Dogging Mrs C

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Dogging Mrs CWell Mrs C and I decide to have some dogging fun before the summer left us for good. And with her new fan club of guys this was going to be one hell of a night. We had planned it to be the coming Friday night and with it only being Monday. They should be plenty of time to get the guys together. As the week goes by we get confirmation form about six guys that they are happy to meet Friday night. With this being a big event I go online shop for a slutty outfit for Mrs C. After a shot time I found a cracking one crotchless and pvc with open breasts area. Perfect I thought. All week we were both horny as hell. With lots of Pre-dogging sex. When Friday came round nether one of us could concentrate at work. That evening Mrs C was first in the shower shaving her bits ready. She was like a k** in a sweet shop know what was coming. I gave her the new outfit and she loved thank god. She got dressed as I showered. We set off from the house about 9 ish having sent a link to the guys as to where we were going to met everyone and the timings. As we pulled up there were already two cars there. Mrs C recognised the five guys who were in the cars. Telling that three of them she had already had fun with at work in the last week. The other two I know from past games with Mrs C. As we parked up two more cars pulled in to the farm yard we had chosen. Knowing the farmer who owned. It came in hand they were away in holiday. So we should have no unwanted visitors this evening. The plan had been to have bear back evening hence we only invited guys that Mrs C or I knew. It was long till all the guys were out of the car and introducing them selves to each other. Mrs C asked me if I wanted to join in now or finisher her off later. I opted for the latter. It didn’t take long canlı bahis till Mrs C was barking orders at the guys. I had got out the car to watch. The windows were down her seat back and she was busy playing with her self. Calling out the car “when are you guys going to start as I have already” this lightened the mood a lot. As they all gathered round the car I could see hands and body’s reaching inside. And cocks on the other side. Mrs C’s head was up and sucking her way round the guys on her side. One of the guys open the drivers door so he could get a better reach to her pussy. With that Mrs C changed position to doggy style across the fount seats her butt almost out the door on the drivers side while her head was now just at the opening on the passenger side. The guys were taking it in turns playing with her pussy and getting sucked off. One of the lads then asked if she would be up for some anal fun as well. Mrs C looked at me with that “can I” look I just smiled and winked at her. With that I could see Jack one of the lads I had met in the past… smiling like a cat from behind Mrs C’s back side I walked round to see he had his hand insider her. From this I gathered they had been working her up to being fisted. This play time went on for about 15 minutes each guy taking it turns. Jack came over to me and started to tell that him and the others had been chatting about seeing how many cocks Mrs C could take. Hence the want to get her opened up and play with her butt. I told him I loved the plan and thought Mrs C would too. I relayed this back to Mrs C who came back with a “I am here now and he’s already had his hand in me so why not” I got a blanket out of the boot to lay on the ground. When the lads saw this they help mRs C out of the car. As she got bahis siteleri out. She decided to take her outfit off so she was completely naked apart from her boots. As she was doing so telling the lads “if your planning on seeing how many cocks I can take I can’t have restitutions now can I”Once on the ground one lad laid under her slipping his cock in side her pussy, then one of the others kneeling behind her souped his cock in as well. Mrs C was wanking a couple of other guys head end. As one of the guys straddling her back trying to line up with her butt. It was like a game of twister. Took a little juggling around but he managed to get in position to go for her butt. With that a gently raised his cock wiggle it around until her butt started to open up and let his cock inside. A little sharp in take of breath from Mrs C but then a big breath out and OMG is that three cocks inside me. Wasn’t long till one of the guys in her pussy I could see about to cum. With that he pushed several deep thrusts inside her grunting as he did. This set the guy on the floor off as well. Who started to heavy breath. The guys still in her butt pulled out to let the other two with draw from her. As they did you could see the cum falling out on to the guy laying on the floor. Don’t think he was too happy about it. Mrs C let them move out the way. She stayed in the doggy position as the guy who was in her butt slipped back in to her. Two of the guys who were having blow jobs had already cum as well over her tits. Shame as I was hoping they would have cum inside her. Wasn’t too long before the guy fucking her butt started to cum. Same again thrusting deep inside as he did. As he pulled his cock out only a little bit of cum dribbled out of her butt. But you could still cum coming bahis şirketleri out of her pussy. I was so tempted to get down there and clean her up. Jack the young lad was hard again and there was one other guy and my self to cum. Jack got on his knees behind her and slipped into her already dripping with cum pussy. Jack by name jack by nature as he start slamming into her like a jack hammer. Mrs C was loving this. By now I had my cock out warming myself up. Jack took about 3mins before he came in her pussy. As he pulled out of her I could see the cum dripping out of her pussy. The next lad knelt down behind her and pressed his cock on her butt hole. Gently easing it in. With in seconds he was all the way in. And got a good rhythm going. Not for long tho. 40 seconds in and he called out “I am going cum in you arse you slut” Mrs C is use to comments like that and shunned the off. As he pulled his cock out you could see his cum running down and mixing with the cum out of her pussy. One of the group of guys had already cleaned them selves up and left. The other stood around watching jack and the other lad finish off. As I got in position for my go. Mrs C turned round and told me I had to wait till we got home. As she was going to hold on to as much of the lads cum as possible, for me to clean out of her. She got her self up in to her feet and thank the guys for an amazing time and got her self back in the car. The other got back in there cars and headed off. Once I was in the car Mrs C still hadn’t got dressed yet. And was playing with her pussy still slipping her fingers in side her self then putting them in my mouth. I loved it. On the drive back Mrs C stayed naked and kept give me blow jobs hist enough to keep me going. Once home and a quick dash inside the house. She had me cleaning her up for ages the whole time she kept cumming and pushing more of their cum out of her pussy and arse. Well I did get my turn in the end, and it was in her pussy. Can’t wait for the next time.

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