Code Name Tequila Ch. 03


The same day that Ria Ortega boarded a plane to head to Argentina, Jarvis Cleethorpe was rushing down a hall in the Langley, Virginia headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency. He had a meeting with the man known simply as “Black Oak,” the man who was in charge of a number of projects at the CIA, including the one to identify and eliminate the South American drug lord known as “Aguila Roja,” the Red Eagle.

Jarvis entered Black Oak’s office, and was told to go right in by the receptionist. Jarvis entered the room and took a seat. Black Oak was staring down at his secure Blackberry, reading a message. Jarvis knew enough not to interrupt him while he was typing, so he waited silently.

Finally, when Black Oak was ready, the meeting began. Jarvis was an analyst, responsible for gathering research, running scenarios and making suggestions on how to proceed in investigations and operations that the CIA were undertaking. He had six different investigations he was working on right now spanning the entire geographically area of South America, Central America and the Caribbean. It was a massive and time consuming job, but Jarvis excelled at it. He was motivated. He knew that if he could impress Black Oak, some day he might get to move up and run some operations.

Black Oak and Jarvis ran through the first five files in about 20 minutes. Not too much was happening in those files that required an update, and Black Oak didn’t like to be bothered with too many details, so they were able to polish them off quickly. The last file was the one with the most action, and Jarvis had saved it for last.

Aguila Roja, the search for the mysterious drug lord who was using the cover of a Pan-American auto racing series to ship drugs to North America and weapons to South America. No one knew who he was, but they knew some of his compatriots. One of them, Luis Tabernas, was the co-owner of one of the racing teams in the Pan-American circuit. The CIA knew that Tabernas had a weakness for Latin American and Asian transsexuals, and so they had sent Ria Ortega, a Mexican tranny, down to Argentina to infiltrate the racing organisation. If she could get close to Luis, she might be able to get some vital clues on the identity of the Aguila Roja.

Jarvis reported that Ria was on her way down to Argentina now.

“What’s the prognosis on this girl?” Black Oak asked.

“She has a very good chance to catching Luis’ eye, and should be able to get quite close to him. How much he shares, that’s harder to say. She is just a civilian we roped into this, not a trained integrator,” Jarvis reported.

“Hmmm,” Black Oak responded. “What’s the shelf life of this girl?”

Jarvis frowned. “Hard to say, but the answer is probably not too long. He pretty much has a revolving door of transsexuals running through his place. He’ll keep them until he gets bored with them, anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of months. Ria seems just his type, though, so we project that she’ll be around for at least 2 months, before he gets rid of her.”

“Gets rid of her? He kills them?” Black Oak asked.

Jarvis shook his head. “No, no, just sends them away, usually back to where they came from. We’ll probably see Ria shipped back to San Diego in a few months.”

Black Oak shook his head. “Not great when the racing season is eight months long. What about plan B?”

Jarvis reached into his folder. Out of it he pulled a series of photographs depicting two women, one Asian and one Latin American. “The computer created these models yesterday. They are quite impressive, actually.”

Black Oak picked up the photos and looked at them. “Damnit, these are what they would look like? You’d hardly even know! Can we get them trained in time?”

Jarvis pulled another sheet of paper out of his folder. “Here is a schedule to get the ‘girls’ up to speed within a week and a half. Trained and … ummm… broken, Sir.”

Black Oak nodded, and put down the paper. “Okay, let’s do it.” Black Oak pressed a button on an intercom. “Teresa, can you get Agents Jimmy Cho and Pedro Juarez for me.”

* *

Agent Jimmy Cho stood with his mouth agape. Agent Pedro Juarez swore. That was the initial reaction of the two men when they heard the news. They were standing there in Black Oak’s office when he had thrown them a set of photos and told them they were going to be made into transsexual women and sent to seduce Luis Tabernas. At first they didn’t believe Black Oak, thought it some sort of joke, but then they both looked down at the photos and saw they were photos of themselves as women.

“No way,” said Juarez. “There is no way we are doing this. Right, Cho?” Juarez looked over at Cho for support. Juarez had joined the CIA to be a manly spy, not a sissy-boy in panties getting fucked by some South American drug lord.

Cho picked up the photo of himself as a woman and looked at it. He was amazed at how feminine he looked. Whereas nothing but objections were racing through Juarez’s mind, Cho was simply wondering why he didn’t tuzla escort look like that when he dressed up at home.

Cho had never thought about dressing up as a woman. He was straight and loved women. Then six weeks ago in a meeting Black Oak had made the suggestion that Cho and Juarez dress up like women to seduce Luis Tabernas. Cho was horrified at the time, and felt himself lucky with Agent Chambers came up with an alternative plan to send the Mexican shemale Ortega.

The rest of that day, though, the thought of dressing up like a girl and getting fuck by a large Latin man kept running through his head. At the start, Cho mostly pushed it out with a shiver of fear. By the end of the day, though, Cho was finding himself letting the day dream play out. He imagined himself on all fours, dressed in sexy lingerie with a muscle bound dark-skinned Latin lover behind him, and amazingly Cho started to find himself getting arosed.

That evening, after eating dinner alone in his one-bedroom apartment on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., he found himself thinking about being a woman again. He wandered into his bedroom and opened up the box of Jackie’s stuff. Jackie was his last girlfriend, and she had left him almost six months ago. He had put her stuff in a box for her to pick up, but she never bothered. Now he looked through the box and pulled out a few items. There was a silk thong bikini bottom in baby blue, a red lace bra and a couple of thigh-high stockings. Cho stripped down and put on the clothes, stuffing the bra with toilet paper as the girls had in high school.

Nothing matched, but it didn’t matter. Cho felt so good, his cock was rock hard and rubbing against the smooth patch of silk on the panties. Cho couldn’t help himself. He fell onto his bed and within just a few strokes shot a massive load all over his stomach as he thought about being a beautiful woman.

Since that night, he had dressed up every night at home. He had gone out and bought a wig and some clothes from a discount shop. He loved the feeling of dressing up, and often masturbated while dressed as he thought of pleasing men with his mouth and his ass. But he never had the nerve to do anything, partly because he didn’t look at all feminine when he dressed up.

Looking at that picture in Black Oak’s office, he looked so feminine.

“This is what we would look like?” he asked.

Jarvis Cleethorpe nodded. “The computer used pictures and dimensions from your files. There is no change to your body or facial structures there, just a projection of what you would look like in appropriate fitting clothes, make up and with decent wigs. Plus, obviously, breast forms to fill out your chest.”

Juarez shook his head again. “No way. There is no way this is happening. Tell them, Cho.” Cho remained silent, looking at the picture.

Black Oak stood up. “Gentlemen, this is for the good of this nation. Aguila Roja is a serious threat, and we all need to do everything in our power to stop him. For your country, consider this.”

Juarez shook his head again, about to speak, but then he was stunned into silence by Agent Cho.

“For my country, I will do this,” Cho said.

Juarez was floored. “Cho, are you serious? You realize that you are saying yes to not just dressing up, but actually getting fucked in the ass by some god-damn drug lord?”

Cho ignored Juarez, instead he put the picture down and looked up at Black Oak. “Sir, I understand what is required of me, and am willing to fulfil those duties.”

Black Oak nodded and looked over at Juarez. “Agent, your answer?”

Juarez rolled his eyes. “Goddamn kiss ass Cho,” he thought. “He’s gunning to get a promotion before me, even though I have been with the agency for six months longer. There is no fucking way I am going to let that happen.”

Juarez took a deep breath, and nodded his head. “Yes sir, if it is for the good of the country and the good of this operation, then I will do it.”

Black Oak thanked the men, and dismissed them. Juarez left silently cursing Cho, Black Oak and that weasel analyst Cleethorpe. Cho left holding a file folder in front of him, trying to make sure no one could see the ranging hard-on he had.

* * *

Jarvis Cleethorpe had come up with a two stage plan to get Cho and Juarez ready for their assignment. The first stage was titled feminization, and that pretty much described what was to occur.

The first day of the feminization started with the simple act of measurement. Cho and Juarez were measured for clothing and wigs, and their skin colours analysed to determine the best makeup colours to use. This information was fed back into the computer model, and a series of outfits and make up brands were chosen for the agents. Two female agents of approximately the same body size, shapes and colourings as Cho and Juarez were dispatched to the malls at Tyson’s Corner and the Galleria to purchase the make up and clothing items.

The second day, Cho and Juarez were taken to an empty gymnasium in göztepe escort the CIA’s campus. They were told to wait until their instructor came in. They stood there waiting, hands at their sides while they were examined on CCTV by the person who would be most responsible for the feminization of the two men, Mistress Stiletto.

Mistress Stiletto was a shemale dominatrix who lived in Silver Springs, Maryland and ran an illegal by highly profitable S&M dungeon out of her suburban house. She also was an off-the-books paid informant for the CIA. The CIA was forbidden to operate on domestic soil, but it was a rule that the CIA was not overly interested in following. Mistress Stiletto came to the attention of Black Oak more than five years ago, when an agent tailing a senator from the midwest followed him to Mistress Stiletto’s suburban dungeon. Black Oak had agents watch the house for three weeks, and they catalogued a massive list of senators, congressmen, senior ranking bureaucrats and important lobbyists all visiting Mistress Stiletto.

Black Oak seized the opportunity, making a deal with the dominatrix to keep the local and federal police out of her hair if she would provide him with information on a regular basis. Having been raided twice by the police in the past few weeks, Mistress Stiletto gladly agreed, having no idea that it was in fact CIA agents disguised as police officers who had carried out the “raids” on the orders of Black Oak himself.

Since that time Black Oak has received a steady stream of information from the dungeon thanks to closed circuit television system he had installed there. Black Oak was amazed the amount of information that came out of the mouths of Stiletto’s clients during the sessions. With this information, Black Oak had been able to understand the direction that politicians were heading in, and when necessary redirect them through threats, bribes or other forms of coercion.

Now, though, Black Oak had a whole different mission for Mistress Stiletto, and one she quite relished. Black Oak had said simply, “make these two agents look, act and speak like women. Use whatever means necessary.”

Mistress Stiletto grinned. “Do you want me to break them, sexually?” she asked.

“No,” Black Oak had said. “We’ve got a whole other plan for that.”

Cho and Juarez saw the door at the far side the gym swing open, and they both gasped as a six foot tall blonde shemale came striding into the gym, wearing a PVC ankle length dress, slit on the side up to the belt and five inch stiletto thigh-high boots. She was carrying a riding crop in her hand.

“I am the feminizer, and I am here to make you women. The first thing you must do is strip,” Stiletto said.

Cho and Juarez just stood there.

“Slaves, did you not hear me?” Stiletto asked.

Juarez laughed. “Listen, I don’t know what…” he said, but was cut off by the loud crack of Mistress Stiletto’s riding crop as it snapped against her leather boots.

“Firstly, you do not question what I say, but just do it. Secondly, if you feel that it is appropriate to address me, which most likely it is not, you can call me Mistress. Thirdly, why are you still dressed? Do you want to be caned?” Mistress Stiletto said. Her voice was feminine but forceful, and it was enough to get Cho and Juarez to strip off their clothes.

Mistress Stiletto examined what she saw in front of her. Cho was a Korean American of average height and a slight build. He was mostly hairless except for some tufts under his arms and around his cock. His face was young looking and thin. Stiletto could see how he would make a good looking woman.

Juarez was of Panamanian descent. He was well built but quite short. Obviously he’ll worked out and was proud of his body. He had shaved his underarms and pubic hair, though Mistress Stiletto was not overly impressed with the job – still a little too stubbly for her. Juarez had a hard face, but earlier when he had laughed, there was a sparkle in his eyes and his smile was engaging. If she could get him to smile, he’d pass as a woman.

Stiletto walked forward and looked at the men. “The first thing we will need to do is give you names. Proper, girls names. I can’t be calling on two little budding flowers Jimmy and Pedro, can I?” She looked at the two men, and a smile came over her face.

She walked over to Cho. “From now on you will be known as April Showers.”

Turning to Juarez, she touched his chest with her riding crop. “And you will be known as May Flowers. Now, tell me how much you like my names for you.”

Juarez and Cho stood silently, not sure what to do. Stiletto let them know with force. She whacked each of them on the ass with her riding crop, leaving a bright red stripe on their naked butts. “Answer me, salves!”

“I love my name, Mistress,” Cho said.

“Yeah, great name,” Juarez said with a sarcastic tone.

Stiletto whacked Juarez twice across the ass again. “May Flowers, you will answer me respectfully and address me as Mistress. Answer üsküdar escort me again, salves. Tell me how much you like your new names!”

This time, both Cho and Juarez answered in unison. “I love my name, Mistress,” they said, without a hint of sarcasm in their voices.

“Excellent,” Mistress Stiletto said. “Next up, we need to teach you how to shave.” She ran her finger along the stubble of Juarez’s pubic hair. “Really shave as well, so we can make sure you don’t have a five o’clock shadow across your little clits.”

Mistress Stiletto and her two slaves went into the locker room of the gym, where towels, shaving cream and razors were waiting. Mistress Stiletto order the men into the showers and told them to clean themselves and let the water get nice and steamy. After a few minutes of scrubbing, Mistress Stiletto herself entered the shower. She was now naked, and Juarez and Cho couldn’t help but notice the massive cock that was swinging freely between her legs. It must have been a good 6 inches long and thick as a shotgun barrel, and it wasn’t even erect.

Mistress Stiletto grabbed her cock. “I know you boys probably want to get a piece of this, but that is not what we are hear for. What I want you to notice is how smooth and hairless I am. You will need to be able to shave yourself to be smooth and hairless as well, otherwise you’ll just be faggots in dresses. I want to make you beautiful women, not hairy drag queens.”

What followed was a strange experience for Juarez and Cho. Stiletto walked them through a step-by-step lesson on how to really get a nice, close shave, and had them shave their underarms and pubic regions. Neither man had any chest, back or ass hair, so that wasn’t a problem. Next she had them shave their legs, and “because they were slutty whores,” she had them shave up to the thigh.

At the end of the lesson, Stiletto said, “Okay, slaves. For the rest of our lessons together, I want you to come in her first thing and make sure you shave yourself so you are nice and smooth. If you can’t keep a nice smooth appearance, you’ll have to feel the sting of my crop again.”

Next the men were taken back out into a changing area. In the room were two vanity desks, and racks of clothes. On the vanities were various brands of makeup, and pair of strange looking rubbery blobs. Mistress Stiletto walked them through the process of getting dressed and made up, including explaining that the rubbery blobs were breast forms, to help give the men shape. She showed them gaffs for hiding their penises, and explained how to tuck their members away, even going so far as to help Juarez by grabbing his cock after he encountered some difficulty in figuring out the tuck.

When Stiletto grabbed his cock, Juarez jumped. “That’s too much,” he cried. “I’m trying to be a good agent, but when some dude grabs my cock, that’s just too much.” He looked over at Cho, desperation in his eyes, and pleaded. “Cho, come on, this is too much. We can’t do this! If we both walk out, it’ll be fine.”

Cho looked at Juarez, and did feel sorry for him, but Cho had seen all the different dresses and blouses and undergarments on the rack, and he was excited about the opportunity to try them all on and see how they fit.

Mistress Stiletto looked at Cho. “April, do you feel as May feels?”

Cho shook his head. “No, Mistress. I want to proceed, Mistress.”

Stiletto smiled. “Excellent.” She turned to Juarez. “Now, for your punishment. Let me count them out. Disrespect, not calling me Mistress, calling me a ‘dude,’ trying to enlist others in your ill-advised slave revolt, and recoiling at my touch. Not to mention not doing your duty for your country. That’s six.”

Mistress Stiletto grabbed Juarez and flung him onto the ground so that he landed on all fours, his ass facing her. She wound up and smacked him once across the ass with her riding crop. Juarez yelped and tried to get up, but Stiletto pushed him back down again. “That one doesn’t count, because you made a noise and you tried to run. For that, it is now eight lashes.”

Stiletto lashed Juarez again. He jumped up before she could get him down. Juarez looked at Cho. “Come on, man. This is crazy. This fucking bitch is going to beat us for no reason. Please dude, just walk out.”

Cho sighed. “May, this is for the good of the country, and I am going to see this through.”

Stiletto whapped Cho on the ass twice in rapid succession. “Don’t speak to the other slaves unless I tell you to!”

Cho, his eyes still on Juarez, said, “Yes, Mistress. Sorry, Mistress.” In Cho’s eyes, Juarez could see that Cho was determined. He was going to do this, and if Juarez walked away, he would be the only quitter.

Juarez closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He walked back over to Mistress Stiletto, and got down on all fours. “Sorry Mistress. I’m ready for my punishment now, Mistress.”

Stiletto smiled. “That’s good to hear, slave May, though because of your outburst, you’ll now be getting fifteen lashes.”

Stiletto started to rap Juarez on the ass. Juarez grimaced and winced, but he did not cry out. Mistress Stiletto was an expert at caning, and she gave Juarez enough that he felt a good deal of pain without it being too much, especially making sure not to break the skin.

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