Desert Song


Karen lay on her back. Snug and tight in her sleepingbag as the desert wind ruffled the sides of the large dome-shaped tent. It was late but she had no idea exactly what time it truly was. The little hanging candle lantern still flickering loose shadows down the walls so it could not be all that long after they decided to turn in. Lying in a crescent curl next to her was Allie, her daughter on the day after her eighteenth birthday. This camping trip was her present. A trip for just the girls and the last chance to get away before school would start in the fall and a new stage of her life would begin. Allie’s straight blonde hair caught the candlelight and she looked at her sleeping daughter. The pretty girl had grown to a pretty young woman. Karen felt suddenly odd and proud of her little girl. The oddness that fell over her just then made her hand slide carefully down her torso and into her closed thighs. She wiggled against the restraint of the tube she was confined inside. Managing to open her legs just enough for fingertips to go wandering and exploring. A little sigh escaped as her fingers slid down the slit and up again. Gently she caressed her pussy, closing her eyes and imagining izmit escort the long warm tongue of a lover stroking and enjoying her scent and taste. Her skin alive and tingly from the soft light stokes she started to feel the moisture and her fingers rubbed more generously over her own lips.

Karen opening her eyes to see the candle lantern swaying from the motion of the tent in the growing wind outside. The front that was predicted was upon them there in the lonely desert park. It was early in the year so they had hiked the hills and really had the entire place to themselves that day all but a couple they had met at the lookout and would join the next day.

She then turned her head and felt the softness of her own dark hair against her cheek. In all the dark haired relatives Allie and her long golden strands stood out. Karen loved her daughter’s silk hair and with her free hand reached over and lightly, very much lightly so as not to wake her, touched that silk. Lifting several long bands and letting them glide and fall from her out-stretched fingertips. Allie’s face narrow and triangular but small and defined. Her lips were pink and parted and her white teeth were just barely visible. Her long lashed defined her eyes, which fluttered as she enjoyed the dream.

Karen felt as in some wonderful dream. An incredibly erotic one at that. Her body trembling as her fingers deeply penetrated and moved in and out. Teasing that pleasure spot just inside and her thumb now making lovely torture to her aroused clit. Her moaning suppressed away and only soft low sighs fell into the night air from her lips. Karen let her tongue wash back and forth over them, as they felt dry and thirsty. She needed to be kissed by her lover. All that she could find were the closed eye imagined kissing and the wet warmth on her mouth. She looked again at Allie, sleeping and unaware of her mother’s growing sensual needs and desires. Her free hand returning to Allie and stroking gently at her hair again and letting the backside of her fingers travel on her daughter’s cheek.

It was just then that Karen felt the wave of guilt. It usually came when she pleasured herself. Something in her upbringing but her and now in this small tent in the middle of no where the sensations were obvious to her and why. Just being next to this lovely young girl was arousing her. The guilt only served to make this sensation of erotic pleasure grow. Her hand caressing hard and deeper now and her swollen clit aching to be kissed and loved by Allie’s soft small mouth. Karen touched her daughter’s chin and then let one finger cross along the lower lip and imagined a kiss with her.

Allie stirred slightly and Karen panicking took her hand away but let it hang only inches over her sleeping girl’s face. Her sleeping body rolled and turned facing Karen, then motionless again and breathing softly. Karen feeling the warm breath stroked he pussy madly and began to feel the little waves of the orgasm striking home. She wanted to scream it felt so damn great. Her long overdue escape into an incestuous fantasy. She let her hand drop carefully down on Allie and touched her face. Caressing her sleeping fantastic lover as her climax made her shake and tremble. The candle flickering was stopped and it went out by itself leaving Karen in darkness as the tingle went on below and her moving fingers making it linger. Still holding her daughter” face under her warm hand she leaned over in the night and pressed her lips on Allie’s mouth. Instinctively Allie with parted lips returned a sleepy lover’s kiss to her satisfied mother.

to be continued…

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