cuckold bf


cuckold bfI caught my bf surfing porn and jacking off about a year ago. After that I decided right then that if he wasn’t gonna give it to me then I would find someone who could. One day I bought him a chastity device that had a series of rings on it. His dick could get hard but he could not touch it. I made him put it on before he went to work istanbul escort that day. As he was leaving I told him I had called in and was staying at home, but I would not be alone.After he left I took the pictures you see in black and sent them to my bf while he was at work and avcılar escort told him he would have a job to do when he got home. When he got home I told him to clean up the bedroom, what he found surprised him. The bed was messy with wet stains all over the sheets. My clothes were all over the floor. The room şirinevler escort smelled of sex and the best part…my lover had left two used condoms in the sink. I’m sure my bf was surprised that they were extra big and stretched out although he never said anything.He tried to fuck me that night but I told him my pussy to too worn out and he would have to wait. Instead he ate my pussy for three days until I let him put his little dick back inside me. I since have had many days that I have taken off and repeated this to him. One day I locked him up in the next bedroom while one of my loves fucked me in our bed. I made sure we made lots of noise but that is a diffent story

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