Co-Worker Fantasy Pt. 09


She smiled, excited by the attention.

She reread the note “Peaches, I don’t wrap things, but I saw this and I was THINKING about you and your train ride”

She enjoyed knowing he thought of her when she wasn’t around. The box was relatively lightweight and she didn’t have any guesses on what could be inside. She shook it a little bit but that didn’t help either. Inside was a small black box with no label. Nestled inside the box was a necklace. It was a gold colored necklace with a long chain and a single pendant. The pendant was a slender rod a little longer than her index finger like was in fashion right now. It was lovely and simple, something that would go with any outfit, but she wasn’t sure it why it reminded him of her. He wasn’t the fashionable type or the gift giving type.

She tucked the post it note inside the box, preserving the memory, and slid it into her desk drawer. She undid the clasp and put the necklace on, the cold rod falling between her breasts set her nerves on fire and she felt her nipples harden. The initial shock wore off as the rod warmed up with her body heat. She was wearing a black wrap dress today with heels and the necklace took the outfit up one more notch.

She picked up her phone and dialed his extension.

“What’s up?” He answered

“I just wanted to take you for my present”

She heard him sit up at his desk “so you like it?”

“It’s very lovely, yes, I like it. Unlike you to be so fashion forward though.”

There was a long pause and she began to think she offended him. “It’s fashionable, huh?”

“You just had some sales girl pick it out didn’t you?”

“What? bahis siteleri Are we in the 50s? I bought this on amazon, there is no sales girl” he laughed back at her.

“Well, either way, thank you”

“Lunch today?”


“Ok, I’ll stop by your desk and get you around noon.”

She hung up the phone and looked at the necklace again, twirling it in her fingers. Per usual, he had turned her on with just a few words and on top of that he had given her a gift, making her feel special; maybe their conversation had gotten to him. Either way, her pussy was soaked.

She was still working on a document at her standing desk when he sauntered over to her cube at noon. The office was clearing out as it always did at lunchtime, everyone took advantage of their breaks and no one at this office worked through their lunch.

“I need your help with this excel spreadsheet” he declared loudly.

She rolled her eyes, she thought she was going to go have a nice lunch and he was basically asking her to do his work for him through lunch.

He slid a flash drive into her USB port and pulled up a spreadsheet.

She leaned in, interested in getting this done at quickly as possible “what are you trying to do?”

She furrowed her brow as she read the header of the spreadsheet “be very quiet and play along, pretend to type.” She felt his hand on her thigh.

She turned to glare at him but his other hand on her back kept her body positioned towards the desk. She looked around, gauging how many people were still in the office. She saw two people meeting up a couple of cubes down and walking towards canlı bahis siteleri the elevators together but she didn’t see anyone else around. His hand continued to slide up her leg, under her dress.

“I can’t figure out how to get these columns to add up.” He declared loudly “I’m not an excel guy”

He then leaned in towards her and whispered “I’m glad you like the necklace but I don’t think you fully understand the gift.”

“What are you talking about?” She whispered back as she pretended to fix his excel spreadsheet. “Here, you have to add this formula to this column” she said louder.

“I’m going to show you” he whispered as his hand reached her underwear and he ran his index finger lightly along her wet slit through her underwear.

She felt electricity running through her at his touch. She began to breath heavy, trying to remember to fake type. “Mmmm, What was it you wanted to show me?”

He withdrew his hand, leaving her wanting more, and pulled her hair to the side as she looked around, making sure no one was around. He undid the clasp to the necklace and held the pendant in his hands. He pulled and turned the pendant and looked at her expectantly. She raised an eyebrow and looked back at him, confused.

He turned her again toward the spreadsheet and started a long loud rant on how impossible it was to use excel and how we should have an excel expert on staff to handle our excel needs as he once again ran his hand up her dress, but this time, when he reached her panties, he ran his middle finger up her slit until he was pushing on her clit and she felt a vibration as he pressed güvenilir bahis the necklace she had been warming between her breasts against her clit. She let out a gasp “oh my god, Jacob” and he covered her with his continued loud rant. The necklace he had given her was a secret vibrator and so quiet she hadn’t been able to hear it at all.

He continued to run it up and down her slit, she imagined he was enjoying watching her try to hold her composure as he pleasured her publically in the office. She leaned into the desk, secretly rubbing her nipples across the edge as she pretended to focus intently on the spreadsheet. She saw someone coming down the hall towards the field of cubicles and she nudged him. He smiled at her, carefree as always, and pulled her underwear to the side with his middle finger. She looked to the side trying to hide her gasp of pleasure as he stuck the vibrator into her pussy. He withdrew his hand, leaving the vibrator still vibrating inside her pussy, the long chain dangling beneath it as he waved to the person walking by.

“Excel is the worst right? Lucky we have such great coworkers to help us” he chatted with their coworker as she pretended to type, overwhelmed with the feeling of the vibrator inside her.

As the co-worker walked away, he put his whole hand over her pussy, using the heel of his hand to put pressure on her clit as his fingers toyed with and pushed the necklace further into her. She felt the necklace pendant hit her g-spot and she couldn’t contain herself anymore, she grabbed at his shirt and stared into his eyes as her whole body seized up and she silently came at her desk, waves of pleasure washing over and she leaned over on to the desk, breathing heavily. He withdrew his hand, pulling the vibrator out and turning it off. He hung the necklace back around her neck and as he was redoing the clasp he whispered into her ear “I’m going to stick it somewhere else next time.”

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