College Girls Ch. 04


I’m in the second semester of my freshman year at a college in the mid-west. Exhibitionism was difficult when the semester began. Winter brought lower temperatures, which meant more clothes and less skin. When spring finally arrived, it was time for my sorority sisters and I to begin displaying our goods.

It all started one warm afternoon. Amy, Kelli and I were walking home from class wearing white crop-top T-shirts without bras and low-cut jeans. Our puffy pink nipples were visible under our little T-shirts and our jeans were riding so low on our hips that the cracks of our asses were almost showing.

While we were walking, Kelli noticed that a couple of guys were following us. Kelli wanted to tease the guys a little, so she put her hands in her pockets to push her jeans further down. Unfortunately for the guys, her jeans were so tight that they wouldn’t go down any further. Not willing to give up, Kelli slyly popped open the button on her jeans and unzipped them a little bit. Now with each step, her jeans slowly inched their way down. Soon her jeans plunged so far down that some of her butt crack was showing and the top of her tiny white thong was hanging out. If Kelli had taken her hands out of her pockets, her jeans probably would have fallen right off! Soon there were several guys following us home.

As we continued walking, Amy accidentally dropped her book. Amy kept her knees straight as she bent down to pick it up. This caused the bottom of her little crop-top to fall away from her breasts. From their angle, the guys behind us were able to peek up her shirt. She took her time picking up her book so the guys could get a nice long look at her cute perky nipples. Her breasts had finally come out of hibernation.

The fun really began when we returned to the sorority house. The lawn care workers were running a sprinkler on the front lawn. It was a warm day and there was water spraying up like a fountain. We were three young bra-less girls in white crop-top T-shirts, so you can just imagine what happened next.

Amy, Kelli and I began running and jumping over the sprinkler. The cool water would spray up on our T-shirts as our bra-less breasts bounced freely under the thin white material. The cool water also caused our puffy pink nipples to stiffen and poke out against the wet fabric. With each pass, our T-shirts got a little wetter and our nipples became more and more visible. Soon our T-shirts were clinging to us like a second skin and our nipples were poking right out against the drenched fabric.

When a group of guys began to gather in front of the sorority house, Kelli had to find a way to become the center of attention, as usual. Kelli leaned over the spray as if she was trying to get a drink of water. When she did, the force of the spray pushed her T-shirt up over her big titties. Kelli giggled and slowly pulled her T-shirt down over her breasts, while displaying that phony look of embarrassment on her face. The guys cheered as Kelli tried a couple more times to get a drink of water, always with the same result.

Finally Kelli turned to the guys and said, “I want to get a drink, but the water keeps pushing my T-shirt up over my tits. Would you guys mind not looking this time so that I can finally get a drink?”

The guys yelled out that they wouldn’t look and Kelli once again leaned over the water. The spray went right up under her shirt and the fabric climbed up over her nice round breasts. Kelli’s titties were out in the open again. Kelli’s big beautiful breasts swayed back and forth as she positioned herself to get a drink. She took her time drinking as the guys ogled at her bare boobies. Kelli still hadn’t buttoned her pants, so when she bent over, half of her butt was hanging out, too.

She finally finished drinking, then turned to the guys without pulling her shirt down and said, “You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. You promised me that you wouldn’t look, yet here you are staring at my naked breasts!”

Kelli finally pulled her shirt down as a few more guys stopped to watch the show. Now it was Amy’s turn to outdo Kelli.

Amy jumped through the water, then turned to the guys and said, “I’m think I’m going inside. Its just too hot to run around in these tight jeans!”

The guys started begging her to take them off, but she replied, “If I take these jeans off, all I’ll have on is my white cotton panties! Do you know what happens to white cotton panties when they get wet?”

The guys yelled, “No, tell us!”

Amy continue, “When white cotton panties get wet, you can see through them, like the way you can see my nipples through this wet T-shirt.”

One guy yelled, “Just unbutton them like the other girl and see if that makes you feel better.”

Amy acted like she was thinking about it, then said, “I guess I could unbutton them and see if it helps.”

Amy unbuttoned her jeans, then slowly pulled the zipper all the way down. She jumped through the water and her jeans slid down a little below her hips. The guys loved it as her white cotton panties began to show. She continued to jump through the sprinkler and with each pass, her pants slid further down her legs. Soon Amy’s low-cut jeans fell down to the middle of her thighs and her white cotton panties were completely exposed.

She looked down at her jeans and said, “Oh no, my panties are showing! They’re getting all wet. I’m so embarrassed. I knew you’d be able to see through ’em. You can see my dark pussy hair right through this white material and I’ll bet you’d be able to see my butt if I turned around. I’d better pull up these jeans right away. They’re about to fall off!”

The guys started yelling, “Take ’em off”

After telling the guys “no” several times, Amy finally looked at them and said, “Oh well, you can practically see everything anyway,” then she pushed her jeans down to the ground and stepped out of them.

Next Amy straddled the sprinkler and let the water spray up between her legs. As the water continued to soak Amy’s underwear, her little white panties became transparent. You could clearly see her dark bush through the thin cotton material. It looked as though she wasn’t wearing any panties at all!

As the water sprayed up between her legs, Amy closed her eyes and licked her lips, then said, “Mmm, this feels good.”

With Kelli’s jeans unbuttoned and unzipped, most of her tiny thong panties were hanging out now. She started walking towards the sprinkler as her pants slowly descended down her legs. When the guys cheered her on, she let her jeans plummet to the ground, and then Kelli joined Amy in the sprinkler.

I decided to join in and removed my jeans, too. I was wearing a pair of little pink cotton panties that didn’t cover very much. Half of my butt cheeks were hanging out of the bottom of the panties and half of my butt crack was exposed above the waistband. Kelli’s thong panties were even skimpier than my undies were. From the back, there was just a little string that disappeared between Kelli’s butt cheeks and the tiny triangle in front left nothing to the imagination. When Kelli’s thong panties got wet, you could almost see all of her bald beaver!

Jennifer, another freshman in the sorority house, finally arrived home from class. Kelli asked Jennifer to join in, but she said that she didn’t want to get her sundress wet. Amy told her to take it off, but Jennifer still declined. Finally, Kelli grabbed Jenny’s arms while Amy unzipped her dress. The top of the dress fell down to Jennifer’s waist, exposing her lacy bra.

When Amy tried to pull her dress down the rest of the way, Jennifer shrieked, “Please don’t pull my dress off. I’m not wearing any panties!”

The guys started going crazy when they heard that. While Kelli was trying to hold on to Jennifer, she accidentally pushed Jenny’s bra up over her breasts. Jenny’s big tits were pointing right out at the guys as she continued to hold onto her dress. Kelli was about to work Jenny’s bra all the way off and Jennifer was helpless to stop her because if she tried to grab her bra, she would have to let go of her dress. Jennifer knew that without panties, she would really give the guys something to see.

Finally Kelli removed the bra and Jennifer was topless in front of all those guys. Poor Jenny looked mortified as she tried to break free of Kelli’s grip, but Kelli didn’t stop there. Kelli started tickling Jennifer all over her exposed skin. Jennifer’s boobs bounced around as she continued to wrestle with Kelli and Amy. In her struggle, Jennifer accidentally tore Kelli’s thong panties right off her legs. Kelli was now naked from the waist down.

Now Kelli was determined to pull Jennifer’s dress off. Kelli began to tickle Jennifer all over her body, then started tweaking Jennifer’s nipples. Finally, Jennifer couldn’t take it anymore and let go of the dress. It fell to the ground leaving poor Jennifer standing there completely naked. Her nice round breasts and neatly trimmed brunette bush were out in the open for all the guys to see. Jennifer tried to turn away from the guys, but this only gave then a view of her firm young ass.

Kelli thought it was funny until Jennifer grabbed her shirt and ripped it off, too. Jennifer then jumped on Amy and struggled to pull Amy’s T-shirt off. While Jennifer’s naked body was on top of Amy, Kelli bent over to try and pull Jennifer off. The crowd had an unobstructed view of Kelli’s bare ass as she bent over to grab Jennifer. While Kelli pulled Jennifer off of Amy, Jenny managed to work Amy’s T-shirt over her head. As Amy tried to free herself, Jennifer grabbed Amy’s panties and pulled them down, too. Now everyone was naked, except for me.

I tried to run into the crowd, but they caught me right over the sprinkler. Kelli held me, while Amy and Jennifer removed my shirt. With my firm breasts paraded in front of the guys, Amy and Jennifer moved down to my panties. Soon my auburn bush was in plain view for everyone to see. The guys were only a few feet away and there I stood, completely naked!

There were now four naked young girls prancing around in front of everyone. Each of us had gotten a little dirty from rolling around on the ground, so we took turns standing over the sprinkler to shower off. As I straddled the sprinkler, the water sprayed up on my nude body. I ran my hands up and down the front of me, paying extra attention to my breasts. Next, I ran my fingers through the little auburn triangle of hair between my legs. I didn’t realize that there was some mud on my butt, so Kelli helped by running her hands over my bare buns. It was probably unnecessary for her to run her finger up my crack, but the guys seemed to love it.

Soon the guys were getting out of control. The girls and I began to sense that we might get attacked so we began picking up our clothes. The guys came forward like they were going to try and stop us when suddenly Kelli spotted the campus police cruising down the street. We didn’t want to get into any trouble, so we ran to the sorority house. Some of the guys tried to chase us, but we managed to get inside safely. The crowd wouldn’t even disburse until the campus police forced them to leave. We’ve all come out of hibernation now. I’ll bet those guys are really happy that spring has arrived!

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