College Knights Ch. 01



This is my first attempt at submitting some writing to Literotica. Please be kind!

This is a stroke story series that contains futanari, transformation, and incest. It also includes somewhat exaggerated (though not absurdly unrealistic or hyper) descriptions of human anatomy. Most sex scenes in this series are futa on futa, or futa on women. If that’s not your bag, you’ve been warned.

This story and characters are copyright © DeepMoss, 2018. All rights reserved.


Chapter one


Sandra Knight stood tall in her bedroom, the soft morning light gently illuminating her voluptuous form as she contemplated herself in the mirror. Her grey silk nightdress accentuated her feminine features: her wide hips; her full, firm and heavy breasts, each almost as big as her head; and her flat, taut stomach apparent beneath the thin material. She ran her hands from the tops of her smooth, powerful thighs, past her hourglass hips and up her stomach to gently tweak her nipples. She closed her eyes, revelling in the feeling.

I’ll never get used to that, she thought. Putting her hands directly on her breasts, she gently hefted each one up, feeling the weight. They felt perfect on her chest. Sandra had spent what felt like hours playing with them, feeling the soft flesh with her hands, teasing her huge nipples with her fingers. Sandra had always had large aureole, but before recently her breasts – and especially her nipples – were nowhere near as large or as sensitive as they were now.

Sandra pulled the straps holding up her grey nightdress over her smooth shoulders, her skin warm and lush against the fine material. The garment slowly fell, catching on her prodigious curves, before piling on the floor and revealing her in her full glory.

Sandra was a vision of femininity. She ran a finger from her navel to her throat, tracing the muscles and perfect form beneath. Her skin was perfectly soft, but hinted at a powerful, healthy musculature beneath. Her dark brown hair and arch, aristocratic face completed the appearance of a tall goddess, an alpha female, who could have anything – anyone – she wanted.

She glanced to her dresser and noticed the old photo of her and her ex-husband, Derek, with their daughter Jennifer. He wasn’t an especially large man, but she was small and slight next to him in the photo, a thin, mousy woman who looked very different to the woman in the mirror. She had been tall before, but thin and gangly, with small breasts and messy hair. She worked out and had been a bit underweight, really, and never particularly muscled.

Sandra reached down to her thick nether lips, nestled between her powerful thighs, thinking about the trail of events that had brought her this new form. Just thinking about her own body, letting her eyes roam over her curved, perfect reflection, was enough to get her incredibly wet. She smiled, knowing it was time. She felt for those unfamiliar muscles inside her and pushed.

Her hairless pussy seemed to swell and widen, before parting to reveal a dark purple mushroom head, followed by a long, thick shaft. Inch after inch of thick, powerful cock emerged, glistening in the amber light. Sandra let out a moan as she squeezed a nipple with one hand, and held apart her vaginal lips with the other. She felt that her full length was exposed and then pushed twice more, two hairless, tennis ball-sized balls popping out with a wet squelch, completing the set. They hung heavily beneath her cock, their gentle swaying suggesting the large quantity of thick fertile cum sloshing inside.

In the mirror stood a raven haired goddess, with large breasts, wide hips, and a huge ten-inch cock. Sandra grinned and clenched her powerful thighs together, making her thick penis bounce gently in the air. A thick blob of white pre-cum began to form at the tip. Reaching forward with her hand, Sandra smeared the blob down her length and began to stroke. ‘Damn that’s good,’ she thought as she pumped her full length, revelling in the feelings it produced, stoking her sexual appetites – once modest, now a smouldering furnace inside her. She loved the size of the organ, even larger now than when she first saw it, continuing to grow and develop like the rest of her body.

Sandra slowly walked forward into the en-suite bathroom, gently stroking as she went. Simply contemplating her own visage was enough to get her horny these days, but as she stroked and fondled herself her mind flittered through the women she’d become attracted to these past few months. Kate, her bookish and shy doctoral assistant at work. Lisa, her stunning blonde friend and sometimes rival. Rachel, her fit and athletic doctor and her curvy redheaded assistant, Nurse Adams.

Sandra used to be attracted to boys, the young men in her class providing her with the occasional masturbatory fantasy. But no longer. As her cock had grown her tastes had changed. She yearned to penetrate the curvy women she knew, to bend them over and push inside them with her etiler escort massive organ. Her cock lurched and spasmed as her mind conjured an image of Jennifer, her daughter, on her knees running her mouth over her balls before taking her into her mouth. She imagined herself rubbing her huge cock all over her daughter’s face, Jennifer working the towering iron rod to coax out an enormous load from her mother’s heavy balls. In her mind’s eye, Jennifer would eventually pull back, her mother’s thick, delicious pre-cum drooling from her mouth, and whisper: “Will you fuck me, mommy?”

The image was too much. With a mighty “ahhh!” Sandra came, spurting thick ropes of cum across the bathroom sink and mirror, the incredible orgasm lasting for what seemed like an age before finally Sandra sagged forwards against the porcelain sink.

Sandra blinked, her eyes returning from being rolled upwards in ecstasy, her bounteous chest heaving. The bathroom was covered in her thick, viscous cum. She found herself fantasising about dominating and fucking her daughter more and more often as of late. She shook her head. Despite being a walking sex machine, she was decidedly undersexed. Something she needed to change.

Sandra lewdly hooked some cum from her left breast with her finger and brought it to her mouth, savouring the creamy liquid in her mouth before swallowing it whole. She almost laughed at her state: luckily it was a Saturday morning and she didn’t need to be anywhere soon, even if the new school term did begin on Monday. She turned in the mirror to admire her perfect ass, thick muscles in each powerful cheek. She slapped it with one hand, grinning. She was a goddess. A walking, sex goddess.

She opened the shower door and turned on the stream, letting the warm water begin to clean away her fluids. Her long thick cock hung between her legs. With a moment of mental effort she tugged on those strange muscles and it slowly withdrew back into herself, inch by pleasurable inch, before eventually leaving just her perfect, thick vagina. She was all woman once again.

As she let the the shower wash over her smooth shoulders and full breasts, Sandra let out a long breath, thinking back to how much she had changed since that fateful day six months ago…

Six months ago

Sandra sat in the waiting area at the hospital, anxiously waiting to see Dr Hamilton. She’d been having some problems lately – unusual pains in her abdomen, and she seemed to be losing weight, which was a concern for a woman already as thin as she was. Her usual doctor had ordered some tests, and then she had unexpectedly been referred to Dr Rachel Hamilton, apparently a specialist in whatever problem she had. As she didn’t know anything about what the problem was, Sandra feared the worst.

‘You don’t know anything,’ she thought. ‘You don’t even know Dr Hamilton’s specialty. It could be something totally fixable.’

After a moment, a short blond haired woman in a white lab coat appeared. She had angular features that gave her a well-defined face, and arms and legs that were clearly the well-toned product of plenty of exercise. “Mrs Knight? Right this way please.”

“Yes, of course. Are you Dr Hamilton?” Sandra said.

“I am,” the woman said, leading Sandra into a windowless examination room. “You can call me Rachel, though, I don’t like being too formal with my patients.” She patted on the bed, gesturing for Sandra to take a seat.

“Thank you. Do you know what’s wrong with me?”

“Well, it’s rather complicated to explain. I have a theory, but I need to run a test in order to be sure. Can I ask you to disrobe first?”

Sandra was surprised but saw no reason not to. Rachel was a professional after all. Sandra began to take off her clothes, revealing her thin, gangly body underneath. After a moment of hesitation, she removed her bra from her small breasts.

Rachel was watching and nodding, as if Sandra’s appearance confirmed her theory. Sandra cocked her head to one side. “What is it, doctor?”

Rachel looked up at her. “Oh, it’s nothing. You’re just a little underdeveloped for your age.” Rachel picked up a folder from a table and began flicking through it. “I see here you have a child. Was it a difficult pregnancy?”

Sandra swallowed. “It was, yes. I’ve always been very small down there. It’s always been a bit painful when I’ve had sex, and giving birth was… well, it was very difficult.” She finished removing her trousers, and then sat naked on the edge of the bed.

Rachel frowned. “I’m surprised they didn’t notice then, but I suppose it could have been hidden…” she muttered. Tapping the table, she opened a drawer and removed a small bottle of amber liquid, and then what appeared to be a small machine from another cupboard. She placed them both on the tabletop.

“Okay. I don’t want to panic you, so I’m going to explain exactly what I’m going to do. I think you have an abnormal growth inside your vagina, sitting next to your female reproductive organs. escorts This liquid will, um, lubricate things down there and then this machine will pull out the… growth. Once it’s out, we’ll be able to work out what to do.”

Sandra was wide eyed. “A growth? Is it… cancer?”

Rachel shook her head. “No, nothing like that. Trust me, it’s all right. It’s just an… unusual case.” She gestured to Sandra. “Lean back, and open your legs.”

Sandra complied. Rachel leaned forward with the liquid, pulling out a small dropper. She reached forward and let a couple of drops fall on to Sandra’s vagina and clitoris, watching as they were instantly absorbed into the skin.

It felt like liquid fire had been dropped on Sandra’s pussy. Her nipples instantly hardened and her eyes widened. Her skin turned a dark shade of pink as blood rushed to the surface, her breathing becoming rapid. She felt her vagina moistening, the slick liquid preparing her for sex. “Wow! What is that?” she said.

“It’s a stimulant.” Rachel said, picking up the machine and unfolding what appeared to be a long plastic tube. “Now, I’m just going to place this on you…”

Rachel reached forward and attached the tube to Sandra’s vagina, before reaching back and flicking a switch on the machine. It began to emit a whirring sound. Sandra immediately felt suction on her pussy, as if her inside were being pulled out by the machine.

“Oh my god, it hurts!” Rachel placed a hand on Sandra’s arm. “Just a few moments more…”

Suddenly, Sandra began to feel something begin to shift inside her, as if something that was always there was moving for the first time. Between the extreme arousal and the bizarre feeling of the machine working on her, Sandra felt utterly overwhelmed by the sensations. The feeling moved forwards towards her entrance, slowly at first, before then something shifted and came loose with an obscene squelch. She could feel something passing out of her – something huge – the sensation strange but almost pleasurable. Suddenly Sandra felt oddly cool, as if part of her was feeling fresh air for the first time. “What is happening to me?!” she said hoarsely.

The whirring noise abruptly stopped. The room was quiet apart from the sound of Sandra’s heavy breathing. She realised her head was hanging loosely, staring up at the ceiling, and slowly brought herself forward to see what had happened to her. Her head lolled forwards and her eyes locked on her crotch.

There, firm and curved slightly upwards, was a penis. A large one. It was covered in blood and fluids, a red and yellow mess, but it was undeniably a cock. A firm, heavy, eight inch cock. Rachel gingerly reached out and touched it with a finger. The penis twitched at the sensation. Sandra felt a strange pulse of pleasure emanating from it, and saw a small blob of white fluid emerge at the tip.

Sandra passed out.

When Sandra came to, she was lying in a bed in a hospital gown. She seemed to have been moved to a different room, this one with a window revealing the spring landscape outside. She looked down and saw she was dressed in hospital clothes, and had been carefully tucked into her sheets. It looked like she was in a private room, and she seemed to have been cleaned up. She was warm, dry and comfortable.

After a moment, Rachel entered, carefully closing the door behind her. She sat down in a chair next to the bed, her face one of cautious concern. “How are you feeling?” she said.

“A little weird.” Sandra sat up. “Did that all really happen? I had a… a penis inside me?”

“You did.” Rachel folded her hands in her lap. “You have a rare condition where you have both male and female sexual organs. Your male organs were trapped inside you and have been since birth. That’s why you’ve had these problems losing weight and these odd pains in your abdomen: your hormones have been out of balance because your organs that produce them have been trapped and unable to properly supply the rest of your body. I know it’s unusual: I’m actually something of a specialist in this area, which is why you were referred to me.”

“Can you… can you remove it?” Sandra asked.

Rachel paused before answering. “We might be able to, but I wouldn’t recommend it. You’re unwell because your penis and testicles have been trapped inside you: they need to be allowed out of your body every now and again for your hormones to balance out properly. You need it to be healthy. In fact, now they’re out, you’ll have something of a hormonal rebalancing, a kind of second puberty. Your body will develop considerably; you’ll become the woman you always should have been – much more so, in fact, as you’ll have a much higher level of hormones than a normal woman.”

“Am I still a woman?” Sandra asked, her voice breaking just slightly.

Rachel smiled kindly. “You’re whatever you want to be, Sandra. You’re not the first patient I’ve had with this condition. I’ve helped over a dozen people and they’ve all go on to lead very healthy, happy lives. I would take bagcilar escort your time to get to grips with it. Uh, so to speak.” They both laughed for a moment. “It’s a bit of an adjustment but you’re still very human. You’re more than a woman. Really, you’ve always been more than a woman.”

“Did you mention something about it coming out ‘every now and again’?”

“Oh, yes! Of course, sorry. The condition is a rare mutation that we think has been around for thousands of years. I’m doing some research into the history of it: you’d be surprised how many great women from history I suspect may have had this mutation. Sometimes it passes for generations without expressing itself, sometimes it passes directly from parent to child.” Sandra’s eyes widened for a moment.

Rachel took a breath. “You need to know that your penis is retractable. It lives in a cavity inside you, along with your testicles. Now you’re let it out for the first time, your body will slowly adjust so you can extend it and retract it more comfortably. You’ll be able to have sex with both your male and female organs, including both at once. It’s, um, quite an experience,” Rachel said, waggling her eyebrows. Sandra laughed, relieving the tension they hadn’t noticed was there.

“As I say, you’ll be hormonally supercharged with two sets of organs. Your testes and penis are very large – though that’s not unusual for those with your condition – so you’ll be even more heavily loaded than normal. You might find your excretions have a strong effect on your sexual partners.”

“Sexual partners – Doctor, I haven’t really been in a relationship since Derek left, and…”

“You’ll be all right, Sandra. Trust me. I’m going to book you in for a follow-up in a month. If you’re having real difficulty with it we can see what we can do. But for the time being I want you to try and adjust to this. It’ll be much better for your body if you do.”

Sandra was still for a moment, and then nodded. She had no idea what she was going to do, or how she would explain this to anyone, but she knew she had to try.

“Good. Now, we have a, um, unorthodox procedure we need to do. We need to make sure all the plumbing in your new organs work correctly and that everything is functioning normally. I’m going to ask Nurse Adams to do a few checks with me. She’s worked with me with several patients with your condition before.” Rachel got up and left for a moment, before returning with a cheerful, busty redheaded nurse, wearing tightly fitting pink scrubs that showed off her curves.

Rachel closed the door and turned to the nurse. “Now, Chloe, this is the patient that I talked about. I’d like you to bring Mrs Knight to full erection please.”

Nurse Adams smiled at Sandra, and moved to pull down the sheet covering her. She then pulled aside the hospital robes to reveal Sandra’s legs and groin. Sandra frowned – did her legs have a bit more definition than they did before?

Rachel leaned forward. “Now Sandra, your penis is inside you right now. You can control whether to extend it or not. You just need to find the muscle inside you that lets you control it.”

Sandra pushed, and tried squeezing various muscles in her chest. “I don’t… I’m not sure how to do this.”

Rachel thought for a moment. “It’s a bit easier if you’re aroused. Now your penis has emerged you may find your sexual appetites developing, which will actually make extending and retracting your penis easier. I want you to use your mind to imagine having sex with someone.” Rachel looked at Nurse Adams. “I want you to imagine having sex with Chloe here.” Rachel took a deep breath before continuing. “Not just having sex. I want you to imagine fucking her. Imagine pushing your big sexy cock into her. Imagine the feeling of her stretching around your size. You’re so big you’ll stretch her right out. You’ll reshape her pussy to fit around your cock. You’ll me her yours.”

Sandra’s eyes widened. She was suddenly overcome by the idea of being inside Nurse Adams. Of taking her. Of ruining her for other cocks. ‘Where did that come from?’ she wondered, as she felt a pressure in her abdomen. She realised where the muscle was and pushed.

Her pussy slowly parted, and with a wet noise, her cock gradually emerged from her folds to meet the cool air outside. Eight inches long, it stood bobbing in the air, gently curving upwards towards her chest, glistening with her fluids.

“Keep pushing Sandra, you need to get your testicles out as well.” Rachel said, motioning towards Nurse Adams. The nurse gently ran her fingers over Sandra’s clit, down around her cock as her smooth balls eased out of her vaginal opening. Sandra breathed heavily, unused to the sensations coming from her crotch.

Nurse Adams smiled and slowly ran her index finger from the tip of Sandra’s cock, down the shaft to the base. She had helped Dr Hamilton with a number of patients with this condition and it always excited her. There was something incredibly erotic about these women with huge cocks… not to mention the incredibly tasty sperm they always seemed to have. She always found herself fantasising about these patients. She placed her hand around Sandra’s penis, not quite being able to close her fingers around it, and started to slowly jack her off.

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