Dominant Warfare Pt. 09


This was originally titled Quicksilver Messenger, but based on some ideas from readers I have made some changes and retitled the series. In addition, I have a new editor that helped clean up some of the speed bumps in the story. Thanks to Glenn514. It is still the same basic story and the changes are not massive, but to me it is enough to warrant a new version. I hope you enjoy the series and please give me feedback.


Chapter 23

When April woke again, the sun was rising. That meant she slept for over eighteen hours. Every muscle in her body was sore, but she was especially sore between her legs and at her nipples. Her soreness felt exquisitely wonderful, and she smiled from ear to ear. She dreamily remembered everything it took to make her feel this way. Then she looked over at the handsome man snoring lightly in the bed beside her. He looked so serene, casually wrapped in the covers and her heart jumped in her chest.

She lay down, propped her head on the pillow, and watched him sleep. There was something very basic about watching him sleep. He was still here and joyfully she hadn’t been cheated out of another day with him. Despite everything, there had always been a little fear that he wouldn’t be here when she woke up. That bone-deep ache in her chest was back as she snuggled next to him. Now that she knew love, how could she ever live without him?

As she watched him sleep, calm overcame her. All of her fears had vanished. The joy she felt with him seemed to burn away all the pain and betrayal she felt. She was filled with a loving solace. She felt at peace as she watched his chest rise and fall. No one could see her watching him. It was just her and her heart watching this man. He filled her with a love she had always dreamed of. He was not a beautiful model, but to her he was the most gorgeous thing God had ever put on this earth.

This man dominated all her heart, her mind, her soul and her body. She ached to touch him, to kiss him and show him all the love inside her. She lightly ran her fingers over his body, afraid to wake him and break the spell. The hairs on his chest tickled her hand. The heat from his body seeped into her, making her heart beat faster and her womanly parts wet with desire.

As she looked at him, she felt her whole life changing. The love that she had always dreamed of was hers for the taking. He was lying there under her fingertips, under her lips with her eyes stroking his skin. With him, she felt a contentment and happiness. She felt a passion she had only read about and her whole body vibrated with a loving desire.

It was hard for April to describe her feelings right now. The betrayal of her father had left a deep hole of sadness inside her, but having Steve next to her helped. He was so different from any other man she had ever met. When they were together, he was 100% there. He was never distracted and always seemed to know her emotional state. If she were suffering or happy he always knew, what to do and what she needed. He made her feel loved, safe, desired and appreciated. She could always count on him and she knew he cared for her more than anyone else ever had.

He was an addiction and she was compelled to touch him. It was a sensual kind of electricity that jumped from his skin to her fingers and she needed it to breathe. She lightly ran her fingers over his massive arms and felt her whole body tingle. Oh God, he made her feel … feel … adored, protected, sexy and incredibly alive. With her heart pounding, she laid her head on his chest and wrapped her arms around him.

Steve woke as April made her nest on his chest. He thought having the beautiful woman you love snuggling into your chest was a brilliant way to wake up. Steve wrapped his arms around her feeling her satiny skin under his roaming fingers. She ignited deep feelings inside him and he held on, not wanting to let go.

She was a real woman and she challenged him. He wouldn’t settle for anything except all of her and neither would she. Steve pulled her tighter in his arms understanding what a treasure she was and he needed to treat her right. When you find something as perfect as she was, you delighted in her inspiration and treated her like the jewel she is.

After her willing submission two nights ago, he would never be the same. The privilege of her giving up control to him had been life altering. When she let him capture her, she also captured him. Now they were bound together not by ropes or chains, but by their hearts and their need for each other. The loving leash that binds them had two ends and while sometimes it looked as if he had control, in reality she allowed him to dominate her.

Steve gathered her in his arms and aggressively rolled over so that she was underneath him. As he looked into her eyes, he knew that was exactly what she wanted. Her face was lit in a radiant smile as she giggled at his aggressiveness. Her eyes sparkled like a mischievous imp, but it was her wanton innocence that drew kağıthane escort his mouth towards hers. Instead of taking her lips, he growled aggressively and attacked her delicious neck with an authoritarian nibble.

April felt chills radiate down her body, because this was exactly what she wanted. She wanted him to prove the last few nights were not a dream. That she belonged to him, and he wanted her as much and she wanted him. She exposed herself to him like a morning flower anxious for the sun’s nourishment. Her arms and legs opened as her back arched, again letting him take whatever he wanted.

Suddenly April felt all the soreness and aches disappear. Steve did that to her. His kisses, caresses or even the way his eyes probed her heart, was all it took to make the rest of the world disappear. While she was in his arms, nothing else seemed to exist … Just him. He pulled his face back from her neck and saw the loving desire plainly written on her face. “Damn, woman, you are so unbelievably desirable. It makes me want to stay here in bed making love to you all the time. However, right now I think both of us need something less mouth-watering and more nutritious. So how about we have some breakfast, my pet?”

April snuggled back into his arms and in a sexy voice whispered, “Don’t you see anything you would rather nibble on?”

Steve chuckled, “Absolutely, but without food you won’t last and I always have plans for you. Besides, I need some fuel to really drive you wild.” He pinned her to the bed and hovered over her, smiling as he growled, “I want you to be a good girl during breakfast. After breakfast I promise to pin you to the bed and fuck you like the bad girl you want to be.”

April gave him a sultry pout and smiled saucily murmuring, “If that is the way my Master wants it. However, please promise the second part. I can’t think of anything anymore except the way you make love to me. You’ve turned me into your wanton slut and I’ll be whatever you want me to be as long as you never stop loving me the way you do.”

April squirmed against him, rubbing her hard nipples over his chest and her womanly folds over his leg. She kissed up his neck until she took his ear lobe between her teeth. “I’m not daddy’s little angel anymore. I’m your bad girl and it drives me crazy when your hands aren’t touching me.”

Steve had to admit that having April rubbing her body all over him was something very few men could ever pass up. However, he had quickly grown to know what she needed and right now, she wanted a hard dose of dominance. He knew she was being bad just so he would tame her. He jumped to the edge of the bed dragging her with him. Just before he draped her across his lap he looked into her face. She had the look of victory on her face, but it was tempered with a little bit of fear and anxiety. Her eyes were full of fiery passion and needy anticipation over what was coming.

He draped her across his lap and for a few moments marveled at her womanly perfection. All the soft muscles of her back rippled in an erotic attempt to tame the fire inside her. Her muscled dancer’s legs were scissoring, opening and closing teasing herself. He gently placed his massive hand over her ass cheek, and like everything else about her, it was a perfect fit. He did not like the big massive butts that were all the rage and her ass cheeks fit perfectly in his hands. He began to rub his hands over her skin feeling the satiny perfection.

April felt her insides squirming, both from having his hands on her skin and the anticipation of what she knew was coming. She wiggled her hips hoping to incite him to give her the spanking she craved. It was maddeningly erotic as his hands unceasingly roamed over her ass cheeks. The longer he made her wait, the more her insides churned in anticipation. It didn’t take long before her skin was on fire and her body was burning for his punishment.

He could feel her hips lifting into his hands, pleading for the punishment she knew was coming. Steve wasn’t going to give her a quick satisfaction, so he kept rubbing her ass cheeks sensuously. Occasionally he would lift his hand, watching her muscles tense and listening to her suck air into her lungs in anticipation. He would drop his hand gently to her cheeks and continue his slow sensuous caresses. Each time he did that she would wiggle her hips lifting them into his hand and whimper with disappointment.

He could feel her feminine juices pooling on his knee right below her clit. The first time he lifted his hand and she did not anticipate the spank, was when he struck. It was a hard swat that left a red handprint on her ass cheek. Her whole body jumped and a little scream escaped her throat. He quickly rained five more swats until her ass was crisscrossed with red handprints.

April’s cries were a mixture of pain, desire and need. She would give little squeaky screams with each swat and needy whimpers of passion in between each spank. Her body writhed elit escort istanbul on his lap in a mixture of pain and unrealized passion. Steve could feel her pussy nectar running down his leg. After six swats he stopped and resumed his slow sensuous caress of her now fiery red ass. After a few moments he slid two fingers between her legs and into her drenched pussy. He ran his fingers in and out of her needy slot until he felt her body began to stiffen.

He pulled his fingers from her and smiled as he heard her whimpers of disappointment. Then he resumed his next round of six swats, followed by his caresses of her ass and finally the fingering of her pussy. He could feel the tenseness in her body and the desperation in her whimpers began to climb. At the end of the third round he also stroked her clit and watched as she shattered into a mind numbing and body consuming orgasm.

The combination of pain and pleasure took her to the edge of ecstasy time and again. Each time he left her hanging over the precipice with her euphoria just in sight. He knew exactly how far he could push her and with each go round the inferno inside her got hotter. Steve was a master with his torment of her body. Each time he left her hanging it provoked her passions, leaving her yearning even more. As vexing as it was, she knew when he finally let her cum it would be unlike anything she had ever felt.

When he finally let her cum her brain completely shut down. She forgot how to breathe, how to think or how to scream. The fireworks inside her mind sent her soaring into space. Her heart pounded out a rhythm like the jungle drums signaling her joyful exultation. All of his frustrating teasing led to this moment of excruciating rapture. April knew whatever it took to get her to this heavenly bliss was worth it. It also deepened her feelings for the only man that ever took her to this magnificent paradise.

Steve knew if the spanking had been to be a true punishment, he should have denied her satisfaction. He had to admit some of this was for him. He loved to see her explode in a brilliant display of uncontrolled feminine passion. In those moments, she couldn’t hide anything. When she orgasmed all her inner beauty came through and the real April emerged from her hidden heart. He could see all her fears, wants and desires. Watching the former ice queen completely lose control of her body in the most unexpected display of passion was awe-inspiring.

Steve knew he was addicted. He was obsessed with the feel of her silky skin beneath his hands. He was captivated by the way, she squirmed under his ministrations. The way her muscles squirmed underneath her skin was enormously erotic and it enthralled him. The way he could breathe passion into her heart and body filled him with a joy he’d never known. Most of all he yearned to see the unrestrained love and awe in her eyes as she looked at him.

He turned her over so he could cradle her in his lap and the tracks of her painful tears were evident on her cheeks. Her face had a glowing satisfaction that was breathtaking. Her watery blue eyes were radiant with pure unadulterated love. She snuggled into the crook of his shoulder and breathlessly whispered, “Oh God, Steve, nothing in my life has ever compared to the way you make me feel. Thank you for being my Master and not letting the bratty girl get loose. I love you so much!”

Steve whispered in her ears, “Who do you belong to?”

April pulled herself tighter into his arms and in a husky passionate voice said, “You, oh, my God only you!”

“Who owns your passion and all of your orgasms?”

April took a deep shuddering breath. A wave of fiery desire rippled through her as he asked that question. Her world had been an icy wasteland before him and now she craved the heat only he could provide. It didn’t seem to matter, but his words, his looks or his touches would all immediately light a fire inside her. The answer to his question was simple; the fiery passion inside her was only there because of him. “You do. You are my Master and all of my passion only exists because you put it there.”

“So, my pet, are you going to obey my commands for the rest of the day?”

April lifted her head so that she could look into his eyes. She wanted him to see the deeply devoted love she felt for him. She wanted him to see that she belonged to him body and soul. Finally, she wanted him to see through her eyes that yes, she would do what he said. In a breathless whisperer she said, “Yes, my love, I will obey your every command. You know how hard it is for me to give up control, but for you I will do anything. It scares me to give up control to you, but it frightens me even more to not belong to you. I know this is all my choice and I choose to surrender myself to you.”

As she gently laid her head back on his chest, she knew mere words could never express what she felt. She ached to please him and yearned for his ownership. Her heart and body burned for the touches fatih escort from his hands and kisses from his lips. She belonged to be him and craved to be his toy, his slut or his property. April hungered for whatever it took for him to keep loving her. She belonged to him completely and her soul begged to be possessed by him. Very simply, she was his girl.

Steve stood from the bed and gently set her on her feet. Her soft adoring eyes looked up at him questioningly. Steve looked down in those loving eyes and felt himself getting lost inside her. He gently leaned down and kissed her lips and whispered, “Breakfast, baby, it’s time to fuel our bodies.”

Steve’s massive hand engulfed her tiny hand as their fingers wove together lovingly. As they both walked naked down to the kitchen, April saw her strawberry red tush in her mirror. She felt the heat on her cheeks as she blushed. However, this was not a blush of embarrassment or shame, but instead it was one of pride. Her flaming red ass was a badge of honor and a symbol of his ownership. For a split second, she relived the extraordinarily blissful pain of his spanking and she delighted in his ownership.

Her ass cheeks throbbed from the spanking, but she only felt satisfaction. Every moment they were together, he proved how much he loved her. It was not what he said, but what he did. He wouldn’t let her spoiled, bratty behavior ruin what they had. That’s what the spanking was. He showed her that he loved her and would not indulge her spoiled conduct. Instead, he loved her enough to only demand the very best from her.

Somewhere along the line, she realized that her self-indulgent behavior diminished him as a man. They were a reflection of each other and her impudent behavior reflected badly on him. They were part of each other now. If she were indeed to honor and respect the man she loved, she needed to show it in her actions. Again, he proved how much he loved her by not indulging her performance this morning. She knew he would always be there loving her.

As they walked into the kitchen, they both groaned. Steve had stacked all the dishes from yesterday’s breakfast in the sink and they had some cleanup to do before they could start today’s breakfast. As if they had been doing this forever, they automatically split duties, with April washing and Steve rinsing and drying. Soon the dishes were all done and again he seemed to automatically know their respective tasks.

Steve started coffee and whipped up some sausage and eggs. While a couple of feet away, April made some hash browns and readied tortillas and salsa. Once the sausage, eggs and hash browns were finished April pulled everything together creating breakfast taquitos. During all the preparation, she gave sideways glances at the man she had fallen so deeply in love with. They seemed to fit so perfectly together with everything they did. Even now creating breakfast, they never spoke, but they both automatically knew their role and what the other was going to do.

Their stomachs were rumbling as April served everything on the plates. April carried the plates into the dining room while Steve followed with cups of coffee. Steve followed slowly enjoying the view of her sleek form. She was the most magnificent woman he’d ever come across. Even when she was not trying, she was sexy, captivating and all woman. Her still strawberry red ass only added to the appeal. April felt his eyes on her and shifted her hips a little more than she needed to as she walked to the dining room.

As she arrived in the dining room, April placed his plate at the head of the table and hers on the floor next to his seat. Steve watched with pride as she did this, but he knew this was not the time for humiliation or other lessons. This is a time to reaffirm the love they had for each other and the bond that joined them. As April knelt behind her plate he picked it up off the floor and placed it next to his at the head of the table.

April looked up at him quickly with her eyes questioning what she had done wrong. Steve knelt in front of her and softly rumbled, “This is not a time for lessons. This is a time for bonding, aftercare and for our love. Come, sit with me, baby.”

It was a simple act of caring, but Steve could see it affected April dramatically. The lump in her throat wouldn’t allow her to say anything, so she just nodded her ascent. Her eyes glistened with joyful tears as he held out his hand for her. Again, Steve seemed to know the perfect thing to sweep her off her feet. Her heart pounded in her chest and she felt his love deep down in her bones.

Steve helped her stand and had her sit in his lap as they both ate breakfast. Steve kept one arm wrapped around her as he ate with the other. Feeling the heat coming from her tush only made him feel more love for her. Her eyes never stopped showing her love for him the whole time they ate.

For April, this was the most perfect moment she could ever envision. They were both sitting naked in her dining room. Steve had his arm wrapped tightly around her holding her securely in his lap. Her fiery ass was being cooled by his skin, but it was the love she felt that filled her heart with gladness. It was the perfect loving moment, and one that she would always remember.

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