cuckoldressToday my very lucky & equally pathetic cuck bitch hand delivered me a £500.00 cash tribute along with a bottle of champagne, some vodka, flowers & cocktail shaker..he thought he was just dropping them off & meeting my bf in preparation for our big joint session in a couple of weeks..nothing could of prepared slut for what I had in store for him….Here in his words is part one..After a near sleepless night thinking about the day to come it was with eagerness and trepidation I set off to Goddess Laura’s house this morning, but first I had to call and get gifts for Goddess and Her Real Man.”You may bring Me a bottle of pink Champagne and Sir will have a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka”I also bought Goddess some fresh flowers and a cocktail shaker “get me a little surprise to make up for that idiot slave pissing me off” (Some fool had indeed been disrespectful to Her) Tribute Money in two envelops and I was on my way.This was my third visit to Goddess this week!!! My heart was pounding as I rang the bell and waited, today was going to be a step further than I had ever gone before, today I would be serving not only The Divine Goddess Laura but Her Man as well !I was to become Her worthless, devoted cuckold bitch slave!The door opened,”In, strip naked here loser” the moment I found myself in Goddess Laura’s presence I knew I would do anything She ordered me to do. Just looking at Her beauty I melt into a submissive state leaving me wanting to please Her what ever She demands of me.With Her wide mocking smile Goddess watched me remove my clothes. “glad to see the useless maggot is tied up tight, is it hurting loser”””Yes Goddess I did it extra tight so I would suffer for You Goddess”Her smile lit up my world as güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri She laughed, throwing a single sock at me.”Here, cover the ugly thing up with on of Sirs dirty socks, we don’t want to have to see the vile little thing”I placed the dirty sock over my Maggot and balls with Goddess watching.Goddess put a sexy bra on me (it wasn’t sexy on me) “now bitch, on your knees and into the lounge, I’ll cover your eyes, you’re not worthy of looking at a real man” On my knees I “walked” into the lounge, Goddess covered my eyes from behind with Her hands.”Say hello to Sir loser” “Good morning Sir, thank You for finding some use for me””You’re welcome loser, now fuck off and clean the bathroom and toilet”No doubt about how Sir viewed me then!A hood over my head, “here, this is better than looking at you’re pig ugly face”Goddess set me to work on my chores, the bathroom and toilet, a very pleasant time folding and hanging Her beautiful clothes, done with Goddess Herself ! “When you’ve done this you can strip and make the bed, the sheets are very messy after we fucked half the night and again twice this morning” Goddess looked right into my eyes as She said this.The little moaning whimper that escaped my lips made Her laugh.”you might find some sticky treats as you change the bed, put them to one side you’ll get them later”I shivered with humiliating pleasure at the thought of my treats.Goddess left me to my work adding, “when you’ve finished crawl into the kitchen and put the dirty sheets in the washing machine. Then you may come and present your tribute and gifts at our feet”I worked quickly but making sure I did a proper job, half done tasks will not be tolerated !”Ok, loser güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri on your knees at Our feet, face to the floor, you’re not to look at us, you’re not worthy of such a privilege.There on my knees before them I begged them to accept my offerings.”Please Goddess, please Sir accept these pathetically small gifts and tribute of £500.00 as my thanks to You for allowing me to serve You Both”.Kneeling there saying these words I genuinely was grateful to be serving Goddess and Her Man.Goddess quickly dismissed me, “go do that washing up loser, and make a good job of it” Standing there at the sink Goddess came behind me and laughing slapped my arse “its going red loser, I better do the other side to balance it out. Maybe Sir might want to slap you too”Goddess and Sir went to relax leaving me to my work, When you finish that you can come and kneel at my feet to say your Sunday Prayers! Sunday Worship of your God in person! What a lucky bitch you are”!my heart was racing now, I was going to get to kneel and pray to the deity I adore and worship right there and now!Goddess clipped the blindfold to my hood.”Ok loser, pray to me, pray to your GOD”.There on my knees, blindfold with my palms together i prayed to Her, I prayed with all my heart and soul. I prayed to Her, wanting to show my devotion to Her. Prayers of thanks and praise, prayers to Her cruelty and beauty.”Enough bitch, now crawl over to the wall, face to the wall and stay there while we watch TV”.Kneeling there my ears strained to hear Goddess and Sir talking above the TV sound. I could hear them kissing !”Mmmmm, play with my tits, Mmmmmm” “I could give you another blow/hand job”The maggot was in agony tied güvenilir bahis şirketleri tight in its cruel shoelace prison,listening to them ! Kisses and low moans as they kissed.”Are you going to cum babe, are you” Oh fuck ! i was in cuck heaven and cock hell all at once !”Where do you want to cum? Where do you think Sir should cum loser”? What was i to say !!!”Anywhere He wishes Goddess” was all i could think off!”Cum in my hand, shoot that hot load in my hand”As I heard Sir moaning & cum I leaned my head against the wall letting out a desperate moan of frustration.”When did you last cum loser” He asked me in a tone dripping with cold sarcasm.”Three weeks ago Sir, and i have only cum once while Goddess has owned me Sir.”I heard Him get up and leave the room.”Ok loser, turn around” I followed Goddess Laura’s instruction. The blindfold was pulled of and the mask lifted. Looking up from my knees into the face of The Goddess I worship Her smile sent a shiver through me.”Look loser” in the palm Her hand was a pool of thick creamy …….Oh God it was cum!”Feeding time ! Eat it loser, eat my Boyfriends thick hot cum like the dirty little cuck you are”I looked into Her eyes and tried to say ‘please no, please don’t make me Goddess’ but all that came out was a pathetic whimper as deep inside I knew I would do it for Her. I would eat the cum from Her hand and I would do it willingly just to please Her.”eat the hot thick real man cum my worthless dirty cuck loser”And there I was, slurping the cum from Her hand gulping it down licking every last drop from Her fingers, like a cheep whore!As I licked, Goddess told me ”That’s His third cum this morning !” That’s what real men can do” There was loads of it, it was still warm! ! I was just glad it wasn’t His big first load of the day!Kneeling there with the taste of a real mans cum in my mouth, Goddess standing over me smiling at my humiliation at Her hands. I knew I was changed, Goddess had changed me. She had made me into a cum dump cuckold drudge for Her and Sir.Part two to follow !

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