he said excitedly.

“Aww…poor baby,” I said, mockingly. “You want to smell Master’s ass?” I pulled his face closer to my white nurse’s skirt and hiked it up a little to expose my soaking panties and white stockings. The wetness of my sopping pussy had stained them both and soaked right through them. As I felt his nose touch my stockings, I quickly slapped the head of his cock, now oozing pre-cum. He shuddered as the mixture of pleasure and pain went through him. “Alright, my little slut. You may smell my asshole,” I said, firmly.

I felt his nose push up under my shirt and into the wet pool of sweat and pussy juice that had gathered around my asshole. I grabbed the back of his head, harder, and pulled him into me. He inhaled my odor deeply as his chest heaved and his cock twitched harder and became more rigid. The large, purple head was now glistening with pre-cum. I reached down to stroke it a little as he continued to sniff my dirty hole. “Oooh yes…my little slave,” I cooed, as he rammed his nose deeper into my ass crack. escort bayan “Master has had such a busy few days,” I said. “I haven’t even had a chance to take a shower. It’s a good thing my new pet is here to clean my dirty ass.”

Releasing my grip on Lane’s head, I slowly pushed my skirt down over my knees, and then my dirty stockings and panties. The smell of ripe pussy and ass was all around us. It was intoxicating. I sat down against his lap so that his cock was resting vertically against my pussy lips. I jerked his cock toward me, slapping it off of my clit. With each slap of his cock against my pussy, shimmering strands of pre-cum extended from the tip of his cock to my sopping cunt. I squeezed out another drop with my thumb and stuck my fingers in my mouth to taste his salty goodness.

“Stick your tongue out, bitch!” I commanded, quickly standing and moving away from Lane’s face. As his mouth opened, I could feel his hot breath against my tight hole and pussy. I reached back around myself and grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled my ass wide open for him to see. “Now, you pathetic loser, stick your tongue in my fucking asshole,” I said.

Without a moment to spare, I felt Lane’s hot tongue invading my hole. It felt so fucking good. “Fuck yeah,” I groaned. “Eat my fucking ass you pig. Do you like the way it tastes? Can you smell that dirty ass all over your stupid fucking face? Lick that stinky asshole you cunt. Lick all of that sweat off of my hole.” Deeper and deeper, he worked his tongue into my ass, occasionally pausing to suck on my anus. When I just couldn’t take it anymore, I stood up on my tip toes until his tongue found my pussy. “Suck my pussy lips,” I moaned, and Lane obliged. “Oooh God that feels so fucking good. You’re such a good boy. You know just what Master likes. Master is very pleased with her slave. Do you like that way that pussy smells? It’s so hot and sweaty for you to clean. If you do a good job, master will reward you like a good little slut.”

Lane continued to eat my hot cunt, sucking my swollen lips and flicking at my clit with his tongue. I could smell my funky pussy and it was turning me on. The more deeply I breathed, the closer I came to cumming. After a few minutes, he began to focus solely on my clit and I felt my orgasm building. “Oh fuck yeah,” I groaned. “I’m going to fucking cum all over your face. Don’t fucking stop. Make your Master cum!” Before I knew it, I was trembling in ecstasy, with my hot cum squirting into Lane’s mouth. When the orgasm subsided, I moved my ass away from his face and placed my hands on his knees. I was still standing, facing away from him.

I then slowly lowered myself down into a sitting position until I could feel his raging cock slide up the crack of my ass. “Now…” I said, agreeably. “Because you were such a good slave, I’m going to let you have my ass.” I let that sink in for a moment while I rubbed his cock up and down my ass crack. I then got slowly into a position where the head of his cock was touching my asshole, which was dripping with sweat and my own cum. “Are you ready?” I said, playfully “Are you ready to fuck Masters’ asshole?” I started to bare down on him and felt my anus relax to accommodate the huge head of his cock. Shifting my weight to my hands and off of my feet, I sank down a little lower and felt the massive head penetrate my tiny opening. Lower and lower I went, feeling inch after inch of his hard flesh enter my body. When I felt the rim of my asshole touch the base of his cock, I dropped all of my weight and melted into him.

“Is that what you wanted?” I said, mockingly. Kartal escort “You cleaned my dirty ass and cunt for this? Tasting and licking all of that funky sweat just so you could get some ass? You’re fucking pathetic. You’re weak. A fucking pervert loser. Now don’t you fucking move. If you do cum, it will only be when I let you.”

And, with that, I slowly raised myself up and down, repeatedly. It was agonizingly slow but I could still feel him getting harder with ever stroke of my asshole on his cock. On the down strokes, I would pause to grind into him and rock back to front on his huge member. In truth, it was hurting my ass because of his size but I wasn’t about to let on. And, besides, I was enjoying the pain as much as the pleasure. He was stretching my little asshole with each slow thrust. After a few minutes, I quickened the pace and rammed down harder into his pelvis each time. He was grunting loudly but, as told, was not making a move. When I thought he was getting close, I rammed my ass down onto him one more time and just sat there.

“Now you may cum, slut,” I said, disinterestedly. I began to rock back and forth on his cock while exerting as much downward pressure onto him as I could. I leaned backward a little, threw my head back and placed both of my hands on my head, thrusting my chest forward. I could feel Lane’s tongue snaking its way up my ribs, into my armpit. Fuck it, I thought. Let him have it. As I bucked on his throbbing cock, I felt his lips eagerly sucking under my arm. I could smell my own funky odor as soon as I raised my arms and he was clearly into it. A few moments later I could feel the swelling growing in his cock: the telltale sign for any man about to cum. I placed my hands back on his thighs and rocked harder against him. Suddenly, he let out a huge groan and spasmed inside of me. I felt his hot, thick ropes of cum deep in my bowels. The sudden increase in his size and hardness sent jolts of intensely pleasureable pain all over my body. Shot after shot of hot jizz coated the inside of my asshole. When his orgasm ended, I made my way back to my feet. His cock slowly withdrew from my very used ass and slid out, effortlessly. I tightened my anus as I stood, careful to not let his cum leak out.

“Well now, you idiot…” I protested. “Look what you’ve gone and done. You spent all of that time cleaning up Masters’ asshole and now you’ve made it all dirty again. So that means you’ll be punished. Now you’re going to have to clean it all over again. And Master won’t stand for anything less than spotless. Open your fucking mouth you fucking loser.”

As Lane hesitantly opened his mouth, I reached back to spread myself for him. When I spread my ass cheeks, my used asshole opened effortlessly. He could see my gaping anus, mere inches in front of his face. It was red and swollen and shiny with his cum and our juices. He could also see a little bit of his white, sticky cum dribbling out of me. Grabbing the back of his head once more, I thrust my ass back onto his face.

“Yeah you fucking pig,” I hissed. “Suck that cum out of me. Suck it out of my dirty, stinky asshole.” I felt Lane’s tongue go up inside of me, once more. My anus was incredibly loose and open. I heard sloppy noises coming from his mouth and I could feel the pressure on my little bud as his hot, salty cum dripped into his waiting mouth from my dirty asshole. I could smell the funkiness of his fresh cum mixed with my stinky holes as he sucked down the thick, salty jizz from my asshole. When I knew he had swallowed it, I dismounted from his face and turned around to look at him.

Looking him in the eye, I shook my head at him, in disgust, and raised my right hand and smacked him across the face. “Get the fuck out of here, you loser”, I yelled. And, like all good slaves do, he obeyed and got dressed while I laughed him to the door.

The End

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