Companion Fare Ch. 06


Donna woke early as usual and looked over at Lori, sprawled naked on her stomach. She marveled at the criss cross pattern of welts she had administered to her friend’s ass. Donna, as long as she could remember has always enjoyed relationships with women. Especially when she was the dominant one. Since she had been with Mark these past eight years she hasn’t had a long term female relationship.

Mark knew of her ‘thing’ for girls and really didn’t mind as long as she kept things respectable and away from home. He was upset when she invited Lori on this trip because he knew what she may have planned and didn’t want to chance angering Lori’s husband. They had worked together for years and he was the senior partner. He was afraid of jeopardizing not only their friendship but his job.

Donna never expected to be able to take it to this level. She figured her and Lori may flirt a bit and at most make love. She smiled at the sleeping woman; I never thought I’d find someone so willing to submit and allow me to fulfill so many of my dreams and fantasies.

Donna knew when they returned home it may be over. She could only hope there would be someway to let it go on….she could only wait and see.

Donna was brought back to reality when she heard Lori’s voice, “Good morning. What are your plans for our last day in Charlotte?”

“Well, Lori,” by using her name Donna knew she could have an honest conversation. “It depends on what you are looking for.”

“I must admit, I have done things I have only dreamed about. I also know I have a lot of explaining to do when I get home. I believe my marriage is strong enough to survive this. At least I hope it is.”

“And if it isn’t? Lori you know we couldn’t get into a 24/7 relationship. It wouldn’t work for either of us. We love men and we have children.”

“I know,” Lori stopped and thought how best to put it in words, “if I destroyed my marriage over this I know I will be devastated, but I will always feel I needed to experience this side of me and my life will somehow get back on track.”

“To answer your question about today. I think we will go to the edge and see if you can handle it. I think you have often wondered or dreamed how far you could let yourself be taken. How degraded you need to become to completely satisfy those dark urges you feel. Am I right?”

Lori looked deeply into this woman’s eyes. She knew her secret life, her deepest thoughts

even better than Lori herself.

“I am ready to do anything you wish, Miss Donna.” For the first time Lori started the change of personalities. She wanted to feel the joy of submission and savor it for as long as possible.

My, isn’t Pet anxious,” laughed Donna, “I am going to shower and clean up.”

Lori looked up at Donna as she got out of bed and spoke, “Miss Donna, may I speak?”

“Don’t start the day off on the wrong foot, slut,” the tone was direct and cruel, “I know you haven’t showered since we arrived, but I don’t share my bathroom with whores and sluts. Wait until I am through. Do you need to pee?”

Lori shook her head in the affirmative. She was afraid to speak.

“When I get out I expect the ice bucket to be full!” Donna walked into the bathroom shutting the door and locking it.

Lori could smell herself and it wasn’t sexy or pleasant. She smelled foul. Her fingers eased downwards to the juncture of her legs and she felt the wetness. Even stinky she was turned on. She got up and grabbed the ice bucket.

After an hour Donna emerged from the bathroom clean and smelling sweet. She went to her suitcase and pulled out two swimsuits, one black and one white.

“I thought we would take a swim. Bring your toiletries. After the swim you will shave your legs and wash your hair in the pool restroom. Do you want to wear the white or black suit?”

“The white if you don’t mind, I think the white will look best with my new lighter hair.”

Donna nodded and started to put on the black one piece suit.

Lori took the suit and put it on. It seemed very light and elastic. She was smaller than Donna but the suit fit fine. Donna’s suit was the same material and hugged her body tightly as Lori’s did. They looked like two sexy girls. Lori felt good that she wouldn’t draw any more looks than Donna would.

Donna put on a cover-up and flip flops. She told Lori she didn’t have an extra cover-up but it was already hot outside. She stopped when Lori slipped on her sandals.

“Wait a sec, Pet. Sluts either go barefoot or in heels. I saw a nice three inch black pair of pumps in your suit case. Put those on.”

The black heels would look fashionable with a business suit or dinner attire. They made her look cheap in the swimsuit. High heels and a tight suit without a cover-up. So much for her and Donna looking alike.

As if an after thought, Donna went to the mini bar and grabbed two small bottles of vodka. She opened one and drank it in one long gulp. She handed the other to Lori and told her to do the same. She said she wanted them both to have a little buzz to Kadıköy Yabancı Escort start their day. After Lori finished her drink Donna handed her her bottle.

“Fill both of them, Pet.”

Lori was confused, “They have water bottles and bar service at the pool, Miss Donna.”

“Well, if I’m not mistaken they don’t serve piss at the bar.” Donna shrugged her head towards the ice bucket. “Fill them both and seal them. Then go and wash the bottles and empty the bucket in the toilet. Now hurry, we have a long day ahead of us.”

Lori was unsure of where this was heading and was afraid to think about it too much. Not so much because it scared her, but more because it excited her. She did as she was told and handed the two deep yellow fluid filled bottles to Donna who slipped them into her oversized purse.

They walked to the pool and found two chaise lounges nearby. It was still early, but most of the places in the shade were taken. There were probably ten or fifteen people relaxing or swimming. The heat was intense and Donna was glad she put sunscreen on after her shower. Lori, while not deeply tanned often sat by the pool and enjoyed the heat on her body.

The waitress came by and Donna ordered a Martini for herself and a glass of white wine for Lori. She added a small Cobb salad for herself and a corn dog from the children’s menu for her friend.

“While we are waiting for the food why don’t you take a swim to cool off, Pet.” Donna ordered.

“Yes,” then she lowered her voice and added, “Miss Donna.”

“If you are embarrassed to use my name in public, maybe you aren’t ready to continue,” her voice was loud enough to catch the attention of a couple nearby and a group of elderly women sitting under an umbrella enjoying their Bloody Mary’s.

Lori knew what was expected and knew the onlookers had all paused to listen, just like in the old E.F. Hutton commercial. She cleared her voice as she stood.

“Yes, Miss Donna. A swim sounds wonderful.” Lori stepped out of her heels and with eyes cast forward she walked away from the obvious stares of those around her.

Donna watched her Pet’s ass sway as she walked towards the deep end. Brave girl! She marveled at the woman’s shape and thought she wished she would look that good when she was fifty. Then a jealous thought came to her; I wish I looked that good now.

Lori dived in and the cold water felt refreshing. Her body finally felt as though it was going to be clean. The swim removed the odor she smelled and soon she could wash her body and hair. Lori began to swim laps, the exercise feeling good to her muscles.

Donna smiled as she watched her swim. The couple and ladies had gone back to their conversations and forgotten Lori’s little vocal antics. Soon they would be watching her Pet again.

Donna felt an urge to giggle as she thought of the swimming suit she had specially made. It was a thin elastic material that became virtually transparent when wet. Her husband liked her to wear it in their yard when the kids were gone. The black suit would also become ultra sheer but Donna knew it wouldn’t be getting wet today! It really didn’t matter what suit Lori had chosen.

Lori stood in the shallow end of the pool and noticed the food being served. As she walked in the shallow area she also noticed the outright open mouthed stares she was getting. She knew she looked good for her age but not that good. Lori looked downward and stopped in her tracks. Her breasts were clearly apparent through the suit. It was as if she was nude!

Lori dropped down in the water so her head just stuck above the water. She noticed all the men and many of the women smiling and wondering how she was going to get out of the pool.

She looked over at Donna and saw her rummaging through her purse. She pulled out a small bottle, which Lori immediately recognized. She unscrewed the cap and nonchalantly poured it into the glass of white wine. She turned her head towards the pool and caught Lori’s red faced stare. A smile crossed her face as she yelled out to Lori.

“Dear, our lunch is here. Hurry up before it gets cold.”

Everyone who had noticed Lori anxiously watched the woman’s every move. Lori knew she had little choice and thought to herself at least they won’t be able to see how wet I am.

She rose from the water and began to walk to the stairs. Every eye was on her and she could see the disgusted looks of the elderly women at the nearby table.

On the first stair all but her legs was exposed. Lori did not look down but she knew her new haircut was visible to all. She walked over to the table and was ready to sit when that voice she had come to love and hate spoke.

“Pet, put your heels on and stand by the table. Let the sun dry your body.”

Lori slipped on her heels and stood next to Donna. She knew one area wasn’t going to dry in the sun. Donna handed her the glass of wine.

“Cheers, let’s toast to our fun trip. I hate to see it end.” Donna raised her Martini glass and waited for Lori to pick hers Kadıköy Yeni Escort up. They clinked glasses together and Donna took a big drink of her Martini.

She gave a stern look to Lori, “Don’t you know it is poor manners to toast and not drink?”

Lori lifted the glass to her lips. Her nostrils flared as she smelled the acrid odor of urine mixed with the fruity bouquet of the wine. She put the glass to her lips and drank a sip.

“All of it, now.”

Lori knew the voice and didn’t even look up. Two big gulps and her special cocktail was finished. She looked around and saw most every eye on her body. They could see her entire body and though they didn’t know, they had just witnessed her abase herself for Donna.

She wondered how much more she would have to endure this. Donna answered her question as if reading her mind. She picked up the corn dog and dipped it into the ranch dressing that came with her salad. She held it up, obviously aware everyone understood the symbolism.

“Bend at the waist and suck the dressing off. Do not bite.”

Lori leaned over, knowing the see through suit would show her ass even more. Her lips wrapped around the corn dog and she slid down on it feeling the ranch dressing push over her lips and drip obscenely to the terrazzo below.

Donna pulled the dog from her mouth and was ready to redip it when a voice interrupted her.

“I’m sorry ladies,” A middle age man with the name tag, ‘Ronald, Day Manager’, pinned to his black polo shirt with the Resorts label embossed on the front. “We have had a few complaints. I will have the food delivered to your room. I must ask you to leave.”

“What have I done? I am just enjoying the sun like these other people,” the indignant tone of her voice could be heard on the other side of the pool.

Ronald tried to keep his voice low, “I am sorry Ma’am, but your friend is not dressed appropriately and she is eating in a lewd manner.”

Louder still, Donna replied, “Where does it say anything about what type of swim suits are allowed…. and if she likes to suck cream off a corn dog, well who’s business is it?” She looked over at the table of old biddies. They all turned away from her stare.

“Ma’am, if you will not leave, I’m afraid I will have to call the authorities.” Lori could feel her self redden even more. They might arrest us if Donna doesn’t let up.

“Come on Pet, we had better leave. Go and shower in the pool restroom and meet me back at the room.”

Lori grabbed her towel and toiletries and walked amid the staring eyes to the bathroom. She held her head high, unaware her suit had dried and lost its transparency, except in the crotch!

After she left the manager let Donna know they would not tolerate behavior like this again. He knew they were to check out the following morning and made it clear they were not welcome back.

Donna finished her salad in the room, amused at the big to-do she had caused. She heard a knock at the door and opened it to a very fresh and clean smelling Lori. Lori walked in her heels and stood by the door with her legs spread and hands behind her back. Donna closed the door and motioned for Lori to sit on the couch. Donna sat on the oversized chair nearby.

“Pet, I must say you caused quite a scene this afternoon. Do you know the manager told me you were not welcome back here again? I tried to explain you were just a horny little slut and meant no harm, but he didn’t seem to understand.”

Lori didn’t know what to say, so she sat silent.

Donna continued, “I know these things are difficult for you, but the pleasure you receive is amplified by the more humiliating and degrading it is. Am I right?”

“Miss Donna, I think it isn’t that I like doing these things, I don’t….I think it is more I like doing these things for you.”

“And I want you to remember that tonight. This will be our last night together and I expect you to perform well. It will please me for you to do as you are told,” she smiled, ” and that in turn will please you.”

“May, may I ask what we have planned…”

“You have nothing planned! You are too stupid to plan things, and no, you may not ask what I have planned. Because it doesn’t matter. You trust me, don’t you?”

“Yes, Miss Donna.”

“So what will you do tonight?”

“Whatever you wish, Miss Donna.” Lori noticed the satisfied smirk on the woman’s face.

“I do not want you to cum until I say you can. Stand up and strip for me. I feel like cumming all over your face. You smell too clean,” Donna yelled as she walked over to the now naked Lori.

Donna nonchalantly began fondling Lori’s small, firm breasts as if it were the most

natural thing in the world. She ran her hands all around them, pausing occasionally to pinch

her nipples until the shy housewife cried in pain. But Lori didn’t try to get away. She loved what Miss Donna was doing to her.

She felt so wanton allowing her new friend such intimate liberties with her. And it was

what she wanted more Kadıköy Masaj Salonu than anything. Lori was embarrassed and humiliated that this younger woman had acquired such complete control over her so quickly. But she didn’t ever want it to end.

“Get on the floor, Pet. I want your mouth on me right now.” ordered Donna.

Lori knelt down and crawled the few feet to the junction of her splayed legs.

“You like my legs. Don’t you, Pet. You like the way they look. All smooth and strong.

You want to touch them. You want to put your slutty mouth on them. Don’t you, Pet?”

Lori knew she would obey. She would beg. She would plead. She would humiliate herself

and degrade herself. She would do absolutely anything it took to prove to Donna that she

was sincere about being her little submissive Pet for her.

“Yes,Miss Donna. I love your legs,” Lori whispered.


After an afternoon nap the ladies dressed. Donna wore an attractive skirt, cut just above the knee with a light long sleeved blouse. A lacy bra and panties and sensible heels finished the outfit. She looked, Lori thought, very attractive.

Lori stood nude waiting to see what she was to wear. The smell of Donna was on her face and Donna brought out a cotton summer dress that buttoned down the front. Lori put it on and was told to leave the top and bottom two buttons undone. She put on the black heels she wore to the pool. Again, they did not really go with her outfit. Donna went to Lori’s purse and pulled out her underwear that Lori had wore the day before. She told Lori to put them on.

“We will be leaving now. I told Chloe we would meet her at a club she knows around ten. I want to stop and get a bite to eat first,” she looked at Lori and noticed the disappointed look on her face. “I know you don’t care for Chloe, but the point is, it shouldn’t matter!”

Lori flinched at the harsh words and knew Donna was right. She had chosen this path and her likes and dislikes were unimportant. What was important was pleasing Donna.

“I am sorry Miss Donna, I will try not to show my opinions. My only goal is to please you.”

Donna smiled and they left for a quiet dinner. The meal and the company was exquisite. They chatted about furniture and family; no mention of Chloe or what laid ahead. While waiting for the check Donna told Lori to go to the restroom.

“It is time, Pet. Time for your final test of obedience. The club is for a younger crowd but Chloe’s boyfriend has managed to get us a V.I.P. room for the night. Of course, we will charge it to your husband’s card,” she smiled at Lori and continued, “Now Pet go to the bathroom and remove my panties, my dirty, unwashed panties. You like wearing them don’t you Pet?”

Lori nodded her head in agreement and started to slid out of the booth until Donna’s voice stopped her.

“Answer me, Pet!”

She slowly lifted her eyes upwards until she was looking directly into the Hazel eyes of Donna. “Yes, Miss Donna. I like wearing your panties.”

“Remember to always answer me. For your rudeness, I want you to also unclasp two more buttons. Now hurry!”

Lori walked back through the restaurant, her legs exposed with each step as her dress opened and her cleavage was apparent to all around as her breasts jiggled and the top swelling of naked flesh showed from the unbuttoned top. Yet her walk was confident, her submission to Donna strangely somehow empowered her.

Donna smiled as she met Lori on her return. She was pleased to see the show of skin and especially happy when Lori raised her dress so her bare ass sat on the soft leather of the rental car.

The club was what Lori’s generation would call a ‘Disco’. Loud dark and full with mainly 20 to 30 year olds dancing, drinking and drugging. Chloe and a tall bald black man were waiting in front of the club. Chloe was dressed in her Doc Martens a short green jumper over a white T-shirt. She had on black lipstick and nail polish. Her Black hair was now streaked with bright red highlights. Her pale skin contrasted with her friend’s dark ebony color. He was close to six feet tall and athletic looking.

Donna walked over to the two and they greeted each other and spoke for a few minutes. The three of them totally ignored Lori until Chloe spoke to her friend.

“Jerome, this is the slut I was talking about. The one that had such a good time rimming my asshole,” Chloe paused just enough to see Lori blush, “hello, slut, tell Jerome, Master Jerome to you, how much you enjoyed eating my cunt and ass.”

“Hello, Missy Chloe and Master Jerome,” Lori almost chocked on having to address such youngsters in that manner. She did not want to give in completely to the little bitch, “I enjoyed eating Missy Chloe’s cunt and pussy because it made Miss Donna happy.”

They walked into the club, avoiding the long waiting line by entering through a side door. The noise was very loud and the two women followed the younger duo to a round table in a small nook off the main dance floor. There were three other young men seated. One was black, the other two white and about the same age as Jerome. Chloe introduced Donna to each man and all six of them sat down. There were no other chairs and Lori stood by the table unacknowledged except a few furtive glances by the men.

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