Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 4

Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 4First Nights OutChapter 4The first week was much the same, accept for our sex life, which was instantly better. She would talk trash to me in bed, telling me how she had always thought it would be sexy to have two cocks at once, how she thought it would be fun torturing me by licking another cock in front of me. And she constantly made me tell her how I wanted her to do it. She was warm and upbeat with me, flirting with me much more. She kept herself looking beautiful, almost flaunting it in front of me, she would tease me by walking around half nude and changing in front of me.The owner of our gym, Phil, an ex attorney, had always tried to strike up conversations with Karin while we were working out, even when I was right there. Though she had continually ignored him in the past and politely brushed him off, I was stimulated by his approaches and a bit jealous of him. Things were now different.Now she was not brushing him off. And now he was always over at her machine talking and laughing with her, both of them flirting like two high school k**s, as though I wasn’t there, accept for her occasional glance over at me with her sweet smile.He was my first real twinge. I couldn’t help myself. Of all people, this would be the guy.Phil was a good-looking guy, a real fitness nut and has a great body. Not bulked up or over build, just nicely chiseled. He is more outward personality than me, more of the charmer type and can be a bit cocky at times, but the kind of guy that everyone likes and wants to know. Now, he seemed to have become her personal trainer, with hands on attention. This all made me feel insecure, but it did turn me on at the same time.After her workout one night, she got dressed, came over to me as I still worked out and told me that Phil had invited her tipobet out for drinks with some friends from another gym. “You don’t mind do you Sweetheart?” She added for a special touch.I looked over her shoulder and Phil was there in the doorway, watching us and waiting. I could feel myself going flush, from that invading turned-on-feeling, knowing she was going out with another man.I heard myself say. “Sure Hon, have a good time.” My stomach was full of butterflies.Catching my voice when it cracked, she winked at me, puckered me a light ‘air kiss’ and turned back to Phil smiling, and with a light-footed scamper, totted off to the door. I finished my workout thinking of nothing but them being out together. I looked over and saw Tonya, her new girl friend, on the cycle across the room. When she saw me watching the two of them leave the gym she looked at me and smiled. It looked like ‘a happy smile for Karin’, as though she was proud of her.All night long, it was all I could think about. I was tortured. I couldn’t help wondering and fantasizing about what they might be doing. I wanted her home, but at the same time loved the excitement of it. It’s crazy, I know. I don’t know what it is about some of us guys that this turns us on. I don’t understand it myself. I fantasized all night about her kissing him, and her legs opening to his exploring hands.She came home in a couple of hours and said little about it other than they talked a lot.She didn’t get home until about 11PM. She was obviously tipsy from the alcohol and her hair was just slightly rumpled. She winked at me seductively and kissed me on the lips. Her full soft kisses always made me shutter. But this kiss put me in shock! Not because I needed it so badly, but because I thought that I caught a whiff of cock on her breath. I tipobet güvenilir mi knew that sexy smell and taste. I knew it from when we would kiss, after she had gone down on me. It was cock on her breath! I was sure! I didn’t know what to do, how to respond. So I acted as though I didn’t notice. She smiled and kissed me again but deeper and sexier. “You like?” She asked and then licked around my mouth kissing me a third time and giggling. I love to kiss and I needed it so badly, and god she was a good kisser. In the past, when I would taste myself on her lips, after she had gone down on me, I would often fantasize that the taste and smell of cock on her kisses was from her going down on another cock instead of mine. It always drove me crazy to imagine that. But this was real, absolutely real. I was sure that she had sucked his cock that night. I was inflamed by my fantasy and at the same time, I was torn with intense fear and jealousy. Had my wife had been out drinking with another man and sucked his cock, but I was so turned on about it that that overruled anything else. The image raced through my mind of her kissing down his flat stomach and then licking his cock, and taking it in her mouth. It was terrible, but what a wonderful torment this was.I could smell his cologne on her neck. She was buzzed. Then she gave me another one of her deep wet French kisses. The smell of sex seemed even more evident. There was no doubt. His cock had been in her mouth. My reflex quickly drew back. She closed her eyes and giggled, slightly swaying from the drinks. An electric current went through my body, but I tried to contain myself and act as though I had not noticed the sex on her breath.’She had sucked Phil’s cock.’ ‘She had really sucked Phil’s cock.’ The thought kept hammering tipobet giriş itself into my brain, as though trying to make me realize the gravity of her act. My sweet conservative wife had actually sucked arrogant Phil’s cock, not in some fantasy of mine, but humiliating reality. She slipped her arms around me. My legs went weak. My mind was confused. I felt trapped by the insult. I didn’t know what to say or how to react, because, deep down it was what I wanted, what I’d always wanted. I wanted to run and at the same insane time I wanted her to tell me what she had done.”Do I taste good Sweetheart?” She teased. She wanted me to know without saying it. She wanted me to know that if she wanted to, she not only could, she was going to suck other cocks.I played dumb. “You taste wonderful Honey! Very sexy.” My heart went through the floor as I tried to contain my emotions and not wanting her to know what I was going through. I loved it that she had cock on her breath. I couldn’t believe that I was thinking this to myself, but I was. I wanted her to kiss me again, I wanted her to make me taste it again. But she didn’t. “You like my kisses don’t you Tom boy?” She taunted again, enjoying the fact that I knew and couldn’t say a word. “I told her that I thought she was the sexiest tonight that I had ever seen her.” The thing is, she was. She was radiant and her messed up hair just added to her sensuality. “Yes!” I said. “I love them.She kissed me on the forehead and said. “Now go get me a drink like a good boy.”I did and took it to her. She was enjoying this game. She kissed me deeply again and led me by the hand into the bedroom where we made love like never before. She pussy was so turned on that I couldn’t believe it. As I began to approach my orgasm she told me how she couldn’t wait until to let another cock fuck her. She told me how much she wanted me to slide my cock into her after another man had fucked her. She was changing, making me tell her again how much I wanted her to be a bad girl and I did, uncontrollably exploding my load into her waiting pussy.

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