Delilah Visits Her Professor


This is a continuation of Delilah’s Magical Hair.


Delilah made up her mind that she would go to her professor’s office hours, so she sent him an email saying she wanted to ask him some questions. And mainly, after seeing how she made her professor hard in class, she wanted to tease him again. Her professor wrote an email back:

“My office hours are from 12-2 on Thursday. If you want to be taken seriously as a student of law, you need to dress the part. Part of being a successful attorney is swaying the jury and judge with your appearance. I expect to see you in a professional outfit such as a dress or suit.”

Reading this made Delilah excited. She pulled out the two dresses she had brought with her to college. She held them both up and then tried one of them on, a black sleeveless dress that came down to about mid thigh. When she started college, Delilah was as thin as a board, but as she let her hair grow from the short crew cut her mother made her keep through high school, her body started to fill out magnificently. She now had hair down to her nipples, D cup breasts, and an ass that stuck out prominently. The dress had been a little tight on her thin frame in high school. She wasn’t sure if she would fit into it now, but she wanted to see.

Luckily the material stretched, as her big breasts pushed out quite a bit. When she looked in the mirror she noticed several things. First of all, because the dress was low cut, a good 2 inches of cleavage showed. Secondly, because her breasts and butt pushed outwards, the dress was now quite a bit shorter, covering her ass but revealing quite a bit of her long long legs. And finally, because she was excited about teasing her professor, and because the dress material was very thin, she could clearly see her hard nipples through the material. As usual, she didn’t wear any bra because her big breasts didn’t need any support. Her black hair hung loosely over her shoulders and down to her breasts. She looked hot. She knew this would be perfect. To complete the outfit, she borrowed a pair of black two inch heels from her roommate. When she put the heels on, they made her arch her back, sticking her breasts out even more. She covered up with a jacket to walk across campus and headed to her professor’s office.

When she knocked on his office door, Delilah heard her professor say “Come in.” She entered to see him sitting at his desk in a room full of books. “Please close the door behind you, Delilah.” She went to sit down, but before she could, her professor told her, “And please take your jacket off, as it is quite warm in here and I want you to be comfortable.”

Delilah looked him in the eye as she slowly undid the buttons in the front of her jacket. As she pulled the jacket off her arms she made a point of standing up straight so that her breasts Betturkey stood out prominently. Her nipples were hard, and she could feel herself getting wet between her legs. When her jacket was completely off, she folded it, then bent down to place it on her chair. With her heels on, her ass stuck out for her professor to see. She stood back up and said, “I hope this dress meets with your approval.”

“Yes it does. You don’t look like a student now. I’m glad to see that you took my advice and dressed as I instructed. Please turn around slowly so I can examine your outfit.”

She turned around slowly, her full breasts pushing up and out from her dress as she did so. His eyes bore in on her, looking her up and down. “Yes, you look very professional. May I recommend slightly bigger heels to take advantage of your height, and, perhaps different panties that don’t show their lines under the dress?”

“Yes sir, I will do that next time.”

“Young lady, if you wish to be a powerful lawyer, you should really do this from now on, not just when you see me. “

“Yes sir I will.” Calling him sir and agreeing to his requests felt very right for her.

She sat down and they started talking about her law class. As they talked she leaned in towards his desk, showing her cleavage to him. She eventually reached a point where she pulled her chair closer so that her breasts were resting on his desk. Her breasts were almost spilling out of the top of her dress; only the clinginess of the material kept them enclosed. When her professor asked Delilah to look at a paper, she slowly raked her nipples across the top of the desk, moving her head closer to his. She kept her eyes focused on his face the entire time she did this. His eyes, however, were glued to her full breasts, now aching a bit because her nipples were so hard and she was so turned on. She stayed like this for about thirty seconds, her eyes watching his as he stared at her body.

She then abruptly stood up, once again arching her back. Her very hard nipples poked through her dress, clearly visible to him. “Maybe I should come around to your side so we can both read the paper simultaneously.” And before he had a chance to say no, she walked around to his right side. As she did so she knocked a few papers off his desk. She turned her back to him and bent at the waist to pick them up off the floor. Her ass was about two feet away from his face, and she swayed a bit from side to side to pick up the papers. Her dress rode up her legs as she did this, almost reaching the bottom of her ass. When she picked up the first paper, she stayed bent over and simply swung her body around to place the paper on the desk. Her big breasts hung down, as did her long black hair. She presented herself to him and he couldn’t help but stare. Her round ass cheeks were Betturkey Giriş clearly outlined for him to see.

Delilah then came around to his side of the desk. There wasn’t another chair next to him, so she kneeled down at his side. She raised her hands over her head to toss her hair behind her so that her big D cup breasts and hard nipples were fully visible to him. Raising her hands like this made her tits stick out even more, high and firm on her chest. She placed her right hand on the top of her desk, and then, pretending to lose her balance a bit, she placed her left hand on her professor’s thigh. He shuddered a bit when she did this. From where he sat he could see right down her dress, almost to her hard hard nipples. She looked over at her hand on his thigh and saw that his big erection was straining against his pants, only a few inches away from her hand. She then looked up at his face. He was staring at her body with unmistakable lust in his eyes, and he didn’t care that she saw him staring. Her pussy was now so wet that she could feel her juices slowly running down her thighs.

“So now I can see the paper without having to read upside down professor. Plus I like kneeling here next to you. It is like I am learning at the feet of a master, which you clearly are. Can you explain this to me?”

As her professor talked, Delilah started to lean in even more, moving her hand to his inner thigh, right up against his erection. She was aware that her mouth was only about a foot away from him, and she licked her lips as he talked. Suddenly her professor turned a bit in his chair so that her hand was now directly on his hard cock. He pretended not to notice where her hand was and continued explaining the paper to her. She marveled at how hard and long he was, feeling the length of him through his slacks with her fingers, palm, and forearm.

“If you are going to be a successful lawyer, Delilah, it’s not enough to understand the law. You also need to seduce the jury, to get them to do what you want. You need to use every available method at your disposal for this. One of the most effective techniques is to make steady eye contact with your victims; make each jury member think that he or she is the only thing in the world you are focused on. I want you to practice steady eye contact with me.”

As he said this he looked straight into her eyes. She had been marveling at his hard cock, but she forced herself to look up into his eyes. As she looked at him, however, she continued to move her hand slowly up and down between his legs.

“I want your full attention. Right now you are sideways to me, which sends the message that you aren’t really focused on persuading me, on seducing me. Don’t give me the impression that you are interested in the paper; instead make me believe that you are only interested in me.”

Delilah, still kneeling at her professor’s feet, turned to fully face him. She kept her eyes turned upwards towards his face, but she brought her right hand off of the desk and in front of her. She thought about also placing this hand between his legs, but instead decided to touch herself in front of him. She ran her hand along her hair, down her bare neck, and to the front of her dress. Her professor kept his hands on the arms of his chair, but his eyes drifted lower to follow her hand. She lightly grazed her fingers over her stiff nipples, sending electricity through her body. She watched him stare intently at her body, and she could feel his cock pulsing underneath her fingers.

“Good, this is excellent. I feel like I have your undivided attention now.”

She presented herself to him fully, kneeling between his spread legs as he sat in his chair above her, her big tits absolutely aching with her erect nipples sticking out a full half inch. She tossed her hair back again and continued looking into his eyes and rubbing his hard cock through his pants. She saw that he was mesmerized by her body, as he stared down her dress, seeing almost all of her gorgeous tits. She was fully on display for him, and she loved it. She loved that she was kneeling below him, she loved that he was intensely staring at her, she loved that her body turned him on so much. Her free hand, the one not busy rubbing his giant erection, moved from her nipples up to her mouth. As she stared at him she put two of her fingers in her mouth, sucking them like a popsicle.

His eyes followed her hand as if she had magical control over him. Delilah then dragged her fingers lower, down her cleavage, past her breasts, and down between her own legs. Her panties were soaking wet. She reached between her legs and rubbed her fingers in her own juices. Of course her professor’s gaze followed her hand. As she touched herself he started to push his hips upwards against her hand. She leaned forward so that her hard nipples brushed against his thighs. Each time he moved his body upward his cock pushed against her tits, pushing them up so that they were about to pop out of the top of her dress. She continued to look into his eyes as she reached to touch her clit. Her nipples were on fire. When her fingers reached her clit Delilah immediately came with a moan as a shudder ran through her body. As she came, so did her professor, who moaned loudly and jerked his body into her tits.

Delilah then stood up next to him, breathing heavily. Her tits were now directly in front of his face, a few inches from his mouth. She pulled her hand out from between her legs, covered in her cum. She looked down to see a big wet spot in his pants, took her wet fingers and slowly waved them in front of his face so he could smell her, and then turned around. She grabbed her jacket and put it on over her dress. As she opened his office door to leave, Delilah turned back to him, saying, “Thank you professor for all your help.”

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