College football & cuckold couple


College football & cuckold coupleHey take that damn robe off woman, it’s hot as hell outside and you have this crap on said Big Jim to his wife Susan. Mrs. Susan replied no dear I’m not dressed properly underneath this robe. Your work buddy is here, enjoy the college football game while I finish cleaning the house. Beisdes you have the A.C. unit on 68 degrees it’s cold as heck in here. Mrs. Susan had on a knee length sheer red robe. The material highlighted her tanned body juicy thick thighs and her small painted feet to perfection. When she walked into the kitchen to retrieve us another round of beers. I admired how her juciy ass bounced as she walked. She looked over her shoulder back at me and gave a smile and wink.Once a again Big Jim said ” take off that gotdamn hot as robe woman”! Standing up to add emphasis to his demand. Big Jim stood around 6’6 and said he weighed 320, but he was a gentle gaint. At work this guy would man handle sheet metal as if it was a paper weight. His over the hill and still hot wife said ” oh you really want me to drop this robe Jimmy”? Jim looked at the T.V. and said “take it off”.Mrs. Susan said ” Sonny since this is my husband’s house I must respect his wishes. I hope this doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. She began to disrobe and act shy, later on I found out it was a little drama theater. To me that motherfucking robe dropped in slow motion. I got an instant hard from the view in front of me. My 8 inch black dick stood at full attention. It was throbbing hard, if I didn’t shove my cock in some pussy within the next 30 minutes I was at risk to develop an instant case of blue balls.Y’all this fine ass mature white lady had on two lavender color pieces of material that barely covered her large breast, that same see-thru material attempted to cover her ass and trimmed pussy. Her dark nipples looked as if they had an espace plan or something. They were jumping out at me.Big Jim said “now turn around and let Sonny Boy see the back side”. You could see the tan lines of her bra and panties area. Mrs. Susan had a body that most women would pay to possess.Her hubby instructed her to bend over and touch her toes with her ass facing us. The slut wife pussy lips spread wide open while she was bent over.  Mrs. Susan pussy looked so tight and inviting. She danced around slightly while rubbing her clit to the country music truck commerical. This view was better than watching the sun set on a Gulf coast beach. I was in heaven with a sinful hard on and I’m quite sure there was a small amount of pre-cum leaking out of my harder than a green bamboo pole dick.This cuckold, blonde hair, still wearing an 80’s hairdo woman looked extra extraordinary. Mrs. Susan stood around 5’4, weighed in at 140 pounds soaking wet, with 36E natural tits, and the icing on the cake was her nice round Georgia peach ass. This mature white lady was built like a brick house. As a teen I jacked off countless times to 80’s porn video’s with a slut wife that fit Mrs. Susan  description. I used to steal worn panties to stiff and jack off in them back in the days. Sue me I had some hidden kinky shit in my black soul. I blame it on the 25% Caucasian Heritage in my bloodline.In the background I could hear the opposing team  scored another touchdown. At this point I didn’t give a flying fuck about my favorite college football team taking a beat down on the grind iron.The voyeur istanbul escort wife gave us a show for about 5 hot minutes. At the end of her hoochie coochie dance she dug two fingers inside of her cunt. She fingered herself roughly while moaning loudly and making eye contact with me. When she pulled her fingers out they were covered in thick creamy pussy juice. She licked and sucked her fingers clean and asked if we still wanted to watch football? All I could do was stare at this hot ass married white cougar. I was wide eyed like a c***d at it’s very first magic show. I couldn’t produce a sound, for 30 seconds plus I was a mute.Mrs. Susan asked ” Sonny does this make you uncomfortable”? I looked at Jim trying to gague his expression. The soon to be cuckold asked the same “question does this make you uncomfortable”? I stood up and said “yes, because this snake right here needs to breath” and I dropped my shorts and underwear.When my 8 inch black snake popped out. I made it jump a few times. That was what I called the happy dance. Jim sat at the edge of his chair trying to get a view of my package. I spit in my hands and jacked off with my shorts and my ankles. I asked Mrs. Susan to turn around and touch her toes. When this sexy slut was ass up and face down. I looked at Jim and asked if it was cool if I touched her while still jacking off. He said yes just don’t block the game. I felt on her body while she stood still like a statue. Her breathing was heavy like a lady in labor. Mrs. Susan asked her cuckold husband for permission to touch my black dick. You know that was the last time she asked him if he could do anything with me.Mrs. Susan pushed me back, and got her wet mouth horizontal with my ebony love handle. She wasted no time gobbling up my fat black rod. Her mouth should be in the record books, that bitch knew how to suck a mean dick. No shit this whore could siphon two peas out of a coke bottle. Never in my wildest dreams did I think some married white alluring lady would be blowing me off in front of her hubby. My black snake has busted 100s of loads in my pocket pussy to video’s scenes of this nature. This blow job Mrs Susan was giving my young black tool was 5 on the Richter scale. I had to focus on the game and how my team was still taking a beat down. To hold my jizz back.The look on Jim’s face stated that he was enjoying the live sex show. He bgean to undress and join the party. His hot cuckold wife was doing still doing number on my chocolate bar. I loved how she choked herself on my black 8 inch prick. When I was close to busting a load, she turned her attention to Jim who was now nude and left me hanging. I wasn’t mad because a few more seconds I would have busted a hard dicking killing nut.I know Big Jim got his nickname from his huge body frame but this man had a 2 and half inch dick. Susan told tiny dick Jim to sit back down. She put her face in his lap and went to work blowing him off. At first I jacked off watching her give his shrimp dick a blow job. Then I started feeling on her body, squezzing her huge and soft tights. Pinching her fat ass, digging my fingering into her wet pussy. Sucking the sweet juices off of my fingers. She tasted better than some blue bunny ice cream.This tramp had a orgasm while I finger fucked her tight and sloppy wet married pussy I couldn’t get a enough avcılar escort of the flavorish shit.Not satisfied with the taste sample I got under her while she blew off Big Jim. I think she was shocked by my oral skils. If eating pussy was an art, I was be better than Picasso. Mrs. Susan said “shit and looked down at me as I sucked on her clit”.That lady held my head and rode my face like a horse jockey on the last leg of a derby. I couldn’t see what was going on but I could tell that her mouth was doing a number on Jim’s cock. Just like she did me Mrs. Susan stopped sucking her hubby off before he blew a load in her mouth.Mrs. Susan got on the couch with her legs spread eagle style. I went high and my co-worker went low. I sucked her tits, kissed her neck, and mouth while her tiny hubby ate her snatch. Big Jim said fuck this shit and shoved his baby tool inside of his wife’s tight ass love box.This was a very pleasurable experience. Jim was humping and pounding like a mad man. I think the musty sex scent was the most arousing of the encounter. Mrs. Susan was purring like a kitten. I played with her tits, kissed her on the mouth.I wanted to pierce her canal with my black rod. I said ” damn Big Jim save me some, you are going to have her sore before I get my turn. Thinking to myself ain’t no way in hell that shrimp dick could make a pussy sore.Again I said save me some in a c***d like voice. At my request Big Jim panting became heavier, their fucking sounded like someone stomping in a puddle of water. Mrs. Susan had to be weather than a tropical storm. The mature 3 way slut said “trade places baby you are going to cum too hard and wont be able to go another round.At the sametime I was saying ” save me some of the pussy Jim, or please don’t make her to sore, I want a turn in the pussy. Mrs. Susan stated stop being greedy you have had your way with me for year’s let Sonny fuck your pussy. Jim didn’t pay either of us any mind he kept pumping until he flooded his wife’s shallow love tunnel with hot spunk. I was standing behind him with a hard dick waiting my turn. When he moved out of the way Mrs. Susan had jizz leaking down the crack of her ass. I looked at Jim and said “damn man that is a huge fucking load, I guess it’s sloppy seconds for me”.She wanted to wash up, but her hubby and I didn’t want a pause in the action. The cuckold hubby stated he wanted to watch me fuck her sloppy pussy. Mrs. Susan asked me if I was ok with fucking her jizz filled muff?I was thinking to myself does one of those African c***dren with flies on them from the charity commercial want something to eat? Yes, I wanted her pussy I really stuck my 8 inch black dick into her cream fill pussy cat. It was sticky, hot, tight and wet. When I pulled back the sperm that just had been deposited into her married love hole covered my black rod.I pumped slowly a few more times, admiring the site of my dick being covered in a spent load and pussy nectar. For me this was some next level type of shit and my horny black ass was loving every second of it. I had to pull out a few times. This pussy could turn a guy into a minute man. I was catching hell holding back that load.It was as if I was trying to reel in a big mouth Georgia bass that wouldn’t be an easy catch. My balls were super tight, I hadn’t fucked or jacked off in about 3 weeks. I was really bare  dick in some şirinevler escort sweet married twat. I had to tell myself don’t be selfish and bust. Using all my strength I pulled back and rubbed my dick head against her clit.My dick and mind were in a tug of war battle. Pulling out for me was harder than a meth head giving up that last hit. My mind won that round I pulled back to rub my shinny dick against her married clit. After a minute I went back to my deep sea diving mission.Meanwhile Mrs Susan was having trouble taking my 8 inch steel black dick. With each pump she screamed “oh my God” and turned her head into Jim’s chest. He told his wife to watch my dick slide into her pretty pussy. He came in for a close up look and began to rub her clit. Once again I pulled out to hold off on busting a  load. When I pulled back a few inches Big Jim began to suck on his slut wife used pussy. Mrs. Susan grabbed my hard dick and shoved it back inside of her. For an awkward moment we all stopped. The slut wife said don’t stop keep going while pushing her husband face back into her cunt and used her heel to push me deep inside of her tight cum bucket.The 80’s looking porn star wife became vocal. She asked Jim if he was having fun seeing her bare fuck a black dick? That she was going to let me cum all inside of her pussy. Big Jim said just baby I would love that. How about you two do it doggy style.Before Mrs. Susan got down on all fours for me, she kissed me hard and roughly for about 30 seconds. The slut wife sat on her hubby face and told me to pound her wet cunt. This kinky shit felt so fucking amazing. I could feel my balls touching his forehead. I could feel my nut sack tighten up, yes my black musky cum was about to be released into a lady while her hubby watched underneath. I pumped harder, faster, while letting my jizz fill her married pussy. My load so fucking huge that had to be a gallon of black jizz.My gentle gaint coworker kept on licking his wife used cunt. As the slut wife rode her cuckold hubby face she asked him did he like the treat I left for him? Mrs. Susan called me over to clean the pea sized spunk that was left on my pea hole. When I got back semi hard she shook it a few times and asked the cum cleaner if he was done?That was it, Jim headed to the restroom to wash up and once he was done the cuckold wife lead me the the bathroom. Mrs. Susan helped me wash up. Well we made out a liitle in their bathroom which took extra time. When I came back into the livingroom Jim was sleep on the couch. That man was knocking damn the wall’s snoring. Mrs. Susan had slipped on a cute nightgown.We chatted as she walked me to the garage. I kept my hand on her ass the entire time. When we got in the garage she asked “for a goodbye kiss, I wrapped my hands around her waist pulling her close and grinding my hard again dick into her pelvic area. Jim’s snoring stopped for a second and then picked up louder than before. This married mature slut started kissing me again. Now I really wanted to bust another nut. I asked “if Jim would mind if we had a quickie, in my truck. I said I haven’t broken it in yet? Mrs. Susan said ” just this one time”. Boy, boy, boy we ended up having some hot ass sex in my truck. First we started rough and wild, then went to passionate. We kissed like two immature teens and stopping long enough to catch a quick grasp of air.A quickie turned into a 45 mintue session. She came twice and I filled her cunt again with another sticky load of black jizz. When we got out of the truck Big Jim was still sleep and snoring louder than ever. That Monday at work Jim invited me off to watch the game again that weekend. The last 4 weekend’s in a row I have fucked his hot wife bare back.

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