Coven’s Toy Pt. 06


Coven’s Toy, Part 6

(Fetish, Witchcraft, TG, TF, consensual)


Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

Read Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, first.

A little background (in case you’ve lost track over the holidays.)

Old and lonely Tom, had been approached by a coven of witches with a proposal. They had singled him out after determining that his sexual interests fit in nicely with their own lesbian kinks. They’d transform him to a young and beautiful woman if he’d agree to serve them as their sex object, their toy, for a period of two years. Then she, Tammy, would be free to live the rest of her life, well compensated, any way she wanted.

We’re now a full year into Tammy’s servitude, and she’s been relating her erotic experiences to the witch, Elizabeth, who first mentored her, and who enjoys living vicariously through Tammy’s tales of sexual adventures. Soon Tammy will leave for her second round of visits with the other sisters of the coven.

Synopsis: Tammy continues the tales of her adventures.

It was actually a couple of days later that Elizabeth had Tammy resume her story telling. They had been busy with assorted life tasks, with little time for sex. Elizabeth had dedicated a day to meetings with friends and the advisors who managed her investments and assorted affairs. Tammy was left to her cleaning, washing, shopping and cooking. It left them both tired in the evenings, and although Tammy was always interested, Elizabeth passed on sex.

Eventually, though, they resumed their bed-time storytelling sessions. Tammy had improved her skills and learned to skip the boring aspects of her months with the various witches. Much of her time with them had been spent lying about waiting to be called for sex. Only occasionally had she performed chores around the various mistress’ homes, as most of the witches could easily afford regular servants; housecleaning, washing, gardening and even cooking or beautician services weren’t often needed.

Tammy’s life, then, revolved around making love, not only because she needed and wanted it, but because her mistresses enjoyed toying with her. After all, that’s what she was there for…

It was mostly those times that she told of, and that Elizabeth was interested in, and in particular those sexual sessions that were unique to the particular witch who Tammy was serving at the time. The kinky, fetishy events were what really turned her on.

Tammy’s month with Mistress Rebecca was the next chapter of her story. She’d already known what to expect, when she headed over to the Mistress’ home. Months ago, Rebecca had been recruited by Elizabeth to conduct a little training of the newly created Tammy, when she was first learning to be a woman, and a toy.

“It took me quite a while to find Mistress Rebecca’s place. Her house is way out in the hills; very private and very large. As soon as I arrived, I knew I was in trouble. Mistress Rebecca was literally chasing another woman out of her house, waving a riding crop.

“The woman was crying and begging her to allow her to stay, saying things like ‘please mistress, please’ and ‘I’ll do anything’, and ‘don’t make me go.’ But Mistress Rebecca was adamant, and the slave, at least I assume she was a slave, finally gave up and wailing loudly, crawled into her car, and drove off.”

“Wow, an interesting welcome,” Beth said, giggling.

Tammy sighed. “Yes, it scared the shit out of me!

“But as soon as I got out of my car, the Mistress was all smiles, hugs and kisses. She even laughed about our session, when she introduced me to bondage and discipline, here at your house. She walked me into her house and we sat for several hours drinking and getting to know each other. Well, it was mainly her getting to know me. She did all of the asking and I did all of the talking.

“While we were talking, she called out and a slave, and I had no doubt that she was an honest-to-God slave. Came in, knelt down with her head bowed and kissed Mistress Rebecca’s feet. The Mistress sent her off to unload my car and put my things into one of the bedrooms. She called her ‘K’, as in the letter, not the name Kay.”

“I’m curious. What was K wearing?”

“Ah, she was naked, but she had metal cuffs on her wrists and ankles, all connected with chains. The ones between her wrists and ankles were about a foot long, and they were connected by another chain that ran from the middle of the ankle chain, to the wrist chain and then up to a collar around her neck. Unlike my golden collar, all of her metal was black. She rattled a lot as she moved around and the chains really restricted her.

“And there was a big medallion hanging from her collar with a bright red ‘K’ on it.

“Beth, Maltepe Escort when K turned around to go unload my car, I saw her back and ass, and they were covered with red stripes! She’d been whipped a lot, and it frightened me, terribly.”

“I can imagine.”

“Well, after lunch, Mistress Rebecca started in on me. For no other reason but to teach me how much pain and sex went together, hand-in-hand. At least the way she sees and enjoys it.”

Tammy paused for a moment, debating with herself how much to admit.

Beth waited patiently until Tammy finally continued. “I did come to understand and even enjoy, somehow, the idea. I’ve often wondered if the way it turned me on was something natural, or something that was included in the spells the Coven cast on me.”

Beth didn’t respond, so Tammy resumed. “Mistress took me to her huge dungeon; in the basement, of course. There she ordered me to stand still while she stripped me. She even removed my corset. When I moaned as my back, and ribs hurt, she whipped my ass with a riding crop, and ordered me to keep quiet. It was the first of many more swats, whippings and spankings to come.”

“Then she strapped me to a horse so my ass and back were exposed, and with my legs held wide, my pussy too. She played with my pussy jewelry for quite a while, getting me really hot, before she started whipping my ass and back. It hurt, terribly and I cried and screamed. And the more noise I made the more she hit me.

“But she would also stop and finger my pussy, and jingle my bell and even use a vibrator on me, and that would get me excited and then I’d beg to be allowed to cum. And she’d take me close and then start up whipping me again.

“As the session continued I kind of became used to it. I don’t understand how, but I stopped screaming and crying so much. And then she made me count and thank her for each swat. All the while I was hoping that she’d let me orgasm.”

At that point Elizabeth interrupted. She was curious. “I remember that Tom used to read a lot of BDSM stuff. Where the woman suffered. How was it, now that you experienced it?”

“Oh God, Beth it was nothing like those stories. But I’m confused over how it all turned out. It hurt like hell, but it also turned me on, and when I orgasmed, the pain almost seemed worth it, and the orgasm was different. As intense as some of my best, normal sex orgasms, but somehow different, too.

“It’s really hard to explain, and hard to fathom. I’m not looking forward to going back to Mistress Rebecca, but…”

“But it was a mind-blowing adventure.” Beth said.

“Yes.” Tammy mumbled.

“Well, as I’ve told you, it’s not my kink, so don’t worry about it around here. It is interesting to hear your thoughts on it, though. So please continue.”

Instead of picking up her story, though, Tammy slithered up from her position between Beth’s legs and, laying on top of her, kissed her deeply and passionately, whispering whenever they paused to take a breath, “Thank you; I love you and I love this.”

After a while she shifted farther down on her mistress’ body until she was laying on her breasts. “I’m so comfortable here, and these storytelling sessions, are almost cathartic for me.”

“I’m glad, and I’m really enjoying them. Thank you.” Beth said, almost in a whisper.

Tammy then resumed. “Well, eventually Mistress allowed me to cum, and it was fantastic, and also frightening. I couldn’t understand how I could orgasm after all of that pain. Mistress explained that was her point, that there is a relationship between the two feelings.”

Tammy paused again, apparently still confused by the whole thing,

“She tortured me like that many more times, while I was with her. And each time I orgasmed. I never enjoyed the pain, but it did affect my pleasure. And after each session, I made love to Mistress Rebecca to thank her and appease her. I always hoped that she wouldn’t hurt me again, but enjoyed the sex afterward.

“It is confusing, isn’t it? But my sister Rebecca is really good at it.”

Tammy sighed, and nodded her head, and kissed Beth’s nipple.

“She tortured me in other ways too. For several days she made me go naked and wear chains just like K’s. It made everything difficult. And really made me feel like a slave.”

“To go along with your nose ring, and the Gor, stories?” Beth asked.

“Yes, Damn it!”

Beth chuckled, amused by the thought and how Tom’s fantasies had come back to haunt poor Tammy.

Tammy, didn’t appreciate it, so she ran her long nails, lightly, over her Mistress’ breasts and nipples, making her squirm.

“Stop that! Back to your story.”

Tammy giggled, before continuing. “One night, while I was wearing the chains Mistress locked us together at the collar with only about six-inches of chain in between.”

“You and K?”

“Yes. We could kiss and reach our breasts, but Mistress rearranged our chains so we couldn’t reach anything else. K and I spent the night petting and kissing, but that was Kartal Escort all we could do. It was frustrating as hell, especially for me, as I was so much more horny than K, who’s a normal girl.”

“Oh, stop your whining. All girls like sex. I’m sure she wanted it as much as you did.”

“No Beth, we both know that the spells the Coven cast on me made me need sex more than the average girl.”

Elizabeth stayed quiet. She had to admit that Tammy was right.

“Mistress also really loved my big boobs. But she showed it by whipping them! She’d strap me onto a cross and then whip my breasts, all the while playing with my pussy and edging me. Just like when she wiped my ass, it hurt terribly but it also got me aroused, and when she finally let me cum, it was both wonderful and confusing.”

“But no matter how much she whipped you, by the next day the pain was gone, right?”

“Yes, and I guess that made it easier for me to enjoy those sessions. I can only imagine what it would have been like if the pain had lingered.”

“Several times, after I had done a good job and given Mistress Rebecca several excellent orgasms, she’d have K get me off, as a reward to me and a punishment to her. I always felt bad for her.”

“Who K? She was there only because she wanted to be, and enjoyed her role. Don’t feel bad for her.”

“I guess, you’re right, but still…”

“Forget her, and take care of me. You’ve gotten me all hot, with your tale. I need to cum, now, myself.” Beth said, as she ruffled Tammy’s hair.

Tammy giggled happily, and slid down to her Mistress’s anxious pussy and began fingering and tonguing her. She increased Beth’s pleasure by scraping her body with her nails, making her moan, tense and wiggle. And eventually she came, and came again.

Although Tammy had hoped for some reciprocal relief, Beth didn’t have the energy, after she had had several orgasms that left her panting and moaning. The disappointed toy went to sleep horny and satisfied only in her performance, giving her lover so much pleasure.

The next evening, they resumed, with Tammy relating one final adventure she had suffered through with Mistress and Dominatrix Rebecca.

After they’d settled into the bed, in their normal position for story time, Tammy told Beth about the screen helmet.

“Mistress Rebecca had seen the thing being worn by a famous Internet slave. The woman’s husband and master had made it for her, and posted several very erotic pictures on the web. So, early in the month, she brought in a craftsman, who made a casting of my head. That was really tough. I had to sit unmoving breathing through a couple of straws pushed up my nose, as the guy made a plaster cast of my skull.

“Around ten days later he returned and they fitted me with this metal helmet made out of some elaborate and stiff screening material. It fit my head and face, perfectly. Unlike the pictures Mistress had shown me, this version included a mouth piece, a tube that held my mouth open in a big ‘O’ and ended just behind my teeth. I could stick my tongue out through the hole, but I couldn’t close my mouth. There was a plug that fit into the outside of the tube, almost like a drain stopper.

“The guy had even included a special slot for my nose ring, at the tip of the nose, so it dangled as it always did, but against the front of the mask.

“The screen was silver metal and was thick and patterned. About half my skin was covered. I could breathe through the openings, and hear and even see, but it did block some of my vision.

“And it was locked in place, with its own neck ring, that sat just under my jaw line. Of course, I hated it immediately. But Mistress loved it. She kept me in the cursed thing for an entire week. I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t chew, so eating was difficult. And she kept the plug in-place, except when I was eating or trying my best to suck on her pussy.”

“Wow, you must have looked fantastically sexy. I think I’ve seen the pictures of that slave.” Beth chimed in. “Where is that hood, now?”

When Tammy didn’t answer, Beth got the hint. “You have it, don’t you? It’s out in your car.”


“Well go get it, I want to see it.”


“Yes, right now. Go!”

Tammy returned a few minutes later with a square box, and hesitantly set it on the bed in front of Beth, who’s still sitting up, leaning against the headboard.

“Please Mistress,” Tammy says, miserably.

“What are you worried about? I just want to see it.” Elizabeth says as she opens the box and removes the helmet. She’s fascinated, as it looks almost Medieval. Something either from a knight, or from that book, ‘The Man in the Iron Mask.’ And the thought gave her a thrill.

The thing was very much a work of art. It was obviously sized for a woman’s head, and it was solid, although not all that heavy. The screening did present a delicate pattern, not simply a grid, similar to the one she had seen in photos.

It had a seam that ran from side to side, over the Kurtköy Escort wearer’s ears and it was there that it closed and locked with a short collar, that ran around the neck, just under the jaw. It was obviously well-made and it looked like it would be very secure once locked on.

Elizabeth then examined the face portion. The patterned screening was unbroken except for the mouth tube, and a slit where the nose-ring would be inserted and allowed to hang freely, brushing the top edge of the mouth tube. Just as Tammy had described it, the mouth opening was circular; perfectly sized for the insertion of a big hard cock, or to allow the wearer to stick out her tongue. She inspected the short tube that would fit into the mouth, where it ended with a flange that would sit behind their teeth. The tube and its flange were rubber coated. Probably to provide some protection for the wearer’s pearly whites, Elizabeth thought.

“Wow. Just wow.” Elizabeth said, in awe. “It’s beautiful, and diabolical, and made by a master craftsman. And you wore it for how long?”

“A whole week. It was terrible!”

“But sister Rebecca loved it, didn’t she?”


“And how about K?”

“She told me she wished it was hers.” Tammy replied, shaking her head. She was afraid she knew what was coming, but was sincerely hoping that it wouldn’t

“I bet she did. It would be perfect for a submissive sex slave.”

Elizabeth continued to examine the thing, for several more minutes, as Tammy’s fear grew.

Finally, she asked, “where’s the key?”

And Tammy’s heart fell.

She had been palming the little key, hoping it wouldn’t be needed. But she handed it over when her Mistress asked for it.

“Okay, I’m sorry lover, but I just have to see it on you. So be a good girl and let’s put it on.”

Tammy sighed. “I’ll need to put my hair in a pony tail. I need a band'” she said, trying to stall. But Elizabeth leaned over and dug one out of the night stand.

Tammy gave Beth a puppy-dog look, as she did up her hair. But not receiving a pass, she took the helmet from Beth and showed her how to seal the seam and lock the thing once it was on and the collar was closed.

The two of them then worked together to lock away Tammy’s head, plugging her mouth in the process. It was a bit of a struggle as the helmet’s neck band only just barely cleared Tammy’s tall slave collar. She explained that the slave collar came, after her time with Mistress Rebecca.

But I did fit, and when she heard Beth lock the collar closed, Tammy moaned and her eyes began to tear up. And that made her even more miserable, as she couldn’t reach her eyes to rub them clear.

Elizabeth sat back, staring at her. “My God, it’s so fucking erotic.” She wasn’t sure exactly why she found it to be so very sexy, but she did. And she reached up to feel her toy’s caged head. And it was solid like a mannequin’s, but infinitely sexier and with a mouth hole! “How far can you stick out your tongue?” She asked.

Tammy, sighing, stuck it out, so Beth could check it out. She was pleased to see that it protruded far enough to reach a clit. Excellent!

“And can you talk?”

Tammy tried to explain that she could get out a few intelligible words, but not many. Even though it came out mostly gibberish, Beth got the gist of it.

“That’s Okay. You don’t have to say much. Right now, I really need you to show me how you can lick me in that thing. I’m so turned on; I might just explode.” And she began pushing Tammy’s metal covered head down toward her crotch.

Tammy sighed, hating her situation but she knew she had no choice but to live with the helmet and please her Mistress. So, she crawled down and positioned herself as she usually did, laying between Beth’s legs with her head in her crotch.

Beth shivered as the cold, metal covering nestled between her legs, and she felt the thing’s mouth hole contact her pussy. It felt so weird, and so erotic, and when she felt Tammy’s tongue tickle her clit, she groaned and giggled, in extasy.

In only seconds she felt herself losing it, and she came, panting and shivering, and imagining the sight of the metal covered head between her legs.

She reached down and held Tammy’s head in place as she slowly recovered from her orgasm. She just wanted to continue to feel the helmeted girl, there on her happy pussy.

Tammy, knowing that her Mistress had in fact reached her climax, laid there complacently, trying to relax herself, and wait for her Mistress, to release her.

Eventually, Beth let her up and gently pulled her onto the pillow next to her. They laid that way, side-by-side, for several minutes, catching their breath.

Tammy had two things on her mind. She dearly wanted to get out of the helmet. But she also really wanted, and needed to feel an orgasm of her own.

Elizabeth had really enjoyed herself. She’d had a truly epic orgasm, and wasn’t sure why. She decided after only a little thought, that the helmet was about the sexiest thing she’d ever seen, or enjoyed. On a toy, of course. And that had her confused. She had never been one for the heavy fetish stuff, and the helmet locked onto a lover defiantly fell into that category. Perhaps it had more to do with who was wearing it. She did truly adore sweet Tammy.

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