Doctor Aunty Made Me Sperm Donor


Doctor Aunty Made Me Sperm DonorHi all this is Raj from Bangalore sharing you my real incident happened in my life. I am average guy with well built body with 7 inch cock that can easily satisfy any women. While coming to my experience this has happened 1 year ago in Bangalore. Before one year I got an interview call of a corporate MNC. I went for the interview and attended and for my luck I got selected from the hr department and started to work. As am new to Bangalore I got a single room apartment from the company itself. But company will be paying my room rent with my salary dedications. So very new to Bangalore then I reached my room was good with single cot; a small kitchen and bathroom. I was happy and stayed there. After a week I noticed that in the opposite room there was a small family named Ashok working in BPO and his wife Pooja working as doctor and a small 2 year son I think.One day when I was in my room and watching TV. Door bell ranged and went to see who had arrived. I had seen opposite room Ashok. I called him inside and asked to take a seat. He said that his son 2nd year birthday so he invited me for the dinner. I said I will come and he left soon. After 15 min I got ready and went to a store and purchased some chocolates and doll as gift for boy and went to their room. There I had seen around few aunties and uncles were seen Ashok welcomed me and told to sit in a seat. Wow everyone was looking good with sari and formals. Suddenly Pooja aunty came to me and asked to have dinner. At first time I had seen her so close. She was looking young age may be 32 with her shape 32 28 36 in red sari. Really I got a crush on her at first time. And I went inside from veranda to dining hall.The apartment was bigger than my room it was almost like a single bhk. After 10 min I came to normal sense that I had forget to gift the baby and asked Pooja aunty where the son is? She told he has slept so I handed over the gift and chocolates to her and asked the name of the son. She said Rahul. Hmm I said nice name and went to have dinner. She was busy in talking with the relatives and guest. Maid was serving the dinner. When I was having dinner I was watching her ass and boobs basically scanning her shape. After20 min I completed my dinner and left her home saying bye to Ashok and Pooja. That day it was almost 12 I was not getting sleep thinking of her. So I planned to seduce her and started searching iss seducing stories in my mobile. By thinking of Pooja aunty only I masturbated and slept without cloths.Next day I woke up at 9 it was too late to go for office so I had applied for leave and stayed in room. Around 11 am I went outside to have a look at the aunty is there or not. There room door was opened but I had not seen aunty but Ashok was coming outside. He suddenly saw me and called I went and talked casually. He told he is working in Delhi BPO Company. He is coming to Bangalore on sat and Sunday. And he called her wife and introduced her. She is Pooja; doctor working in private hospital and all. We soon me and Ashok become friends he thought I will be alone in room so he told to come our home in free time. So at 3 pm Ashok called me to his home for lunch and I went he asked about the lunch and dinner. I told him that I am having food at hotels only and all. So he told don’t have food in hotels you will lose health so only and asked me to have lunch.I was watching Pooja. She was wearing tight nightee which was making me hot and my tool started to grow in lower. I had avoided and eat lunch in hurry and left home and came to room and started masturbating heavily and shoot it. Few days same thing happened I just talked şişli escort with Ashok and for Pooja aunty just hi-bye. Suddenly one day I got stomach pain in left side. Oh it was horrible I can’t walk. Sit. Get up. I managed and went to Ashok home and ringed the bell. Ashok was in home and came and asked what happened I told about the problems and he arranged auto and straight away he took me to her wife private clinic and told her he got stomach pain and all. So I was not in a condition to loom her also she told me to lay down on bed and slightly pressed my stomach in her hand and told this is because of hotel food raj got gastric major problems to her husband. I was totally confused of this stomach pain and asked her please help to solve this problem aunty.She told pain will disappear in few days I will treat you in your room only and given some tablets and me and Ashok left clinic and went to room. After few hours I was felling little bit okay. Ashok came to my room and given his contact number and Pooja number and told don’t eat food outside. So I told I will prepare rice and Ashok suggested Pooja will give samber because she will prepare food daily and went. At night Ashok and Pooja came to my room and Pooja started to check my stomach and all. As she was keeping her hand on my stomach my tool was getting harder. Uff thank god that day I was wearing tight jeans. She was not noticed seems of jeans. Ashok told tomorrow I am leaving Bangalore as leave has closed so Pooja will take care of you and went. I was feeling happy and thinking Pooja won’t talk only how to start talk with her and slept.When I woke up in the morning decided to seduce Pooja aunty and planned that I need to act as I got stomach pain too much. At 8 I called her and told that I am getting too much stomach pain please come to my room to check. And I had applied leave for 2 days. Later in 5 min she came in hurry. Ah she was looking very hot with her tight nightee. She came near me and bent to check the stomach her boobs were falling; the scene was getting hotter and erotic. When she started to press my stomach, by seeing her tight boobs and ass my cock started to grow and made a small tent in the pant. As I was wearing the night pant it was very clear. She suddenly got shock and stood silently. As soon I too started to act like stomach paining and made my legs closed to hide my hard cock. So she told I will take you to my clinic for check up and told to get ready went in anger. Oh it was erotic and hot and I got ready and called her I ready for check.She came; she was looking very hot in the sari and I sat in her car. She asked to get seat in her front sit and she started to drive. As she was wearing sari I was watching her boobs. She watched this and I started to look other side in shy. Later in clinic she called me to her cabin and asked about the pain and all and told to take a stomach scan. I went for scan and came to her cabin and asked for the results. So she told she will tell in the evening and asked me to go and take rest in apartment. Later when I went room I was all imaging her started to surf desi aunty porn videos in my laptop and started to jerk heavily and cummed all in the bed and slept. Later at 5 my room door bell ranged I went to see who is there. But for my shock Pooja aunty was standing in yellow chudidar. Wow while looking her dress I thought for a moment she was looking dam sexy I really need her to fuck.She made some noise asked shall I come inside raj? I told sure welcome aunty and she sat in bed and I was standing. She told that reports were out. You have one k**ney stone. I really got shocked and asked mecidiyeköy escort how I got this problem aunty? She smiled little and said because of urine not getting pass out by time to time stone has formed. And she suggested I will take of that don’t worry I will cure your problem I was in shock and asked how it is formed and all. So she told I will show in internet and opened my laptop. Suddenly desi aunty fucking boy pics displayed in the laptop. She was really shocked and closed the page by saying to me you have became very naughty these days I will explain in night come to dinner and she left my room. As I was tensed that I got k**ney stone and later at 9 I went to her home and sat in veranda she was preparing some dinner for us. Her son was slept.Later she called me and asked to have dinner. I was not in mood to have dinner. I told her I don’t have just leave me aunty. She told to have dinner so that I will clear k**ney stone today night and she made promise by holding my hand. By hearing this I was happy and started to have dinner. While dinner I was watching aunty only. When she bent to add rice to my plate, her boobs were clearly visible and by seeing that I came to know she was not wearing bra. Ah what a view. I finished in hurry and asked to cure my problems for aunty. So she told wait for a min and went to wash plates and finished all her work and came and sat in sofa. She was sitting opposite to me. Ah in that tight nightee she was looking hot and sexy I was seeing her.She told she will make a video call to her husband and solve your problem. She told me to don’t talk please hide that my husband wants to not know you was here and sat in front of me and on her laptop. Sonly aunty was sitting opposite laptop was in front of me so she started to chat with her husband. Husband asked about her. So he told to aunty that you looking very sexy today Pooja. I was hearing this aunty was also watching me. Her husband asked to open the nightee button. I was shocked even Pooja aunty too shocked and looked me and told not now Ashok. But I think Ashok was in a very hot mood and forced to open the nightee buttons. Later after too much of forcing she opened hers. I was watching her milky breast visible from the gap. She was also looking me and can’t tell to me for go out also as her husband will know. So later Ashok told to open her right boob and show to him. As she was in not uncomfortable also she slightly open her boob to show for Ashok. I seen her boob and made thought wow. Her milky boobs very erect. It was a wonderful erotic hot sexy situation.She looked at me. I looked at her. She was in shy and closed her boob buttons and told to Ashok I will call in phone and off the system. She went to bathroom and came outside and called me to her bed room. My cock was really hard seeing her boobs. I asked its okay aunty. She smiled and said I had promised to cure this problem come inside and sleep I will massage your stomach and make stone disappear. I was happy and went inside slept in the room and she told to take my shirt off so oil will not spoil dress. I opened my shirt and I was in half naked. But my cock was hard and coming out from the night pant. I went and slept in bed.Pooja had seen my hard 7 inch cock tent in pant, so I told her sorry aunty. She smiled and said its okay that’s natural for hot guys like this. And took some oil and started to apply on my stomach. When she kept oil in table I saw the oil brand. I was shocked and asked aunty you using oil to massage. So she bit shock and told massage oil was empty so I am using this oil raj. By hearing this I got pre cum in my esenyurt escort cock. Oh she was massaging in my stomach and I was really getting hard in my pant. She was bent and started apply oil. Oh her boobs were clearly visible for me and making the room hotter and hotter. Ah, ah I was feeling like cumming.She started to spoke I will move for next massage Raj. I told okay aunty and for that you need to open your pant and undies its okay raj? Really go ahead aunty and make whatever you like. I only need to cure k**ney stone that’s all. Then she opened my pant and undies and hold my penis in soft touch ah hi was almost cummed her but I avoided to not cum. She was shocked to see my 7 inch cock and told you have nice penis raj. It’s really hard and healthy. Really you liked it aunty. She said yes Raj. So I told you can keep this were ever you like aunty. Ah she got the point and smilingly pinched my penis. She poured some oil into penis and started slowly massage it. Ah I was feeling like I was in haven and angle masturbating me. She asked any girlfriend you have Raj?I told not aunty and she was happy and started to make too and fro heavily. I was getting hotter and hotter. Pooja told why raj? Here in this room is too hot aunty pls on the fan. And you are also getting too much wet because of erotic hot. She said yes Raj it’s too hot na and won the fan and asked me whether I can open my nightee as its too hot here. I told it’s your room aunty you don’t ask me anything pls remove every cloth so. Fresh air will fill everywhere. She smiled and told you are right raj and started to open his nightee but when its opening from top the button pin struck in hair. So she called to me help in opening her dress. Ah I was also thinking for the same and jumped on her and from behind I helped to open.My hard cock was touching her ass and she was mourning sweetly I opened from back and asked aunty shall I open this panty too. She told yes Raj pls open its hot here. As from back I sat down and lowered her panty and seen her ass naked and went little bit and smell. Ohhhh it was more erotic and moody. She turned around and I was in a happy state that she was a sex goddess her milky body boobs. Cleaned pussy was most erotic. She told me to sleep that she will again start massaging. She came near to me and asked you have been too much erect why? I told I am seeing my sex goddess standing in front of me and making love to cure my problems. Hmm okay and she started to masturbate heavily and stopped and she asked shall I massage your cock by my boobs Raj as I am getting little hand pain. I told yes your wish aunty because I had given my cock to you from today.Then she sat and I started to stand she came very closely to me and ah I was getting to much erect and asked aunty shall I touch your boobs once and feel the shape. She told yes Raj it’s yours. I touched her big boobs wow it was so soft and erect. I pressed it harder and pinched it she got and anger and told don’t pinch and press just touch it and started to take my cock in boobs and started to make boob fucking. As I was seeing her beauty and holding her boobs she started to make faster moves and I was almost got final stage of cumming. I asked aunty I am cumming what to do.. Ahhhhhh I am cumming. So she told it in hand and started to make too much and told to cum on her boobs heavily. Ahhhhhhhh Pooja aunnnnnntn I ammm cumming and cummed on boobs ohhh she I was almost done. She seen my sperms and cum and tasted it. And told you have very thick sperm raj. Sperms it’s of healthy guy and Pooja aunty asked can you donate your sperms for my clients?I will share rest of the experience that how I fucked Pooja aunty and how she made me a sperm donor. Please write your comments and messages to my id so that I will continue to write my experience. Any unsatisfied aunties need sperms of mine in Bangalore inbox me. I am waiting for you requests.

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