DepravareIn the darkness I could hear the churning of gears, the oiled wheels of arcane machines slowly grinding in awful revolutions that churned through the nightmare. Behind me was the horrible dark red glow but I could not turn for the lurid green light that had begun as a spark before me was growing in intensity and try as I might, I couldn’t tear my eyes from it. From somewhere in the distance I could hear a woman’s screams echoing throughout the vast chamber in which I knelt but even that abysmal sound was pushed from my mind as the intense acetylene glow filled my brain. “This is just a dream!” I muttered through clenched teeth. “A dream!”“Is it?”There was something approaching me. I could sense it. A presence. A vast unclean entity filled the crimson shadows behind me and reached towards me with loathsome power. I could feel it its cool gaze upon the back of my neck where the hairs stirred. I tried to turn to regard it but the intense yellow green light held me as easily as if I had been chained to the ground. It coiled about my ankle and slowly crept with serpentine grace along my leg. “You were a virgin”I was when I first met Mrs Browne. She was my friend’s mother and for many years she was just a shadowy presence in the background of my life. I remember her as Mrs Browne, though her first name was often on my mother’s lips.She was standing in the doorway, watching me with a dark look on her face, taking in the sight of me and when our eyes met, her surprise had become anger.“What are you doing here?” she asked. “What were you doing there?”I was aroused. In those days I was often aroused, sometimes without my even being aware of it. As she spoke some of her hairs moved lazily about her small round head and it was that detail that impressed itself upon me. I seemed wiser than my years and instinct seemed to lend me the understanding of her mind. Although her tone was sharp and her eyes flashed like fire, her question was less of a rebuke than she must have intended for I understood without thinking that she had spent the last several weeks gazing upon me with a mind darkened by lust.“And you replied”Yes. I spoke with a hesitant confidence. I answered her truthfully and her face registered several emotions at once. Anger showed in her features, but so did hope. I particularly remember that hopeful look. It was terrible to see it. It was like an insatiable hunger. She paused to measure her words before she replied. When she did speak, I noticed her voice had changed. It became broader somehow, deeper. “As if the fragile veneer of culture and society had suddenly cracked”Yes, I suppose so. I don’t know. I didn’t think of it like that. I can just remember how her voice seemed to be new… as if I’d never really heard her speak before.“And her eyes?”They didn’t move. She stared at me as she spoke. bakırköy escort No one had ever looked at me like that before.“Perhaps I shouldn’t have come,” I said. I tried to feign an innocent air, as if I could offer her a way out, though really I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t understand. “But you were erect”Yes. It was her eyes, the way she stared with those terrible dark eyes. I felt so ashamed though I hadn’t done anything wrong. She paused again; she even went so far as to lick her lips. I swallowed painfully. My throat was dry. The sight of her tongue, briefly wetting her lips sent a shiver down my back and my stomach seemed cold and hollow. I was so hard it hurt but all she did was stare at me. I must have understood, though I never thought about it. I had to move towards her. I had to initiate what had to happen next. “Describe her.”That’s the odd part of it. I have no good memory of how she looked. She was dark; she had dark eyes and long dark hair all done up in a ball on the back of her head but I have no memory of her face beyond that her eyes were so dark. “She was middle aged, plump, with heavy breasts that were beginning to sag.”Yes. “Her c***dren had left their mark on her body. Her belly was soft with the stretch marks and her hips were wide giving her an hour glass figure”Yes, and she had a slender neck. She closed the door behind me and it was like the opening of a book. One moment I was standing in the reflected sounds of the world, and the next I was alone in the muffled presence of Mrs Browne. The weight of It was on my back and I breathed heavily through my nose as Its moist touch nuzzled at my neck. The light was so strong that I had finally closed my eyes but I could still see its warm glow through my eyelids. I drifted in a burning haze of orange and red ambience, ignoring the distance sounds of traffic and industry. The dust and grime on my knees was forgotten, the heavy thud of the machinery was just a heartbeat in the distance. Its body was large, heavy and obdurate. “Describe her scent.”It was the heavy, dark, sweet scent of sweat and perfume. Her body seemed to radiate a heat that enveloped me. We stood there, together, in the dim shadows of the room and when she touched me, I started to tremble. It was not quite fear, though I felt utterly powerless. As she released me from the constraint of my pants I almost began to weep. I swallowed the air as if I were drowning but then she took my head in one hand and kissed my open mouth as she slowly stroked my cock with the other. The sensation was too much. My head was filled with a rushing light and I came violently as I fell against her chest. After a while she let go of me and I realised I was sobbing. My face, still pressed against the clothing that covered her beşiktaş escort breasts was hot and wet but she made no move. I think, maybe I heard her soft voice murmuring a gentle reassurance but when I looked up at her, her eyes were still dark and hungry. “You were brave”I was. When she pressed down on my shoulders I knelt before her willingly, though I had no idea why I had to kneel before her. She drew forth a kitchen chair with her free hand and sat upon it, facing me. I had no will. I rested upon the cold floor on my hands and knees, her hand on my head and my trousers still about my ankles and when she lifted her skirt and pressed my face between her legs I didn’t try to resist her. She told me to lick her and I did.“The scent. Describe the smell of her”It was over powering. It was as if her dress and thighs had held onto it like a secret and now it spread about my face and I breathed it. She was dark and hairy and her hand, still on the back of my head, pressed me into the smell of her. She lifted herself in such a way that I could reach out with my tongue and blinded in the darkness of her sex, I tasted her. I could scarcely breath, but I had no thought of that. My tears were gone, forgotten, replaced by an eagerness to please her, to do anything she demanded of me. I had no idea what I was doing. I just did as she told me and my body responded to hers. With one hand I began to caress myself.Suddenly the light was gone though the warmth remained. I opened my eyes with the shock of it and stared at the dancing after-images on my retinas with a dull confusion. Kneeling behind me, It’s bulk, between my legs, It waited patiently until I had recovered my wits. The echoing chamber still reverberated with the sounds of its subterranean ambience and behind me the dim, wine dark light still cast my feeble shadow on the grit filled floor before me.“Thus you awoke”Yes. From that moment I was awake. I was never a c***d after that. Later, much later, she taught me many other things, but all of that is a distant memory now and I can’t separate most of the memories in my mind any more. A few details stand out, but I can’t place them in any sort of context. I remember, one time I was sleeping in her bed when we were discovered. Her daughter came home and found us. It was humiliating. I’m still deep in the nightmare. I can’t remember how I got here, or where this place is. From somewhere nearby there is the deep exerted breathing that has been invading my mind and distracting my memory. I realise I have fallen forwards to rest upon my hands and knees and my head is hanging in fatigue. Sweat drips from me, caressing and tickling as it runs down my thighs and I shudder involuntarily as the long hot tongue runs up the inside of my left leg, tasting the salt of my body beylikdüzü escort as It savours my delirium. “I don’t know who I am any more” I tell the heavy emptiness but my voice is lost in the clamour of engines and the hiss of escaping steam.I realise I am very hot. My skin feels like water and my hair is drenched. It continues to taste my body as I pant heavily in the sullen glow of the chamber. For a moment my mind wanders as the distance sound of a gong penetrates the clouds in my brain, but then I feel its clawed hands upon me and I lift my head and inhale the heavy fumes of industrial incense. It mounts me with an easy, muscular lethargy and enters my welcoming body in a long steady push that forces my mouth open and steals my breath.“Do you remember the night you sodomized her?”Yes. Usually she would hold me tightly between her legs and I’d come with my face buried in her neck. I developed something of a fetish for the feel of her hair against my hot face and in my lips when ever I came but that night she stopped me with a simple shake of her head. I was confused. I said so.“And how did she reply?”She climbed from the bed and left the room and I was distraught. “And disappointed!”Yes. I was eager to ejaculate with the feel of her hair against my face. “Lying upon her fat, heavy breasts…”Yes. “But…?”She came back with a small tin of Vaseline and told me to lubricate myself. She seemed different, somehow indifferent, to me. “But you did as she told you”Yes. I always did as she wished.I spread the Vaseline along the length of my erection, unsure as to why and she watched me with an open mouth and seemed impatient. I remember how she took the tin from me and used her finger to lubricate herself. She knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed and with her middle finger, pressed the Vaseline into her anus.“Describe her anus”I’d never really looked at it before, nor any other. I’d seen her walking naked around her bedroom of course, but beyond the heavy movement of her buttocks and the way they made me feel, I’d never really had the chance to look at her. When she knelt there at the foot of her bed, playing delicately with herself, I looked upon her as I would a dog. By that time I was quite tall, so kneeling behind her was easy enough. She took a hold of me and guided me and I pressed into her. She never said a word as I entered her body and felt how she gripped me tightly but all I could think of was coming with her hair in my face as I fucked her. It lay across her back in long thick tresses and I gripped it tightly in my hand. I wanted to bury my face in it, my craving demanded it but it was not the same in this position. I pulled at her shoulders to bring her head closer to mine, and in doing so, lifted her face from the bed.Her breathing was heavy and ragged, and she was speaking in a broken whisper.“What was she saying?”Oh God. Fuck me.It fucks me with slow deliberate movements, pulling each breath from my body as I shiver beneath the weight if It. I rest upon my elbows, my buttocks high and wide, accepting its thrusts as its body straddles me and cry tears of release. The nightmare is ended.

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