“He just likes to watch.”

It was her second time in my cab, the first two weeks ago, when I got the call to pick her up in the predominantly-black neighborhood.

That first time, I was intrigued by her, tall, with a long neck, large dark eyes, watery to the point that she seemed about to cry.

She wore a full-length dark raincoat, double-breasted with a belt, and heels. She scurried into the back and gave me an address on the other side of town, not rich but definitely a step up from this dump.

She was very talkative that first night, asking my name, if I was new to the company, nothing personal, just small-talk, which I enjoy.

Watching her through my mirror as she touched up her eye shadow and lip gloss, I thought her to be young, maybe 21 or so. Her hair was straight and long, parted in the middle, probably a wig, but a good one. Being 5’9 or so, she seemed like a model going on a shoot.

Feeling tired from the long day, and being in the company of a girl half my age, I asked her just that. “Are you on your way to a photo shoot?”

She looked into the mirror, quizzically. “Why do you ask that?”

“Oh, I didn’t mean to pry, it’s just that you look so elegant, like a professional model, and you’re definitely pretty enough.”

She smiled at me and said, “No,” and went back to her make-up.

After a moment, she finished and said, “You’re half-right, I am going to work.”

I knew the area we were headed to, and it was residential, I couldn’t think of any business that would be open at almost midnight.

She had a sultry way of looking at you when she talked, and at each light I made a point to turn and get a good look at her, and she would sit back and let the raincoat slide up to reveal long black legs, that I knew would meet at the pot of gold, up a little higher.

As we drew closer, I even slowed down, not in a rush, since she had given my tired brain some exercise, along with the bulge developing in my jeans.

We pulled in front of a house, typical in that it was nondescript, and fit easily into the surrounding homes. Not a mansion but not a hovel by any stretch.

“I have to tun inside to get the money, okay, I’ll be right back.”

I watched her slide out, those long legs striding across the lawn, down the side of the house.

Well, I thought, even if she bolts on the fare, at least she was nice about it.

After a moment, she was back, I rolled down my passenger’s window, and she stuck her head in, opening an envelope, pulling out bills, counting them off to cover my fare and include a nice tip.

She handed them across and smiled. “I enjoyed the ride, thanks, I hope to see you again some time.”

“Me too,” I replied, trying to see down the front of the raincoat.

She started to leave, then said, “In case you’re curious, I clean this man’s house, and he pays me well to do it, because of my work clothes. Wanna see?”

I could feel my grin broaden. “Sure.”

She stepped back, uncinched the waist and held the raincoat open, just wide enough for me to see, not that anyone else was around.

Her teeth were so white from her smile as my eyes feasted on her little French Maid’s outfit, black with white frills and barely covering her well-endowed bust.

My jaw dropped, and she closed the coat quickly, laughed and said, “Have a good night!” as she ran to the house.

my shift ended shortly after, and I cruised some bars looking for action, anybody, I was so horny, finally settling for a little porn and a jerk off when I got home.

When I got the call tonight, I recognized her address immediately.

She came out again, this time in a track suit, with zipper front jacket. It was red, and she wore heels again. Her hair was an Afro, fairly long, probably another wig. this girl was something.

She recognized me right away, and she was headed to work again. I maneuvered the conversation right to the work, having so many questions about her.

Her name is Corona. “Oh, like the beer?”

“No silly, I spell it Kharona.”

“What does it mean?”

It means I didn’t want to be known as Maddie anymore!”

She met her employer at a topless bar where she danced, and he was quick with a $20 whenever she wiggled by. One night, he asked about a private dance. She was skeptical, especially when he wanted it at home.

“I ain’t no hooker or nothin’ an’ I tole him that!” putting on the ghetto accent for emphasis.

“I’m sure you’re not,” I replied.

“Anyway, he lives here with his old Mama, she lives in the front, he has a place with a back entrance. She’s stuck in bed and he’s kinda old, maybe 50!”

Me being 43 at the time, nodded gravely. “Wow, that old?”

“Anyways, I go when he calls, he’s got all kinds of money, and I walk around his apartment, dusting, making like I’m alone while he gets naked and follows me, like a ghost I can’t see. Then I start touchin’ my private parts and slowly undress like I’m playin’ with myself.”

Sometimes he doesn’t say anything, sometimes he talks like he’s an announcer, tellin’ people what I’m doin’.”

“I know I did a good job when he gets hard and jerks off. After he comes, he pays me $200 for the night, plus tip and I take a cab home by 3AM. No muss, no fuss!”

By now, my 6 inches are pressed firmly against my hand as I drive, thinking about this sexy brown plaything, prancing around in her Maid’s outfit.

“So, that’s my story, I got a two year old my Mama’s watchin’ tonight. Mama don’t like it, but with tip, I can make $400 for 3 hours work, plus my welfare checks, I get by. And he buys me all these clothes and wigs, which I get to keep. This one’s new!” fluffing her Afro for me. “I just give him the bill and he pays me, he wants me to look good for him.Do I?”

“Corona, you look fantastic. And I just gotta tell you, you got me sitting here with a big old woodie right now.

She leaned up, over the front seat and looked down, but it was dark. “Hmmm, maybe next time, if I’m early, I can help you with that, but I gotta run tonight.”

We pulled up and she ran inside but instead of coming right out, I sat and waited, a good five minutes, but then she came out, and here she was now at my window, her huge Afro stuck inside.

“Sorry I took so long. Listen, can you tak a break?”

“Actually, the dispatcher just called for me to gas it up and leave the car at the station tonight. They have to work on it tomorrow, so nobody’s using it.”

“Really, that’s awesome. I talked to him about you, and I said how nice you were and that you liked me and he likes when I do something different for him so I asked if he wanted to see me with a guy.”

GULP! “Huh?”

“He said as long as you play by his rules, that would be fun.”

“His rules?”

“Yeah, like I said, don’t look at him, make like he’s not there. Just follow my lead. He just likes to watch.”

Now, hard porno normally I may have been thinking this was a set-up, but I liked Corona, and she didn’t need to do this elaborate production if she wanted to rip me off. It sounded kinky, and I was off the air already with the company, so I parked the car and followed her quietly down the path. The house was much larger than it appeared, and I followed her through the doorway, passed the hall to the den, which was lit with candles.

Following orders, I didn’t look around, figuring he would show up when he felt like it.

I told Corona before we entered, I was fine with him watching, but if I felt him come in contact with me, all bets were off. I’m not into dueling swords with some old perv. She assured me he would not.

She turned in the center of the den, facing me, with heels, she had a few inches on me. In a clear voice, loud enough for him to hear, she said, “Oh, Mr. Cabdriver, thank you so much for taking me home. Those mean men were gonna hurt me, but you swooped in and scooped me up and took me home!”

I didn’t say anything, letting her establish the scene.

Her eyes reflected the candle light and the energy she was feeling was contagious.

“I’m so sorry that I didn’t have any money to pay you for your time. And you deserve more than money. You deserve my undying gratitude… and I offer myself to you as payment!”

With a flourish, she whisked the zipper which held her ample bust in place. A Matching red lace half-bra surged out, with mounds of flowing chocolate flesh rippling. Her long neck held her head high.

I said, “You’re beautiful.” It was true, too.

“And I am yours, I need to feel you inside me.”

She came to me, put her arms around my neck as I held her waist. She tilted her head, and whispered, “Don’t be nervous, baby, just enjoy,” she our lips met and she tasted like cherries, her soft lips so like fluffy candy, meant to be licked and sucked on.

We took it slow, and I felt his presence off to my left, away from the flickering fireplace. Our tongues met and we kissed, sampling each other’s tongue and lips, nibbling on ear lobes as my hands slid up her smooth back, feeling the strap, but no hook. Of course, it opened from the front.

I cupped her breast, kneading it, feeling her breathing, and she spoke, “Oh Mr Driver, you are so strong, your hands, my titties tingle!”

I unhooked the bra and it fell sideways and I heard a gasp from my left again as I tilted my head and began nipping at her large brown nipple. My other hand was on her ass, sliding inside the waist band of the track pants, also red.

She kept talking, urging me on, and him I suppose. She undid my shirt while I suckled and kneaded, then she slid it off my shirt and bit at my nipples in return, making me throb even more.

I let my eyes drift, just curious, and there he stood, older than 50 but not quite 60, bald, short, the dictionary definition of a Mom’s boy, spying on the grownups.

I smiled. Even if he got out of hand, I could handle him without missing a beat.

She was working her way down my body now, biting at my navel as she unhooked my jeans, expertly. I felt her tug, and then they were down, along with my boxers.

My six inches stood proudly and again I heard him inhale. He was watching his own porn movie.

“Oh, Driver, look how big and hard you are!” she proclaimed as she began stroking my cock from reklamsız porno base to tip. Those big soft lips wrapped around my pink head and I watched it disappear into her hungry mouth. I felt as if it had been dipped in hot liquid, and her tongue massaged the head inside the oven.

I let my arms rest at my side so he could get a good look of Corona, taking me in, then backing out. She slurped and slobbered and produced so much saliva, it dribbled down her chin, and the silence was cut by the slurps.

She backed off and I helped her up, our lips meeting again as she shimmied out of her pants and the red panties. She pulled me to the couch, which had been covered by a sheet. I layed back and her dark skin was in direct contrast to the sheet, and she spread her legs, signalling for me to enter.

Not so fast.

Dramatically, I stated, “You aer a delicate flower, and like a flower, I must first inhale your scent.”

With that, I slid to me knees, spread her wide, using my fingers to part her pussy lips and slowly dipped my head, running my tongue up the length of her.

He had scurried around to the other side for a better view and I heard her gasp. She hadn’t expected my tongue, and her eyes reflected her surprise.

I lifted my tongue, as if savoring a fine wine, then slowly dipped again, taking a longer taste.

This time, she cried out, I don’t know if it was bad acting or good feeling, but I felt encouraged. I went down again and stayed there, holding her hips as she squirmed again and again, and finally gave a deep rush of emotion which I took as an orgasm, fake or not.

“Oh, Mister, please, you’re killing me, fuck me or I’ll die!”

I withdrew my face and eased up her body, kissing her again, letting her taste, then I held my cock for effect and slowly lowered it into her chocolate hole, feeling her muscles constrict around me like a cobra.

She was talking non-stop as I began the rocking, letting our bodies leave a space for him to peek my dick sliding in and out. He was doing something, but I didn’t care, lost inside the hot hole.I rose and fell and she made noises to reflect the pounding. She was loud, almost screaming about how good it felt, how deep I went.

I began grunting and she said. “Tell me when you gotta cum, Baby! I want to taste it all!”

Not wanting to impregnate a 20 something black girl or any other, I planned to withdraw, and now I knew it was fine with her. I made it another minute and announced, “I’m gonna cum!”

She was out from under me in a flash, working my cock with her face inches away, as I exploded and streams of cum shot into her face, her mouth, down her cheek.

A perfect cum shot for the audience, and I glanced over to see him working his wet dick, having shot his load with us.

He moved away, into another room, then she followed. I dressed, not rushing, and she reappeared.

“Can you give me a lift home, or do I have to call a cab?”

“All done already? Sure, I’ll give you a ride.”

She dressed and we left without him returning. She locked the door on the way out.

She rode in the front with me, she asked if I enjoyed it, and of course, I did.

“Did he tip you?”

“Funny you should ask, he gave me an extra $100 to give to you. I never seen him so happy.”

“So, where’s my hundred?”

“You really want it?”

“Nah, consider it a tip from me. I don’t have to go home and jerk off like last time!”

“Good, my kid’s birthday is next week. I’m gonna give him a party.”

“Tell him I said happy birthday.”

She was silent, then said, “I don’t even know your name.”

“Do you want to?”

“No, I don’t think so, it seems sexier this way.”

“Yeah, Corona, it is.”

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