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It’s 6:40. I lay back with Your voice in my head. I can smell Your scent and taste You on my tongue. My jeans lay in the floor beside the couch, my bottom bare. My pussy is smooth, as You requested, and I love it. I love the feel of the rough material of my jeans or the cool silk of my slip moving against my bare mound. I haven’t been able to keep my fingers off of it. Every opportunity that arises, my fingers have caressed the baby soft skin.

My left leg is bent, forming a triangle with my other leg. I raise my right knee, spreading my pink lips. I reach for my lotion and dab a little on my index finger. I slip my index finger between my swollen lips, surprised to find myself wet enough that the lotion was not really needed. How is it that just a word from You has that effect on me?

I use my middle finger to spread myself and begin rubbing up and down with my index finger. My clit is already extended a little, and a moan escapes my throat tuzla ukraynalı escort at the first touch. I bite it back, for some reason thinking that silence is required. If You are not here to hear it, then it is unnecessary for me to give my pleasure voice.

As always, my thoughts jump from image to image, not lingering on any one scenario too long. You are always there. Today, the theme that predominates my fantasy is darkness. One minute I am blindfolded and the next the room is so black that I cannot even make out shadows. Bondage is there. I am tied spread eagle to the bed in one flash, Your tongue and fingers moving over me in a teasing torture. In the next flash, I am on my knees, my hands bound behind my back. I can feel the leather of the collar biting into the skin around my neck, though it does not restrict my breathing.

I am aware of the leash. Your leash attached to my collar. It is secured. My mind in tuzla rus escort those flashes has the leash secured in different places. In one, it is hooked to the wall behind me, stretched taught. In another, it is fastened on Your chair beside me. In both, I have no freedom of movement. The leash keeps me in the place You want me. In a third flash, it is secured to the ceiling above me, forcing me to sit up straight and giving me absolutely no movement.

It is that scenario that takes hold for a few moments. Then You are behind me, sliding Your hands down my naked body. My hands are secured behind me. Your legs straddle mine as Your hands caress my naked mound. My clit has grown hard as my fingers have moved in a steady motion over and over it. My breath is short, but I remain silent and still, the only motion the up and down of my index finger in my wet channel.

Is She here, too? I try to shut the thought down, but in the darkness, escort bayan I drift. Would You ever offer me to Her? I can imagine Her watching as You please me.

The motion picture in my head rolls on and I don’t allow the thought to fester. I am stroking harder and faster now. I’m bent over a rail, my ass exposed. I can feel Your hand slap against it. I hear the whip of a belt. Something slides along my pussy, between my soaked lips.

I think about my video camera, and how much I want to really share this experience with You.

My mind shudders, I release a second moan, and my legs snap into a straight position, crossed at the ankles. My hand is a captive between my legs. My finger now still, my pussy breathes, moving in a rolling motion against my finger. My clit rolls up and down as my pussy spasms.

My body calms itself and I pull my finger free. I roll to my side, thinking about the possibility of stroking again, but I know I only had permission to go once. As I recover I look at my watch. It is 7:00 PM. It’s the fastest I have finished since we have been together, but it was still a soft, gentle, satisfying orgasm. Thank You for giving it to me.

I close my eyes and seek the darkness.

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