Cum Eating made easy (CEI guide with no acrobatics


Cum Eating made easy (CEI guide with no acrobaticsThis post is dedicated to all of those, like me, that have fantasized about eating their own cum. This kind of fetish is something really, really hot and kinky, and I know that most of you are already excited and in… mmmh tension, I guess. And I also know that most men who indulge in such a fantasy have often chickened out as soon as they experienced their orgasm. All lust gone, all desire of a thick load in their mouth gone. Of course there are already an awful lot of CEI videos out there that have methods to ease the balance between desire and the act itself.- The “lick it from your palm method” is good, but nothings count when you are back in ‘complete self control’- The “shoot it in a glass method” which is interesting but even though karşıyaka escort it’s easier, and hotter (for what I’ve experienced) it’s not enough, yet.- The “Act like a yoga master method” which requires, as mentioned in the title, some acrobatics. Tasting cum directly shooting it in your mouth and face is something extremely sexy and arousing, but still, the effing acrobatics are a spectacle, also a turn off, sincerely. What’s the alternative then. Well, my alternative counts on you being the lazy ass that you are. One premise and only one: I will suppose that since you are reading this so intently, that you will be so gentle to share and to mention me, also I will suppose that you share with me fantasies about being a girl, sometimes if not more often.Stay karşıyaka escort bayan in bed, in a comfortable position, keep your laptop or magazine or just your sweet naughty imagination near and begin stroking, after you get hard, put a condom on, but don’t cum yet. Edge a little, then let your cock rest. Begin again and this time, instead of using your whole hand, act as a girl would, and use only two or three fingers, you could wear some panties, if you feel like it. I suggest that you don’t use any dildos or plugs at this time, but that’s up to you. (this is a nice video for girl masturbation)After a while, as everything will get more and more exciting, feel yourself becoming a girl, feel yourself as if you didn’t have a cock anymore. escort karşıyaka Be a girl.And don’t, I have to stress this, don’t let yourself stroke, just the fingers, remember you’re a female!At this point check that you have a long enough video, something at least 15 minutes long and very exciting for you. As you’re ready to cum, turn over, with your belly down and keep masturbating with your fingers, and then cum into the condom.At this point just stay on your belly, enjoy your first time as a girl and rest for a while. Even though you’re no more as horny as before, by this time you should be able to leave some time to pass without getting up. Watch a little of the video you chose and surpass the “back in control” moment for long enough that you can get horny again.As soon as you are, you will have a condom full of your cum, ready to be poured in a glass, or in your hand or directly on your wanting tongue.Yours Sissy AlynaRemember to share with all the other sissies, sluts and gurls around here ;)Like this post and comment, and if you wish, take a snapshot of your cumfilled condom and post it!

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