Club Lust


The dude at the bar reminded me of a guy I’d known in college, except his hair was shorter, and the girl, well, I just assumed she was a stripper, this being an afterhours club in Hollywood and all. I sat down at the bar at the empty stool next to him and ordered a Rum‘n’Coke. When the bartender set the drink down, a ten dollar bill magically appeared next to it before I even unzipped my purse. “It’s on me, doll,” the blond man sitting next to me said with a wink.

“Why thank you, honey.”

“You have a got a fantastic belly,” he poked my bare stomach.

“Are you a dancer, too?” the girl asked in a high-pitched, baby doll voice. My sense of perception was always correct.

“My name’s Jasmine.” She shook my hand, her touch all soft skin and long glued on purple nails.

“Oh, no, but thanks for the complement. I’m a writer.”

“Umm, she’s got a hot body and she’s smart, too,” the man moaned. “Hi! I’m Matt. Hope we’re not being too forward.”

“Not at all.” I answered, intrigued. I was due for some fun, and this couple looked like they could provide it.

“It’s too noisy in here. Let’s go to the lounge.” Jasmine said, her voice barely audible above the techno dance music the DJ was spinning.

“Let’s go,” he grabbed my hand. “Let’s go, honey”

I followed them, unable to resist patting his tight ass. His jeans were Escort just about plastered on and I wondered how long it would take to peel them off. Jasmine’s shapely ass was also on display for all to see, in a translucent magenta skirt.

We weaved our way through the packed dance flor to the lounge. Jasmine closed the door behind us. The room was sparse but comfortable, and most important of all after being crammed in a sweaty club dance floor, air-conditioned. We took refuge on a cushy leopard print pit sofa. “May I?” Matt fingered the fringe on my belly shirt, and oh yes he lifted up my top and sucked my nipples “I could tell you had great tits underneath that shirt.”

“Umm” He sucked my tits, devouring me with his greedy mouth.

His attention briefly wandered from my nipples, and over to Jasmine.

“Show me yours.” I ordered Jasmine. This just made Matt suck my tits harder, with the corner of his eye ready to see her topless.

Jasmine unhooked her gold llame bra. Her tits were beautiful, obviously enhanced by a surgeon.

“Oh, yeah.” Matt moaned. “I got a sweet little top and nice round melons. I see you and I have something in common. We like tits.”

I moaned. “Yeah, she’s hot.”

I rubbed his crotch and unzipped his jeans.

“And do you like cock?” Jasmine crawled over to us.

“I adore cock.”

“Then Escort bayan we have something in common.” I guided his cock to her mouth, and she sucked him hard, making him squirm as I nibbled on his ear.

“Silly man.” I untied Jasmine’s skirt and fingered her pussy beneath her g – string.

He was hard and glistening when she let him go, and all prepped for my pussy.

“He can go all night” she whispered, “He’s incredible. I’ll let you fuck him first because it’s your first time with him.”

He pulled down my jeans and ate me, his sweet, experienced tongue exploring and pleasuring me with an intensity that made me wilder. “I need your cock. I need it inside me.”

He widened me with his finger. Jasmine practically pushed him inside me, then rubbed herself against his back as he fucked me. Following in rhythm with us as we fucked. He came over my tits and she rubbed it onto her tits, taking a taste first.

“He likes when his women do that.”

Jasmine and I went into the lounge restroom to wash up. “I’ll do just about anything to make Matt feel good. That’s more important than anything.”

“I love the look on his face when he comes…it’s so hot.” I said, totally in awe of my newest stud. I didn’t want the night to end.

Later, after a night of dancing, drinking and schmoozing, we met up at Matt’s apartment. Bayan Escort I was surprised that it was decorated so nicely, and had a fridge full of food. “Now, girls don’t fill up on leftover pizza.” Matt warned.

He slipped into the shower. “Let’s go surprise him.” Jasmine suggested.

I don’t think it’ll be a surprise I think he expects it.”

Matt was rinsing the shampoo out of his hair when we ambushed him.

He got on his knees and fingered both of us, the look of utter contentment on his face.

“I wish I had two cocks” he lamented. We led him out of the shower dried him off.

“C’mere, you don’t call the shots now – we do.” I told him.

Jasmine and I 69ed each other, and ignored him. When he crawled toward us, we pushed him away.

“It’s not your turn yet.” I commanded.

But he was having none of that.

He entered me from behind, pulling me off Jasmine. Not one to be left out, she reached into the dresser drawer and pulled out a dildo – next best thing to his cock.

I rode him hard, dripping wet and aroused by his tireless cock growing inside me. “Save some for me”, Jasmine cooed, sliding the dildo in and out of her wet pussy while she followed our lead.

He pulled out, spreading his cum over my ass this time. I fell asleep, and by the time I stumbled out of their apartment and drove back to mine, I collapsed on my bed and slept straight through til the alarm rang at seven a.m. Monday.

I always dreaded getting out of bed Monday morning and getting dressed for work, but that particular Monday, I especially hated it.

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