Crossdress Flash Adventure


My job involves a lot of travel which lends itself to keeping the risk of this kink as low as possible. I’m often in strange cities where no one knows me. This particular experience took place on a visit to a city in Southern California.

My hotel was in an affluent section of town but during my exploration of the neighborhood I discovered that there was a lower income section of town not far away. I have found during my experiences that for some reason people in these sections of town people tend to not get the police involved which makes my experience much safer.

As I drove the neighborhood I noticed a number of small Asian cleaners that offered alteration services. This got my mind to working on how I could have an extended exposure. I selected a shop that had a middle age fairly attractive woman that worked alone much of the time. This would be the shop I selected. I always wait until the night before I’m due to leave town to again lower the risk as much as possible.

I purchased a skintight minidress that came about mid thigh. This is much longer than I typically prefer but would fit in perfectly with my plans. I also purchased a pair of white stretch shorts that were made out of a yoga pants type material. The lingerie and heels that I always travel with supplemented these purchases.

As I got ready for my night of fun, I was so excited that my hands were trembling. I carefully applied my full makeup and fitted a flowing jet-black wig that cascaded down to my mid back. Once my make up and wig were perfect I pulled on a sexy bra filled with my soft breast forms. I slid some lacy crotch less panties on and stepped into sheer thigh high stockings. A vibrating butt plug topped off my preparation. By now I was rock hard and throbbing. I threw on some sex hikayeleri comfortable sweats and put my purchases in a bag and headed out to the shop.

As fortune would have it the shop was empty when I arrived. I had walked in a couple days earlier to scope out the layout and had noticed that the alteration area was all the way in the back of the shop. You had to also go around a piece of laundry equipment so it was fairly hidden from the front counter. As I entered I indicated that I had some pieces of clothing that I would like altered. The woman pointed to the back and told me to get changed into them and she would be back to take measurements.

I stepped into the small dressing room and decided that the first piece of clothing I would have altered would be the minidress. As I pulled it on the tight fabric compressed around me highlighting every inch of my body. I smoothed it down over my torso and my cock pulsed in excitement as the tight fabric slid down over it. I checked myself in the mirror. Everything looked perfect. I stepped into my heels and took one last look. I am a slightly built 5’7″ so when my makeup, wig and breasts are done I am fairly passable. As I scanned down my body the one item that most definitely was not passable was making its presence obvious. My cock was at its full length and pushing against the tight fit of the dress. I reached under myself and turned the butt plug on. Exquisite vibrations exploded in my ass making my cock jump and throb in excitement.

Stepping out of the dressing room I pushed the small buzzer that would ring at the front and indicate that I was ready. As the woman made her way to the back of the store my cock began leaking pre cum. At this rate there would be a visible wet spot pretty quickly. The tailor porno hikayeleri stepped around the corner with her measuring tape hung around her neck and a pincushion in her hand. I had my back to her at the moment so everything looked pretty standard. She asked what I wanted and I explained that I wanted the dress to be shortened as much as possible. She pulled a short stool over and sat on it grasping my hips to turn me to face her. With her seated position my cock was right at her face level as I turned. I heard her sharp intake of air as my rock hard cock tenting the tight dress came into her sight. She kept her shock hidden and just asked me how short I wanted the dress. I pointed at a spot that would barely cover the bottom of my balls and leave the bottom of my ass cheeks exposed. I asked her to hold it up at that level so I could see what it would look like. The tailor began pulling up the bottom of the dress sliding it up my legs. The top of my thigh highs came into view as she gathered it so that it would lie smoothly. I indicated that I wanted her to pull it up even further. She slowly continued pulling it up getting slower and slower as the hem got closer to the large bulge my cock was making. She obviously wanted to be careful to not expose too much.

Just as my balls were about to be exposed I stopped her and told her that that would be the perfect length. She made a mark on the dress and then told me she was good. I told her I had one more item to alter. Stepping back into the dressing room I stepped out of the minidress and handed it through the curtain to her. My next item was the white cotton shorts. I had purposely bought them a little small so that they had to stretch tightly around me effectively making the white thread almost see through. seks hikayeleri The pattern of my crotch less panties could clearly be seen through the stretched material. I turned my butt plug on the highest setting, which immediately caused my cock to ooze thick creamy pre cum making a large wet spot in the front of the stretched material. I reached down and smeared it all over my cock getting the wet spot spread around my throbbing cock. I stepped back out into the measuring area.

The tailor could not hide her gasp this time as I stepped out. Even her Asian coloring could not hide the flush that colored her face. After a few seconds she regained her composure and asked me what I wanted. I pulled the sides and back of the shorts up into my crotch and crack area making and told her that I wanted it altered to look like a pair of bikini bottoms. She began marking the material and I told her that I wanted them to be much smaller. She reached further into my crotch area in order to remark the shorts. The buzzing of the butt plug could clearly be heard and my cock was noticeably twitching while precum steadily streamed out making the white shorts completely transparent. I turned so she could mark the back of the shorts. I heard her gasp again as she saw the base of my butt plug pushing against the tight white shorts. As she finished her marks on the back I turned again so that my cock was once again right at her face level from her seated position. When her gaze settled onto my throbbing cock, I couldn’t take it anymore. I exploded in orgasm right in front of her face. My throbbing cock was only a foot away from her transfixed gaze. She continued to stare right at my cock as I emptied shot after shot of hot cum into my tight white shorts. Cum started to ooze through the stretched cotton and a couple big drops fell to the floor. I completed my orgasm and turned and walked out of the store. Glancing back I saw her just sitting there on her stool with mouth open. I quickly exited.

Another earth shattering orgasm experience.

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