Dance For Me!


The following seven chapters tell the true story of events that happened to me in a midland table dancing club. Some more interesting events occurred out of the club, and although they originated in there, I will not feature those.

For legal reasons, I do not intend to name the club, nor refer to the girls by any real names. I will however refer to them by the pet names I called them. The girls made my life interesting, and I have no reason to embarrass, or offend them, by doing an ‘expose’ on the club. I am sure they have all moved on, and if any of the girls recognise themselves, then I would like to say ‘thank you’, and I hope they had as much fun as I did. I’d like to think they are all reaping the benefits of their hard work by having invested their earnings in something worthwhile. I was earning £20000+ per annun at the time of these events, and was able to afford to tip the girls as well as the usual fee per dance.

All events occurred over an eight month period around five years ago, while I visited the club on a weekly basis, sometimes bi-weekly. There is no actual sex in this story, well not much anyway..he he..but some incidents may border on the edges of decency in an open venue. While I appreciate that these memories may excite me more than you, I would be interested to hear from anyone else who has had similar experiences.


Che’ was a tallish, black girl, of west Indian blood, but born in England. She had a gorgeous, well proportioned body, with firm 34c tits, and a nice round ass. Also her skin was a dark shade of brown, and as far as I could see, flawless. She had a wicked sense of humour, and seemed to enjoy the effect she had on the guys who frequented the club. Che’ seemed to particularly enjoy dancing for me, as she could be more sexual than with some guys, as she tended to scare them, it took a lot to scare me, I just loved the way she danced much closer than she was allowed to, and she would deliberately let her tits hang in front of my mouth, and did not object to the occasional swipe from my tongue on them, she tasted wonderful. Che’ was far and away my favourite girl ever to dance for me, and is the only one I wish I could see again. God Id even marry her if she wanted me too…he he.

One one particular occasion, I decided to visit on a quiet Wednesday afternoon, and upon entering the club, I made my way downstairs to the toilet. Always a good start, you don’t want to get the urge during a nice dance. The toilets were located halfway along a hall that led to the girls’ changing rooms, and as I came out the toilet, I heard high-hells ‘clacking’ towards me. I turned to be greeted by Che’, she threw her arms around my neck, and gave me a big hug. She was only dressed in a fishing net style of dress, and I could feel her tits pushing against me as she continued to hug me. She said she had been hoping I was coming in today, as she felt horny, and knew I would not mind her being naughty. I told her she could be as naughty as she liked with me, anytime. Che’ giggled and gave me a kiss on the lips, groping me as she did. On finding my cock already hard, she looked me in the eyes, and squeezed it harder. “Oohh…someone’s pleased to see me!”, she laughed. “I;m even more pleased if I get to touch you Che’!”, I replied. “Well go ahead then.” she smiled. I groped for her tits through the fishnet, and gave them a squeeze, lifting my fingers up to find her nipples already hardening as I tweaked one, then the other. I put one hand down between us, going around her hand, that was still rubbing my cock, and ran my hand up the edge of her dress. Although she was wearing knickers, she may as well have not bothered. I pushed my fingers round the flimsy material, and slipped a finger into her moist pussy. Che’ lifted slightly as I pushed it a little further in. “We’re gonna get caught if we’re not careful” I said, she reluctantly let me remove my fingers, and took her hand away from my cock. As I backed away, I took my juice covered fingers in my mouth. “Fuck, you taste so good baby!”, I smiled. “Well your gonna get more later if you like?” she smiled.

I made my way to my favourite seat, and was welcomed by Mandy, one of the waitress’. I gave her my order, and was joined at the table by Che’. I ordered her a drink, and we sat and chatted while we waited for them to arrive. As soon as I had taken a sip of my drink, Che’ asked if I wanted to carry on from before, I told her we had to be careful, but I ‘d love to get a grip on her again. I t turned out that she got more of a grip on me too.

Che’ started her dance as she had many times, slowly slipping the straps of her gown off her shoulders, before turning, bending over, an slipping the dress off her body. As the dress reached waist high though, she held it there, and shuffled back onto my lap, hovering over it a little, as this was not a lap dance club. I always kept my hands on the tops of my thighs, and as her ass came into reach, I lifted mt fingers, brushing her ass cheeks, Betturkey and as she lowered herself, I ran my hand, now obscured by her dress, along to her pussy lips. As I slid my fingers under her, I found her pussy still moist, and slipped a finger, knuckle-deep, into her folds. Che’ lifted off of my lap, and turned to face me, indicating for me to taste my finger. I looked around, checking no one was loking, before taking my finger into my mouth. “Mmmmm!!”, I mouthed to her. Slipping back onto my lap, this time facing me, Che’ slid right forward, covering my face with her nipples, and I took the best part of one into my mouth.

As I feasted on her tits, Che’ reached down into my crotch, and her hand gripped my cock through my trousers. Was I glad I was not wearing underwear?, you bet I was. As she took a firmer grip on my cock, I bit gently on her nipple, and Che’ gripped me even harder. It was becoming very uncomfortable, and sensing this, Che’ dropped between my legs. Her head lowered into my lap, and she opened her mouth wide. Taking the tent of my trousers in her mouth, she bit gently on my erection, and it jerked in her mouth. Looking up at me, she smiled. Checking around to check no one watching, she turned back to my crotch. Pulling my zipper slowly down till it would not go any further, she put a hand inside my trousers, and pulled my cock out into view. Her head dropped back down, taking my cock between her lips, licking it as she dropped her mouth further down my cock. I felt my cock hit the back of her throat, and then she tensed her lips, sucking hard as she lifted her head back off me. It felt like a vacuum as she reached the top. “Nice?” she asked as my cock sprung from her lips, “OOhhh!!” was all I could manage. Che’ did the same thing six or seven times, and I had to stop her, ” I’m gonna cum if you keep that up!”, I sighed. “MMmmm, now wouldn’t that be fun!” she breathed, returning her mouth to my cock. It only took another three sucks of her vacuum like mouth, before I filled her mouth with my cum, and she swallowed it all, before then licking me clean, and putting my cock back into my trousers, and pulling up the zipper.

As we sat after the dance ended, Che’ asked if wanted to return the favour. I said I did not think we could get away with that here, and she said she did not mean here. Offering me a piece of paper with her mobile number written on it, she kissed me on the lips, and told me to call her when she got off at two am. I did, and I returned the favour, with interest. But that is another story.


Cas was not the most popular of dancers, she was neither blonde, nor slim. Cas had a nice body, but carried a little extra weight, although this looked good on her, a lot of the other girls gave her stick for it, and a lot of guys did not seem to want her to dance for them. They did not know what they were missing.

She was a great dancer, not only did she have rhthym, but she knew how to exploit her assets. She had small boobs, about a 35b, but lovely smooth nipples, she had a large ass, but a nicely trimmed pussy. Although short, she made up for it by straddling the top of my knees at every opportunity. Why did I like this so much?, well because she was short, every time she straddled one of my knees, and shuffled forward, her pussy came into contact with my fingers, lying, as ever on the tops of my thighs. A lot of dancers would ask me to move my hands while they did this, but not Cas.

She also liked to lie on the floor in front of me, and pull her pussy open. She only did this when it was quiet, but when she did , it was a lovely sight. Her pussy always seemed to be wet, and I swear I could see her juices leaking out on a number of occasions, as she spread her lips wide. A trimmed patch of mousy-brown hair, the same as on her head, surrounding her outer lips, made this a sight to behold, and no mistake.

This particular night I am describing, Cas seemed extra naughty. Asking her why she was in the mood so much tonight, she told me that her boyfriend had invited his ex over to visit, while she was here, and living some eighty miles from here, she did not like it one bit. She thought he still had a soft spot for her, and did not trust him to be faithful to her. She told me that I made her feel more wanted than he ever did, and she was going to make the dances extra special to say thank you. I told her that she did not have to, but if she insisted, I would not object. Cas said she was happy to be really dirty for me, and would do whatever she could get away with, to make my night. And from the way she said it, I could see that she was going to enjoy it too.

Cas started to dance for me, and she had soon perched herself across my left knee, her knee, pushing forward, nudging against my hardening cock. She looked down as she rubbed her knee over it, and back to me with a smile, giving it a firmer nudge as she did so. Cas moved off my knee, removed her knickers, and perched Betturkey Giriş back onto my other knee. I turned my hand over, allowing my fingers to rub along her pussy lips, while her knee again rubbed my cock. “You’re sure excited tonight!”, whispered Cas, “It’s all down to you Cas!”, I replied. Slipping her dress down, revealing she had not been wearing a bra, she slid off my knee, and went down between my legs, brushing her tits over my hands slowly, allowing me to touch her nipples as she dropped down. Cas leant forwards, gripping my cock between her teeth, biting it gently, before relaesing it, and slowly pulling her self back up my body. As she leaned her tits into my face again, I locked all round her nipples, tasting the layer of sweat that always coated her body as she danced.

Cas again straddled my knee, and I pushed two fingers into her, while rubbing her clitty with my thumb. At the end of the dance, Cas pulled her dress back into place, but threw her knickers behind my back, asking me to hide them while she was dancing for me. She said it would save time if she did not have to take them off for me to finger her pussy. She stayed at my table for nearly two hours, and let me finger, lick, and generally go to town on her body, while having the occasional squeeze and bite of my cock, through my trousers. The club was becoming too busy to risk any more naughtiness by now though, and Cas decided she was tired, so I thanked her, offering her a good tip, which she refused to accept, before pecking me on the cheek, and leaving my table. The next time I visited the club, on the following wednesday, I found that Cas had left and would not be coming back. I was dissapointed, but still had the memories to remind me of her.


I decided to confess what had happened to another of the dancers, who had become a good friend, recommending girls I would like, as well as being an excellent dancer herself. She had not up until then been a ‘dirty’ dancer, but that was about to change.

Mitch was the girl who I had confessed about Cas to, and her whole dance ‘style’ changed, almost overnight. I knew she would not tell anyone else about what had happened, but I only expected her to suggest another girl who might be up for naughty dances, imagine how surprised I was when she told me she would dance like Cas did, as long as I kept my mouth shut, and gave her the same tips I had offered to Cas.

Although as I had said, Mitch was a good dancer, she did keep the required six inches, and very rarely did anything out of the ordinary. This whole change in her dance style was to become a revelation in my weekly visits. Mitch was not the most stunning of girls, but was fairly attractive. She had dyed blonde hair, smallish tits, I’d guess a 34b, and a slightly large ass, not unlike Cas’s body, but slightly taller, and chunkier.

Mitch started to dance for me, as usual, keeping the required six inches, but as she looked around to check no one was looking, her body slowly inched towards me, until finally, her nipples were only an inch away from my face. Although I did not try to touch them, I knew she could feel my breath on them, as they started to grow, and the nipples became erect before my very eyes. She swayed slightly, causing her nipples to bounce off of my nose, and then back away again to the six inches she usually danced.

Over the coming weeks, Mitch gradually got more daring, until finally, she pushed her nipples into my mouth, and gladly let me suck on them, making them hard as I gently nibbled on them. Mitch too, took Cas lead when it came to lowering herself into my lap, letting her tits brush my hands on the way down, but also letting me cup and grope them for ages, before finally settling between my legs. Although she did not bite my cock through my trousers, She did rub it occasionally. It was what occured next that shocked me though. As Mitch straddled my knee, She rubbed her pussy with her hand before offering me her fingers to suck. I gladly sucked her tangy juices off of her fingers, and licked my lips as she smiled down at me. I managed to run my fingers down her lips and into her wet pussy, yes wet, and I put two fingers straight up into her willing opening. Mitch ground slowly on my lap as I worked my thumb over her clit as well, coating my hand with her juices as she became even wetter. As I pulled my fingers out, Mitch stood in front of me, giving me the chance to lick my own fingers clean, before she took them into her own mouth, then licking the end of my index finger, imitating sucking my cock. While Mitch was putting her dress back on, she asked if I was enjoying her dances more now, and I just laughed, “What do you think?”.

Over the following weeks, I managed to get three fingers into her pussy while she danced for me, and each time she stood, covering for me as I licked my fingers clean. That was until one quiet afternoon when I finally got my first proper taste of her pussy. Mitch Betturkey Güncel Giriş sat down by me as soon as I came in, and we loked around. There was only one other customer in the club, and he was hidden by a long row of seats. Mitch told me she had a treat for me. She said she was going to let me get a proper taste of her pussy, to which I replied we would never get away with it. Mitch assured me that we would, and that she had already arranged for one of the other dancers to keep the other customer busy if I came in, and that the manager of the club was out. I asked about the other dancers, and she said they were all downstairs bitching about other customers and dancers.

As Mitch signalled for her friend to occupy the other customer, she pulled off her knickers from under her dress, and lay down across the seat alongside me. She pointed to her exposed pussy, and I put my head straight into her wet box. I spent several minutes licking all around her pussy, while enjoying her sweet tasting juices. I suddenly looked up to see Sammi staring at us, me with my head in Mitch’s pussy, and her with her tits out squeezing them. I called to Mitch, and she looked up at Sammi, laughing, she told her she ought to try my tongue, as it was great. Sammi stepped closer, pulling up her skirt, and pulling her knickers to one side, allowed me to stick my tongue into her moist folds. Sammi did not taste as sweet as Mitch, but she got equally as wet, and she moaned as covered my tongue with her cream. Unfortunately, Mitch’s friend came over and told us a couple of new customers were coming into the club, and we had to stop. But I still hold that among one of my fondest memories, particulary as I started to see Sammi out iof the club, and had much more practise on her pussy, as well as recieving the attention of her tongue, and pussy on my cock too.

I never had much chance to get any further with Mitch, but did enjoy many of her closer dances over the future weeks.


Faye was a cute blonde, she looked a lot like Faye Tozer from Steps, the uk pop group, and as well as being roughly the same size, she also wore her hair in a similar style to attract customers. I was trying to avoid one other blonde dancer, who not only danced terribly, but also had a crap body, so everytime she came over, I just said I did not like blondes, and she went away.

Faye came over to me looking rather pissed off, and wanted to know what I was playing at. I asked her what she meant, and she told me that the crap blonde dancer was upset that I did not want her to dance for me. I decided to tell her the truth, and she laughed, “Is that why you don’t have me dance very often?” she asked. I told her it was, but as she was so attractive I made an exception for her anyway. Faye said she did not have a problem in dancing for me in the way I liked, as long as we did it only while it was quiet, and I told her I would not expect her to do it at all, but if she was game, then I would love her to. Despite what you have read, I have never forced any girl to dance for me, but have gladly accepted all and any offers I have been given.

Faye began the next dance for me, and I asked her how I was supposed to explain my sudden change of heart in having a dance from a blonde. “Leave that to me, now sit back and watch how a real woman dances!”. I expected Faye to just do her normal dance, with a few closer passes of her tits in front of my face, but she in fact spent the whole dance, virtually sat in or on my lap, rubbing her ass over my growing erection. As I tried to move my hand away, Faye sat on it, rubbing her ass over my hand, deliberately forcing me to touch her pussy, before lifting herself off of me, and droping to her knees, facing my crotch. I watched as she ducked her head, and made to lick me, but kept a few inches clear, licking her lips, then lifting herself clear, and laughing as she baked away. As Faye slipped her dress off her shoulders, her beautiful tits, topped with the most wonderful erect nipples, came into view. I watched as she brought then to within the usual 4 or 5 inches, but then she kept coming, till I could reach my tongue out, if I had wanted to. Faye looked down and asked “Don’t you like ’em?”, I told her they were gorgeous, “So fuckin’ lick ’em then!!”. As I licked my way over one nipple, she moved the other one across for me to lick, and I greedily licked, then sucked her nipple into my mouth. I had never seen her nipples so hard, and she seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

After I had had a good lick and suck of her nipples, Faye pulled back away, and slipped off her thong, leaving her dress flapping round her waist, and then sliding onto my right knee. I looked up at her, as I slid my fingers closer to her pussy, searching for the warm folds, and as I located it, She smiled, “I think were gonna like this new arrangement!”. I noticed that she said ‘we’, and I could not help but wonder just how much she was enjoying my fingers rubbing her, but I noticed her eyes close as I slipped first one, then two fingers into her wet, very wet, pussy. I could feel her juices running down onto the palm of my hand, and looked deep into her eyes as they opened. A smile formed on her lips, and we were both upset when the music ended and she had to get off, and re-dress.

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