Daddy’s Birthday Present Ch. 02

Big Dicks

I wake as the sun comes through the window and touches my skin. Looking over at your beautiful face, you look so peaceful as you sleep. I carefully get out of bed so that I don’t disturb you and quietly walk to the bathroom, noticing that my body is sore, but what a good feeling. As I pass in front of the mirror, I notice the hand shaped bruise on my hip which brings a smile to my face as I think back to last night. I turn towards the mirror, and see that the matching hand is on the other hip. Your marks on my body are the most amazing sight to see.

I finish in the bathroom and gently crawl back in bed next to you. When I am sure that you are still sleeping, I very carefully remove the sheet revealing the most amazing sight. Moving down on the bed, my face reaches your hip and I kiss your warm skin so softly, not wanting to wake you just yet. Your cock is so close to my mouth, I am certain you will feel my breath before I can taste you. Gently, I rise up on my elbow and lean over to kiss the head of your cock, which causes you to stir a bit. I don’t move again until I am certain that you have fallen back to sleep. Your body finally stills and I can’t wait a moment longer to taste you.

I take your cock in my mouth and slowly begin sliding it in and out. I hear a soft but deep moan come from deep down in your chest. That sound turns me on so much, knowing that I can make you react from my touch. My mouth begins sucking you hard each time I take you in, making you harder and harder. Sliding you back out of my hot wet mouth, I suck hard on the tip. Going back down I begin taking you in further each time.

I reposition myself between your legs and continue sucking your rock hard cock. When I look up to see you, your eyes are closed but your face has this look of pure pleasure from me worshipping your body. I take your cock in my hand and begin stroking as I move down to lick your balls, taking one and then the other in my mouth sucking on them. But I can’t stay there for long. I have to have your cock in my mouth again. The best feeling in the world is pleasing you and your cock with my mouth.

“Look at me,” you demand.

My eyes immediately go to yours as I slide your cock back in my mouth until it hits the back of my throat. I pause for a moment to adjust to the feeling of my mouth being so full, and then slowly take you in even further. You are gentle this morning and don’t force me on you, letting me take my time to pleasure you. I am hopeful that you know that my desire to please you far exceeds my obligation to serve you.

Greed begins to takes over, I need your cum in my mouth. I begin sucking you harder and faster; one hand stroking the base of your cock and the other rubbing your balls. Your breathing begins to quicken. When I know that you are about to give me what I need, I take your cock as deep as I can which takes Kurtköy Türbanlı Escort you over the edge until you shoot your delicious reward into my mouth. My mouth never leaves you as you give me every drop.

Gently rubbing your cock with my hand, you look up at me. When I see that I have your attention, I open my mouth showing you your cum still filling me, and slowly let it spill from my mouth, down my chin down onto your cock. Dripping down your length and onto my hand. The look on your face is priceless, and the pride shows on mine as I lean over, still looking you in the eye, and begin to suck the cum off of your cock, playing in it with my tongue. Once I have sucked you clean, I sit up and show you as I lick and suck it off my hand, not missing one drop.

I bring my hand up to my chin and with my fingers get the last of what is left on my chin and bring it to my mouth. My eyes roll back savoring the gift you have given me.

“Thank you for letting me service you this morning Daddy.”

“Daddy is very happy with His babygirl this morning,” you reply. “Come lay next to me.”

Your arm is stretched across the pillow and as I lie next to you, my head on your shoulder, you bring your arm around me and hold me close to you and kiss the top of my head. This is my safe place to be, held and protected by you.

After breakfast, you go read while I shower and get ready for the day. When dressing, I decide on a sundress since the weather is very warm. Once I finish getting ready, I return to the living room and take my place at your feet. You continue to read, but place one hand on my head that is resting on your lap and gently run your fingers through my hair.

Finally you put your book on the table next to you chair. Turning your attention to me, you tell me to stand up. I do as I am told and stand up between your legs and face you. You lean up in the chair and inspect my clothes and appearance.

“Raise your skirt up so Daddy can see His property.”

Your words have an effect between my legs instantly. “Yes Sir.”

I raise my skirt, as I am told, and hold it around my waist, revealing my bare freshly shaved pussy for you.

“Spread your legs for me babygirl.” I eagerly comply.

Your hand moves between my legs and your fingers slide across my pussy parting my wet lips, feeling all of me.

“Good girl, always wet and ready for Daddy.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Your hand continues to rub and explore, making me wetter. My eyes drift closed and my head starts to fall back.

“Look at me!”

Startled by your tone, my head immediately comes up, eyes open and you have my undivided attention again.

“Turn around and keep your skirt up. Then bend over and grab your ankles and stay there”

I immediately do as I am told without any hesitation. That’s the Kurtköy Otele Gelen Escort way that is expected, no question or hesitation to following your orders. As I bend over, I drape my skirt over my back, leaving myself fully exposed to you, to do with as you please.

Your hand returns to my pussy, rubbing me from behind. “Daddy, you always make my pussy feel so good.”

“Who’s pussy?” you ask.

“Sorry Daddy, it’s Your pussy. Every part of me is Yours.”

“That’s better.”

“Now bring your hands back here and spread My pussy open wide.”

I reach back, feeling very vulnerable, and I open myself to you. Immediately your fingers are inside my pussy slowly fucking it. Sliding in and out causing my extreme wetness to run down my leg. You take your fingers covered in my wetness and begin rub them over my ass. When nice and ready, you slide a finger in my ass very slowly. Your other hand comes up and begins rubbing my clit.

“Oh Daddy, that feels so good, you are making me even wetter for you.”

“Take your dress off and come sit on my lap baby, let me make you feel even better.”

I quickly remove my dress and step back to sit down. You are still fully clothed, which is so sexy. You lean me backwards until my back is leaning against your chest. You place my legs over each arm of the chair, opening me up wide for you.

Both hands then come to my mouth. “Get my fingers wet.” I take two fingers from each hand inside my mouth and begin sucking on them. The position of your hands on either side of my face is stretching my mouth out causing my spit to build up and drip down my chin. You take your fingers from my mouth and begin rubbing my saliva on my nipples causing them to get harder that what they already were. When I start grinding my ass into your lap, you pinch both nipples causing me to scream at the suddenness of the pain. This was my signal to be still.

While one hand remained on my nipple giving it some gentle torture, the other hand moved down to my pussy and began rubbing my clit. You move the hand down from my nipple and put two fingers inside my pussy and begin grinding into me deep and hard. The double torture on my clit and the fingering of my pussy are driving me closer to the edge. You feel my body writhing against your body and put more pressure on my clit and that is all it takes to push me to an amazing orgasm.

My pussy is suddenly lacking your touch, and one hand is forcefully around my neck putting a little too much pressure. Your mouth is right next to my ear, “I DID NOT GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO CUM.”

My mind is reeling. Oh fuck, I didn’t even ask to cum. It just felt so fucking good!

The grip around my neck is making it very difficult to breath much less beg for forgiveness. Before I can even think of what I am going to say, you push me off Kurtköy Ucuz Escort of your lap and force me to stand up. Your hand is in my hair, gripping and pulling it very hard, almost to the point of dragging me across the room and into the corner.

My thoughts are going crazy in my head. Corner time? Really? That seems a little “soft” for a disregard of the rules. Once we get to the corner, you push my face to the wall. “Don’t move.”

You step away from me and leave me there all alone. I hear your footsteps headed towards the bedroom and then back towards me.

“Step back and bend over. Put your hands against the wall.”

You put your leg between mine and spread my legs further apart. Again, I am exposed completely to you and I have no idea what you are about to do, but it can’t be good. Although you can’t see it, a tear falls down my cheek. Not for the punishment itself, but because I caused you to have to punish me.

Before I can even try to gain control of my emotions, the most intense pain lands across my ass. It’s your leather belt.


Barely able to catch my breath, “one.”

The next one lands in almost the same spot, “two.”

The top of my thighs take the third, “three.”

The pain is unbearable. But this is the punishment you have chosen, and it isn’t my place to argue. I take what I deserve. I broke the rules. Tears are flowing down my face now.

The fourth hits on just one side of my ass, “four.”

The next one gets the other, equaling the pain of the opposite, “five.”

My pussy is then filled with your hard cock, no preparing me or letting me adjust to your size, just forceful fucking. There is no regard given to my ass that feels as if it is on fire. You slam into me balls deep over and over. Every time your body touches my ass, it intensifies the extreme pain I am feeling. Then as hard as you can, you really begin the cunt torture. My arms give out and with the next trust I am pushed into the wall.

“Put your arms back on the wall.”

Again, my head hits the wall just before I can raise my hands to protect myself.

Finally holding myself up again, the punishment fuck continues, until the final thrust that is slammed into me and I feel your cock explode inside me. The fact that you are holding me to you, skin to skin, my ass is burning from the belt lashes.

When you finally return to the present, from your over the top orgasm, you pick me up from the corner and carry me to the bedroom and lay me down on my stomach. You go to the bathroom and then return to sit down next to me. Very gently you begin to rub lotion on my burning ass, causing me to have to catch my breath.

“Do you know why you were punished?”

“Yes Sir, I was punished because I didn’t follow the rules and ask for permission to cum.”

“That’s right, I expect you to follow the rules at all times when it comes to your orgasms. I own your body completely and that includes when you will feel pleasure.”

“Yes Sir, I understand. I am so sorry Daddy. You made me feel so good that I couldn’t help myself, but I won’t let it happen again.”

“Good girl, now sleep.”

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