Corrupting Little B****r


Corrupting Little B****rDISCLAIMER: This story is solely a work of fiction. Any similarities between people living or dead is purely coincidental. No a****ls were harmed in the writing of this story. I was s**n going on s**n when our m****rs moved in together (they would marry the following year). I had been living as a girl for a year and a half. He, my new little step-b****r, was f**n at the time. He had just started puberty, and was a bit shy around girls, it was kind of cute. He was also kind of cute, in that young, androgynous kind of way. We got along okay, sure we squabbled, and he, for whatever reason, would often try to avoid me.After a month or so of our new family life, I started to find that, occasionally, one or two pairs of my panties would be missing. They would eventually turn up, so I did not give it much thought. Then, one evening, I swore that I saw a camera flash when I was showering. I did not know what to make of this, so I started to keep an eye out whenever I would bathe. A few days later, while waiting for the water to warm up, I saw the door to the bathroom open just slightly, and recognized my little b****rs cell phone peeking in. “At least he was smart enough to turn off the flash this time” I thought to myself. I also found myself somewhat turned on by my little b****rs actions.I decided that the next time that this happened, I would give him a good show. Our bath had one of those hand-held shower heads with ma**aging jets. When I next saw his cell poking through the door, I put that shower head to good use. I did all sorts of naughty things with it, starting on my tits, working down to my cock, and around to my a**-p**y. My hole was very clean that night. About once every week or so after that, I would notice the door open just slightly. Sometimes I showed off, playing with my tits, or my a**-p**y, or jerking-off, sometimes not, but it always turned me on, knowing that my little b****r was watching. I also found out that my little b****r was the culprit behind my missing panties, and that he was snatching them while they were dirty. Of course this made me even more ‘exited’.I finally got the chance to escalate this situation avcilar escort about three months later. Our parents had decided to take a holiday, and left me in charge of the house, and my little b****rs care. I was determined to take extra special care of him. The day after they left, I made sure that my little b****r would get home from school earlier than I did. If he thought that he was alone, then maybe he would do something perverted and I could catch him in the act. Needless to say, my plan worked. I arrived home a tad later than him, and I snuk up to his room. I listened at the door, and heard the familiar sounds of fapping, so I barged in. The astonished look on his face was priceless, I almost gave the entire plan away by bursting out with laughter, but I was able to control myself. “What is going on here?”, I said sternly, as he tried to hide everything, stammering “W-what are you d-doing in m-my r-room?”. I replied “I heard strange noises, but beside that, are those my panties, and what are these pictures…of me?!” “It’s not what…”, he began to say, “It looks like?”, I finished, “You little pervert”, I said with mock disgust. “P-please don’t tell mom.”, he begged. “Your mom, or mine?”, I posited. “E-either, please, I’ll do anything.”, he replied. “Anything?”, I questioned, “Y-yes.”, he answered, defeated. I grinned wickedly. “Alright, I will keep your secret, provided that you do anything that I ask of you.”, I said. He begrudgingly agreed, as he did not have much choice. My plan had succeeded. I told him to lie back, put his arms up, grab his headboard, and not to let go. He obliged. “Good boy.”, I said as I caressed his face. He smiled, awkwardly. I then moved my hand slowly to his crotch, caressed his balls, and stroking his shaft. “You are not to come until I say that you can. This is your punishment.”, I told him. I then put his dick between my breasts and started moving them up and down. Then put my mouth around the head of his cock, and began to suck while continuing with the paizuri. I heard him moan, and I smiled. A minute later he was blowing his first load into my mouth. I swallowed it all down, şirinevler escort it was delicious. “I did not say that you could come!”, I scolded. “I’m sorry.”, he replied, weakly. “Your punishment shall continue. Remember, no cumming until I say.”, I told him. I then raised my skirt, giving him a good long look before mounting his chest. I began rubbing my panties-covered crotch up and down his chest. A wonderful look of pleasure appeared across his face as I slowly work my cock toward his, eventually rubbing our cocks together with my panties in between. After a few minutes of this, I removed my sweat-soaked panties and stuffed them into my little pervert b****rs’ mouth. “How are my panties, perv?”, I asked. “Mmnh, mnmh.”, he replied. I put our cocks together and started dual masturbating. As I got close to orgasm, I told him that he was allowed to as well. Once we had both come on his slender chest, I licked up a large amount our love juices, removed the panties from his mouth, held his mouth open placed my mouth just above his, and released all of those lovely juices, mixed with my spit, into his mouth. I half expected him to choke and spit it out, instead he swallowed it all, hungrily. I asked him “Did you enjoy that, you little pervert?” and he said that it was delicious. I kissed him lightly, then I sat on his face, and told him to lick my a**-p**y. His tongue was in my anus before I could even say a**-p**y, damn little perv was better than I had thought that he would be. I bit my lip to keep from moaning with delight, as I couldn’t let him know how much I was enjoying this, not yet. I lifted my a**, turned around, and stuffed my now hard cock into his mouth. Again, he was better than I expected. Just as I was about to come again, I told him to swallow it all. He did. I pressed my lips to his, and slid my tongue into his mouth. Our tongues intertwined as we swapped spit hungrily. My kiss had kind of given things away, so I told him the secret that I had withheld. I told him that I knew of his antics, his panty thievery, and his picture taking, and that it all made me so horny that I could no longer stand it. taksim escort Of course, I also said that this information did not alter our original agreement, and that he was still bound to obey my wishes. Though, now knowing where my wishes would take him, he agreed with a smile. I then lovingly whispered “You have been such a good little pervert, I’m going to do you a favor. I’m now going take your virginity.” “I love you, sister.”, he said, and my heart swelled. “I love you too, my little pervert b****r.”, I said as I slid his cock into my wet, twitching a**-p**y. Once fully in, I kissed him long and hard, and felt his cock grow deeper inside me. I began to move, riding his rigid cock lustfully while he moved his hips in time, and played with my tits. and we both moaned with pleasure. When I felt his hot come spill into me, I was so delighted. I smiled widely. “You’re mine now, understand?”, I asked/stated. He said “Yes, sister, thank you.”. I wrapped myself around him, and kissed him, again.In the nights to come, I would take the virginity of that little pervert’s boi-p**y and he would pleasure me until neither of us could move. He was such a wonderful and willing toy. Eventually, that little pervert even asked me to dress him in my lingerie and outfits during our sessions. I found this to be really, really hot. My little b****r knew exactly how to get me off, not that he wasn’t getting his fair share in return.After our parents returned from holiday, they found that we were in better spirits, and got along better than before they had left, they never suspected what we had become to each other. Though we had to be more cautious now, our affairs continued. Our folks always wondered why neither of us really had any long-term significant others, sure we went on dates for appearances sake, but we had each other, we did not need anyone else. I moved out after completing college, but I didn’t move far, how could I? When little b****r was old enough, he moved in with me. Our folks assumed that we were roommates, and we facilitated that assumption. Unbeknownst to them, we were focking each other senseless nearly every day. After a few years, we decided to finally tell our m****rs the truth about our relationship, especially since we had decided to get married. They were shocked, as expected, but more so that we hid it from them for so long. Once their anger subsided, they were pleased that we cared for each other so much.

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