Do I want more…?

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Do I want more…?I am a straight man. I have never felt attracted to other men; in fact you could possibly say I am a little uncomfortable with openly gay friends. Not uncomfortable in a homophobic way, but just a little awkward. I’ve always had healthy relationships with girlfriends, but part of me was always a little curious about what it would be like to be with a man. It always strikes me as almost unfair at how easily women can seduce men, or use their sexuality to get a man’s attention. I began to wonder what it would be like to touch another man. I had never even seen another man naked (apart from the odd stolen glance at the gym changing room, or swimming pool.) I started to realise that I am kinda interested in what it would be like to touch a man. I wanted to pleasure another man. I wanted to feel his naked body… and so I did.I headed to Amsterdam for an evening last March. I had just broken up with my girlfriend and I wanted distraction. It was a mild Sunday evening so I went for a wander through the Red-light district. I contemplated paying a visit to one of the many stunning women who decorate the windows along the canals, but the thought of it just left me all a bit cold. I can’t shake the thought that sleeping with a lady for money is all just a little…lacking in passion? I sure if you pay enough they will be more than willing to turn the passion up to 11, but my mind will already be suspicious of their motives and knowing myself I will lose interest. Besides, my sex life has always been more than fulfilling. And then it hit me… I saw a rainbow flag above a sex-shop with a cinema. Maybe I should go inside and see who’s there…? My istanbul escort heart started to beat faster, and I felt more alive than at any other stage of my walk through the Wallen…So, after a furtive glance to make sure nobody was looking, (it’s unlikely but I still was nervous that someone might recognise me walking into a gay sex shop), I entered the shop. At the back of the store there was a rather good looking young guy sitting at a desk next to the cinema entrance. So I took a deep breath, paid my entrance fee, pulled the door open and stepped into a whole new world for me…The cinema had a vaguely musky smell, and was very dark. It took me a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the light. There were maybe 3 or 4 other men that I could see. I walked in, and took a seat in the middle of the row on the right hand side about half way up the aisle. The screen was filled by the image of two very pretty young men, covered in oil, sliding all over each other. They took turns massaging each other, giving head, and eventually fucking. I found myself getting turned on. Not necessarily because of any strong attraction to what was happening on the screen, but because of the very real excitement I was feeling at doing something so “wrong”, so out of the usual. So new to me. I guess it was similar to the rush I got the first time I fucked a girlfriend on a balcony in the fresh air.I noticed that some of the men were walking to an area behind the screen. At this stage I had no idea what was in that room, or why they were going there at all. I actually firstly thought it might simply be a toilet… avcılar escort oh innocence :PEach guy who returned was able to check me out as they walked back to their seats, and most made no secret of the fact they were checking out who I was. After about 30min of watching guys walk back and forth to the room, a rather attractive man, I’m guessing he was in his late 20’s, I’m in my early 30’s, walked back from the room and made an effort to make eye contact with me. He smiled and I returned the gesture. Next thing I knew he was sitting next to me. My heart was in my throat. It was pounding so loudly I could barely hear the noises from the movie. I suddenly felt much more interested in what was occurring on the screen. I stared at it with an almost blinkered awareness. I couldn’t bring myself to look at the guy who had just sat next to me. I had to fight the urge to tell him I wasn’t gay, or even curious or anything… I was in a bit of a panic, and then his knee touched mine… and I wasn’t in a panic anymore. I don’t know how, but I knew what I wanted to do, and I did it.I slowly placed a finger from my left hand against his leg. He moved slightly, almost imperviously, towards me. I took that as the signal I needed to move and so I put my hand on his leg, and felt his thigh through his jeans. He was quite muscular, and touching him had an emboldening effect on me. He leaned in to kiss me, but I wasn’t ready to kiss a guy. I turned my head and let him nuzzle in my neck. I whispered in his ear, “I want your cock”. He bit my neck, sending shivers of pleasure down my body, and replied simply “yes”. My hands fumbled with şirinevler escort his belt and zipper, but it didn’t take me long to get into his pants. I quickly reached in and pulled his cock out of his boxer. I was stunned. I was touching another man’s penis. He was quite aroused already. I wasted no time in going down on him. The first moments have been burned into my memory. The feel of his cock in my hand. It was beautiful. I was shocked when I licked it at how silky smooth it felt. I never realised before, but it was like nothing I had felt before. He was also extremely clean and fresh smelling, which really was appreciated (perhaps more in hindsight but :P) The warmth radiating from his pulsating member in my mouth was mind blowing. I loved feeling in charge. Feeling in control, even though I was completely faking my confidence!Eventually he asked me to come with him to the room behind the screen. He didn’t have to ask twice. I immediately followed and once we found a quiet corner, I dropped to my knees the ripped his trousers open again. His monstrous cock, it was very thick, curved and about 8 inches long. I did my best to take him all the way in, and I actually enjoyed gagging on him. I grabbed his smooth ass and forced him into the back of my throat. It wasn’t long before he pulled away from me and came with a loud groan. He kissed my neck again as I wanked the last drops from his thick cock. Then he thanked me, straightened his clothes and left.I’ve thought about that night so much since. It was immensely exciting. I often masturbate thinking about the first moment of touching him… I sometimes think about trying again… or perhaps trying the next step… I fantasize about arranging to meet a random guy, booking into a hotel, spending a night doing everything I can imagine to make him cum… I’ve even wondered about being fucked my a guy… maybe a step too far, but who knows? If there is anybody out there who’d like to help me expand my experiences… 😉

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