Cuckolded By A Couple

Cuckolded By A CoupleMy wife and I had been playing cuckold games for a while and we had down a nice routine. One of our problems however was that we were having a hard time finding nice guys who had cocks really bigger than my 7 inches. It seemed like a lot of guys lied about their size. Some were thicker, some were maybe a little longer, but a lot weren?t bigger than me at all. Maria had fun meeting some of the guys, and I loved it when she went out, but we were still looking for a good match.We had been planning on going to the Halloween party at the swingers club for months. We only go to the swingers clubs a few times a year but we wanted to go to one of the Halloween parties. We love looking at all the sexy people in their hot costumes. They are fun parties to go to, even if we didn?t get lucky and hook up we figured we would have a good time. I dressed in my Scottish Kilt costume with no underwear and Maria dressed as the ?hot? boss with a very tight suit jacket on with nothing under it. Her breasts looked amazing and it seemed like she attracted a fair amount of attention at the club. We never expected that our cuckold fantasies would be fulfilled at the swingers club however. That was the furthest from our minds when we there that night.We talked to several couples for a while. One of them we had talked to online before the party but it seemed like we just didn?t ?connect?. The other couple was a ?newbie? couple and while they were very nice and we thought they were hot they made it pretty clear that they were just there to observe that first time. We also did our rounds. Later in the evening we bumped into a couple that greeted us with smiles and a look of interest in their eyes. He was taller than me and looked a few years older than us but seemed very handsome and nice. She seemed to be right around our age, was taller than Maria, and had nice long sexy legs. She looked very hot to us as well. She had the hot teacher/librarian look. He was dressed as a pirate in leather and had a leather spanker and whip that he showed Maria and I. We were even more intrigued. They introduced themselves as Adam and Lisa. Unfortunately we couldn?t talk for long as they had plans with another couple they knew and would be busy for a bit, but they said they hoped we might meet later that night.We mingled some more and ended up talking to a very hot African American couple. He seemed very nice and she had an amazing curvy sexy body. After talking for a while they said that she was bi and only interested in playing with another lady. They would be interested in a 3sum with Maria but I could only watch. That was fine with us and the evening was still young so we went to find a room. We ended up finding a nice dark corner and started to play. Maria started by eating the other lady?s pussy and she seemed to really enjoy it. Then the lady had to run to the bathroom and Maria started to suck his cock and my cock at the same time. She came back and the guy got a condom out to fuck Maria. Things seemed to get quickly weird when he started to fuck Maria. His girlfriend seemed to freak out a bit and seemed very uncomfortable with it all. Maria had a weird vibe about it and we stopped playing. We ended up getting dressed and went back to the party.We walked by the bondage room and I noticed that Adam and Lisa were signed up to use it between 11 and midnight. I thought this was interesting because it probably meant they really were into D/s play and bondage. Maria was looking around and I asked her what was up. She told me that she was really hoping to talk to Adam and Lisa again. After awhile we noticed them coming back to the main room. They saw us and came over and said hello.We started talking and it was clear that they were interested in playing with us but they were a little worn out from just playing in the bondage room. They also said they were more interested in playing with Maria and would I mind watching? Once again I was fine with that! After a bit they told us that we should go upstairs and find a spot and they would join us in five minutes. We found a spot in one of the more public rooms so they would be able to find us. We didn?t mind putting on a little show anyway and seeing what else might pop up.Maria and I started to play on the bed while a small crowd gathered around and watched us. On the next bed two couples were playing with each other and we watched them for a bit while we played. We started to wonder if Adam and Lisa would actually come upstairs and join us? The other two couples finished playing and one of the couples drifted off. The other couple looked at us and the guy asked if he could play with Julia. Julia noticed he had a really long cock and said sure and started to suck him. After a few minutes he asked if he could fuck Maria and we said sure! He was just grabbing a condom to put it on when Adam and Lisa showed up.We said, ?Sorry, we?ll have to give you a rain check. We were waiting for these two to arrive.?He looked pretty bummed out and I could understand why. Maria looked hot. But he was also polite and understood the situation at hand. Adam and Lisa quickly got naked and got on each side of Maria. I stood at the side of the bed and watched. They were soon kissing her and playing with her breasts. Adam would suck and play with one breast while Lisa would play with the other. I knew Maria loved this sort of attention.Almost immediately Maria started cumming. These two were good! Maria and Lisa kissed for a long time and traded turns sucking on each other?s breasts. Adam started to finger Maria?s pussy and started to make her cum over and over again.At one point Maria and Lisa started to lick Adam?s cock together. It was then that I noticed that Adam had a huge cock! Maybe not 12 inches huge but very nice. It was big and thick and at least an inch or two or maybe three inches longer than mine. It was hard to tell in the light. This was getting more and more interesting. After a while Lisa invited me to lie next to her while the three of them played. At one point Adam asked Maria to eat Lisa?s pussy for a nice long time. While Maria licked her pussy I licked Lisa?s nipples and the two of us did sexy pillow talk. She told me how sexy she thought Maria was, and how she would love to make her their submissive plaything for an evening. I told Lisa that I loved it when Maria went out on her own and I stayed at home wondering what she was doing. We started to realize that we could have a lot of fun together.We ended up playing with Adam and Lisa for almost two hours. It was amazing. Lisa stroked my cock for a few minutes and gave me a nice handjob but for the most part I just watched the three of them play. One thing that was interesting was that Adam never actually fucked Maria. I wondered if they were soft swingers? At one point Maria was bent over with her ass in the air sucking Adam together with Lisa. I got behind Maria and started to fuck her while she and Lisa gave Adam double head. I?ve always loved fucking Maria while she?s sucking on a cock. She started to cum as soon as I entered her and squeezed my cock hard. I fucked her for as long as could while I watched her head bob up and down in front of me. I soon ended up filling Maria?s pussy with a huge amount of cum. Then Lisa got on top of Adam and started to ride him until he came a few minutes later.We got dressed and headed downstairs together. We agreed that we would have to trade email addresses and phone numbers so we could keep in touch and hopefully meet again. We exchanged info and Maria and I left the club soon after that. We had wanted to leave no later than 2 and it was almost 2:30, but we had their cell number and email address and they had our info as well. It had been a great evening at the club!We got in the car and started to drive home and talk. Maria and I were both giddy with excitement! She said she had an amazing time playing with the two of them. She said that Lisa was an amazing kisser and tasted delicious. She can be picky sometimes about the taste of pussy but she really liked Lisa?s. Then she said, ?did you notice how big Adam?s cock was?? We talked more and I told her about my conversation with Lisa about Maria playing with the two of them on her own while I stayed at home. Maria told me she would love to go out and meet them and have a 3sum with them while I stayed at home. She told me that she and Adam were whispering together about how he is dominant and would love to make Maria his submissive pet. Wow. This couple sounded like a fantasy come true to us! I laughed when Maria said, ?don?t tell any of our other swinger friends about these two. I want to keep them all to myself!?We were so excited that when we got home we stayed up for another hour playing with each other and talking about ?possibilities? with the two of them. The night ended at 3:30 in the morning when I filled up Maria?s pussy with another huge load of my cum. We both slept really well that night.The next day we woke up and talked again and agreed that we really wanted to see if Maria could get together with them. There were no ?morning after? regrets with us! We sent them a ?morning after? email saying that we had a great time and would love to try to meet again. It really turned us on when we asked them if they would like to meet Maria on her own for a 3sum. Maria wrote the email to them and pretty much took over communication with them at that point.We worried a bit when we didn?t get a reply that day. But the next day we got an enthusiastic reply back saying they would love to get together and soon. Maria and I were still walking around with silly smiles on our faces after the party and after meeting the two of them. We were very excited about the idea of Maria meeting the two of them.We knew the next best time for Maria to meet would be on a Saturday a few weeks later so we asked them if they were free. They wrote back that they were. It also became pretty clear that they really wanted to get together with Maria while I stayed at home. They were also very interested in what our ?rules? and ?instructions? were when Maria went out to play. We were a little worried that they might freak out about the whole ?cuckold? thing but we decided to just be open about it. They seemed like the kind of people who would be open minded about our kinky way of playing.We told them that when Maria goes out to play we have a pretty set routine. I?m not allowed to with her for several days before her dates. She likes to keep her body ?fresh? for her dates. I?m allowed to play with myself but I?m not allowed to cum for several days before her dates. On the day of her dates I help her get ready, shower, shave, and get dressed. When she goes out on her dates I?m not allowed to play with my cock. No masturbating or touching myself. When she leaves to go out on dates she makes me put on a pair of her panties. (That was the part that I was the most worried about. Would they freak out? I though Lisa was totally hot and wanted to play with her eventually. What would she think about me wearing panties?) Once she?s hooked up with her date and I know she?s playing I have to put on a leather harness around my cock. We bought it from a leather bondage place in SF. It?s not a hard-core cuckold chastity device. It doesn?t have a lock and a key, but it gets the job done. It constantly squeezes my cock and balls so when she?s out I?m constantly reminded about it. Not that I really need something like that for me to remember her!It turned out that Lisa and Adam thought what we did sounded great and fun and just the right amount of kink. We started to make plans for Maria to get together with them on Saturday in a few weeks. We asked them more questions. Yes, they were full swap but Lisa was more ?selective?. I hoped that I could play with her someday. Yes, Lisa was bisexual and was looking forward to playing with Maria. Yes, Adam was dominant and usually dominated Lisa. She however was very interested in dominating Maria. One of my/our biggest fantasies had always been for Maria to meet a couple with a dom bi lady and a dom guy with a big cock. It looked like Adam and Lisa were just what we had been looking for. Things seemed to fall into place very quickly.Adam and Lisa wrote me an email and told me that as the cuckold they wanted me to find and arrange a hotel room for them to play in. I did a little research and found a hotel near where they lived that had nice big suites for a decent price. I had to say that booking the room was a ?mind fuck? in a way. Clicking on the ?accept reservation? button and knowing what it was for drove me crazy.It seemed like Maria would tease me almost every day about her getting together with Lisa and Adam. We played with each other a lot and it seemed like she was constantly dropping little comments to drive me crazy. She was super horny and it was clear to me that she was really looking forward to Saturday night.On Wed night before her date, and after the k**s went to sleep, Maria told me what she wanted me to pack for her. A blindfold, her ball gag, the crop, our leather whip, the small vibrator, the small rubber ?clit? whip, her collar, bursa escort lube, and condoms. She also wanted me to pack the camera. Adam and Lisa didn?t want pix of them but they might take pix of her. Just her telling me this made my cock super hard. We went upstairs to the bedroom and she tried up various things to wear out on Sat night. Adam and Lisa had told her that they wanted her to dress ?sexy? and have lingerie to change into. Maria tried on various lingerie and outfits and I helped her decide what she looked best in. This was part of our cuckold ?routine? and my cock was hard the entire time. I knew she was putting together the outfit she would wear when she went out on her date. When she was done we ended up staying up late and fooling around because we were both so horny. She let me fuck her in her pussy for just a couple of minutes. She even timed it. She wanted her pussy to be ?fresh? for her date. Then she had me lay on my back while she gave me a nice slow handjob. She teased me saying things like, ?I?m so looking forward to sucking and fucking Adam?s big cock on Saturday night. I also can?t wait to lick Lisa?s pussy and play with her. She had such a hot body.? I think I only lasted for about one minute more before I exploded and had a massive orgasm. Maria made me clean myself up and then she played with her own pussy some more. She was very excited and worked up about Saturday night.On Thursday I started to pack a bag with all the toys she requested. I had to work late that night so I had some time in the morning to myself without the k**s around. I tried to remember everything she mentioned. I also got another email from Maria with very detailed instructions for Sat. She wanted me to drive up by myself on Sat and check in and bring the bags with me. She wanted me to unpack everything and lay out all the toys nice and neat in the room. She also wanted me to bring candles to set a mood. Once I was at the hotel room I wasn?t allowed to touch or play with my cock until she got home from her date. It was going to be the beginning of a long evening. She also knew that setting everything up like that was going to drive me crazy.On Friday morning Maria sent me a long note of ?instructions? and cc?d Adam and Lisa. She made it clear that I wasn?t to let myself cum on Friday or Sat until she was done playing. She also told me when to put on my panties and harness. She also made it clear that she would be submitting to Adam and Lisa so she had no control over if she could call or text me. That was up to them. She told me that I was not allowed to call or text her while she was out on her date. She would call me when they were done with further instructions. She might come home and tell me all about it. But if it got too late she might call to tell me about it over the phone and sleep at the hotel. But I was to not call myself. She would call when she was done. She also told me that when she was done changing I was to put on the frilly red panties she had picked out for me. At 7pm she wanted me to put on my harness and take a picture of my cock in the harness and then a picture of my cock in the harness with the panties over it all. Then she wanted me to send her the pics on her cell phone so she could show them to Adam and Lisa.A few more days went by and it was finally Sat. We made sure we went to bed early on Friday night and we both woke up super horny on Sat morning. I played with myself and Maria did as well but I made sure I didn?t cum. I got very close when Maria started to finger her pussy and let me smell her fingers. She smelled delicious. I could tell she was already very worked up. Maria sent an email off to Adam and Lisa to let them know that everything looked good to go. They wrote back soon after to let her know how much they were looking forward to playing with her that evening. I was the one who would be staying at home but I think I was just as excited as the three of them!I sent Adam and Lisa one email myself. I asked them if they could please do one thing. I asked them if they could give me a call when Adam started to fuck Maria for the first time. I really wanted to hear the sound of Maria cumming when he put his big cock in her for the first time.I drove to the hotel at 2:30 and got there shortly after 3. Just the act of checking into the hotel was a turn on. Opening the door and walking into the room that I knew they would be playing in later that night drive me crazy. It was a nice sized suite with a living room area and then a bedroom behind a door. I quickly unpacked the bags and set everything up just the way I was instructed to do. It drove me crazy to put all the toys out on the table that I knew they would be playing with later. I put Maria?s garter belt and stockings on the bed along with her red bustier. Condoms and lube and candles by the side of the bed. The room was going to be set for a hot 3sum and I knew I would be at home. I also remembered that I wasn?t allowed to play with my cock anymore at this point. I could feel my cock starting to get hard and my breathing starting to get deeper. I was already getting very worked up.I must admit it was sort of hard to leave the room. When the door clicked behind me it was a weird feeling. I knew I wouldn?t be back but Maria and Adam and Lisa would. I really hoped the three of them would have a fantastic time. I felt like I did the best I could to get everything ready for them. I left the hotel and started to drive back home. This is when I noticed for the first time that familiar aching feeling I get in my balls when Maria goes out. Perhaps it?s blue balls? Perhaps it?s just being super horny? But when I was driving home I knew she and our new friends were set for a very fun evening.I picked up some food on the way home for the k**s and me. I got home and it wasn?t long before it was time for Maria to jump in the shower and shave her pussy and get ready for her date. It seemed like we barely had time to talk. She started her shower and told me to come in after ten minutes to help her shave. I printed out the directions to the hotel and then went in the shower to help. Seeing her curvy body in the shower drove me crazy again. Knowing she was getting ready to go out and get dominated by a couple drove me even crazier.I helped her shave her pussy to make sure she was smooth all over. I wanted to play with Maria?s pussy, to see how wet she was, but she wouldn?t let me. She told me her pussy was for Adam and Lisa that night. Then we went upstairs so I could help her get dressed. I helped her put on the green corset we had picked out a few nights before. Then she slipped the tight, short, blue dress on over it with no bra. Her breasts looked amazing. She looked amazing. I wanted to play with her myself but I knew she was going out to meet Adam and Lisa. I wasn?t allowed to touch her. I could only look.Then Maria reminded me I needed to do one more thing before she left. Put on the pair of frilly red panties she had picked out for me to wear. I pulled down my pants, took off my regular boxers, and put them on while she had a smirk on her face. I?m not a cross dresser and it doesn?t ?turn me on? to wear them, but I also secretly loved wearing them because I know if I?m wearing them it means she?s going out to play. They constantly remind me that she?s out playing with other people while I?m sitting at home by myself.Right at 6pm we walked out of the house and closed the door. I gave her the keys to the hotel room and she thanked me and gave me a big kiss. I told her that I hoped she had an amazing time. I also told her that I secretly hoped that they played with her until 1 or 2 in the morning and she would be so tired she would end up staying the night. But I also knew that she might be home by 10 or 11. She got in the car and blew me a kiss. Before she started to drive off I noticed she was writing a text. She had a funny smile on her face and she knew I was watching her. I also knew who she was obviously writing to. She drove off and blew me another kiss. I went inside and there was a text on my phone.?Heading to the hotel. Please let me know if you want to meet in the lobby or the room.?She had cc?d me the message that she sent them as she drove away.The minutes started to crawl by as I knew she was driving to the hotel. At 6:41 I got a text from Maria to let me know she was at the hotel in the lobby.A few minutes later I got another text. It looked like something she had forwarded from Adam and Lisa. ?We would like u to wait in the lobby. After we arrive we will want u to wait another 15 min. Before coming up so we can get ready. We will give u a journ? and then it cut off. . .A journal?But that was hot. I could imagine them walking into the lobby. Maria handing them a key to the room, and then her waiting. Then knowing she would get on the elevator and go to the room with them waiting for her. . . At 7pm I went upstairs to take the pix that Maria told me to take. I took off my shirt and got out the leather harness for my cock. I put it on nice and tight and took a picture. It turned out pretty good. I sent it off to Maria?s cell phone. Then I pulled up the frilly red panties she gave me to wear and took another pic and sent it off also. I was embarrassed to think that Lisa in particular would be seeing it. Then the minutes started to creep. What was happening? Maria didn?t send me any more texts after I sent the pix. She also didn?t tell me that they arrived. What was going on? I knew it was going to be the beginning of a long night of wondering and waiting and loving the feeling of being cuckolded by my lover and her new friends.8 o?clock went by. I knew that Maria had waited her 15 minutes and had probably been in the hotel room for a while by now. She would have written to me if they had blown her off or not shown up. By now I was starting to going crazy wondering what was going on. Were they still talking and laying down the ground rules for the evening? Probably not at that point. Was Maria naked, on her knees getting spanked or whipped? Was she blindfolded with her ball gag in? Was she sucking Adam?s cock or licking Lisa?s pussy? I was also very aware that I had heard nothing from her or them since the text at 6:45. No calls, no texts. And what was the journal about?I had to deal with some of the mundane matters of life while Maria was out and it was time to sort out a load of laundry. I was glad to have something to do to be honest. Something to keep me busy for a bit. I had just gone upstairs to sort out the laundry when I got a text. A picture text. It was almost exactly 8:30. It was a picture of Maria sitting on the couch. Her dress was off and she was holding up her bare beautiful breasts. I noticed that her panties were still on for the moment. A hand with a dark black glove was covering Maria?s eyes. You could see up to the person?s elbow. I assumed it was Lisa?s hand. It looked like the night was just beginning. They were clearly taking their time with her and probably driving her crazy.I wrote a quick note back to them thanking them for sending the pic and saying that Maria looked amazing. I didn?t get a response.I kept on thinking about that stupid beer commercial, ?it?s on!? It was on, and I was going to be sitting at home the whole time wondering what was going on. What were they going to do to her next? Would I get another picture? I hoped so. . .9 o?clock went by. I would walk around with my cell phone in my hands with the setting on vibrate. That way the k**s wouldn?t hear it ringing and I would ?feel? it right away. If Adam was starting to fuck Maria they weren?t giving me a call so I could listen. I was of course going out of my mind wondering what was going on but I was also happy to see the time go by. We were going on two hours now. I always felt when Maria was out on her dates that the more time the better. I?ve always figured if whoever she?s fucking wants to keep playing with her for hours and hours it usually means that Maria is having a great time. I was guessing that she was having a great time tonight.At 9:30 I walked the dog. Or I should say I walked the dog with one hand while keeping the other hand on the cell phone the entire time. Hoping it would vibrate and I would get a call or a text or a pic. But nothing. . . they were driving me crazy.10 o?clock was coming up and that was a big deal. The k**?s bedtime. I really wanted to get them to bed before I got a call or text or something. I really didn?t want the phone to ring or vibrate while I was dealing with the bedtime routine and have the k**s ask questions. Like usual it seemed a long process but in reality the k**s were great and went to bed right on time. But 10 o?clock came and went and still nothing. Wow. . . this was probably still a really great sign.I still had one more load of laundry to sort out so I went upstairs to deal with it. Once again I was happy to have something to keep me busy for a bit. I was hoping I would get another pic or text or call or something but nothing. In a way I knew it wasn?t a big surprise. Maria had gone out before and not called me at all for hours. She knows it drives me crazy when escort bursa I wait for hours and don?t hear from her. Wondering the whole time what is going on.At around 10:20 it hit me that the next, and only, thing I might get was a call from Maria to let me know they were done. If that was the case then I almost didn?t want my phone to ring. They were going on three hours. But in a way the evening was still young. My balls and cock were aching. I wished they would call and let me listen at least for a while. I knew I wasn?t allowed to call them. I started to wonder if the reason they didn?t call was that I responded to their pic message? I thought it was polite to say thank you. But perhaps I was breaking my instructions by sending them a note of thanks?So I had to wait, and wonder, and go crazy wondering what Adam and Lisa were doing with Maria. Time was a good thing. The longer things went the more fun Maria was probably having. It also meant it would be more and more likely that she would stay all night. It hit me at some point that perhaps Adam and Lisa took it as a challenge when they heard Maria might sleep there if they played with her until the wee hours of the morning? I just had to wait.Then at 10:30 my phone rang. I picked it up and said, ?hello?? All I heard in return was the sound of Maria cumming. Then began one of the hottest 30 minutes of my life. For the next half an hour it seemed like Maria was cumming almost constantly. It was clear to me that Adam was fucking her when they called. Maria was moaning and groaning while I could hear the steady pounding rhythm of his fucking her. I could hear the sound of skin slapping against skin. I heard Maria say, ?Ohhhh, your cock feels so good. Can I cum please? Oh my god, I?m cumming again. .? Then I heard some muffling sounds and it sounded like she was sucking his cock. She was also still moaning and groaning so I assumed that Lisa was playing with her. Maybe licking her pussy while she sucked Adam? All I know is that it sounded super hot. I could hear Adam say, ?She sucks cock so well. But I think I?ll pound her pussy again. Spread your legs.? Then Maria started cumming hard and steady again. I listened to them fuck with Maria cumming almost constantly for about 15 or so minutes. Maria would ask for permission to cum each time. It was so hot to hear her begging to cum that much.I noticed that even though my cock was in the harness it was throbbing. I felt like I was about to start cumming in my pants and I wasn?t touching myself or anything. Just listening to them playing was one of the hottest things I had ever heard. At one point things got sort of quiet and I was really worried I lost the signal or something. I tried not to move and soon I heard what sounded like Maria sucking cock again. I can tell from the way she sounds when she?s cumming and she has a mouth full of cock. It?s muffled in a particular way that I?ve heard a number of times over the years. I love that sound. I heard Adam say, ?should I cum in her mouth or on her face or on her tits so you can clean it up.? I wondered who he was talking to? Lisa or me? I would love to clean it up. Then he clearly started fucking her some more. Hard and fast and I could hear Maria cumming again and again. She would ask if it was all right to cum and they would say yes and she would scream out that she was cumming. At one point I could hear her getting spanked. From the way she sounded I knew she was loving it. It sounded like she was having some of the best sex of her life. I was so happy for Maria and our new friends.Soon I heard some more muffled sounds and it sounded like Maria?s mouth was full of cock again. It also sounded like Adam might have been cumming. The whole thing was so hot. Things seemed to quiet down and I heard Maria say, ?I think I?ll hang up now? All of a sudden she was on the phone loud and clear and she said, ?I?m going to hang up now. I?ll call you later.? I said, ?Thank you so much, that was amazing to listen to.? And then she hung up the phone.So… was that the ?climax? of the evening and Maria was going to call me soon to let me know if she would be coming home or staying the night? Or was that just round #1 and she would be calling again to let me listen later on? Or would I not get another phone call at all? I would have to just sit again and wait and find out… In the meantime my mind was blown. It was one of the hottest half an hours I had ever had listening to that call. Wow…I hung up the phone and another hour went by. It was now midnight. I thought I might get a call after 15 minutes or a half an hour to let me know that they were done. But when an hour went by I started to wonder if they had taken a break and had started round #2. I also knew that Lisa was involved. The dynamic was different with another woman. A guy might cum once or twice and be done for the night. A woman can keep on going and going. I wondered if Adam was watching Lisa and Maria play together? Once again the more that time went by the more I thought that Maria must have been having even more fun. They were going on five hours… I so wanted to take off the cock restraint and play with my cock but I was good. What was going on?Another half an hour went by and it was 12:30. Still no call to let me know they were done for the night. It seemed pretty clear to me that they were still playing. It seemed more and more like Maria might be staying the night in the hotel room. I wondered when/and if she would call again? Maybe they would play until the wee hours of the morning? Maybe they would play all night and Adam and Lisa would stay until the morning? My mind was reeling with the possibilities. For me at least, this was turning into one of the hottest cuckolding experience I had ever had. I hoped Maria was having an amazing time. I assumed she was since so much time had gone by. I was starting to feel very sleepy myself and thought I might doze off soon, but I was still so excited.I ended turning out the lights so I could try to doze off while I waited for the phone to ring. I sat in the comfy chair in the living room in the dark waiting, and waiting. I so wanted to play with myself but I didn?t touch myself once. I was really tired at this point and wanted to sleep but I was still too excited to sleep. So many thoughts were going through my mind. I sat there in the dark thinking of all the things that could be happening just then. Could they possibly still be playing? The later it got the more excited and turned on I got. I couldn?t sleep. But at a certain point I started to get a little worried also. Usually Maria doesn?t like to stay up past 2am. I was getting surprised that I hadn?t heard from her again. She had never played this long with another guy before. I was sure that everything was fine, and she had to be having a great time, but what if something was wrong?At 1:55 I cracked. I told myself that if I hadn?t heard from Maria by 2am I would text her. I couldn?t even wait that long. Could they still be playing? I sent a text that said, ?Sorry to bother you. Are you ok? Are you still playing? I love you!? They were going on 7 hours now. Amazing! I waited some more and didn?t hear anything. I waited until 2:15 and sent one more text. This time I said that I was starting to get a little worried. If I didn?t hear back from her in the next 15 minutes I would try to give her a call. A few minutes later I got a text back that said ?heading home?. This was a bit of a surprise. It was so late I assumed Maria would want to spend the night at that point. But I was also glad she was heading home so we could talk and maybe play for a little bit. I was desperate to know how it all went.I sent her one more text that said, ?I hope you had a good time? and she wrote back ?I had a really good time?.Then I went upstairs to the bedroom to get things ready. She wanted me to have a glass of ice water by the side of the bed and lotion to rub her body in case she was sore. She called after a bit to say she was heading home and she was really hungry. She wanted to have a quick bite to eat when she got home and then we could talk.She got home and I thought she looked ravishing. She was still dressed in her blue dress and boots and her hair had that ?just fucked? look. I carried the bags inside and then we sat in the dining room and talked about small stuff while we ate. She knew that I wanted to hear about her evening, but I wanted her to wait until we got upstairs before she told me about her date. So we talked about a few mundane things like the dog while we had a quick bite.Then we went upstairs and we started to get undressed. I wanted to leave the lights off as it was 3 in the morning and I didn?t want to take a chance of waking up the k**s in the next room. We could barely see in the dim light. When I took off my pants I still had on the frilly panties and harness and I showed Maria. She was a little surprised that I still had the harness on since she had been out for SO long. I took them off and I wanted to hear her tell me what happened but she said, ?You should look at my ass. Madam Lisa said there should be a handprint still. Can you turn on the light for a second and take a look?? I turned on the light while she was bent over with her ass in the air. I looked at her ass and I couldn?t believe it. On each side was an area that had small bruises all over the place. I had whipped and spanked Maria many times over the years and seen a few other people do it also but I had never seen anything like this. I was a little stunned. I said, ?Wow, there?s more than a handprint. You have bruises all over you!?At first Maria didn?t believe it, but she took a look herself and said, ?Wow, you have to get a picture of that! Get the camera now.? I went to the bag that had the toys and stuff and quickly found the camera. I turned off the lights again and took a few pictures. She also asked that I take a picture of her breasts and nipples because they were so sore. The pics looked amazing and after I took them Maria wanted to see them. ?These look great. I had no idea they would leave bruises, but I had so much fun!?Then I lay back while Maria cuddled up next to me and started to tell me about her night. I asked her if she would play with my cock and she said, ?No, you can play with yourself if you want. I?ve had plenty of cock tonight already, and I may want to play with myself some more.?She started to tell me about her evening.?I was so nervous when I was waiting for them in the lobby. Then they showed up and they both looked so hot and attractive, I was very happy that I was there waiting for them.??They took one of the room keys so they could go upstairs and get ready and prepare for me. They wanted me to wait for 15 minutes and while I waited they wanted me to write in a journal what I was thinking. They want you to fill out the rest of the journal with what I tell you tonight. So you better listen carefully so you can write it all down for them.??I was so excited sitting there waiting for them. It made me really nervous to go to the elevator and press the button to go up to the room. But I was really excited also.??I got to the room and I wasn?t sure at first if I was at the right room. I could hear classical music playing inside. I knocked and Sir Adam opened the door. He was wearing his new pair of leather pants they told me about. He looked very nice.? ?He told me that Madam Lisa was still getting ready and then he kissed me and started to fondle my breasts through my top. My nipples started to get very hard and I could tell my breasts were already very sensitive. They had candles lit in the main room and nice classical music playing. The atmosphere was very sensual.??After a bit Madam Lisa came out of the bedroom. She looked amazing. She was so hot. She was wearing black high heel shoes, black over the knee stockings, you know she has those amazing legs so she looked so sexy, and then a short black strapless dress. She also had a short crop.?I moaned while I was stroking my now very hard cock. I could picture in my mind how sexy Madam Lisa had looked that night. It was so hot to think of Maria being dominated by her.?Then Sir Adam told me to sit on the couch. They wanted to go over the ground rules first. They gave me two sets of safe words. I was to not look them in the eye but cast my gaze down. I was to do what they said and be their slut for the night. I was to call her Madam Lisa and him Sir Adam.??Then they started to kiss me and play with my breasts and nipples. We told them that I could cum from you playing with my nipples and they wanted to see it happen. They told me that I had to sit perfectly still while they fondled my breasts. It was really hard but I did my best.??Then Madam Lisa put my collar on. One that they had brought that was black leather. It made me so horny when she put the collar on and I knew I would be fully submitting to the two of them.??Then they played with my breasts and nipples some more. They were sitting on each side of me and Sir Adam would play with one of my breasts and Madam Lisa would be playing with the other. It was totally driving me crazy.??Then they bursa escort bayan told me to take off my dress. They really liked the green waist cincher you put on me earlier. I still had on my panties and they told me to sit perfectly still and hold my breasts up for them to play with.??Sir Adam then told me that if I wanted to cum I had to ask for permission first. They started to play with my nipples some more and very soon after that I asked him for permission for the first time. They did make me cum from playing with my nipples. It was really hard to sit still while I was cumming like that. I would squirm around a little bit on the couch but I tried to stay as still as I could.??They must have played with my breasts for a while; it’s hard to tell how long, but maybe an hour? They had me help them send you a pic, using my phone. They licked them and sucked them and pinched them and used their crops and whips on them. They made me cum several times. I can?t even remember how many times. Sir Adam was wearing his tight leather pants. Sometimes he would stand in front of me really close so I could see his thick hard cock in his pants. But I was supposed to sit still so I couldn?t do anything about it. It was driving me crazy.??At one point Sir Adam put his hand between my legs and pulled my panties to the side and started to finger my pussy. He couldn?t believe how wet I was! Then Madam Lisa led me over to the chair that was in the room. She had me kneel on it with my top and breasts over the edge on the top so they could still play with my nipples if they wanted.??Then they started to spank me and flog me and whipped my ass. They didn?t just whip my ass they also whipped my top and back as well. I had never had that happen before but it really turned me on. They ended up spanking and whipping me and flogging me for a while – it’s hard for me to know how long. It was amazing. I guess that?s how I got those bruises???Sometimes they would both spank me at once. Sometimes they would tease me. Sir Adam would go around to the front and stand in front of me with his hard cock in his leather pants just inches away. I so wanted to suck it. Then they would trade places and Madam Lisa would come in front and bury my head in her cleavage but I wasn?t allowed to lick or suck her breasts. They were driving me crazy.??I was still supposed to gaze downward and not look at them in the face. At one point Madam Lisa went in front of me and started to play with herself. She pulled up her dress and started to finger and play with her pussy. She stood just far enough away that I couldn?t see her playing with her pussy unless I looked up. I so wanted to look at her but I did my best to keep on looking down. That was totally hot.??At one point Sir Adam came around to the front and unzipped his pants. His cock looked so yummy. He told me to open my mouth but I wasn?t allowed to suck or lick him. He would run his cock around my lips and even put it in my mouth but I couldn?t do anything. That drove me crazy also. Of course Madam Lisa would be spanking or whipping or flogging me while he was doing it. You know I was loving every second.??Later when Madam Lisa was in front Sir Adam started to finger my pussy some more. His fingers are thicker and longer than yours are and they made me cum so hard. I started to make so much noise that they thought it might be a good idea to move into the bedroom and continue in there.??We went into the bedroom and the lingerie that you had put out was on the bed. Madam Lisa told me that I should change and picked out the red corset for me to wear. It was the same thing I was wearing at the party but I guess they liked how I looked in it.? ?I changed and Madam Lisa changed into a white negligee and Sir Adam got naked and got on the bed. I have to admit that the next few hours are kind of a blur for me. I was cumming so much and having so much fun. There was a lot of kissing and cuddling and stroking and sucking and fucking.??We started, I think, by licking Sir Adam?s cock together. We ran our tongues and lips all around it together. We did it for a while. I know you love getting double head and Madam Lisa and I were really good at it. Sir Adam?s cock got so big and hard.??Then I think what was next was Sir Alan fucked Madam Lisa. They wanted me to rub her clit and feel his cock going in and out of her. At one point they switched positions and wanted me to lick her clit while he was fucking her. I would lick his cock also while it was going in and out. Every once in awhile his cock would pop out of her and I would suck it. I got to lick off all of Madam Lisa?s yummy juices and then put it back inside of her. I was licking his cock a lot at first but I after I sucked off her juices a few times I thought it would be best to concentrate on licking her clit and just play with his cock when it popped out.??Then we just played some more. Sir Adam and I would play with Madam Lisa. The two of them would play with me. She and I would play with Sir Adam. It was so hot and fun.??Finally Sir Adam told me that I had been such a good slut that he was going to give me a reward. He was finally going to fuck me. Madam Lisa got a condom for him and he started to fuck me from on top. His cock felt amazing when it went in me and I had to ask permission to cum as soon as his cock went in my pussy.??It seemed like he fucked me for a long time and I loved his cock. It was definitely much thicker than yours and at least an inch longer also. It filled me up so nicely but it wasn?t too long so it hurt. After awhile he pulled out and Madam Lisa and I licked and sucked his cock together again for a long time.? ?Then he wanted to fuck me again from behind and that?s when we decided to call you. I guess you could hear how much he was making me cum and me asking for permission to cum. I hope you could hear all right. Once I called you I didn?t really pay attention to the phone for awhile there.??Could you tell when he pulled out and I started sucking his cock again? Madam Lisa started spanking me while I was sucking him and I think I came again just from that. Then Sir Adam fucked me some more from on top while Madam Lisa played with my breasts and sucked my nipples. She would reach down and start spanking and playing with my clit while he was fucking me. I know you heard me cumming a lot when they were doing that.??Then Sir Adam pulled out again and started fucking my mouth. I think you heard him ask me if he should cum in my mouth or on my face and breasts? He didn?t cum just then but got really close. I think we hung up the phone soon after that.?I said, ?Yeah, you let me listen for about a half an hour. It was amazing. I almost came just from listening to you. I was also very good and didn?t touch myself once the entire night. It was really hard but I did it. Then I didn?t hear anything again for hours and hours. I figured you had to be having a fantastic time with the two of them.?Maria said, ?it was fantastic and I had a great time. Once again it?s sort of hard to remember exactly what happened but after we hung up on you I started to suck on Sir Adam some more with Madam Lisa and got his cock really hard again. Then he started to fuck me again and he fucked me for a long time, switching off with fingering me with his large capable fingers. My pussy is very sore right now.? ?After fucking me for so long he decided he was hungry and would call for a pizza. While he was on the phone I was cuddling and kissing Madam Lisa. I was still very turned on and I asked her if I could suck and play with her breasts and she said yes. I licked and sucked on her breasts for a while and then I asked her if I could lick her pussy and once again she said yes.??I got down between her legs and started to lick her yummy pussy. She tasted so good. I ended up eating her for a long time – maybe half an hour? Maybe forty minutes? She would do this thing where she would wrap her legs around my head and hold me down while I was licking her clit. It drove me crazy and made me feel so submissive. I really wanted to serve her and make her feel so good. I?m pretty sure I made her cum.??Then Sir Adam fucked Madam Lisa some more. She was riding him and I was behind her. I started to play with her ass while he was fucking her. Not spanking her but rubbing and stroking her ass. She really seemed to like it. They fucked for a while – all the time trying to keep an ear out for the doorbell. The pizza finally came. We had played for hours and hours by then. We were all worn out hungry, and very happy.??After that we just sat and talked for an hour or so. The more we talked the more I realized that I really liked them. It seemed that we had a lot in common and I felt so comfortable just hanging out with them. They told me I was a great slut and followed all their instructions so well and they wanted to play with me again soon.?The entire time I was listening to the story I was playing with my cock. I almost came several times but I made sure I didn?t go over the edge. Maria had been rubbing her clit and masturbating almost the entire time as well. We were both really horny after her telling me all about her night. I asked her if I could please fuck her pussy. I wanted to feel if she was really stretched out and sore. She told me to get on top of her with my cock right at her opening. I could fuck her for one minute. I had to look at our digital cock and the second it switched to the new minute I could plunge inside of her.I put my cock by her opening and I could tell she was incredibly wet. The clock changed to the next minute and I rammed my cock inside of her. I could tell right away that she had been out fucking another man. I know that feeling now and I love it. Her pussy wasn?t stretched out but more tight and sore. Maria started to cum almost as soon as I plunged inside of her and she almost put me over the edge right away as well and she could tell. She told me that I had to fuck her for one minute and I wasn?t allowed to cum inside of her. She wanted me to cum on her breasts. I was so turned on by the whole night that I barely lasted the entire minute. I saw the clock change to the next minute and I pulled out and straddled Maria?s breasts and started to cum.She wanted me to cum on her breasts and I aimed for her nipples but my first shot flew up over her shoulder and hit her hair and the pillow. The next shot ended up on her face and shoulder. The rest ended up all over her breasts. Maria was covered in cum. It had been one of the biggest and strongest orgasms of my life.We cleaned up her face some but Maria was still very horny. She wanted to do one more thing we sometimes do when we play our cuckold games. She wanted me to play with her G-spot and squirt all over me. I took out the towel that I had all ready by the side of the bed and lay it on the bed and then laid down on top of it. Maria straddled me with her pussy over my cock. I put my hand between her legs and started to finger her pussy. I couldn?t believe how juicy wet she still was. When I put my finger inside of her and felt her G-spot it felt swollen, almost like a small balloon that was slightly blown up. I had never felt it that large and swollen before.I started to rub it with my finger and Maria started to cum hard. Soon she started to squirt all over me. I quickly got soaked with her juices. She was so worked up that I put another finger inside of her and rubbed her G-spot with two fingers. She squirted harder than I had ever seen her squirt before. She shot out a stream that hit me in the shoulder and then all over my chest. She was cumming the entire time I was fingering her. At one point I leaned up and realized that her breasts were still completely covered in my cum and I started to lick it up. Her breasts were so sore from being played with earlier that just my licking them caused her to cum even more. I tried to lick her nipples but they were too sore.She would say things like, ?see what happens when I go out and fuck a nice big cock for hours? Sir Adam made me cum so many times with his nice thick cock and amazing fingers. Madame Lisa had a nice yummy pussy that I got to lick and eat. Now I?m squirting all over your tiny cock.? I was covered in Maria?s cum and juices and we were both completely worn out. We looked at the clock and realized it was almost 4 in the morning. The k**s would be up in 4 or 5 hours if we were lucky. Maria was still sort of horny and thought maybe I could fuck her some more but I just couldn?t go on. I told her that I was sorry but I had to go to sleep. We put out heads down and passed out pretty quickly. Both of us slept like logs.We woke up early and fucked again. I could feel Maria?s pussy cumming and gripping my cock as soon as I went inside of her. Maria?s pussy was still very sore but also still very wet and it didn?t take me long to cum just from thinking about what had happened the night before. Maria sent Adam and Lisa an email to let them know what a great time she had and to let them know that she wanted to meet them again soon. They responded soon after to let her know that they also wanted to set up another date soon. We ended up walking around for the next few days with silly smiles on our faces at random moments. We were both really glad we went to the Halloween party! We hadn?t gone to a swinger?s club in about six months but I told Maria maybe we should go more often?!

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