crossdresser and the trucker

crossdresser and the truckerI used to get dressed up as an office girl and get into my car and drive down the motorway exposing my sexiness to the lorry drivers . here is the idea , I overtake them slowly , if they look down and see me , they either beep or flash me in once I have overtook them . if they do I slow down and let them overtake me , then the next time I go past them I flash off , more stocking tops or even start to wank as I go past .8 out of 10 drivers don’t care , then you have one who then realises its a bloke , and goes off the idea , then there is the one who loves it . beeping and flashing down the road lol .any way this one time I do all the above ..the driver loves what he sees , we keep overtaking eachother for miles , but the road is running out and I decide to take the next slip road , in order to turn around and drive , back . he follows , mmmm? so I decide to go into the industrial estate , he follows . mmm ? so he is delivering here , not as problem . I drive right to the end of the estate where there is an old dis-used company wharehouse …. he follows . we bahis firmaları both park up there . oh well , I thought , never done this before . heart starts to race and excitement and nervs , at least he knows im a guy , he saw all that while we were driving .he walks over to the car . I have a blonde wig on , black satin blouse , black mini skirt with stockings suspenders and heels . but he seen all that ..he looks through the passenger window . he is quite young 25-30 . slim , quite a nice guy.I lower the window ….me . hey mate how are you doing ? him fine thanks , god you look nice .me thanks .do you want to get in? yes please. he climbs in him , god I cant believe this , I don’t know what im doing here , I am not even gay or anything , but you look so sexy . I love stockings . that’s ok , I say . him , can I touch your stockings please..cause you can …he runs his hand up and down my leg , my skirt was pulled down nice and neat and it wasn’t long before his hand goes slightly underneath o touch the lace of the stocking top . all the time his breathing was getting kaçak iddaa heavier and heavier . I was enjoying it a lot , his touch was so soft and gentle ,the way I like it . I start to get a hard on . hw starts to talk out loud . god I don’t believe this , what am I doing , this is mad . I lean over and try to run my hand onto his thigh , he stops me . no , don’t do that . he pulls my skirt hem up high , now my stockings tops and suspenders are on show and most importantly , my cock in my lace knickers ..fucking hell , what a turn on ,, im not gay or anything , never even thought about it , but this is amazing . my cock gets harder . compliments always help me relax .I go to rub his hard through his jeans .. no don’t , I don’t want anything like that , he says . I reply . but I want to help you have fun , he says , I am , but don’t want you to do that sort of thing , I m happy as it is .he starts to rub my cock thru the lace . I love it , is is so fucking horny , he is really good for a rookie lol . my cock is now rock hard but still inside the lace knickers . take it out I say kaçak bahis .. no I cant , im not gay , don’t know what I want .he then starts to rub it hard , in fact he wanks it thru the knickers themselves . I start to moan , fuck it feels good , all the time he keeps saying in his nervous voice , I don’t believe it .. what am I doing , god I love it , your so sexy , fuck what am I doing …all this time I am getting really turned on . please I say , get your cock out so I can say thankyou …no I cant I just cant .. wank me hard make me cum then I say …still thru the knickers he wanks me hard and fast , you bastard your making me cum now , finish it now don’t stop ..then I cum up .fucking hell he says look at that fuck what am I doing . what the fuck is going on . all the spunk ends up squashed around my cock and in tangled within the lace . as he keeps wanking me off the knickers end up in a right , mess , cum everyhere , it seeps thru onto his hand aswell , all the time he is talking in total dis-belief. I relax and give him some baby wipes to clean himself up .. he smiles , fucking hell , I never thought in a million years I would do that . thanks mate .. its ok , but you owe me a new pair of knickers though . he laughs as he gets out . turns and says . thanks a lot , I will never forget that …nor did I .

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