Confessions of a Public Masturbatrix (Part 1)


Confessions of a Public Masturbatrix (Part 1)I’d like to think of myself as a generally law-abiding citizen. I’ve had a couple of speeding tickets over the years, but otherwise my most antisocial act has been to occasionally join in with that thing groups of drunk women think is singing but really isn’t. Except…My first taste of outdoor masturbation was born out of necessity. I was in my mid-teens and enduring a family holiday that seemed like it would never end. The holiday itself was okay, but after days of sharing the caravan with my family and having zero privacy my mind and body were screaming for release. At that age I masturbated almost nightly, so going without for so long quickly drove me to the edge!Finally I couldn’t take it any longer. One hot sunny afternoon we went swimming in a river that ran near the holiday park we were staying in, maybe 15 minutes walk from the caravan. On the way there I’d spotted a secluded side-track, and in a flash of inspiration my solo-sex-deprived mind saw the potential. After a pleasant swim to cool off I told mum I had to go pee, then promising to come straight back I started walking back up the track. My heart was already quickening with anticipation and I could feel my whole body starting to tingle. It was all I could do to walk at a normal pace and not look suspicious, but even so I was paranoid someone would guess my devious intentions.As soon I was out of sight of the riverbank I walked faster, desperately hoping I’d find the side-track and that it hadn’t just been a trick of my imagation. Thankfully it was real, so after canlı bahis guiltily looking around to make sure nobody was watching I snuck along the narrow track, small branches catching my jandals and the towel that was wrapped around my waist like a skirt. The track stopped at a large rock well out of sight of people heading to or from the river. It really was the perfect spot for a girl with mischief on her mind.I undid the towel and slung it around my neck out of the way, then still standing I leaned back against the rock. The sun was hot on my skin and I’d already dried off from the river, but there was one place that felt anything but dry… My hand trembled as I reached between my slightly spread legs and cupped my warm pussy through my swimsuit. That first touch unleashed all my pent-up need and I immediately started grinding against my hand through the fabric. My hips twisted as I moved and I could hear myself lightly panting as my heart pounded in my chest.I lasted maybe a minute like this, grinding and swaying, but already I could feel how wet the crotch of my swimsuit was getting. My ears strained for the sound of anybody coming along the track, then hearing nothing I tugged my swimsuit aside and exposed my soft puffy pussy to the open air. I’d trimmed the edges of my little bush before we went away, but the soft curly hair that still ran up the middle was becoming wet and matted from my dripping honey. Almost shaking with excitement I let my middle finger press gently between my lips and brush the tip of my sensitive clit.The sensation was even better than bahis siteleri I’d expected. Before I could stop myself I gasped out loud, a gasp that ended as a squeak of pure need. Using two slender fingers I began to flick my clit with the light short strokes I’d grown to love, alternating the side-to-side movement with little circles around it. My legs were spread wider now as I leaned against the rock for support, one hand holding the swimsuit aside as the other worked my hungry little pussy. My wet fingers moved faster as I rubbed panting, not even needing a fantasy to get me there this time. Just the feeling of my fingers on my clit that I’d craved so badly was enough.At home I liked long sessions in bed after the lights were out, pulling my PJ pants down round my knees and rubbing over and over until I finally slipped into a deep satisfied sleep. But I’d also learned to be quick and discrete when I had to be. I loved to sneak in a cheeky little orgasm as I was changing out of my uniform after school, or to quietly masturbate at my desk when I was supposed to be doing homework. Some nights I’d even slip into my room while the family was watching TV in the lounge, quickly rub my pussy to a short sharp climax, then be back before the ad break was over. So I knew how to make it fast when I had to, and now was one of those times…Dreading the sound of people that would herald interruption I flicked and teased my clit faster, feeling my hot juices all over my fingers. I could feel that tell-tale heat building in my pussy as I desperately rubbed my little button, bahis şirketleri the pleasure so intense that I could barely keep myself from moaning out loud. Suddenly my hips bucked a couple of times and I was there, my whole body tensing as I had an orgasm that seemed to last for ages.From what felt like far away I could hear a hoarse moan escape my lips, then just like when I played in the shower my knees buckled and I had to stop myself losing my balance. I was panting hard as my orgasm faded, hot and breathless as I felt the last faint twitch in my pussy. Heaven, pure heaven…But the moment it was over I came down to earth with a bump. I had a sudden vision of someone coming to investigate the noise I’d made and finding me standing there in a post-orgasmic daze, with my pussy exposed and my fingers covered in sticky evidence of my misdeeds. I quickly tugged the crotch of my swimsuit back into place and gave my fingers a lick to clean them, barely having the time to enjoy the taste. I wasn’t sure how long I’d been there but I realised that I really did need to pee, and if I didn’t hurry back I knew mum would ask questions. As it was it was hard not to blush when I got back to the river, so I just dove under the water to hide the guilty look on my face.That one naughty little session kept me going until we returned home, then finally I could shut myself in my room and take proper care of myself. The more I thought about that hot sunny afternoon the more horrified I was at the risk I’d taken. I imagined all the ways it could’ve gone wrong if someone had caught me, each possibility worse than the last. But at the same time the thrill stayed with me. It really had been exciting, and slowly but surely I began to imagine doing it again.I was hooked, and there was no going back.(To be continued)

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